Fashion Favorites On Sale and 3 BNOTP Friends Join Me in Ireland!

Oh, my gosh, I have some exciting news to share! Three Between Naps On The Porch friends are joining me on the Ireland trip planned for the end of August! So excited!

Teresa joined me on a previous trip to Holland and Belgium. We had a blast and became fast friends. We’ve stayed in touch and are always tempting each other with trips we find or hear about.


Teresa booked the Ireland trip, as did Jane, another BNOTP reader who emailed to say she and husband will be going, too! I’m so looking forward to sharing this trip with all of you! If you missed the post about this trip to Ireland, you’ll find it here: Luxury Travel to Ireland, Minus the Luxury Price.


I know it rains a lot in Ireland, so I’ve been thinking about buying a new raincoat. I almost bought another one of these, just in a different color. I have this jacket in this pretty aqua color and love it. It takes up almost no space in a suitcase and is perfect for layering over shirts and sweaters. (This jacket is available here: Waterproof Rain Jacket.)

Because it has a hood, it saved me from drowning during many a rainstorm in Italy. This jacket will definitely go with me to Ireland, but I thought I’d try something new for this trip, as well. (The villa below is Bramasole, the home of Frances Mayes.)


Last night I ordered this Barbour rain jacket. It also has a hood and it’s currently on sale. I’ve seen it all over Blogland and Instagram in a classic, canary-yellow color, but that color is currently sold out in my size. Truth be told, yellow isn’t the best color for me. My pale skin doesn’t always look that great with yellow, but I was thinking I might be able to pull it off since I’d be wearing colorful shirts/tops underneath.

Then I saw it in this Beachcomber Blue color and loved it!  It’s currently on sale here: Blue Barbour Jacket. I will be wearing a lot of dark blue leggings and white denim jeans in Ireland, so I think this will work nicely. It also comes in navy, another great color that goes with everything.

Barbour Trevose Raincoat on Sale


Another Barber coat with a hood that I considered was this one. It comes in three colors and is a bit longer. I love that bit of plaid peeking out. It’s available here: Barbour Coat. My Barbour Beadnell Waxed Coat is similar in style, which reminds me, I need to order a hood for it.

Barbour Gustnado Rain Coat


My favorite travel hat is on sale for 20% off here: Packable Sunhat. It will definitely accompany me on my upcoming trip for those sunny days I’m optimistically expecting. lol It’s available in three colors, see them all here: Sunhat.


The Adidas sneakers I blogged about recently HERE are currently on sale. You’ll find them here: Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers.Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers On Sale

Two items I ordered recently arrived and I’m super happy with both, although one I’m exchanging for a smaller size. I’m so glad I went ahead and ordered this charming wicker bag. The round shape is so cute and I love how balanced it feels when you carry it.

J. Mclaughlin Circular Round Wicker Bag


It’s more spacious inside than I expected. I don’t carry a lot in my bags, but there’s still plenty of room left for keys, sunglasses, phone, etc… Cute design! This bag is still available here: Round Wicker Bag.

Spacious Round Wicker Bag


My cotton Fisherman sweater came and I absolutely love it! I ordered a medium (one size up from what I normally wear) since some folks indicated in the reviews that it ran small. I should have stayed with my normal size because this one is a bit too big. I’ve ordered it again and once it arrives and I can verify that it’s the correct size, I’ll send this one back. But isn’t it beautiful! I love it!

Cotton Fisherman Sweater


I especially love how it looks paired with a plaid shirt. I discovered today that I only own one plaid, long-sleeve shirt. I need to correct that deficiency and will definitely be looking to add a few more this fall/winter. This sweater is available here: Fisherman Sweater.

Question: When you wear a shirt underneath a sweater, do you let the collar hang out over the top of the sweater like I have shown above? Or, do you keep the collar tucked inside the sweater like we see in the picture below? Are you an innie or an outie? lol


Talbots has a big sale going on right now: 40% off all sale items and 50% off when you buy two. I’m eyeing this shirt, love the color and I have a thing for polka-dot shirts.  You’ll find this shirt here: Polka-dot Shirt on sale.


Hope you score some great deals this weekend! I can’t believe it’s already July! Slow down summer, you’re going by way too fast!

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  1. Beautiful bag and jacket, I am totally excited for you and your Ireland trip! Excellent!

  2. Chrystal says

    Love, love your patriotic header pic!!

  3. Juanita in OH says

    The clothes are all wonderful. I really LOVE the Fisherman Sweater and always have. It must be so exciting to have some readers going along on the trip to Ireland, I am excited for all of you. TFS and Happy 4th of July!

    • It really is! In travel groups, you get to know each other quickly, becoming friends with a common interest. This will be extra special, though. 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous 4th, Juanita!

  4. How exciting about your trip to Ireland with friends. I know you will have a wonderful time!
    Your new handbag is so pretty! Love the new sweater, too.

  5. How fabulous that you’ll have some of your readers joining you Susan! Blogging really is amazing, isn’t it?

    P.S. I’m an outie (but thankfully not my belly button lol).

    • It is! Have met so many wonderful dearhearts via blogging. So grateful for those friendships!

      lol I used to be an innie but I kept seeing all these outies on the Talbot website last fall/winter, so I switched to being an outie. Not sure which I prefer. As long as the collars aren’t too long (just say no to the ’70s) I think I like being an outie. 🙂

  6. Great that you will have a few travelling companions. I can’t decide on innie/outie, so hope more readers weigh in.

  7. So jealous that I’m not going on this trip with you! I know you will have the best time!

    Love the blue color jacket you purchased. You’ll look great!

    Cute wicker purse too!

    For me the collar stays in.

  8. You will thoroughly enjoy your Ireland trip! We did a 7 day Taste of Ireland Tour in August, 2012 . We were so fortunate, it rained only the day we visited the Cliffs of Moher, but quickly cleared up as we hit the top. Thanks for the link to your castle tour, have bookmarked their site. If you go through Killarney, there is the most amazing store – Aran Sweater Market… Most interesting thing was they sell gorgeous sweaters with specific knit designs of the different clans – so if you’re Irish, you can represent Beware, you may not be able to choose just one… or two… Have a safe and wonderful adventure!

    • I hope we have that kind of luck, would be wonderful! I would love to visit the Aran Sweater Market if we go near one. I know we are going to be stopping at the Blarney Woolen Mills, I’m guessing they have a shoppe. I would love to see my clan’s design!

  9. Marlene Stephenson says

    I went last year to Ireland and it does rain or mist everyday. You will want to buy a sweater when you get there, they are wonderful and make great Christmas gifts. My whole family has an Irish sweater. Castles and castle ruins are all over and when you are out of Dublin the roads are indeed narrow. You will have a great time in their pubs,they sing those Irish songs that tell stories.

    • Thanks, Marlene! I would love to buy a sweater there and make it my souvenir from the trip. I can’t wait to see a real Irish pub. I don’t normally drink beer but I think I will make an exception for this trip. lol I hope the stories/songs aren’t too sad. I don’t like listening to sad ballads. Hope they are mostly happy ones.

  10. NEPA Gina says

    Love all your purchases! And of course all your tips! I ordered the Superga Sneakers, after reading your post on them. I went with the white canvas, my normal size & got them through LL Bean. Very happy with them! Now I’m eyeing up one of the rain jackets your spoke of. Again, thank you for all the research you do! And enjoy that upcoming trip!!

    • So glad you like them, Gina! I love mine, too. I love how nice and wide they are, so comfy!
      I have worn that jacket to death. It goes with me on every single trip and of course, I wear it sometimes at home, too. It really blocks out the rain and the wind and layered over a shirt/sweater, it’s nice and warm. It was really cold in Holland and Belgium, but it kept me warm there last spring.

  11. Jane Moore says

    Well Susan I ordered a raincoat for our upcoming trip and when it came it was not very flattering so I returned it. I may order one of these as they are all very nice looking. What I also ordered already is disposable panties. I got wise to those for travel several years ago and usually find some that cost less than $1 each.That’s my little splurge!

    • Jane, where do you buy those? I didn’t know they made such a thing. Or maybe you’re talking about purchasing inexpensive undies that can just be tossed. I like that idea, who wants to tote around dirty underwear all week, OR bring it back! lol

  12. I love my Helly Hanson totally waterproof rain coat. A fabulous coat.
    Its my third one. This one is true orange which I love. It’s below my bottom in length with a hood. I just convinced my son to buy a bright blue one for his upcoming Scotland trip.

    • I haven’t heard of those, need to check them out. Thanks, Susan. I noticed Barbour makes one that hangs down longer in the back. It’s probably more practical but I do love the look of the blue one I ordered.

  13. Susan, that is exciting news! You girls are going to have great fun. I love the hat and that cute bag, but you already know that. ‘-) That blue strip shirt is also adorable. You would look terrific in that cute off the shoulder top.
    Happy 4th of July!

  14. Looks like you are all set for your trip! Thanks for the tip on the Talbots sale…I have a rewards certificate burning a whole in my pocket. Busy downsizing, packing, and working on my VERY basic beginning of a blog (to link up a tablescape someday) but will have to get to Talbots soon. Enjoy your adorable straw bag..SO cute. Have a Glorious Fourth!

    • Thanks, Ann! Congrats on starting a blog, you will love all the dearhearts you meet via Tablescape Thursday! They are the best! Hope you have a fabulous 4th!

  15. It sounds like such an exciting trip. I bet you all will have fun exploring and shopping.

  16. Iris McCloud says

    I bey that you will be buying another fisherman knit in Ireland. (Unless you are allergic to wool.)

    • I know you are right! 🙂 I do hope to buy a wool one. I can wear wool over a shirt, as long as it’s a very high-quality merino wool that’s not scratchy. I can’t wear regular wool because it itches me like crazy and even make my face/hands swell a little if it’s touching those areas. Had that happen back in my college years. But cashmere and merino wool is usually fine over a shirt. This one that I just purchased, will be good for a lighter weight sweater for spring and fall. It will be hard to not go crazy and buy a ton of stuff in Ireland.

  17. Iris McCloud says

    That would be bet not bey.

  18. Fantastic news and am so happy for you that you are going on another trip and to Ireland no less. Wishing you lots of sunshine. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Oh, thank you so much for tip on the Reveal Sandal (open toe sneaker) as have a pair on order.

    • Thanks so much, Brenda! I’m trying to make up for all those years I never traveled. Let me know how you like those, they looked really cool!

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