I’m Finally Doing It–Ordering A Sweater I’ve Been Stalking for Years!

How is your weekend going? I have a pretty big update to share tomorrow, something I’ve put off for many years but am finally getting done. In the meantime, the cooler 60’s temps we’ve been experiencing every night the last couple of weeks are really motivating me to think about my fall wardrobe. If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you know I’m a sweater nut. I may not like cold weather but I sure do love snuggling up under a throw while wearing a warm, woolly soft sweater.

I think this is the year–the year I’m finally going to order this absolutely adorable sweater I’ve been eyeing it for a few years now and being such a cat lover and loving the fun/whimsy of Halloween, I can’t get it out of my head! I’m so happy they keep bringing it back–it must be a big seller since it’s back again this year. I’ll be seeing my grandsons this Halloween and I think they would get a kick out of it, too.



Here’s how it looks on from the website. Hahaha! Sooo funny! If you love the look of this sweater, you’ll find it available here: Adorable Black Kitty Sweater.


This is another one that I would love to have…soooo cute and perfect to wear all fall. You’ll find this adorable pumpkin sweater here: Cozy Pumpkin Sweater.


If you love all things equestrian as I do, or you know someone who loves horses, this would be a wonderful gift for Christmas. I love how all their sweaters have just enough wool in them to be warm, but not so much that they are scratchy. You’ll find this equestrian-themed sweater available here: Autumn Equestrian Sweater.



It was the pretty scalloped neck of this sweater that caught my eye…love that! This sweater is made from 100% Merino Wool which I always love since it’s so soft. It’s available here: Pretty Mocha Sweater with Scalloped Neck Design. You’ll find all the sweaters they have available for women here: Beautiful Sweaters. The men’s sweaters are available here: Men’s Sweaters.


I love, love, love their socks so much, but unfortunately, I can’t wear them. I ordered the Cozy Cabin design (5 over from the left) a few years back and they were about an inch or so too long. When I put them on, the heel just lands in the wrong place. I tried washing them hoping they would shrink but they didn’t, so I ended up giving them away. Unfortunately, they only carry them in one size. I wear a size 7 shoe, so I’m guessing they would work for someone who wears an 8 or a 9 or something like that. So if your shoe size is larger than a 7 or 7-1/2, you could probably wear these. I love them and would have multiple pairs if they would fit my foot. I keep hoping they will eventually offer them in a smaller size…maybe one day. You’ll find these adorable socks here: Wonderful Whimsical Socks for Autumn.


Another sweater I’m thinking of adding to my autumn wardrobe is this cute FairIsle sweater. The squirrel holding an acorn did it…love that detail! This sweater is currently on sale for 25% here: Fair Isle Sweater, Adorable Squirrel Print for Autumn.


I have quite a few pairs of these stretch-style corduroy pants and find them so comfortable! They are available in 10 colors and every year I try to add a few more colors.


If you love cords for fall/winter and have been looking for ones that are super comfortable, these are currently on sale for 25% here: Stretch Corduroy Straight Leg Pants in 10 Colors. Talbots makes a lot of styles in the pants. I often buy the “curvy” fit since it fits my hips without baggging out in the waist. They also make a Corduroy Jegging. You can see all their corduroy pant styles and fits on this page: Corduroy Pants in all Styles/Fits.


Over the years through trial and error, I’ve learned that when wearing a jacket, I look my best in shorter jackets. I just don’t find longer jackets very flattering on me, probably because I’m not that tall. I love the colors in this one and I find a smaller-scale plaid is always much more figure-flattering/slimming than a large plaid. Just a beautiful jacket! It’s also on 25% on sale here: Short Jacket in Beautiful Plaid.


I have several vests that I love wearing over turtlenecks or sweaters during the fall. They are so comfortable, especially in the fall when the temps are just starting to drop. I especially like this vest because of the longer length…very flattering! It’s available in 4 beautiful colors and on sale 25% off here: Quilted Vest in 4 Colors.


I love the look of these quilted books! I don’t have any boots in my wardrobe that have this iconic design. This is by far the prettiest style/design of a leather and quilted boot that I’ve ever seen. I really like the sole/heel, too! It looks like it would be great for snow and slip-resistant. I definitely want to add these to my fall/winter wardrobe this year. They are available in two colors and are currently on sale 25% here: Quilted and Leather Riding Boots. If you have a more athletic build and could use a wider calf, they have them available with an extended calf design here: Quilted, Leather Boots with Extended Calf.


So those are all my favorites–so many great styles for fall. I’m finally starting to warm up to the idea that fall is really here!

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  1. Franceil Parde says

    Oh, my…decisions, decisions!! Sooo cute & comfy!!! It’s coming…franki

  2. You turned me on to Kiel James Patrick a few years ago. I have nearly all their cotton flannel plaids. How do you manage the wool down here in the South? I do love the look. Can’t wait for the reveal. Your projects motivate me.

    • Thanks, Lin! Looking forward to sharing this latest necessary update tomorrow!
      Regarding managing wool, do you mean about it being too warm here in the south to wear wool? Or, do you mean taking care that moths don’t get to it? If you mean about it geting too warm, it’s very cold here in December, January and February…even into March, so there are a lot of days that are great for wearing wool and cashmere sweaters. Here’s a photo from one of our winters.

      Even when it doesn’t snow, it’s gets really cold here in January and February and we’ve even had snow as late as April, although that’s pretty rare.
      I haven’t had any issues with moths but I do keep my most expensive sweaters and scarves in a drawer inside one of these: https://amzn.to/3Ztv7r2 .
      For washing them, I used to use The Laundress Wool/Cashmere Shampoo before they had a recall on their products. I need to find a new wool/cashmere shampoo for washing my sweaters. I don’t like dry cleaning…what it does to sweaters and how they look afterward, so I prefer to handwash them in a cashmere/wool shampoo and lay them flat to dry.

  3. Hi, Susan. Not sure if you noticed but that mocha sweater says dry clean only. Just FYI!

    • Thanks for letting me know, Pat. Knowing me, I would still take the chance to wash it by hand with a shampoo meant for wool. That’s the way I’ve done all my wool and cashmere sweaters in the past. I just really don’t like how sweaters or silk shirts look after being drycleaned.

  4. That is a great sweater! I would wear it every day I could in October. I see they have a black cat version for kids as well. My grand-daughter loves cats, specifically black cats and I know she would love it. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your new sweater.

  5. Elinda Turner says

    I love the cat sweater. Hopefully I will be able to wear more of my sweaters once our outside patio is finished.

  6. Susan, the sweater is adorable! I love the similar pumpkin one. Did you see the plaid maxi dresses? They have in 100% cotton? I immediately thought of you because you love plaid and natural fabrics.

  7. Carol Norton says

    I have a possible solution for “too big” socks. A dear friend gived me a Hearts and Cats pair at Valentine’s Day. I didn’t have the heart (no pun intended) to tell her they wouldn’t fit. I wear a size 5 shoe–so I know the little feet delimma. I noticed decorative or figural socks often have a seam at the toe. So, I just made a new seam! I put them on inside out, pinned where they should be to fit, stitched them up and voila! I did wash them first, just in case they were to shrink any. Better before than after. I just got some Halloween ones I also need to do that for.

  8. Martha Karen Lovell says

    Cute sweater styles. You know I do look at fiber content. I love the kitty sweater design, but it’s too hot for me for fall for the most part and I tend to think a little pricey for the fibers listed. Like the Talbots price and fiber content being cotton and poly better for the weather here. I also LOVE that short jacket. I still enjoy looking at your finds. I would love to be able to wear the stretch cords but find them a little tight on my calves which makes them crease at the back of the knee and just not fit right. I have found alternatives elsewhere.

    • Their jegging are very fitted but usually the straight leg are nice and loose around the legs/calves. I wear both of those styles a good bit throughout the year. Martha, was it the jegging cords that are so fitted, or the straight leg cords that you tried before? You can see the jeggings that are very fitted to the leg here: https://bit.ly/46fDmJA . That may be the kind you’ve tried before.
      They also have a straight, boot leg and flare leg corduroy pant. You can see them all toward the bottom of the page here: https://bit.ly/3LCV1mx
      My favorite are their curvy style which give a bit more space in the hips without the waist bagging out.

  9. It’s so purrrrrrfect for Halloween!

  10. Bobbi Duncan says

    Love the black kitty sweater (perfect for Halloween too!) & the boots. I’m with you about dry cleaning sweaters & silks. Hope to find a good product for washing them now. Happy fall!

  11. Hi Susan, I have a winter sweater from KJP (skiers!) and even found a ski print turtleneck from Lands End to go underneath. Every time I wear the set, I get so many complinments….just so different! And cute! And socks….I have their pumpkin and then a winter print. My feet are definitely big enuf! 🙂 I like fun fashion…and these are just plain fun.

    • Rosie, you and I would love shopping together! I love fun fashion, too! It makes life so much more fun. 🙂

      • Susan, oh, I agree…both to shopping together AND fun fashion, being, well, FUN! There is so much going on in life for us all that is not fun, if there is anything to perk things up…I am all for it. 🙂 I volunteer in arboretum gardens here, and I bought a pair of Duluth Trading overalls to wear. They are in a Gnome pattern, and I get so many comments from women about how cute and fun they are. I love a little whimsy in my life!

    • Oh, and I’m jealous that you can wear their socks!

      • They are super cute! And comfy too. Maybe you can find something you like elsewhere….but I love all the unique KJP patterns, for sure.

  12. Hello Susan,
    Always so much fun and informative to see your fashion picks and ideas. Do the whimsical sweaters come in other holiday themes?
    I live in corduroy pants in winter. Nothing warmer and comfortable.
    Thank you for your stellar posts,

  13. Cheryl Frizzell says

    The Halloween sweaters are so tempting; but I am hesitant to order as some reviewers criticize odd fit. Waiting to hear how you like yours! They would be adorable for Halloween.

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