May Favorites Including a Fun, Addictive Game the Whole Family Will Love!

I’ve been weeding the gardens (still have so much more to do!) and this trash bag holder has been invaluable! It’s almost like having a second person helping you, holding the bag open while you toss stuff in.

I’ve been impressed with how well it works, even when I’m tossing in heavier stuff the bag has never comes loose. I use it so much, I leave it out full time in my garage for easy access. I think it’s one of the most helpful purchases I’ve ever made for use in my garden and for just general cleaning like when I’m cleaning out the garage or closet.

You’ll find it available here: Trash Bag Holder (Note: The one I have and love is the third one over on that page, the one listed for $21.82.)

Trash Bag Holder for Gardening or Cleaning


Natural Bamboo Straws

Lately, I’ve been trying out various types of straws as a plastic straw alternative. So far, I’ve found I did not like silicone straws…they stick to your lips which is not a pleasant drinking experience. lol  Another set of straws that I tried were too small and it was exhausting trying to suck up liquid through them.

So far, I really like these cute bamboo straws.

Plastic Straw Alternative, Bamboo Straws


This set comes with a variety of straw sizes/widths so you can choose the one that fits with the type beverage you’re drinking. Several are wide enough for really thick milkshakes. Plus, they don’t stick to your lips like the silicone straws I tried.

I like the cleaning brush that came with this set, it really does a good job at cleaning them. I also like the cute little bag for carrying a single straw with you when you’re on the go. You’ll find these here: Natural Bamboo Straws. I think they would make great stocking stuffers. It’s never to early to start picking those up.

Natural Bamboo Drinking Straws

SUV or Trunk Organizer

I absolutely love this organizer I purchased for holding groceries and such in the back of my SUV. I forgot and left my regular reusable bags in the car this day, but you can see some of what it holds. It actually holds more than what it looks like here because some stuff is hidden behind the cereal boxes. I love the smaller compartment at the back on the left because it perfectly holds two 1/2 gallons of A2 milk or any similar beverage. Of course, that compartment is adjustable by just removing the partition where it’s velcroed in. I’ve used it several times now and I’ve never had anything turn over during the ride home. Also, the organizer doesn’t slide around. I’m very pleased with how it’s working, definitely an improvement over the cardboard box I was using! You’ll find this Trunk/SUV organizer here: Organizer.

Organizer for SUV or Trunk, Holds Groceries and Other Items


Easy Bottle/Pull-tab Opener

I always have a problem opening pull tabs on some cans (like tuna) and small bottle tops. I purchased this recently and it works great! I bought the set that comes with three so I could keep one upstairs, one downstairs and give one to my son and daughter-in-law which I’ll do next week when I’ll be visiting with them. This would be another great stocking stuffer. You’ll find this opener here: Bottle/Pull-tab Opener.

Tip: I discovered the first time I used this opener that it works best when you actually turn it the right way. Ha! Yup, I actually did that!

Bottle Opener, Great for pop-tops, pull tabs and bottles


Rolling Suitcase for Children

I don’t have personal experience with these next two items but my daughter in law, Nancy, said my two grandsons (ages 3 and 5) loved using them for the beach vacation they took the week before Memorial Day. I sent her photos of the bags in advance and we let the boys each choose the bag design they wanted.

She sent me a video when the bags arrived and they were beyond excited, having never had their own suitcases before. I loved watching them in the video, checking out all the little side pockets and how they rolled, all the things we as adults take for granted in suitcases.

Suitcase for Children, Rolling


After the trip, I asked my dil via text message if they were able to pull them by themselves during the trip. Here’s her reply below. The card she’s referring to is a funny birthday “cow” card I had sent to my youngest grandson–his birthday was this past week. Excuse the typos, I voice-text all my text messages and Google never gets my accent! lol It also capitalizes random words for no reason. Has anyone else had that problem?


It cracked me up that they slept with their suitcases for the first few nights. lol Have you ever done that as an adult–bought something that you loved so much, you slept with it for a few nights. I confess I have done that–once with a bracelet that I didn’t want to take off. πŸ™‚

You’ll find these two, plus many more styles (for boys and girls) here: Rolling Suitcase for Children, Boys and Girls.

Suitcase for Children, Rolling


Pink & White Sneakers

I can’t remember if I shared these in last month’s favorites or not, but I am still loving my pink sneakers. I ordered these in my regular size but had to exchange them for 1/2 size smaller. Those fit great! Love these for summer! You’ll find them here: Pink & White Sneakers.

Pink Sneakers, Pink Sunhat


Hand-made Party Themed Cookies

Know anyone who has a bit of handbag obsession? (Raises hand.) I recently ordered a dozen of these as a gift and they were a huge hit! They would make a great birthday present for the handbag lover, or to serve at a luncheon or party.

Hermes Birkin Bag Cookies, Inspired


They are designed to look very similar to the infamous Hermes Birkin bag.

Hermes Birkin Bag Inspired Cookies


They have so many cute designs, including Paw Patrol Cookies. I need to order some of these for my grandsons; they love watching Paw Patrol!

Paw Patrol Cookies


The “Monopoly Game” cookies are hilarious! If you are planning a Monopoly board game party or any kind of game party, these would be great! You’ll find all these cookies here: Hand-made Cookies.

Monopoly Board Game Cookies


Cornhole Board Set

Have you ever played Cornhole? I had never played until a few a couple of years ago when I was visiting my son. He and a good friend had constructed their own cornhole board set. Ever since then, we play almost every time I’m there if the weather allows. We are all addicted! lol

If you are having a summer gathering or have grandchildren over regularly, you need a set of cornhole boards. They are so much fun! Good exercise, too. After several hours of playing, you feel it over your whole body. Apparently, you use a lot of muscles when playing.

When we play, we don’t want to stop. We’ll sometimes play long after the kids are in bed and have been known to play until well after midnight. It’s addictive…did I mention that? lol

If you would like to purchase boards, I found some really cute ones online recently when purchasing new cornhole bags for my son and dil. The last ones they had were eaten by a squirrel! No joke. My grandson looked out the window onto their screened in porch and said, “A squirrel is eating our bags!” And he was right, he caught him in the act! Ha!

You can see the many different designs available here: Cornhole Board Set.  Also, at that link, they have unfinished boards that you can paint yourself. I wish I’d had a set of these when my son was growing up. They would have been perfect to set up on my front lawn for him and his friends to play during the summer and on weekends.


Cornhole Bags

These are the bags I purchased for my son and dil a few months back. You’ll find them in a bunch of different colors/designs here: Regulation Cornhole Bags. When buying the bags you want to make sure they are made with real, whole-kernel corn, something my son says is very important. Not sure why that’s important but I think it has to do with how they function when thrown. Just don’t leave them out on a porch! Ha!

Patriotic Cornhole Bags


I also purchased a set of these for my son and dil since they are both UGA graduates. You can see all the various sports-team-themed bags here: Sports Team Themed Cornhole Bags.

UGA Cornhole Bags


Have an awesome weekend! See you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Susan, thanks for the tip on the lawn bag holder. That’s just the ticket! And I love the patriotic corn hole bags. But I couldn’t believe you had never played it until recently. I thought that was as Southern as ‘Bless your heart’ and ‘y’all.’ :D:D

    So cute about the boys wanting to sleep with their little suitcases. πŸ˜€ Kids are just non-stop entertainment, aren’t they? And I got some pink sneakers this summer, too. Mine are a gingham pattern. I love them! I hope you have a wonderful time next week with Chip and the family. Stay safe!

    • Really, is Cornhole a southern game? I have no idea…I never knew anyone who played it here in GA. Apparently, they do in Ohio, though. πŸ™‚
      Thanks, Pam! I’m looking forward to it! XXX

    • Pam, check out this website. There’s a video about the game and it’s pretty funny!

      They specifically mention Kentucky and Ohio in the article so maybe that’s why my son and I had never heard of it until he moved to Ohio.

      • Bwahahaha. American Cornhole Academy. Lol. That was funny. Professor Cornhole is a cutie. I don’t know, I thought it was southern because it’s popular in Tennessee, but maybe it never quite made it as far south as Georgia. Anyway, I love that Chip and Nancy like it and he apparently takes it very seriously (what with his insistance on proper cornhole bag ingredients) and that they’re teaching the boys. It’s one of those simple pleasures that seems so Americana – like horseshoes and hotdogs. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the funny video.

        • I loved it when he said, I loved it when the narrator asked him what the internet was and he said he wasn’t sure but it was something that was going to apparently invented in the future. Ha, ha, ha! I also love the vintage feel they gave to the film…so funny!

          • Yeah, the vintage feel was great and the building they used for the
            “Academy.” πŸ˜€ I also liked the little sketch of the cornhole board on the black board, under his name “Professor Cornhole.” And the comment, “more energy is used in beverage consumption.” lol. I actually got some good tips to improve my throwing technique. πŸ™‚ Funny video. I’m glad you shared it. Thanks.

  2. here is a hint for you and you do as you like, but when the boys get old enough for backpacks for school, get them from LLBean. My daughter use to get them from Pottery Barn and in a year they needed new ones. The ones from LLB have last 3 years now and are still in great shape. They are the kind with rollers on them, also. When I saw your grandsons suite cases I thought for a minute they were backpacks. rls

    • Oh, good to know! I’ll share that with my dil, as well. I’m not surprised the L.L. Bean ones are good, I love the quality of their clothes. That’s great about the rollers because I’ve seen quite a few articles saying a lot of kids are having back issue due to back packs.

  3. Brenda Lawrence says

    Lots of great favorite things Susan and I’ve put some of them on my Amazon wish list. lol Yes, cornhole is a very popular game here in PA that is always played in the summertime! Many make their own boards including my son and his college friends up at school when he was there. They had me do the vinyl for the boards as well, it was a school project up at Penn State. Looked great! Your son is right, you want real corn in the bags to play, not sure why, but you have to have real corn. lol It’s a fun game isn’t it?!!! Hugs, Brenda

    • That’s what my son and his friend did. If I’m remembering correctly, I think my son said that his friend owns a business that manufactures the boards, so they made a set for my son one weekend. It is fun! I can’t beleive how addictive it is. Sometimes my dil and I team against my son since he’s so darn good at it. lol We actually beat occasionally…but not often. πŸ™‚

  4. Cyndi Raines says

    I first heard about the corn hole game from my neighbors when they returned from visiting their daughter in Florida. I think it is catching on up here, but we still like to play botchie ball. Have you ever played that? It’s addictive also. The yard sack holder looks like a good investment, especially if you are by yourself. The grands are learning early the value of a good travel suitcase. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Haha It won’t belong and you will be taking them on wild excursions, like Auntie Mame! β›΄

    • No, I haven’t heard of Botchie ball…I will have to Google and see what it’s about.
      Ha! That’s true…gotta get ’em ready for travel early. πŸ™‚

  5. Biodynamic Barb says

    Susan, you always post such interesting solutions to problems I didn’t know I had! We’ve been using glass straws for years and love them. We also have stainless straws but I prefer the glass ones because I KNOW they’re clean inside. I buy the big ones, (10mm) and DH uses them for milkshakes. I also just read there’s a company making disposable/recyclable straws out of grass! I don’t know if I can post a link, but if not, the company is Wild Grass Straws. Both options (glass and grass) are available on Amazon.

  6. Biodynamic Barb says
  7. Kim Mawhiney says

    My folks discovered the bottle openers at a Publix store in Florida a few years back. My dad took great delight in buying a bunch and giving them to their friends. In their 80’s, many of them had trouble with hand strength when opening bottles. Last time we were at that Publix, we couldn’t find them anymore! Thanks for the link!

  8. Your posts about “favorites” is always so varied and interesting. Too funny and too cute about the suitcases. And 3 and 5 yrs old already?!!

  9. Michele M. says

    You find the most amazing things – almost like our very own personal shopper! Thanks, Susan!

    I don’t think I could EVER eat one of those amazing cookies – chewing on works of art seems wrong, haha. They’re incredible! WOW! I can’t even master putting on a recognizable face on a gingerbread man. Too sad.

    • lol I asked the friend who I gifted them to how they were and she raved about them…said they were wonderful. Now I want to order some for me! Ha!
      I know, I never even try to decorate cookies because it would look like a 3 year old did it. These cookies all came individually wrapped which was really nice. They were good and fresh.

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