Memorial Day Entertaining and Table Setting Ideas

Welcome to the 556th Tablescape Thursday!

I’m getting so excited for summer! I stopped by Pottery Barn yesterday and there’s nothing like seeing all the new summer dishware to get you fired up to create some fun, summertime tables! I haven’t visited the big PB in Atlanta in ages, I think it’s time for a road trip!

This beautiful table dressed in blue caught my eye in the window. Gorgeous colors! I love how they’ve mixed aqua with the cobalt blue and it works!

Table Setting in Blue and Aqua


This dinnerware is actually melamine, doesn’t look it, does it? Melamine has come a long way from the early days, now you have to actually pick it up to even realize it’s not china. It’s perfect for outdoor dining, especially when children are around. You’ll find this pattern available here: Dinnerware for Outdoor Dining.

I like the woven placemats. Those are actually made from Water Hyacinth! You’ll find them available here: Placemat.

Blue, White, Aqua Tablescape, Beach Colors


This table surprised me.

Colorful Table Setting


I never would have thought to mix this dishware with these napkins and table runner. Sometimes opposites work beautifully together, though. What do you think?

Colorful Table, Blue, White, Yellow,


This was my favorite table!

Nautical Beach Themed Table in Red, White and Blue


Love these enamel sailboat salad plates! If you’re not a fan of melamine but want something that’s great for outdoors and won’t break if dropped, these are perfect. They are currently on sale here: Sailboat Salad Plate.

I came across so many napkin sets yesterday that I really wanted to bring home with me, I barely resisted! This compass embroidered napkin was one of my faves! They are sooo perfect with the sailboat plates! They are available here: Compass Napkins.

Nautical Sailboat Salad Plates, Enamel for Outdoor Dining, Compass Napkins


I also loved these! I think I’m going to add the blue ones to my napkin collection, can’t resist the anchor design! You’ll find this cute nautical/anchor napkin here: Anchor Napkins.

Sailboat Plates, Anchor Napkins


Wouldn’t the sailboat plates look great with my sailboat flatware! If you’re planning some nautical-beach themed tables this summer, you’ll find this flatware for an amazing price here: Sailboat Flatware. That price is much less than what I paid when I purchased my set.


This was the other item I almost purchased yesterday. I rarely use place cards but these are killin’ me, they are so cute! They didn’t feel like plastic, they had a nice weight to them. I think I’m going to pick some of these up, they are just too cute to resist. You’ll find them available here: Crab Place Card Holders.

Update: Went back and purchased these adorable place card holders…just too cute to pass up!

Crab Name Card Holders for Nautical Table Setting


I noticed they have the flag napkins I purchased years ago back in stock. I love those napkins and have used them so many times in summer and 4th of July tablescapes. They would be great for a Memorial Day cookout, too.

Napkins for Patriotic Holidays, 4th of July, Memorial Day


This is one of the many tables I’ve used them in over the last few years.

4th of July Patriotic Beach Table Setting


This was the first time I created a 4th of July table with a nautical/beachy spin. (View this table here: Beach-Themed Table Setting for the 4th of July.)

Red, White Blue for 4th of July Tablescape


You’ll find these American flag napkins available here: Flag Napkins.


Remember the enamel sailboat plates we saw earlier in this post? They are also available in a flag design.

Patriotic Table, 4th of July, Memorial Day


Again, these would be great for a cookout for Memorial Day or the 4th of July. I like the enamel plates, they had some good weight to them and looked like china. I had to pick one up to see exactly what it was. You’ll find the flag salad plates here: Flag Plates.

Flag Patriotic Salad Plates, Outdoor Entertaining


They had quite a few drink dispensers out on display. I love using these for parties, especially outdoor gatherings.

I just discovered the base you see below this dispenser can be purchased separately. So if you have a dispenser that could use a bit of height, you’ll find the base here: Dispenser Stand.

Beverage Server for Outdoor Entertaining, Parties


This has to be my favorite dispenser, love the nautical-lantern design! It’s currently on sale here: Lantern Drink Dispenser.

You can see all the beverage dispensers here: Beverage Dispensers.

Lantern Drink Dispenser for Party


Hope you enjoyed this shopping trip! Do you have any Memorial Day parties planned this year?

Looking forward to the beautiful tables shared for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Margaret says

    I am like you. I never thought those colors would work together. Man…they took all of the colors in the box for their table settings. Napkins can make the place setting sparkle. Every thing that was shown can take you through summer and into fall. Beautiful, Beautiful.

    • I so agree, Margaret! Napkins can really break or make a table setting. I’m going to have to have some of the nautical ones…I love those!

  2. Susan, I’m back to blogging! Still not completely finished with the downsize move, but I saved a tablescape not previously published to segue myself back into summer – more fun, less work! Thanks for hosting us.

    • Yay! That’s wonderful that you’re almost done. I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing and how the move had gone.

  3. Pottery Barn and Pier 1 are great sources of inspiration and thanks for sharing these pics. Happy Memorial Day!

    • They are…like going in a candy store! They had so many cute nautical/summer pillows, I wanted them all! Dangerous place! lol

  4. Kathleen says

    What a fun shopping trip…loved all that you showed. Funny, when we remodeled the kitchen we had to use trim tile we had on hand which turned out to have the aqua/turquoise hue. I also had a lot of blue willow dishes and didn’t think it would pull together, but it did. I’ve seen melamine dishes that look like Polish pottery and was tempted until I noted “top rack dishwasher only” and that kind of turned me off.

    • I love that combo and I would have never thought of mixing them either. Umm, it would be hard to put dinner plates on a top rack. I know my dil puts their summer melamine in the dishwasher on the bottom rack and last time I was there, it still looked great. There dishwasher doesn’t have a heating element in the bottom, so maybe that’s why it looks okay. Maybe they are worried about older washers like mine which is Kitchenaid and I think does have the heating element in the bottom.

  5. I want so many things! Love the sailboat flatware. And how you used the flag napkins with the red plaid…much better than the PB gingham. (Isn’t it amazing how January is 8 wks long but the time between Memorial Day and July 4th festivities is only 8 days? 😀 )

  6. Thanks Susan, I love the crab place card holders but not a fan of the red print with the blue and yellow plates…I’m all for mix and match, but that makes zero appeal to me!

    • Those crab place card holders are so adorable…I need some! lol Yeah, not loving that mix/match too much either. Maybe that looked good on paper but didn’t translate well in real life.

  7. Wish we had a Pottery Barn in my area. Love their Americana dishes, napkins, everything! You have to get those little crab place card holders. They would be so cute with your “Driftwood” salad plates in your table setting pictured for the 2018 Fourth of July. You don’t have to use them for names. You could print little messages, silly puns, etc. for your guests. Your grandsons would probably enjoy them too.

    • They would! I have some dishware that’s beachy and now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure it has a crab on it. I think I’ll go back and get those placecard holders tomorrow. Mary, I love your idea of using the placecards for other things!

  8. The napkins and place card holders are both cute. I’m resisting from buying anything tabletop these days. I need to part with some of my tabletop things as it is. I like Mary’s idea of using the card holders for clever messages, etc. Great idea!

  9. I love all the items. The red,white and blue items are my favorite.

  10. Oh, so many cute things! Get the crab place holders. I use my place holders on a buffet table to identify the dish contents instead of using them as place cards. Bet you can find other uses as well.

    • Oh, that’s a great idea! I love those, I am going to go back and buy 8 of those…will do that tomorrow. I know just the table setting I want to use them in. 🙂

  11. Get the crab place holders. Just too cute! I write the dish name on place cards and use the holders on a buffet table. Bet you can find other uses as well.

  12. I love the crab place holders too. Thinking if you couldn’t find those flag napkins, maybe a bandana could work. Last week I went into a Dollar Tree in another neighborhood (don’t hate me) and for once, there were entire sets of plates and accessories. I fell in love with colorful plates with turtles on them. Great colors for a summer table. Making a gift basket with the set.

    • Score! Don’t you love it when you visit a different location and find such awesome things! I need to try out some of the other Dollar Trees around here and see what they stock. Thanks for that idea, Myrna!

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    Love all the nautical items, dishes, napkins, the little crab place card holders. What a great idea to use them to identify the buffet dishes! How smart is that! Love the latern-type dispenser. So cool! I have to be honest and say I didn’t care for the red napkin on the blue and yellow plates, a bit too busy for me, but different strokes for different folks, right? (It did make for an interesting setting though.) I will be putting up my porch buntings this weekend. Have you decided if you will be hanging an American flag from your lovely pillars or buntings?

    • I would love to but first I need to have my front porch repainted. Apparently, when the columns were painted, the painters didn’t prime them. I’ve been told that a lot of painters don’t prime them because they are told that they are pre-primed. So now, the paints is peeling off. It’s one of those projects on my summer to-do list. Maybe I can get it done in time to figure how to mount a flag to one of the columns in time for the 4th of July.

  14. Susan, thanks for the P.B. tour as you always find the most unique things. i.e.: Though from Amazon, the sail boat cutlery for the person who has everything to go with their yacht … ;). Re woven place mats; while browsing online researching diy handbags I came across numerous tutorials to covert them into totes and/or smaller bags such as clutches that I thought was somewhat creative as who would have ever thought. (IMO the usage of the natural woven round and scalloped ones were especially cute.)

    • Thanks, Brenda! I’ve come to realize that I really love anything that has a natural material, I think that’s why I love wicker handbags so much…and the bark edged chargers I used in tables so much. I just love that natural texture!
      Isn’t the sailboat cutlery the cutest! I love it!

  15. That settles it….you could get a job at Pottery Barn styling tables because yours are even cuter than what they come up with!!!

  16. Ha! I love those little crab place-card holders. 😀 And I’m glad to see the stars napkins back for sale. I always love your Patriotic Table-scapes and the way you pair the star napkins with the red and white check is so very Americana. Love it! Thanks for the shopping trip.

  17. The crab place card holders are very cute! I’m glad you went back and got them!

  18. Can you tell me where you found the pale blue dishes in the picture with the sailboat flatware? Are they glass or plastic? Thanks. As always, love your tables. So many good ideas.

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