My Favorites for Summer & How I’m Keeping Drinks Cold on Hot Days

How do you like my fancy shoes? lol This is the footwear I’ve been sporting today…I promise I’ll have an explanation for this on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday. 🙂


When I haven’t been running around with grocery bags on my feet, I’ve been shopping for summer clothes. Talbots has an awesome sale going on right now. I purchased a pair of these shorts last summer and love them! They are super flattering and are currently on sale here: White Scallop Edge Shorts. Can definitely recommend these…love mine!


I’ve enjoyed my white pair so much, I’m thinking of adding the chambray ones to my summer wardrobe. They are on sale here: Shorts. They are also available in Navy and Green here: Shorts.

Scallop Shorts


They also have their white denim jeggings on sale. I love the way their jeggings fit, super comfortable and also very flattering. They are available here: White Jeggings.


I love these and hadn’t seen them before…soooo cute with the tassel hemmed edge! They are on sale here: Tassel Hemmed Jeans.


One of my favorites for summer is the skort. Love this one with the cute sailboat pattern! Wouldn’t this be perfect for wearing on vacation or really all through the summer? It’s currently available here: Sailboat Skort.


Another favorite I found while shopping for summer clothes today is this adorable wrap around top with ruffled sleeves. I’ve always found wrap around tops to be comfortable and figure flattering. It’s currently on sale around 1/2 half here: Ruffle Wrap Around Top.


Cute, Cute dress! I’m crazy about blue and white together. Looks like this one has been very popular, only a couple of sizes left now. It’s available here: Blue & White Check Dress.


Have you tried the Yeti insulated tumblers yet? I’m obsessed with these. I bought one and love it so much, I turned around and bought two more. I currently have white, aqua and pink. They are amazing! I can take a drink with me in the car and though I may be driving around all day, when I get back to the car, my drink is still nice and icy cool. I like this tumbler size for everyday use. You’ll find it available in a lot of different colors here: Yeti Tumbler. They are also available here: Yeti Tumbler.

By the way, don’t do what I did: I thought I had found them a little cheaper at Walmart and purchased one online, but when it arrived, it didn’t have the slider on top that seals off the drink. Unfortunately, I can’t even return it because it was sold by another seller on the Walmart website. I didn’t even know they did that, but apparently, they do.

So I’m stuck with the one that I can’t close up. 🙁 The one I linked to above is the good kind, the style that has the slider to seal it off, so that’s the kind you want to buy. I love all the cute colors they come in! I had to have the aqua since it reminds me of Tiffany Blue. lol

Yeti Tumbler, Aqua and White


If you are taking a long trip and want a larger size, this is the one to go with. It will fit in your cup holder, yet holds even more than the tumbler size above. It’s available in a bunch of different colors here: Yeti Insulated Tumbler.

I think I’m going to buy one of these next for those trips I take to Ohio periodically. I don’t know how they keep drinks so cold for an entire day, but they do! They would be perfect for taking to the beach or for hanging out around the pool. Love ’em!


Stay cool, my friends! It’s hot here in Georgia today, definitely a Yeti day! lol


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  1. You can buy just the Yeti lid with the slide. Just google it. Few different sizes. I look forward to your great ideas.

    • Really! I’m totally going to look for that. I definitely don’t like them without the slider that closes it off. Thanks, Diane!

    • Diane, thanks again for telling me about being able to purchase the lid separately. I did and am so happy now to have it! Thanks again!

  2. Just don’t put them in the dishwasher!
    Not that I did but someone I know did. We als have the ice chest and it is awesome! We have a camper and it is great for when we are traveling.

    • Good to know, I was wondering about that. I think I remember seeing on the label, not to put them in the dishwasher. The ice chest look amazing. If they work like the tumblers do, that would be incredible! I think I need to get one of those.

  3. PatinCal says

    Those crops are adorable. I wonder how well the tassels wash and dry.

  4. Margaret says

    Will the yeti keep things hot a well ?

  5. I’m more of a day tripper, but these would be nice to keep water cool. For long flights, maybe it would be good to have, and fill with ice (after security) for on the plane, since it is recommended to avoid in-flight ice.

  6. Karen Schwaderer says

    Speaking of Ohio, I’m here now enjoying some softball games.

  7. My sister’s Father-in-law, after cremation, was buried in a YETI cooler. That family did not want the urn and the cemetery allowed only the YETI cooler as an acceptable substitute.

  8. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Susan: Are you having server issues again? Or is it my old rickety computer? When I click on the button on my taskbar for BNOTP, this post doesn’t show up.

    • Ummm, not having any server issues that I know of. How were you able to get to the post?
      Maybe you don’t have the homepage linked on your taskbar?
      Here’s the address for the HomePage.
      If you bookmark that, or add it to your taskbar, it should always take you to the homepage where you’ll be able to see all the latest posts. Let me know if that works.

  9. Hi Susan, I bought a “Bubba” insulated tumbler at Wal Mart a while back and it works wonderful! Keeps my drinks ice cold forever….I went back and bought 2 more! We took ours to Mexico in February where it was hotter than 3 hells and added ice and took bottled water….my husband was very impressed at how well they worked. At $9.99 each I think I got a great deal!

  10. Wal-mart has the sliding lids for their tumblers. I purchased 2 of them for our Tumblers from Wal-mart. They work as great as the Yeti. I have both brands.

  11. Dig them footwear.

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    The clothes are darling! Can’t wait to learn more about your new footware tomorrow! Lol We just had a new ACE Hardware store open near me and I put my name in for the gift drawings and won a beautiful powder blue Yeti cooler. I’m so excited! I hear they are wonderful. Now I have the perfect cooler to take that 18+hour drive out to see Mt. Rushmore! Load up!

    • Oh, Wow! What an awesome thing to win! I love the powder blue color, too! Good going, Cyndi! Thanks for the reminder about the footware. lol I had forgotten to address that in today’s post and just went back and added it.

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    P.s. FYI – I’ve noticed lately when I make a comment, I do not see it in the pending box, it doesn’t show up until the next day.

    • Did it used to show up in the box before? I wonder if the comment plugin hasn’t been updated and isn’t working correctly now. Thanks for letting me know.

  14. Susan I bet you look adorable in those shorts! Girl, my thighs too fat for those shorts. LOL! But I do love that wrap around top. My yetti cup is my favorite. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. Hi Susan! I’m about a month late with my couple questions- but better late than never! From your May 10th post I loved you son and dil’s patio dining set. Wondered if you knew where they got it. The touch of blue it so refreshing. Also your grandsons’ sandbox – is that plastic made to look like stone? Again I wondered if you knew where they found it. I always love your adventures and projects!

  16. Hi Susan! I have a couples questions related to your May 10th post (when you were at your son and dils). I just love their patio dining set. The touch of blue is so summery and refreshing. Do you know where they bought it? Also, your grandsons’ sandbox – is that plastic made to look like stones? Would you know where they bought that? Always enjoy your adventures and projects (which are often one in the same)!

    • Thanks, Gail! The dining set is by Martha Stewart and they were available at Home Depot a couple of years ago. I’m not sure if they are still being made. If I’m remembering correctly, this set was called: Oleander Savanna.
      I didn’t look really closely but I’m 99% sure it’s plastic, just made to look like stones. I’ll check with my dil and let you know where she bought it.

    • Gail, she replied back that her father bought it for the boys and she sent me a link to it. This is the one she has:

  17. Maxine Allen says

    I may have a bit of a Yeti problem. It started with a simple stainless steel one. Between my husband and myself, I would be embarrassed to admit how many I have. They are great. When I am out running errands, it is the perfect companion. I always have a cold drink with ice.

    • Maxine, you cracked me up because I think I do, too! lol I have three now, actually no…I have 4. I have 3 of the 20 oz tumblers in the colors pink, aqua and white…and the little short squatty one in aqua. I bought a Wendy’s Frosty the other day and when I got home, I dumped it into the short one since it says it works great for icecream. It kept my frosty nice and frozen on my desk all day.
      I so agree about taking them along when running errands. I’ve started doing the same thing. It keeps me from running through a drive-thru and buying a Coke and it’s so nice when I get back to my car and that cold drink is waiting on me. I think I’m going to buy one of the really big ones next. I don’t think you can have too many Yetis! 🙂

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