My February Favorites

Yay, for March! Once March arrives, I feel like spring can’t be too far behind. I know many of you still have weeks of cold weather left (as we do here in Georgia) so you may find this post especially helpful since I’m sharing a lot of my fave winter pieces that have made winter a lot more tolerable, if not enjoyable.

My go-to pants for the past few fall/winter seasons have been my Talbots straight-leg jeans and jeggings.

Barbour Rain Coat, L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater, Ralph Lauren Boots, Talbots Jeans


I especially love their jeggings because they are super comfortable and fit so nicely down inside all my boots. For fall and winter, I wear almost nothing but black and navy jeggings since they go so well with all my shirts and sweaters.

If you have a lot of trouble finding jeans or jeggings that fit properly, I think you’ll love these. Talbots carries them in a regular fit and a “curvy” fit. I find the curvy fit is better for me since I have a smaller waist in relation to my hips. You’ll find many of their jeans and jeggings on sale here: Jeans and Jeggings.

At that link above, the 5 styles they carry are across the top and range from skinny to wide-leg. Click on the style you like best and it will pull all those up.

Frye Boots, Jeans, L.L. Bean Plaid Shirt, L.L. Fisherman Sweater


I always buy the skinny/jegging style and the slim or straight leg style. If you have problems with jeans being too big in the waist when they fit your hips, look for the ones that say “curvy” in the name description. Those work so well for me, like I’ve had them custom made!

Frye Boots, Jeans, L.L. Bean Plaid Shirt, L.L. Fisherman Sweater


When I’m not wearing shorts or casual linen dresses in the summer, I like to wear their white, slim-ankle jeans. Those are currently on sale here: Slim Ankle Jeans.

They are super flattering since they aren’t as form-fitting as the jeggings. Jeggings in black or navy are great during the winter, but come summer, I prefer the slim ankle jeans in white.

White Denim Jeggings


Of course, I’ve been wearing one of my favorite Fair Isle sweaters this past month. This sweater typically sells-out every single year but currently they have it in stock in all sizes.


I love this sweater so much and always get compliments when I wear it. You’ll find it available here: Fair Isle Sweater. It’s also available in the front zip style that’s on sale here: Fair Isle Sweater with Front Zip.

Fair Isle Sweater


Another sweater I’ve been living in this past month is this beautiful Fair Isle sweater. If you can’t wear wool, even over a heavy shirt, this one is a great choice since it’s all cotton.

Fair Isle Sweater, Navy, White and Gray


You can see the colors much better in this picture below. Love it! You’ll find it available here: Fair Isle Sweater.


Still loving and using my new sweater shaver.

Best Sweater Shaver for removing Fuzzies from Sweaters


I end up using it at least once a week and it does an amazing job removing any fuzzy pills that appear on my sweaters. Plus, it’s fast! You’ll find it available here: Sweater Shaver.

Sweater Shaver for Removing Fuzz and Pills


Since we’re in the midst of cold/flu season, I’ve been keeping these in the car and in my handbag all winter. Actually, I carry a couple of these with me all year round since they come in handy anytime you need to clean/wash your hands. I like that these are individually sealed so they don’t dry out and are super portable. I don’t worry about keeping a few in my bag since they are so well sealed. Also, I think this is a great price! You’ll find these available here: Antibacterial Hand Wipes.


I mentioned this cleaner in a post recently because it was so critical to helping me clean some shelves I moved from my garage to my basement. This product is the absolute best I’ve found for cleaning almost anything. It cuts through the dirt and grime in seconds! I ordered another bottle this week because I never want to run out. You’ll find it here: Super Cleaner.


Super Cleaner for Leather Seats Upholstery and Carpet, Works for Denim Transfer



I have to mention these Uggs. I’ve been wearing Ugg boots now for a few years. This winter I ordered a pair in black to go with my jeans and jeggings. I never want to take them off when I leave the house to run errands, so I ended up buying a second pair so I have one pair for inside and one for out. Nothing pampers and keeps my feet warmer than Uggs! I simply can’t live without them! You’ll find these available here: Ugg Boots.

I wear my Ugg boots with socks even though you don’t have to. I just prefer to wear socks with all my shoes, except sandals. These are by far, my favorite winter socks. They are soft merino wool and excellent quality. I’m amazed you can get this quality sock for such an awesome price–six pairs for $23.98. I don’t know how they can offer them at this price, but I’m thankful they do! I’ve purchased them multiple times now and I’m saving one 6-pack to open next winter in case they are no longer available then. I’ve had some happy feet this winter-between the socks and the Ugg boots! lol You’ll find these socks available here: Merino Wool Socks.


Those are my February faves! I’ll add to this post later today if I think of anything I’ve left off.

Stay warm, my Friends!


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  1. Elizabeth says

    Susan, I live approximately 80 miles SW of Atlanta. I am seriously considering growing a 2nd pair of feet with webbed toes, lol! The Chattahoochee River is higher than I have seen it in nearly 40 years. Hope you are staying dry.

  2. Hi Susan!

    I agree: the Car Guys Super Cleaner is amazing. Thank you for that tip.

    Okay, being that you know everything. . . do you happen to know a product (or service) I can use to get rid of dark circles under my eyes. I’m fairly thin (130) and 55 — and when I lost the last ten pounds, I’m pretty sure that’s when they first showed up.

    I’ve tried so many concealers. How bad are they? Think of the former FBI chief James Comey. That’s what my dark circles look like.

    I’m starting to think about gaining ten pounds.

    Any advice? I’m open to anything.

    Wendy in Suwanee

    • I was going to suggest a concealer since that’s what I see all the beauty vloggers on YouTube wearing for undereye circles, but I’m not sure which concealer is the best. That’s the only thing I can think of that may help. Hopefully, some of my readers will be able to suggest a great concealer.
      One thing you could try is to visit Nordstrom online and search for concealers, then look for the ones that have the 5-star or highest reviews. I often read the reviews on Nordstrom when I’m looking for a new perfume or just about anything on there.
      Same for Sephora, I believe they have reviews on their site if I’m remembering correctly. Congrats on the awesome weight loss! That’s amazing!

  3. I keep the wipes in my car and wipe my hands, steering etc each time I fill up my car – who knows what’s on those gas pumps.

  4. I clicked on your link to the wet wipes, (amazon prime) and I get a message that there are no sellers that can deliver at this time. Yikes! Stores are sold out of this type of item too.

    • Well, shoot. It didn’t say that when I originally linked them in the post. I guess they had a limited amount. I’ll see if I can find some others that are similar to link to. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. I’ve been keeping those hand wipes in my purses, car, and my husband’s truck for years. At first my husband made fun of me when I pulled one out everytime we went to a restaurant, now if I meet him for lunch after he’s been golfing he asks for them . Once when dropping one of my great grandgirls off at her church to catch the van to church camp, she asked if she could take some of my hand wipes with her. I had a small box full in my car and put a few in her purse and the rest in her suitcase. All my great grandgirls depend on me to have plenty of hand wipes to share whenever our family goes to a restaurant. I get mine at the local Walmart. I noticed a comment above said they were out of stock at Amazon. Wal-Mart might have them online.

  6. I love that look of a sweater over a plaid shirt; I will have to remember that for next fall/winter. Or maybe a spring cotton sweater over a pastel plaid shirt for early spring.

  7. Those jeans look great on you Susan! I remember you thought my skirts would be too cold in the winter – but if my jeans could look as good on me as yours do on you, I might branch out! 🙂 Maybe the curvy fit is what I need. Thanks for the great tips as always – like Wendy says, you know everything!

    • lol Don’t I wish! As long as you’re wearing some of those fleece-lined tights, I bet skirts aren’t too cold for winter. I love skirts for summer here in the south, makes such a difference in how cool you stay. 🙂

  8. Susan do you ever shop Talbots outlet? I am curious about the price of jeans compared to the sale prices as shown. Thanks!

    • There’s a Talbots Outlet about 30 minutes from my home. I’ve only shopped there once a few Christmases back. The only thing I bought that day were bedroom slippers, and they were priced very well. It’s been too long so I don’t remember much about the clothes. The one thing you should know about outlet shopping is that sometimes the items sold in an outlet were made just for the outlet, so the quality may not quite be the same as it is in the main store. I’ve heard that about Ralph Lauren Outlets. I’m not saying the quality is bad, it just may not be on the same level as when you’re buying from the regular store since it may have been specifically designed to be sold in the outlet. Talbots has such great sales in store and online throughout the year, I don’t really seek out the outlet. I just happened to go in that day because the Outlet Mall was fairly new and I had never visited it, so I drove up just to see what was there. I’ve never been back, I should probably visit again.

  9. Susan, thanks very much for your reviews of these products you use regularly and highly recommend! I’m especially glad to know about the “curvy” jeans!

    • I used to buy the regular ones because they don’t sell the “curvy” style in the store. It was a revelation when I started buying the curvy ones online–no more giant gap in the waist band in back when I sat down. I’ve asked several times at my local Talbots why they don’t carry the curvy style in-store and they don’t have a good reason…just confirm that they don’t. I wish they did, but at least we can buy them online.

  10. I know, the price gouging is insane! Those were only around $5 but other prices I’ve seen online were ridiculous.

  11. Susan, do you machine wash or hand wash the Merino socks you mentioned in this post?

    • I machine wash them with my other dark clothing. So they just go in the wash with everything else, no hand washing, no extra care.

  12. DeLayne A Hulst says

    I need the name of the hand cream you and your d-in-l love for your cracked hands.Love the new pictures in your dining room. They are hung perfectly.

    • It’s Cutemol and I buy it here:
      I buy it in the larger size to keep in my bathroom and the smaller size is great for my handbag or by the sink to use right after I have my hands in water. My daughter-in-law also keeps it by her sink at home, too. It’s the only thing that saves my fingers from cracking during the winter months.

  13. On your recommendation I bought the merino wool socks earlier this winter. You are so right! They are warm, but not bulky. I love them!

  14. Cyndi Raines says

    Thank you for taking the time to share your informational good buys and tips on products. I do love my warm merino wool socks, you are right, they are awesome and the cutemol hand cream has decreased my fingers from cracking and for that I am so thankful. If I get a bit too much on my hands, I work it into the bottoms of my feet and my heels, feels great.

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