My Go-to Easy, Delicious, Filling Breakfast & A Project I’ve Been Working On

Thanks so much for all the lovely emails and the comments on our 600th Tablescape Thursday post! Appreciate those so much! It’s been so busy around here with two little ones home fulltime, I haven’t had a chance to reply but I will be doing that very soon.

I had hoped to post yesterday but I spent the day putting a desk together and setting up a little office space here in the guest room of my son/daughter-in-law’s home. I had been using this small desk below purchased several months back during a previous visit, but I was really, really missing my double monitors.

Workstation and Desk Arrangement for Small Space


I purchased a slightly larger desk and a new chair and gave my previous desk/chair to my daughter-in-love who is using them while she’s working from home these quarantine days. I’m still waiting on a few more things to arrive, but for the most part, my little workspace is quite functional now. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you for this Metamorphosis Monday.

It’s always an adventure living and working with a 3 and 6-year-old in the house. When my monitors first arrived, I opened the box but didn’t get them out since the desk still hadn’t arrived. The next day, I found this. Pretty sure this is the work of Charlie, the 3-year-old. He’s been playing non-stop with a huge container of cars I brought from home, cars his dad loved playing with at his age.

When I saw this, it reminded me of a previous visit. On that visit, I was working at my computer as my son/dil were preparing to leave for an evening out. From my room, I heard my dil (who was putting on her shoes) say to my son who was still getting dressed upstairs, “There are cars in my boots!” to which my son replied, “Well, there are Leggos in my underwear drawer.” We all burst out laughing. I know the day will come when we will all miss these little surprises. Doesn’t that sound like a great name for a parenting book: Cars in my Boots and Legos in my Underwear Drawer. Ha!


My Go-to Breakfast

If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you may know I don’t cook very much unless I have family or friends coming over. So I’m always trying new things that I find in the grocery store, especially those that are quick and easy to cook. Several weeks ago,  before the C-word was all that was in the news, I purchased a few items and liked them so much, I took a few photos to share in a future post.

Often for breakfast, I will eat a boiled egg because it’s fast, easy and a good source of protein. I have to eat protein in the morning, can’t just eat toast and jelly or oatmeal or anything that’s high-carb or sugary without eating something more substantial or I’ll have a big slump mid-morning. So these are perfect for a fast, easy breakfast.


Lately, I’ve been adding a couple of veggie cakes to my breakfast and they are sooo good! I usually microwave them so they are ready in seconds, but they are also really good cooked in the oven. Between the two (Veggie and Butternut Squash) the Veggie Cakes are my favorite. So if you give them a try, try the Veggie ones first. Two veggie cakes and 1 boiled egg is around 210 calories. It’s a fast, very filling breakfast for a modest amount of calories.

Tip: I sometimes mix together a spoon full of mayo with a little sweet-pickle relish to create a little dip for my boiled egg. It’s a lazy egg-salad sandwich without the bread. lol


I’ve also been enjoying these with my hard-boiled egg and they are yummy! Two Zucchini Pancakes with a hard-boiled egg is around 190-200 calories–again a fast, tummy-filling breakfast that’s pretty low in calories.


I just purchased this adorable little egg cooker a couple of weeks back. I thought it would come in handy for those days when I’m out of hard-boiled eggs. I don’t like boiling my own eggs because it seems like one always cracks or I end up boiling them too long. This device will let you choose exactly how you want them: soft-boiled, hard-boiled, poached or scrambled. It will even make omelets. It has 4.6-star rating after 23,290 reviews so I’m looking forward to trying it when I get back home.

If you like hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, in salads or for making deviled eggs, you’ll find this cute little cooker available here: Rapid Egg Cooker.


What’s your fast, go-to breakfast? Would love to hear!

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  1. Sandra D in Joliet says

    1st & foremost, stay safe. I love deviled eggs but hate peeling them. I bought an Instant Pot when they said you can peel them beautifully and they were right! Just the shell came off and no discoloring except the first try was a bit of a rust color. The first time I think I overcooked them just a bit but I tried some other times with success and will write them down. Illinois is pretty much Shelter at Home now and I hope/pray this helps curb the virus.

    • I think this one is supposed to be the same way…easy to peel. I don’t like peeling them when I boil them, either.
      Same here in Ohio, everything is closed except really necessary stores and some of the fast food drive-thru type stores.

    • Your breakfasts look good ! Stay safe where ever you are and go! Distance yourself if you travel! Looking forward to your blogs always but especially now! Any good recipes under your hat feel free to share!

  2. Franki Parde says

    Rock on!!! franki

  3. Loving the egg cooker. My first year of teaching (1963)I bought everyone a Sunbeam egg cooker including one for me and I’m still using the same one regularly. Mine has an egg poacher part to it which I’ve used, more, recently. I hope yours lasts as long as mine! And my daughter still uses my parent’s. Handiest gadget, ever!

    • Awesome that it’s last so long! Things were really built to last back then. This one has an egg poacher dish, too. I’m looking forward to trying it!

  4. Hi Susan,

    Looks like you are settling in to the guest room splendidly! The car stories are adorable and makes me miss when mine were small and at home!

    I had been doing a popular protein, low carb diet but had blood work recently and sadly discovered that my cholesterol had shot up. For the last three weeks I have switched over to eating steel cut oats for breakfast, with blueberries, and adding a banana a day to my diet. Shockingly, even with the added carbs, I have managed to drop a few pounds! I can’t wait to check my cholesterol in a a few months!

    The steel cut oats can either be made in about 7 minutes or the regular ones can be placed in the slow cooker overnight. So easy!

    Enjoy time with your family!

    • I have a can of those at home. I haven’t cooked them in ages. I usually don’t do well with any type of oatmeal at breakfast…usually have a big crash afterward that feels like I do when I eat a sugary dessert on an empty stomach. I’m insulin resistant per the test my doctor gave me a few years back and both my father and brother were diabetic. So I think that’s why carbs effect me that way. I’m okay as long as I have meat and veggies first, just can’t do an all carb breakfast or I have to go back to bed….can’t stay awake.

      • So sorry you are insulin resistant! I am fortunate to not be there… yet. My husband is Type 2 and likes his protein.

  5. I love–love my Instant Pot for eggs. It’s quick and easy. I usually do a dozen at a time and they peel like silk…it’s amazing!!

  6. Toast or something carb for me. I really wowed a Canadian friend who came over for breakfast one time with popovers. She became obsessed with them and ordered a popover pan on her next visit back to Canada and now her husband wants them almost every night with dinner then has the leftovers for breakfast. Simple to make and Neiman-Marcus used to serve them at lunch with strawberry butter.

    I’ve never understood how you use two monitors with a computer.

    • Ohh, that sounds good!
      I used them for everything. I thought I had written about it but couldn’t find it now. I am usually working on one monitor writing a post while I have my photos up on the other monitor, dragging and dropping them into the post where they are needed. Sometimes I have email up on the second monitor and sometimes I use it to Google for information I need for a post while I’m writing it. When I’m sorting photos for a post or editing them for the post, I often have a YouTube video playing on the other monitor since sorting pictures is a tedious task.

  7. I have the same egg cooker in black and I absolutely LOVE IT. I thought it wasn’t something I needed or I wanted, but noticed it on a yard sale in my neighborhood, looking brand new and unused, still in the box for like $2 and thought, what the heck? I can throw it away if don’t like it. And it makes PERFECT eggs every single time. And they are easy to peel too. Greatest little thing ever and I can’t believe I’m saying that as I went to culinary school and very easily boil and egg.

  8. Georgette Nichols says

    So glad you are “stuck” in Ohio with your family!! So much fun. We had reservations for tomorrow to go to Tacoma WA from Boston to see out daughter and her 7 kids (3 + 4 step kids). There were several reasons we felt we had to cancel. I truly wish we had set it up two weeks ago and then we could decide to be “stuck”.
    The pancakes and muffins look delicious!

    • Awww, that would have been so nice, Georgette. I wonder how much it would cost to charter a flight. I bet prices have dropped on those since no ones traveling right now.

  9. Just enjoy your grandsons! The cars remind me of days when my son was little. On rainy or cold days we would have Hot Wheels, or maybe they were Matchbox, anyway snap together tracks put together through the living room and hallway. Fun memories playing with those little cars. Just have fun while you can. I’m so glad you are spending this time with your family.

  10. Michelle B says

    I have 2 of those egg cookers. They work great!!

  11. Brenda Lawrence says

    That would be a perfect book title Susan! lol I remember those days well. You just never knew what toy you would find or where you would find it. I miss those days, but have learned to love quite time. I love and eat a lot of hard boiled eggs, but use those silicone egg things. They don’t make a beautiful egg like you get in the shell, but they are perfect for me, I hate peeling eggs as they never peel well for me. I wouldn’t use them to make deviled eggs to take out though because I would want them to look a tad bit prettier. I am loving that egg cooker you showed though! I also love to eat avocado on whole grain toast. I do add a lot of stuff to my smashed up avocado. I like lemon juice, ground flax seed, hot pepper flakes, a little salt, pepper, turmeric and fresh garlic chopped. Doesn’t make for fresh breath though! lol I’ve never seen the veggie cakes or the zucchini pancakes! They sound good though! Hugs, Brenda

  12. Linda Page Gurganus says

    I don’t care for hardboiled eggs but I love poached eggs! Because I have to watch my carbs, I eat scrambled eggs frequently for breakfast but would rather have poached! So I ordered the egg cooker! Thanks for the idea!

  13. What a cute children’s book that would be Legos in the Underwear Drawer. I have a PQPot and use the egg setting and they always come out great and, true, peel so much easier. You can also buy a special pan to make egg popups. Sounds like your machine does quite a few things with eggs. Glad you get to spend quality time with your family! New baby coming next month in Florida and panic set in about formula and wipes. I was able to find some on Amazon and sent directly. Not sure about airplane availability for me to see new baby. All will work out! My dr is very big on steel cut oats every day.

  14. My husband and I love the egg cooker. All the ways to cook are good. We especially love them poached, I never could make a decent poached egg.
    I love the cars and Legos story. I have Hotwheels and Matchbox cars that are 60 years old that have been used by my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The grown children wax nostalgic over their old toys!

  15. Hey, Susan,
    I agree with Georgette and am so happy you are with your family. I am still here in GA holding down the fort. I home school my 9th grade granddaughter, have had her for day care on up since she was about a month old. My daughter and son-in-law have jobs that keep them away from the public, and they in turn are keeping their daughter safe for her sake and mine. We are hoping we escape all this to finish the school year. 25 years of working at CDC taught me well, and I already had a supply of killer wipes for sanitizing, etc. I’m just reading blogs, watching tv and prime, and picking up groceries weekly. Kudos to Kroger–they are being very careful for their customers and workers. BTW, per your suggestion dragged out my puzzles. You take care–love and Georgia kisses to your whole family and “safe passage” through this virus for you, them, your loyal readers and our nation.

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    I love eggs! Boils, scrambled, deviled, fried, poached, you name it, I love them cooked anyway. My husband showed me how to boil them and they turn out perfect each time. The trick to peeling is to not boil fresh, let them be about a week old and they peel so much better, also if you peel them under a dribble of cold , running water. Glad your new machine is getting such great reviews from your readers, sounds like it will work great for you too. I will have to be on the look-out for those food items you mentioned, they sound interesting and I would like to try the zucchini pancakes. Loved the “new book title”, lol, you would have a best seller, I’m sure. So glad you are with your family while we all have to do our safe sheltering, your timing to come north was spot on. Enjoy!

  17. The cars/lego surprises will be even funnier when they are still finding them years from now. The veggie cakes and z-pancakes are something I know I would like–thanks for the tip. I am also working on improving our home office. It’s taking a really long time because it’s a “shared” office and the other, ahem, sharer dislikes filing stuff, decluttering, dusting/cleaning etc. Believes no such thing as too high of a stack of useless papers, lol.

  18. So glad you’re settled in over there and are with your family Susan! We’re coping over here. 🙂 I love a veggie scramble for breakfast on the weekends – weekdays is a different story! Thanks for all the great tips, as always, and hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

  19. The Dash egg cooker is awesome. Got one for the 2 of us and then one for both daughters who have young children. Everyone agrees fast, easy to clean and store, and foolproof for quick eggs. Love this thing!

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