Summer Favorites & An Outdoor Dining Set I’m Considering Ordering Again

Spring is here and that first day of summer is just a few weeks away! Love this time of year so much! When spring comes around, I always pull out my favorite summer pillows for the porch. The ones below are from Ikea, many years ago.


A few years back, I purchased pillow inserts. I got that idea from you guys since it’s a great way to save on storage space—just swapping out the cases instead of having to store a bunch of different pillows for each holiday/season. These are the inserts I purchased, and I really like them a lot. Since they are down/feather filled, they aren’t stiff and feel great when you lean back against them. (Pillow inserts are available here: Pillow Inserts.)



I love shopping the new covers each season, and they have some really cute ones out for spring and summer. Love these that are covered in flowers, butterflies and dragonflies! The prices are always so reasonable, you don’t feel bad if you need to replace them after a few years. (Pillow Covers are available here: Floral Pillow Covers.)




I may be 5 hours from the nearest beach, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bring enjoy a seaside vibe here on the porch. I say, if you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach to you! lol  I love this set of seaside-themed pillow covers! (Beachy themed covers are available here: Set of 4 Summer Pillow Covers. Five more additional designs here: Summer Pillow Covers.)



I love this vibrant design! This design is available here: Summer Pillows.



If you’re creating a summery, beach vibe for your home and table, check out this dreamy ocean/lighthouse design. I love that it’s chip resistant even though it’s bone china. You’ll find it available here: Seaside Bone China, Chip Resistant, Service for 4.


Another stunning design for summer! You’ll find this pattern available here: Shell Beach Themed Dinnerware, Service for 4.



If dining outdoors with little ones around, I love this worry-free melamine design for summer cookouts. I bought a similar set many years ago when my grandsons were very small and they loved it! (This set is available here: Melamine Dinnerware for Outdoor Dining, Service for 4.)



Here’s one more beautiful melamine design that would be great for outdoor or poolside dining. (This design is available here: Melamine Dinnerware, Great for Outdoor Dining, Service for 4.)


For summer flatware, check out this nautical design! It’s 18/10 stainless steel and made right here in the USA. It would be perfect for a summer table setting. You’ll find it available here: Nautical Design Flatware.


Another great flatware for summer dining is this classic shell design, also in quality 18/10 stainless steel. This set is a steal for a full service for 8! You’ll find it on sale 33% off here: Shell Flatware.


What about glassware? I’m crazy about this fun set of 12 stemless wine glasses for just $35! Look at all the cute designs! These would be great for summer parties, and at that price I wouldn’t cry if one got dropped. (Stemless wine glasses are available here: Set of 12 Stemless Wine Glasses, 12 oz size.)



These Tiki glasses are a riot! Another really cute design for summer! This set is available here: Set of 4 Tiki Glasses, Great for Lemonade or Cocktails.



I have always wanted to purchase a set of Polywood chairs or a dining set made of Polywood. A few years back, I actually ordered a full dining set for the deck, but it kept showing backordered for months, so I finally gave up and canceled the order. Polywood seems to be back in stock now with fast delivery times, so I’m thinking of ordering it again since it’s so weather-hearty.


I also love that Polywood is so fade resistant, since I’m drawn to the brighter colors. A friend of mine who lives in Bend (Oregon) where the winters can be especially harsh, purchased these red Polywood Adirondack chairs several years back. They still look as colorful and vibrant today as they did when she first got them. She has been so happy with how the chairs have held up, her Mother’s Day gift this year was a full dining set for her patio. I figure if Polywood can handle Bend, Oregon winters, it can easily handle our Georgia winters!


I love these colorful Adirondack chairs and have a spot in mind where I could use a couple of these. I’ll be sharing more on that in a week or so! These Adirondack chairs are available in a bunch of fun colors here: Polywood Adirondack Chairs in a Variety of Colors.


I thought this design was really cool with the built-in beverage holder. This design below is not made of Polywood, but it’s foldable for easy storage during the wintertime. This foldable design, along with a coupon for $45 off, is available here: Adirondack Chairs, Fold for Storage.


This is the dining set I’m thinking of ordering. It comes in a bunch of different colors. Right now, I lean toward the white or sand color, mostly the sand color. I like the idea of going with a neutral, then adding some fun, summer, color with cushions for the seats. I noticed this set has “color-stay” technology, so it shouldn’t fade. The info I read for this set indicates that it should last for 20 years! I especially like that it’s made right here in the U.S.  You can read more about how it’s made and see the colors it’s available in here: Polywood Dining Set.




Are you starting to spruce up your porch, deck, or patio for summer, yet? I hope you are seeing some warmer temps now! I noticed it stayed daylight to almost 9:00 last night! Whooo, hooo! I love that!

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  1. We have that dining set in black. We’re big fans of Polywood. We have nineteen separate pieces.

  2. I use nothing but down/feather inserts…and buy the cushion covers as well! We’ve gone through two Wal Mart dining sets – the tempered glass – is not so tempered-each set – the glass blew apart. No one was hurt – but we were done. We decided to use our small outside deck as a seating area, with a large umbrella for shade & purchased a wicker set with end tables. Our pool deck is much too hot to spend much time on it…just get in & out to cool off. Our summers are short, here in eastern Canada….but we still get a couple of months of hot weather. Can’t wait!

  3. Just purchased some more Polywood chairs from Costco – They’re having a memorial sale now. Slightly different sizing, but same quality, same brand

  4. Patricia Lapp says

    My son ordered a Polywood set from a local backyard furniture store. Delays were significant despite a promise of 10 day delivery. If he had ordered from the manufacturer directly he would have to assemble it but it would have been there in 5 days. After much back and forth the set is supposedly being delivered tomorrow, and interestingly enough is the one you are interested in! I believe the color he chose is charcoal.

  5. This is such a great collection of summer “necessities!” Love that deep blue of the Playa Shell dinner set. First time I’ve seen the nautical flatware…so tempting.
    Question: I have feather throw pillows and they are often escaping. What do you use for a feather-proof cover?

    • I have that occasionally with two pillows in my living room that were purchased many years ago from a high-end furniture store. It doesn’t happen very often, but I know what you mean. I hadn’t thought about it until now, but it just dawned on me that I haven’t had that happen even once with the down/feather pillow inserts that I purchased on Amazon—maybe those are inside thicker, denser cases. I wonder if they make special pillow cases for situations where the feathers are escaping out from time to time. If I see something like that, I’ll let you know.

  6. I love my Plywood furniture. I have quite a few pieces but my favorites are my yellow Adirondacks and my black rockers. They are so easy to keep clean. They’ve been sitting out in the hot Texas sun for years and still look brand new.

  7. Franceil Parde says

    Cleaning pollen off EVERY THING in boathouse & out come the “Lighthouse dishes, etc” SUMMER’S here (90 degrees!!) Bring on the pillows!!! franki

  8. I just found an email from Polywood saying they are having a Memorial Day Sale starting May 22 – today!
    Happy Shopping!

  9. Love your pillows! Waiting for the pwerwashing of our porch next week – then will have to “supervise” my dear husband as he puts all the pillows and summer stuff out as I am nursing my broken wrist. Looking forward to many meals and lazy days out on our porch. We have furniture we bought years ago – Winston – and it has held up so well. Gave lots of it to family when we downsized, but still can seat 6 for dinner! Have a great summer!!!

  10. Lynnefred says

    We have a condo on the Pacific Ocean. You can imagine the winters our polywood set endures. We bought a higher bistro set in grey. It has worn very well and is comfortable too.

  11. I love polywood and ordered mine from an armish dealer from Iowa. Would not order from them again. His quality is the best but he takes your money up front and does not deliver as said. It took 9 months to get my order. Long story I am a costo member and bought the last two chairs from Costco and it appears they are the same. Make sure the chair has a waterfall seat under your knees as this is gentler on your legs. Pollywood is the best

  12. Another Pollywood fan here! Ours sit out 24/7/365 in 100 to -35 degree weather here in MN. And they are fine! White color is surprisingly easy to keep clean with just washing and maybe a bit of scrubbing here and there. Agree about the waterfall edge for leg comfort for the Adirondak design. Happy Summer!

  13. Susan, do you purchase the same size pillow covers as your pillow inserts? I’ve read somewhere that it’s best to purchase pillow covers that are smaller than the inserts, for instance 18×18 covers for 20×20 inserts. Just wondering which you prefer. Thanks!

    • For the large decorative pillows that I use on my bed, I did purchase a size up for the insert. But for these smaller decorative pillows, I purchased the same size insert. If you go with the same size and you don’t think it pulls it out enough, you can return them and by the next size up. I was just concerned if I got two large of an insert, it would tear the cover at the zipper. But I do like to buy bigger ones when I’m buying for the really big pillows that I have on my bed.

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