My January Favorites, It was a Great Month!

I’m super excited to share my January favorites with you because it was a great month! I have to start with this awesome garden cart that I purchased in hopes I could for once, keep my potted annuals alive through the winter. It has worked so well!


After I got the cart and put it together (minus the sides since I didn’t want to use those) I placed my rather sad-looking plants on it and created an alarm on my phone to remind me to bring them in each night before nightfall. On the sunny days, I pull them out into the driveway for the day to soak up the sunshine.


This is working great and they are looking so much better now. Some sunny days I forget to pull them out so I decided today to also set a daily alarm for mid-morning to remind myself to pull them outside. When spring gets a bit closer, I’ll start fertilizing them to encourage more blooms. Love this cart and love that the tires won’t go flat as they used to on my previous garden cart. If you need a garden cart for hauling around flowers, mulch, bags of soil, and lots of other stuff, you’ll find this one here: Garden Cart with No Flat Tires.

Garden Cart, Keeping annual plants alive through winter


I’ve been putting these dried mealworms out all winter for my birds and they LOVE them! I mean REALLY, REALLY love them! The bluebirds are usually the first to fly down as soon as I put them out each morning. This is a big 5-lb bag so it lasts a long time. It’s the best price I’ve ever found for them so I continue to buy this brand throughout the year. If you love making your backyard birds happy, you’ll find these here: High-Protein Dried Mealworms.

Natural Dried Mealworms


This treadmill I shared a few weeks back has been awesome! I hop on it multiple times a day, sometimes for a short session, other times for a bit longer. I love having it right here in my office because it’s a constant reminder to not sit too long. I don’t think I’ve missed a single day using it. Love it! You’ll find it here: Treadmill.

Small Treadmill for my Home Office


I love Tervis mugs and just purchased this a few weeks back. I love how it keeps my iced tea and iced coffee nice and cold without sweating/dripping onto my desk. I use it without the lid. I love the suns on this one, it’s such a fun way to start my day each morning! It’s available here: Insulated Mug/Cup.


Iced Coffee Cup


Over the years, I’ve purchased this long cashmere sweater in two different colors and I continue to love them! I keep one in my office at all times because I love to grab it as I’m running out the door for an errand. I prefer to wear it in place of a coat because it doesn’t add bulk–I can’t stand trying to drive while wearing a bulky coat. I talked to my daughter-in-law today and she told me that she wears her’s all the time, almost every day. I don’t think it’s currently on sale but keep an eye out because we are coming up on the time that they often do go on sale and it’s usually a really good sale. You’ll find it here: Long Cashmere Sweater.


I shared these pants a few weeks ago and I have really enjoyed wearing them on especially cold mornings. They are the equivalent of Uggs in pants form. Seriously! I bought them in both Medium and Large since I wasn’t sure which size would work best. The Medium size turned out to be the best size so I find they do run pretty true to size. They may feel a tad snug when you first put them on but they loosen up as you wear them, kinda the way jeans do–or at least that’s been my experience. When I wear them, I normally have to bump the heat down in my home a few degrees since they are so warm. You’ll find these here: Super Warm Sherpa-lined Pants.

Sherpa-lined Pants


Love this fun LV bag I purchased last month. I’ve been wearing it almost non-stop since it arrived. It’s no longer available in the stores since it’s from a few years back, but I was able to locate one here: LV Shearling Bag.

Louis Vuitton Teddy Speedy 25, Shearling Bag


The seat cover I purchased to protect my car’s seat from denim transfer/denim stains is still working great! It’s exactly what I need for fall and winter when I wear a lot of jeans. You can see the bluish color along the edge of the seat where it’s been doing its job protecting my seat. If you fight the “denim” issue in your car, you’ll find this seat cover in several colors here: Seat Cover/Protector.

Protecting Car Seat from Denim Transfer, Denim Jeans


I’m always so surprised how fast dust accumulates on my desk in my office, especially around the monitors. I dust and it seems like it’s back in no time. I decided to buy an air purifier for my office and I chose this one after reading the reviews. I do think it has helped! With as much time as I spend here in my office every day, I’m really happy to have it here running throughout the day. It’s quiet and I find the sound it makes while running to be very soothing. I love it! You’ll find the one I purchased here: Air Purifier for My Office. They also make bigger ones for really large rooms or multiple rooms.

Air Purifier for my Home Office


Recently, I shared this table setting for Tablescape Thursday. I noticed that the colorful drip candle I’ve had in this bottle for years is finally getting kinda low. I love how these look in table settings, especially tucked into a color bottle. I just ordered two more drip candles so I can replace this one and maybe start another one in another bottle at some point. If you want to create this look for a table, especially a romantic Valentine’s Day table, you’ll find these candles available here: here: Colorful Drip Candles.

Decor Books in Valentine's Day Table Setting


I made a big pot of vegetable beef soup last month and froze half of it. I love having this soup in the fridge and freezer so I can pull it out for a quick meal on cold winter days. It smells sooo good while it’s cooking!

Vegetable Beef Stew


If you love a good, hearty soup for winter, you’ll find the recipe for this one here: Vegetable Beef Soup.

Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe


Hope you are staying cozy and snuggly warm this winter!

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  1. Do you still use your Pelaton?

  2. I do not know if you know that coffee & tea will stain the Tervis cups. You can’t get it out & they don’t accept returns for staining. I’ve always loved Tervis glasses but I don’t want stained glasses. Better to stick with metal lined cups.

    • I’ve been using mine for tea and iced coffee for a long time, so far they are fine. I do wash them out pretty quickly though so maybe that’s why they haven’t stained.

  3. Susan, you are such a caring person. Your social work, feeding and even heating the little birdies in winter, and now dragging your plants out to let them get some sun! 😀 I love that. And that cart does look great. I love stuff with wheels! I’m even thinking of getting a dolly. I’ve never had one sure could have used one recently. It’s not the sort of thing you’d use that often, but boy would it come in handy when you need it. The day time temps are warming up a little bit here, but the nights are still below freezing! On my bed I have flannel sheets, two blankets, the quilt, then THREE afghans on top of that! 🙂 And I don’t get too warm, lol.

    • Awww, thanks! I feel so guilty letting the annuals die every year, plus it’s such a waste of $$$. I don’t have any place inside to place them where I could water them easily. I guess sunrooms are great for that during the winter months. Come April 15, I can put them back out on the deck, and I won’t have to buy new ones and pot them up. Just have to make sure I get them in every night. That’s amazing that you don’t get too hot. Do you turn your heat down pretty low at night?

  4. U have a wagon similar to yours and I love it Couldn’t do without it for spring clean up and planting. Same for the fall.

    • I know what you mean, they are invaluable for moving stuff around. I’ve even used them to unload furniture from my SUV to pull it over to my kitchen door. I’ve really missed having one so glad to have one again, and just in time for spring gardening.

  5. Thanks for your months in review. I truly like them because I find out about some new things I might want to purchase. I really trust your recommendations!

  6. Great ideas – I don’t have a Tervis mug, but we have many Tervis Tumblers. My husband loves them because of the same reason…no condensation. I am not as crazy about the looks of them ( except the Flag tumblers for summertime and the two with a pineapple ) so I make sure when we have guests he uses our “real” glasses. But they are great…and the first ones we bought with the pineapple we have had for years, one got water between the two layers. I sent it back and they put the pineapple back in and sent a new one at now cost. GREAT customer service! Thanks for the recommendation on the air purifier. We have a Dyson in our living/dining/kitchen area set on automatic and highest air purity. LOVE IT! But just this morning I mentioned how our bedroom and bath get SO dusty so quickly. Going to order this one for that area. Thanks again !

    • Thanks, Ann! Wow, I didn’t know Tervis would do that, that’s awesome customer service. Good to know!
      I can really tell a difference here in my office since I added this one. Good to hear that you’ve seen the same thing with your current one. I am not a fan of dusting so anything that cuts down on that makes me super happy.

  7. I got a Gorilla cart for my garden and love it so much. I use it for everything. It currently is holding some plants for overwintering too. I have a few other inexpensive carts from Walmart that work, but nothing like the Gorilla cart! Hoping for sunny and warm days to get to planting!

    • Isn’t it awesome! It’s one of those things that you have no idea how much you’ll use until you have it. I had a different cart in the past and used it constantly for stuff, so I’m really glad to have another one again. Yes, can’t wait for some warm spring weather! I noticed this evening that it was still not totally dark at 6:30 so the daylight is staying with us longer and longer. I love that so much!

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