My November Favorites & Why Is The Universe Doing This To Me?! Ha!

Have to kick off this November favorites post with something that’s torturing me right now. Ha! Last summer, I made the decision to purchase a Yeti Tundra cooler. If you’re not familiar with Yeti’s “Tundra” cooler, it’s the one that has wheels which makes it super easy to move around. That especially comes in handy when it’s loaded with ice and drinks. I had purchased a Tundra for my son a year or so before, and each time I visited and saw how much he and his family used it, I started seriously thinking about getting one for myself. They use their cooler all throughout the year, especially in the spring/summer months when they love grilling out and chilling in the backyard.


When I made the decision to purchase a Tundra for myself, I was a bit overwhelmed with the many color choices available. Yeti comes out with 4 new colors each year, two in the spring and two in the fall. I started doing some online searches to make sure I knew about all the colors available. I was trying to avoid choosing a color, only to discover another one I liked even better a month or two later. I try to do that with almost everything I purchase, I don’t like having regrets!

During my research phase, I came across a color called Reef Blue and loved it! I don’t own a home with a pool, but if I did, this would definitely be the color I would want a Yeti Tundra in. Or, if I took frequent beach trips, I’d love to have this color for those! Can’t you just see pulling this baby out, loading it up with all your favorite drinks, and pulling it out to the pool or down to the beach on the weekends? Gahhhh!



Of course, as fate would have it, Reef Blue turned out to be a color from the year 2019, so it was no longer in production. I was devastated–how could Yeti do this to me?! Ha! So, I did what we all do when we fall hard for something that is no longer being made–I headed over to eBay. I found a brand new one on eBay, never used, but oh, my gosh, everybody and his brother wanted it! The bidding was already more than double the normal cost! It ultimately ended up selling for $850 after a 36-bid bidding war. The next day I emailed Yeti and told them about that auction, schooling them that they needed to get on the stick and bring this color back pronto! I’m sure they immediately called an emergency meeting with their development team to get right on my request! LOL


Having been unable to justify bidding on the Reef Blue auction, I decided to wait a bit and take my time choosing a color. In late winter of this year, Yeti came out with this beautiful spring color they named, Canopy Green. Yeti always gets their color inspiration from nature. Canopy Green was inspired by all the many shades of green they encountered during a trip to the jungles of Costa Rica. Since green has always been my favorite color, I decided this was it–the color that was meant to be mine, and I ordered my Tundra. It is a beautiful, vibrant color. I think it will be great for summer parties/gatherings.

Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler in Canopy Green


But the universe has a sense of humor and loves to mess with me! That emergency meeting must have worked 😉 because they’ve brought back Reef Blue for a very limited time. I had read somewhere in a Yeti forum that Yeti occasionally brings back discontinued colors for Christmas, and by golly, that’s exactly what they have done! So if you were one of the many people who have kicked themselves over the years for missing out on Reef Blue when it was first available back in 2019, you have a rare chance for a do-over! The much-loved Yeti Tundra is currently available for the Christmas season (until it sells out) in the coveted color of Reef Blue. You’ll find it available here: Yeti Tundra in Reef Blue. They’ve also brought back another gorgeous 2021 color called, Aquifer Blue. I’m sure both colors will disappear again soon. Aquifer Blue is available here: Yeti Tundra in Aquifer Blue.



I wish there was some way to let the 11 people who are currently stalking this one on eBay know they don’t have to pay $1,500 for a Reef Blue Tundra, and that it’s once again available here: Yeti Tundra in Reef Blue.


November Favorites: Okay, on to all my favorites for the month of November! Recently I purchased a SodaStream and I am loving it! No more buying cans of seltzer at the grocery store! (SodaStream is available here: SodaStream E-Terra.)



In addition to drinking it plain, I have discovered I really love this organic Kom Bucha! It’s very low in calories and I find myself craving it over Cokes which is always a good thing. If you have a SodaStream and like Kom Bucha, you’ll find this Kom Bucha concentrate here: Kom Bucha Concentrate for SodaStream.



Had to include this awesome mock turtleneck that I’ve purchased so many times. I was so impressed with the quality, I ordered it in several colors. It’s cozy, soft and warm and feels really well made. I couldn’t believe how hefty it was when it arrived, like something I would order from Ralph Lauren or another high-end brand.


It is 100% cotton, so I recommend buying it one size up and washing it in cold water, then hanging it to dry. That’s how I wash mine and I think they did shrink a tiny bit. Being all cotton, they do tend to stretch back out a little once you’re wearing them, but I would still order one size up just to be sure. You’ll find this comfy mock turtleneck available in 6 colors here: here: Mock Turtleneck in 6 Colors.


Whenever I visit my grandson, I love to take a little surprise for them. When I visited back around the last week of October, I gave each of them this adorable set and they loved it. After hugs and kisses were done, they immediately dove into building this set. They love their Legos! I wish I had taken a photo because after they completed this Halloween set, I placed each one in a corner of the kitchen window where we enjoyed them for the rest of the Halloween week.


This is the gift/Lego Set I have wrapped and ready to give them when I first arrive to see them for Christmas. I bet these will end up in the kitchen window, too. lol You’ll find this very affordable Lego set here: Christmas Polar Bears.


I have to include finally completing my Spode Woodland Dinnerware collection this year. I was thrilled to find it for such a great price. I wanted to make sure the quality had not changed since I purchased my first 6 place settings many, many years ago. I was delighted to see it was still the same, maybe even a little better. The colors were beautiful and so clean and crisp, I ordered 5 more sets bringing my collection to 12 place settings. When I really, really love a pattern and know I will want to use it during holiday times, I like to have 12-place settings just in case it’s needed. If you love this pattern, too–you’ll find place settings available for the best price I’ve found it anywhere, here: Spode Woodland, 5-pc Place Setting. I



Cutemol has to make my favorites list every month starting when the cold temps arrive. I slather it on my hands at least twice a day during the winter months to avoid having my fingertips crack. It works wonderfully! When I asked my daughter-in-law what she wanted for Christmas this year, she said Cutemol! 🙂 You’ll find it available here: Cutemol.


Still love, love, love this super warm Sherpa-lined hoodie I shared a while back. It’s is so comfy and warm!



I have it in two colors now, the gray above and the red below. You’ll find it available here: Sherpa Lined Hoodie.


When I changed my bedding out from summer to winter this year, I pulled out my older handheld steamer to steam the wrinkles out of the bed skirt. I got super frustrated with it because it kept snagging the fabric. I ordered this one and it worked beautifully! It heated up way faster than my older steamer ever did and I like how I could see exactly how much water was left during the steaming process. It worked great and I really enjoyed using it! You’ll find this handheld steamer here: Steamer.



Ever since autumn arrived, I’ve been wearing my favorite dark jeans again. These jeggings are so flattering on. I don’t know how they do it but they make legs look so fit/skinny! lol No wonder jeggings are still so popular! Right now, they are 50% off so I’m going to pick up a couple more. I always get them in the “curvy” fit which means they’ll fit my hips without gapping out in the waist in back. You’ll find them in the curvy fit here: Dark Blue Jeggings in Curvy Fit. If you don’t have that gapping issue with jeans, you’ll find them in the regular fit here: Dark Blue Jeggings–Regular Fit. All their denim jeans are on sale right now and you’ll find all the styles from skinny to slim to straight to bootcut on sale here: Denim Jeans 50% Off.


Happy Weekend!

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  1. Wow! People must really love that color of Yeti! Amazing what things can sell for. Thanks for the run-down, I always love to see what you’re liking.

    • I know, I wonder if it’s people who live on a beach or have a beach home, or just have a pool. It’s such a great color for that type of environment.
      Thanks, Barbara!

  2. Susan please tell me more about your hoodies. were they wrinkled when you received them and are they true to size and how did they washy

    • Yes, they were both in shrink wrap type bags, but the wrinkles fell out once they were washed. I wore them straight out of the package, though since I always wear a t-shirt underneath. I buy all my hoodies in a size large because I want them huge so they come down long in back. I would say they are true to size because they fit me like all the other large hoodies I’ve bought, including my Northface hoodies.

  3. Susan, we have been together a long time. I am getting older, but I am sure it’s December, not November.
    Why not sell your old Yeti on eBay and get a new color ?
    So many pretties and almost time for Santa.

    • Yup, it’s December. I always do the Favorites post after the month ends…like I share my June favorites in July, etc… So that’s why I’m sharing my November favorites now.
      I really love the green, too–so don’t wish to sell it, but I don’t think I need two coolers. If I had a home with a pool in the backyard, I’d be super tempted to buy a blue one now. I’m sure the eBay sellers will be buying them like crazy to sell in the spring when they are no longer available.

  4. Oh Susan, the bit about Yeti made me laugh and cringe for you at the same time.
    And seriously I don’t understand crazy ebay bidding sometimes. It’s insane to spend that much on a cooler. Yeti or not. Good Lord.

  5. Hi, Susan,

    Did you know that you can get a light kit to really make that Lego cat and mouse set show up in the window? I saw a few of them on Amazon, but here’s the link to one. The set looks really cool lit up.


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