I Listened to You and Went Back for Them!

Okay, this is all y’all’s fault! Ha! Since so many of you left comments and emailed saying I needed to go back for the vintage birdie prints I saw while antiquing a few days ago, I decided to take your advice and go back and get ’em. I was shocked by how heavy they were when I removed them from the wall in the antique shop to take them up to the register. I noticed that the frames were real wood, I could see it through the paper on the back in one spot. I was also impressed with the matting and framing–you could tell that they had been professionally framed.


When I first spotted them in the antique shop, I was thinking how nice they would look in the hallway that’s just off my downstairs living room.

Paneled Living Room, Judges Paneling


I placed one here near the door that leads down to the basement/terrace level.

Framed Bird Prints for Paneled Hall


The other one is catty-corned across near the door leading to the powder room, aka half-bath.

Art for Paneled Hallway, Bird Prints


A few closeups of the prints…

Gold-Framed Bird Prints


I love the sweet images–they make my bird-loving heart so happy!

Bird Prints


Bird Prints, Color


These are triple matted in a green, red, and taupe/brown-colored matting. I do love the colors they chose for the matting.

Triple Matted Prints


I didn’t notice it until I got home, but the other print has some wrinkling along the bottom. That’s okay–in this somewhat dark hallway, it’s barely noticeable. Honestly, the framing alone was worth the cost which was $49.50 each.

Birdie Prints, Matted and Framed


Something I thought about as I was creating this post is how the prints continue the nature/birding theme of this Thibaut wallpaper here in the half bath. I still love this wallpaper as much as the day it was first installed. Thibaut makes some really beautiful, unique wallpaper designs.

Thibaut Wallpaper, Brandywine, Nature Themed, Pheasants


When leaving the powder room, this is the view. It’s in the mid-70s here today so I have the doors open to the screened porch, that’s why the lighting is so bright on this particular print. You can really see the colors of the matting with the sun pouring in. The light is also shining in from the window in the powder room. I had thought about hanging the prints together, one over the other, but when I held them up it looked way too crowded. I do like how they look catty-corned on opposite walls.

Decorating with Bird Wallpaper and Bird Prints


Here’s a more accurate picture with the door to the screened porch pushed closed a bit and the shutters in the bathroom window closed up partway. I don’t want the prints to fade so until the leaves come out on the trees in the backyard, I should probably keep that door pushed partially closed. Once the leaves leaf out, it will be much shadier on the porch and I don’t think I’ll have to worry about the light so much.

Pheasant Wallpaper, Thibaut, Bird Prints


Here’s the view from the kitchen into the living room now. I love how the gold frames add a bit of shimmer and light to this paneled passageway between the kitchen and living room.

View into Living Room, Bird Prints, Paneled Walls


Thanks for encouraging me to go back for them! What do you think, do you love them here?

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  1. Lovely! It was meant to be.

  2. Darlene Gardner says

    The mat colors are perfect with your decor. And like you, birds are one of my favorite things.

  3. They are perfect in your home! Glad you went back!!

  4. cherie b bennett says

    oh my goodness! I love those prints so much! That wallpaper in the bathroom is STUNNING!!!

  5. I am in love with the earthy tones of your living room. It’s just my style and the bird prints are perfect. I’m glad that you went back for them.

  6. Oh the bird prints are perfect! Definitely good idea to go back and get them. I just love your style. Your downstairs living room is so cozy.

  7. Pat Francoforte says

    I would say perfect! So glad you got them!

  8. Great price on the prints. They look fabulous with your decor.
    Consider the $ you spent as payback for all of the $$$ I have spent on your suggestions And to think I discovered you when researching how to clean vintage linens!

    • Ha! Fair enough!
      Thanks, Cindy…so glad you found that post way back in the day!

      • I have to agree with Cindy! I found you when searching for ideas on how to paint my hutch. I’ve been meaning to tell you I bought not one, but two garden carts after your review (not the one you bought, but you still got me thinking I needed a cart with the grid bottom)!

  9. I love those prints and the surprise of seeing them with the wallpaper. It,s what makes antiquing such fun!

    • Exactly! I didn’t even think about the tie-in with the wallpaper until I had them hung. I guess if you always buy what you love, it will all work together in the end.

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE… the bird theme, the frames, the matt colors…. Perfect find for you !!! I have the same colors in my great room and still love the color scheme.. I just cannot jump on the “gray & white” band wagon!! LOL…

    • Thanks, Bonnie! I do, too! When I first moved here, the previous owner had placed peach and pastel-colored roman shades on the windows and to me, it just didn’t work with the Judges paneling in that room. I love how the jewel tone colors look against the wood.

  11. They look so good! The style, color and birds look perfect and relate so well to the wallpaper. Just lovely!

  12. They’re beautiful, and the price, wow!

  13. I am so glad you bought them. They are perfect for your home. I also love all the rich wood paneling of your walls.

    • Thanks so much, Margo! This room really stole my heart when I first saw it. My biggest fear about moving one day is that whoever buys this house will paint over all the paneling. Hope that never happens.

  14. Linda Page Gurganus says

    That’s the perfect spot for them! What a great addition. So glad that you rethought this one.

  15. Perfect!

  16. I’m so glad you purchased these. They are so pretty and tie so well with the wallpaper. My husband always says, “If you see it and want it, get it then.” I’m always thinking about whether or not to purchase, but I’m getting better with this sort of thing where you have just one of a kind.

  17. Anne C Lovell says

    They really do look very nice in the hallway!

  18. Good move, Susan. They’re perfect for your home. I would’ve bought them too. Great price.

  19. I missed your last blog so I just went back and read it. I am so glad to hear you will be showing us more antique shops, your area has such great ones. Looking at the pictures reminded me that I bought a small wicker table at the Old National Road yard sale that I could be using in my bedroom for the fancy little humidifier my daughter gave me. Instead it is stored in our porch for our long winter and I have the humidifier on a plastic tub. Ha Ha!

  20. Love these prints and what a great price! They look perfect in that hallway.

  21. Tina W Reynolds says

    Good for you! Sometimes I see something and I just *know*! This time I knew that these would look good anywhere. Your home is so lovely and these are the right thing to “go” with it! I am green with envy!!! A framer can carefully take these apart, fix the wrinkle and clean the glass before reassembling and putting fresh paper on the back. I have two prints that need that operation. I promise I’m going to take care of those as a part of my spring cleaning!

    • You were right, Tina! I do love them! I have a really great framer near me. I should take that one to them and let them take a look at it to see if they can help it. The paper may be too brittle for them to touch it. I’d also love to get the glass replaced with Museum Glass if possible since there’s no glare with MG and it really helps preserve/protect the color.
      I just took a Giclee painting to a framer a few days ago, one that I’ve been putting off framing for a while. I think it will be ready in another week or so. You will feel so great when you get those prints framed! 🙂

  22. Simply gorgeous!

  23. Just beautiful! I, too, have jewel tones in my living room and just can’t make myself change to the neutral colors. Might be outdated but it is so forgiving, looks as good as it did originally.

    • I really don’t think jewel tones are ever outdated…to me they are a classic palette. Neutral colors wouldn’t have worked in this room, they would have felt so bland against the wood walls. Definitely listen to your heart!

  24. I agree totally with the first comment! Meant to be!!

  25. Diane Garman says

    FABULOUS! I’m REALLY glad you decided to purchase them! They are PERFECT for your home! ♥️♥️♥️XOXOX

  26. Meant to be! They are just perfect in your home.
    I was gifted a beautiful original watercolor and actually had it framed at HobbyLobby. Discount coupon made it very reasonable and the job was done to perfection. They suggested and used a UV resistant glass to protect the painting. If you ever decide to have the wrinkle removed as suggested above, you could switch the glass out. Probably could have that done easily anyways since just remove backing, insert new glass and then reassemble. The prints look exquisite and definitely worth preserving.

    • Thanks so much, Jae! It would be great if they could remove the wrinkle but I’m afraid the print may be too brittle for that. I think I will take it to my local framery and ask, though. They are really great there and would know for sure.
      I would love to switch out the glass in both frames to Museum Glass. It’s expensive but Wow, it makes a huge difference! No glare and as you mentioned, it protects the colors in a print or scarf or whatever is framed. Jae, have you ever used Museum Glass. It looks like nothing is there–like you could reach your hand right in and touch the print. If you’re not familiar with it, you can see it in this post:

      It has ruined me because now I want everything framed with that! lol

      • Thanks for the info on the museum glass. No, I have never used it. I have always had my artwork framed in anti glare anti uv glass, but will definitely look for the museum glass for future framing projects! Appreciate the info.
        Will you share the name of your frame shop if you can? I have had a couple poor experiences until I had excellent work done by my local HobbyLobby but they have limited framing choices, and since I live in NE GA, I don’t mind driving over towards your area for an excellent framer. Thanks.

  27. Deidre Gray says

    Love the prints!! I think I would try to get non- glare glass for them! Deidre

  28. I think they are perfect for your homes colors, feel and where you placed them! Wonderful find at such a great price and quality. I love vintage prints myself! And birds!

  29. I LOVE those prints hanging in your hallway. The added texture makes the wood brighter and richer. In fact, I’m sure you’ve already said to yourself they look like they were just meant for this spot. Perfect with that beautiful wallpaper!
    If you are concerned about the prints fading you might consider having them reframed with conservation glass.

    Enjoy the pretty weather!

    • Thanks so much, Gail! They do feel like right at home in this spot. I love how they sorta feel like they embrace you as you step into the passage. They kinda guide you through–the way they are staggered down the hall.
      Yes, that’s a great idea! I would love to have the glass replaced with museum glass. I love how it looks and protects!

  30. Christy Keyton says

    These are beautiful and if you had not bought them, I was going to call them and buy them! 🙂

    • Really? Christy, if I see any similar, I will be sure to share them. I’m going to start antiquing more, I’ve really missed it!

      • Christy Keyton says

        Thank you, Susan! They look beautiful in your home- just perfect. I am a bird lover just like you and just finished a remodel of my husband’s childhood home. I used very traditional colors/ including beautiful William Morris Strawberry Thief wallpaper!

        • Just looked that paper up and it’s so pretty! I love it! Which colorway did you go with–it appears to come in a lot of beautiful colors. What a great paper!

          • Christy Keyton says

            I went with the Indigo. I also did the draperies in that fabric. You can see the whole house renovation with photos of the library in that paper at my Instagram account for the house- 1957ranchrenovation. I think you will love it!

  31. franki Parde says

    SCORE!!!! franki

  32. As we say in the South, “you did good dahlin’ !” 🙂

  33. LOL – they look fabulous

  34. Absolutely perfect and worth every penny. Well done, Susan – they really are perfect for your home, style, theme and where you placed them.

  35. Great decision!–beautiful addition to your home and yes, I do love them just where they are. I too am a bird lover, so these particularly appeal to me. So glad you grabbed these!

  36. I love your bird prints, I too, have one larger and two smaller bluebird prints in a blue and white bedroom. Birds are one of many natures beauties! You will be happy , I am sure!

  37. SharonFromMichigan says

    I think your purchase was spot on! Those prints look amazing on your beautiful wood walls❤️

  38. Simply perfect!!!

  39. You couldn’t have found more perfect prints for the walls you put them on! Lucky finds for sure!! A beautiful addition to your warm and welcoming home.

  40. I am so glad you went back Susan. They are perfect for the spot. You have a great eye. They look beautiful with the wood paneling and flow great with the bathroom wallpaper. The colors work perfectly with your decor. XO- MaryJo

    • Thanks so much, MaryJo! ♥ I was so surprised when I remember the wallpaper and had to run downstairs to see how they looked together. I guess when we collect the things that make us happy, they all work well together in the end.

  41. I love the look of the wood hallway and pictures!
    Beautiful hallway! So tired of everyone showing white and grey! Your home is so cozy and warm looking! Wood is beautiful!

    • Thanks so much, Ann! I love wood, too. It’s hard to find beautiful, quality wood furniture in the furniture stores these days–one of the reasons I love antiquing.

  42. The bird prints look beautiful. How wonderfully they match your wallpaper. Glad to see you went back for them. I’ve many times regretted my decision to pass on one of a kind purchases. One suggestion re: your concern about them fading in the sunlight. I have a wall of antique bird prints that I hung in my sunroom & framed them with UV glass to add an extra measure of protection. You might consider replacing the glass with the UV glass available from a framing studio.

    • Thanks, Linda! That’s a great idea! I had a scarf framed using Museum Glass a few years back, I should consider that for these, as well. Thanks for reminding me about that!

  43. They were absolute “must haves” and look perfectly right at home. So glad you went back!

  44. I’m glad you got them! I remember thinking, why did she hesitate? Those are so Susan! Lol. They are bigger in situ than they looked in the antique mall. Love the colors! And wow, they look as though they were custom made to blend with your wallpaper (which I also still love. That’s some of the prettiest wallpaper I’ve ever seen.) I’m going to go back through the comments to see if you mentioned how you hung them on the wood. That would be good info to know. Such a nice addition, Susan. I’m glad they worked out so well.

    • I know, isn’t that the way it often is–things grow in size once you get them home. I used to have that problem with Christmas trees! I just used a very skinny nail. That’s the nice thing about a wood wall is you can use a skinny nail to hold most things and it will not come out.

  45. Great buy! They are perfect for your house! The colors blend into your home decor beautifully!

  46. Anything that makes you smile is priceless! 🙂 Perfect for your home!!!

  47. Beautiful!!!

  48. What a fabulous find for a great price. The frames alone would be twice the price or more. I like lovely prints and have many in my home. I look at pictures on blogs of lovely rooms but they don’t have any art work and look
    so bare. The rooms also lack any personality. Maybe, it is just me but I want to see a person’s personality in their home.
    Your judge’s paneling is gorgeous and those bird prints are perfect.

    • They really would at today’s prices for wood/framing. I wish I had focused more on adding more art to the walls over the years. I don’t think I really realized the impact it has on the look/feel of a room.
      Thanks so much, Patricia!

  49. cleo headley says

    Oh, girl, you did good !!! Love them and the wallpaper…..always a classic….

  50. The bird prints were meant to be. Just look how well they go with the wallpaper and the color in your living room. My grandma had a lot of bird prints framed and your post has brought back a memory. I think I have finally learned to buy something when first seen. I always kick myself when I don’t and have to go back.

    • Thanks, Kathleen! I know what you mean, I usually do that, too. Fortunately, these two antique shops are only about 20 minutes from my home, so not too terribly far away to go back for them. The worse thing is when you decide you do want something you’ve seen and go back, only to find that it’s been sold! Then you really do kick yourself. Glad these were still there when I returned the following day.

  51. Cyndi Raines says

    So glad you went back for them, great pick, great spot, great buy! Win, win, win!

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