Tablescape Thursday: Celebrating 14 years and 700 Tablescapes!

Welcome to the 700th Tablescape Thursday!

Wow! I can not believe this is our 700th Tablescape Thursday! Tablescape Thursday got its start back on August 24th, 2008, only back then our party was on Tuesday of each week so it was called Tablescape Tuesday. This beachy table below was the first table setting I ever shared for TT. I had just added on a screened porch the previous fall/winter and was super excited to set a table with the dinnerware I had purchased for the porch a few months earlier. Thirteen lovely bloggers joined in on that first Tablescape party and here we are, almost 14 years later, still celebrating the joy and excitement of creating beautiful tables for our friends and family!

The Very First Tablescape Party

Beach Tablescape in Aqua


For our 700th Tablescape Thursday celebration, I’m sharing and linking out to a few of the table settings I’ve put together over the years.  Since spring is nigh upon us, instead of sharing a mix of tables from all seasons, I’m focusing on spring/summer tables this week. If you would love to see additional tables, click on the category “TABLESCAPES” at the top of the blog and you’ll find all the tables I’ve posted over the years categorized by Holiday, Occasion, Season, and Theme. There’s even a category there for Napkin Folds Tutorials.

Thank you so much for being here, reading, and thanks so much to all the wonderful, talented dearhearts who join this fun party each week! You bring so much joy to friends and family with the beautiful tables you create! I’m looking forward to the next 100 tablescapes and the next 100 after that! ♥

Hope you enjoy these spring-summer table settings! (To view any of the tables linked below in more detail, click the title link for that table.)

Celebrating Spring!

Easter Spring Table, Tulips and Bunny Cupcake Stands


Flowers Upon Flowers Upon Flowers: Celebrating the Coming of Spring.

Sunflower Salad Plates, Green Cabbage Plates and Floral Chargers


Dining Outdoors for Summer: A Mostly Child-Friendly Table Setting

Pagoda Umbrella for Outdoor Table, Outdoor Dining 2


Had to include at least one table in this post where I used the shell chargers that took so many hours to make. Being a glutton for punishment, I made a second set of six with colorful sea glass.

Dining with Seagulls


Spring Celebration with Camelia Centerpiece.

Easter Spring Tablescape with Bunny and Camellia Centerpiece


Romantic Table for Two on the Deck


Went to a Garden Party…

Garden Party Table Setting Tablescape


Spring Fever

Upside Down Bunny Pedestal Cake Stand


Tulips and Butterflies: Entertaining on the Porch with a Spring Tablescape.

Tulip Centerpiece for Spring Table


Spring Easter Table with Wisteria Centerpiece.

Easter Spring Table Setting Tablescape with White Bunny Rabbit and Wisteria Centerpiece


A Romantic Dinner in the Garden


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Susan, 700 is amazing! Thank you for hosting all these years. I love all of the beautiful spring tables you shared. Happy Tablescaping for many more years!

  2. biodynamic barb says

    700 boggles the mind! Congratulations!

  3. Sooo many lovely tablescapes! Im sure others like me wonder if you actually serve a meal with each beautiful table or if you just set them up for the fun of it? Just curious. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on 700 lovely inspiration tables.

  4. Congratulations Susan! 700 different tablescapes is hard to believe…yet there they are! It is the dreariest rainy cold day here, so thanks for the reminders of spring to keep us going.

  5. Congrats and wishing you 700+ more. Thanks for contributing to the beauty of the world online.

  6. Congratulations Susan from Canada! I always cannot wait to read your blogs…so much helpful information! I love making beautiful table settings too!

  7. Wow Susan 700! Congrats and thanks so much for hosting this fabulous party. It’s what inspired me to blog. I do hold you directly responsible for my many tableware purchases and the resulting storage issues lol!

  8. Darlene Gardner says

    Congratulations Susan! 700 Tablescape Tuesday/Thursdays is quite an achievement. I didn’t discover your blog until 2014, but since then I look forward to reading your blog daily and especially enjoy Thursdays. You have inspired and educated me. Thanks again!

  9. Congrats on 700 tablescapes, all so much fun! My favorite(s) are your Christmas ones done in your lovely and chic dining room with the Dept 56 houses. I am looking forward to trying one of my own this Christmas.

  10. Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement! Although I don’t remember when I discovered TT, I was excited to join you on your 500th. Thanks so much for all the inspiration you’ve given me, and thank you for providing a place for table stylists to gather each week. See you for the next 700!

  11. Wow, 700 tablescapes! Susan, I didn’t find you and your wonderful blog until a year later. You may remember you and Debbie were my mentors who encouraged and helped me begin Hyacinths for the Soul. I’m still sharing, but not as frequently as before. Thank you for hosting each week, I always join in when I have a table to share. St. Patrick’s Day tablescape in the works. Thanks for sharing this look back it’s been fun. Your tables are always pretty and inspiring. You set the bar high!
    Congratulations on 14 years! Keep on going!!!!

    • Oh, I do remember that–brings back so many memories! I’m so glad you are still sharing, Sarah. I think blogging is going to keep us all young–the fountain of youth! 🙂

  12. Thanks so much for hosting Susan and congratulations on your 700th TT milestone! You were one of the first blog parties I joined when I started blogging 12 years ago. Looking forward to the next 100. ♥

    • Wow, can you believe how long it has been–just blows me away because it has all gone by so quickly! Thanks so much, Mary! Yes, here’s to at least 100 more!

  13. Congratulations, Susan! BNOTP has always been joyful and beautiful. I didn’t even know what tablescaping was until I happily stumbled across BNOTP. Now I’ve become a fanatic about collecting china, ceramics, crystal, sterling, and luxury linens. I’ve actually had to rent a large off-site storage unit nearby for my stuff, my house cupboards, closets and garage storage were overflowing LOL. Many, many of my purchases were inspired by you, Susan, beautiful items featured in Tablescape Thursdays. You are truly a great Founding Mother of Tablescaping, and I thank you for that. Have a wonderful day. Congratulations again, XO.

    • Elena, you have the most amazing collection! I love, love, love your themed tables–lucky family, friends and grandchildren who dine at your beautiful tables!

  14. Anna in Ashland, OR says

    Thank you, Susan. Ahh I love the Springtime theme. So cold in Oregon right now, but the buds in the trees give me hope every day. The daffodils are starting to bloom. Congratulations on your 700th TT post.

  15. Wow! 700!! Amazing, and it goes to show how much we all love it. We are dish-erning readers! Congratulations. And I love all your spring tables. It is definitely my favorite season!

  16. Susan,
    Congratulations on the milestone 700 TT. Always inspirational, I have enjoyed and look to forward to each week’s creation. Thank you for your posts and making us feel like your weekly guest at the table. A toast to the next 100+

  17. CONGRATULATIONS Susan! That’s absolutely amazing, and I’m so grateful you do this and bring us so much fabulous inspiration – your wisteria table makes my heart sigh every time I see it! Thank you for all you do to encourage us and celebrate beauty every day. I love it here!

  18. It is always a pleasure to stop by. You have been busy 700 TT anniversary! Wow! Wonderful accomplishment.

  19. 700! Wow.

  20. warren giering says

    700 tablescape is just amazing — a testament to Susan’s skill and talent.

  21. What a great celebration! I have enjoyed your tablescapes for several years, although I have not been around for all 700 Tablescape Tuesday/Thursdays. I always find inspiration in your beautiful pictures.

  22. Peggy Kuppers says

    Thank you, Susan, for all the wonderful tablescapes. I’m not sure what year I began to follow your website, but have looked forward every week to beautiful, uplifting pictures and inspiring ideas. It truly has brought joy to my life. And thanks to you, I have a beautiful set of Spode Woodland china which we use every Thanksgiving and a set of Metlox Sculptured Daisy (an entire set acquired on Craigslist!) that will soon be unpacked for spring. What fun!

  23. Franki Parde says

    WELL YOU HAVE NOT LOST YOUR TOUCH!! Every single week…just “The BEST Award!!” CONGRATULATIONS!! franki

  24. Happy Tablescapes Anniversary Susan! I found you years ago, but then got a new computer and forgot you were a blog I visit often. Then for some reason, I remembered and found you again. lol Never commented back then, but do some now. Love all your stunning tablescapes, the spring/summer ones have me really itching for nice weather. lol Hopefully spring will come early to the North East! Enjoy your spring Susan! Hugs, Brenda

  25. Susan, I can’t tell you the enjoyment your tablescapes have brought me, whether I viewed them on Tuesday or Thursday! You have such a touch in creating beautiful centerpieces and the loveliest themed tables. I have pinned so many of your lovely tablescapes and often refer to them. I look forward every Thursday to see your latest creation. Congratulations
    on 700 tablescapes!

  26. 700!!! That’s amazing- Congrats. I linked up this morning but didn’t have much time so I had to come back to check out all your Spring & Summer table goodness. SO fun! I love all of it. XO- MaryJo

  27. Congratulations on the 700th anniversary! I learned a lot from your blog on creating beautiful tablescapes! Keep going!

  28. Wow! That is quite an achievement Susan! 700 tablescapes and still going strong. And each and every one as beautiful as the last. I found your blog by accident but it was what inspired me to start a tablescaping blog. Thank you for all your inspiration and congratulations!

  29. WOW Susan!!! Congrats on 700…what fun and inspiration you have provided all these years! 🙂 Thank you and looking forward to 700 more! 😉

  30. I’m not the first to say it, but: WOW! 700 is amazing…I’m going to have to go back and look at some of the earlier ones each time I check out your blog. Thanks for all the lovely ideas and inspiration! And, thanks for all the super product reviews – I was just using my keyboard vacuum thingy earlier today on a half-finished jigsaw puzzle!

  31. Susan this is so AWESOME! 700 tablescape Tuesday/Thursdays! You have inspired all of us for all these years. I have been a long time follower of yours and I am so happy that you have continued this fun tradition of allowing all of us to share our tablescapes every week. I started out as The Style Sisters and I believe you even have some of my pip berry napkin rings that I sent to you many years ago. Keep up this fun tradition!

  32. Just amazing! 700 beautiful tables. Love it when you compile different ones to look through…the flowers were gorgeous. It takes time and effort to be so creative (well maybe not effort since it’s so easy and natural for you) and it’s very much appreciated. So glad to have found your blog.

  33. Aww, Susan, this is a remarkable achievement. Thank you so much for all the pretty things you bring into our lives and all the beautiful tablescapes we have been inspired by and drooled over through the years. I wonder if there is anyone else in all of blogland who has done this? I bet there isn’t! You have been so great about being consistent and being sure to bring us all that bit of happiness and escape and beauty that we all crave. God bless you, Susan for being you.

  34. Cyndi Raines says

    Congratulations on 700! Wow! Thank you for all your hard work, showing us your beautiful dishes, my favorite porch ever and your lovely home. Of course I can’t forget all the wonderful items I have purchased over the years from your insightful recommendations and our joint love for travel also. You are a special lady and a sweet friend, even if it is only through “blog world”. Hugs to you and many thanks!

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