Own an Antique-Furnished, Historic 1891 Queen Anne Victorian Home for $422,000

Your name is Emma Hamlin. The year is 1885 and you’re marrying the esteemed Rev. John McCandless.



Your father, Henry Hamlin, a local merchant and banker has decided on an especially wonderful wedding gift: a beautiful Victorian home built in the “High Queen Anne” style. The interior will be filled with gorgeous moldings and trim in beautiful cherry and oak woods. The home will have all the latest amenities including heating and lighting via natural gas.

It’s 1891, the home is at last finished and it’s beautiful! Fast forward 125 years and how does the home look today?

Victorian Inn for sale


As beautiful as ever and it’s now available for purchase. I was stunned when I saw the listing price: $348,000. Or, you can buy it fully-furnished with beautiful antiques for just $422,000…Wow!

Victorian Mansion for Sale


I love this view because you can see some of the details of the home.  I really love all the little porches and the tiny look-out tower.


Queen Anne Victorian Home Details


So beautiful!

Gorgeous Details of Historic Queen Anne Victorian Home


There’s a gracious porch for people watching and enjoying the evening breezes.

Porch, Queen Anne Victorian Home
A peek into the library…

Library in Historic Queen Anne Victorian Home


Library, Victorian Home


I love how the entry doesn’t feel dark despite all the wood wainscoting and trim.

Entrance of Victorian Home with Cherry and Oak Wood


Such a beautiful view looking down the staircase.

Staircase Victorian Home


The bedrooms all have beautiful fireplaces, one of my favorite features in old homes.

Elegant Bedroom with Fireplace, Victorian Home


I wonder if the home comes with a ghost…all old houses need a friendly ghost or two. That photo on the right sort of looks like a ghost, doesn’t it?

Bedroom, Victorian Home, with Oak Bed


I’ve never seen a bed quite like this. At the website they called it a Chinese bed. Info I found online referred to it as a “state” bed.

Chinese Bed


This house has 7 bedrooms.

Fireplace for Bedroom


A cozy bath…

Bath in Victorian Home


Additional photos of this home can be seen where these photos were found here: Victorian Home for Sale

Queen Anne Victorian Home in Snow

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  1. Teresa Carroll says

    Where is the location?

  2. This is off the subject, but I would love for you to someday show us how and where you store all of your many sets of china, flatware, glasses, napkins, etc. Love your blog!

  3. I follow and love your blog also.
    A beautiful Victorian home. Thanks for sharing.

  4. bobbi duncan says

    Hi! When we took a trip to Wellsboro, PA and to the “Grand Canyon of PA”, we decided to take a drive westerly on Rt. 66 and toured Smethport. It is in a valley surrounded by big hills and has a pretty lake right in the middle. The mansion district is lovely with well-kept homes. There is also a really neat 5&10 store with anything and everything. Unfortunately, there isn’t much around there in the way of any real stores, or much of anything else for that matter which accounts for the low price tag on that Victorian home. The sad truth is that one usually has to move to a place without much in the way of jobs and amenities to find homes with great prices, but I loved the house tour. Wish they still built homes with such pride in workmanship. Hope you had a lovely Easter. It’s been beautiful here with everything blooming. I love to open all our windows, but not for awhile with pollen season starting.

    • I wish they did, too. The old homes were built to last and with so much character. Thanks, Bobbi! It was wonderful, got to spend it with my son, dil and grandson so that made it extra good. Hope your weekend was wonderful. Yep, the pollen is raging! I just scrubbed down my front porch today and noticed the pollen was stacked up on all the panels of the front door. I guess it’s worth it though for all the beautiful flowers and gorgeous trees that are leafing out right now. 🙂

  5. Beautiful home! The woodworking is so well done, and kept!

    What a great price. fu tour!

  6. tamara nelson says

    I love your blogs omg all the houses you show your are the best!!!!!!!!!!I wait for your pictures everyday all I can say is thank you thank you

  7. What a beautiful home! I couldn’t understand why such a low price til I read the one comment. Oh to have some of those antiques! Such amazing craftmanship. Thanks for the tour!PS, still have to load all my info EVERY time I comment:(

  8. What a beautiful home you brought to us, Susan! Boy, could we store our dishes in that house! LOL! Oh, to have the money to have something like that. Since we don’t, I just look at your posts and let my imagination run wild. This was a delight today. Thanks so much!

  9. Marlene Stephenson says

    If no one actually wanted to live there it would make a perfect Bed and Breakfast it would be a wonderful place to spend some time in, well if it was in a good location.

  10. Faith Koch says

    Totally beautiful home! Only wish it was in FL! Fabulous!!

  11. oh wow.. I’m so attracted to stately old homes with all the dormers and balconies.. covered verandas… etc.. love love love it all!
    Not sure I’d want to clean it but if I could afford a housekeeper I’d move in tomorrow!!
    The only problem is I’d be sooooo tempted to paint all that millwork white. 🙂

  12. linda d townsend says

    After looking at the house, I looked it up on the map and in Wikipedia. I was from the Pittsburgh area and thought it might be close. It is out in nowhere and very close to the New York State line. What that means is cold, cold weather. Once it went down to -49F. It would be hard to keep the place going as a B&B. It would be a summer month business for those who want total quiet and to fish and hunt. Population 1, 165.

  13. love the houses you pick out to show us… exactly how much time do you spend looking for those pictures? lol…..I happen to have a table just like the one in the picture that is of the (what I would call) living room. It’s a game table and it opens up, or at least mine does. Thanks for sharing.


  14. That one is a beauty!!! I have the “I wannit,” cold…not so much. *sigh*

  15. This is a beautiful house. I would love it better without the bushes in front of the porch. It hides the beauty of the furniture. I’d love it with big ferns and a glass of iced tea in a pitcher on a beautiful tray.

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh Susan, isn’t she grand! We have a several homes like this in our downtown area near the river and I always stare at them as I drive by. Good thing the speed limit is 25 m.p.h. Some have really been kept up, one was a bed and breakfast, now closed and one was made into a really nice restaurant /tea room and it’s now closed. It makes me sad to see them empty when they still look so grand. This would be lovely to tour in person. Thanks for the tour.

  17. Sad that Pittsburgh was once such a success. It’s just too sad to see these towns fall, and stately incredible homes such as these – the perfect B & B – not be able to make it. What a place, I’d love to learn more about it! Thanks for sharing yet another dream-come-true home, Susan!

  18. The name Hamlin seemed to ring a bell. Then I started looking at the pictures and they looked familiar. I realized I had seen them before. I was wondering if the house was in Smethport. I lived there several years ago. What a pretty town. I’d really like to spend the night at this bed and breakfast. A childhood friend who was a next-door neighbor now lives in another Victorian house on Main Street. I hadn’t seen her in probably 39 years and knocked on her door a few years ago. She invited us in and gave us a tour. I live in a Queen Anne Victorian (in a smaller town!) in northern PA. I don’t really think the winter’s too cold, but I like snow.

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