Easy Storage for Winter Boots, Keeps Them Upright-No Slouching or Falling Over

Boot Shaper Keeps Boots Standing Upright

Welcome to the 519th Metamorphosis Monday! Whooo, I'm back home. I got in quite late last night after the always-long drive home from Ohio. The drive went by relatively fast since the weather was awesome (no rain!) and I was listening to a really good book all the way home. The book I was listening to via Audible was, Influenza: The Hundred Year Hunt to Cure The Deadliest Disease in History by Dr. Jeremy Brown. It was fascinating hearing about some of the … [Continue Reading...]

Embracing Winter with 3 Winter-Themed Tablescapes

Cozy Fireside Tea

Welcome to the 535th Tablescape Thursday! As we head into the coldest months of winter here in the U.S., I thought I'd share a few wintery tables from the past. I'll be leaving family to head back home soon, how did the holidays go by so quickly?! I'm sure you're asking the same thing...goes by faster every year, doesn't it? (Click on any title below to view more of that table setting.) A Wintery Table Setting For the Birds Several years back we got a … [Continue Reading...]

Jane Austen Fans: Would You Enjoy a Literary Tour of Southern England?

A Play at The Globe Theatre

Happy New Year! I hope 2019 has had an awesome start for you! It's always around this time of the year that I'm finally able to accept the cold weather and have begun to embrace it. I love a good excuse for staying inside and curling up under a throw with a good book or just watching a favorite old movie.   A Travel Opportunity for the Classic Literature Lover, especially the Jane Austen Fan I'm often asked in comments and emails if I would be willing … [Continue Reading...]

Keep Silver Jewelry Visible, Yet Tarnish-free While Stored Away

Jewelry Storage for Sterling Silver and Silverplate Jewelry

Welcome to the 518th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy New Year to you! Any exciting plans for New Year's Eve? I have something I just discovered that I'm super excited to share with you for this week's Metamorphosis Monday! Over the past 20 years, I've collected or have been given as a gift, several pieces of silver jewelry. Some jewelry, like the silver jewelry from Tiffany & Co., comes in a little protective storage bag that works quite well at preventing … [Continue Reading...]

2 Beautiful Christmas Table Settings: Elegant in Silver, Festive in Red

A Christmas Table in White and Silver

Welcome to the 534th Tablescape Thursday! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Hope you are having a special time visiting with family and friends! We're all still in a holiday state of mind here as the new year approaches. Over this past week, I received wonderful photos of beautiful Christmas table settings from two lovely BNOTP readers. Norma set an elegant Christmas table in shades of white and silver with touches of the prettiest … [Continue Reading...]

Making Smoked Barbecue in a Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg

Welcome to the 517th Metamorphosis Monday! Good Morning! Hope you're having a great Christmas Eve! I'm spending time with family this week and I don't have my usual "Before and After" to share, so I thought I'd share something my son, Chip, was working on throughout the day, yesterday. In the wee hours of the morning, he got a Boston Butt/Pork Butt going in his Big Green Egg smoker-grill. We spent much of the day out shopping and playing while the grill did … [Continue Reading...]

The Big Present Puzzle & Making It All Fit

Load Up the Sleigh for a Christmas Trip

Thanks so much for sharing in the comments on yesterday's post how you keep track of recipes you find online that interest you and that you may want to make some day. I learned so many new things from you and I'm impressed with the systems you have devised for keeping up with recipes! One of the reasons I asked that question is because I was contemplating adding a recipe Plugin to BNOTP that would let you easily print out a recipe if you wished. I used to have a … [Continue Reading...]

5 Christmas Recipes That Will Having Them Coming Back for 2nd’s and 3rd’s

Coconut Cake Recipe

Welcome to the 533rd Tablescape Thursday! A Question For You So I've been wondering, what's your favorite way to keep up with a recipe you find online and would possibly like to make one day? Do you pin the recipe post to Pinterest? Or, do you have a recipe file on your computer where you just bookmark the post or website? Or, do you print it out right then and there? What is your favorite way to save those recipes you come across online? I have a … [Continue Reading...]

Oh, The Surprising Things You’ll See Through a Ring Doorbell!

Location of Extender for Ring Doorbell

Back on November 28th, I blogged about my intentions to add a Ring Doorbell to my home for increased security and convenience. If you missed that original post, you'll find it here: Finally Doing It-I'm Adding a Security Camera to my Front Porch. Today I'm sharing how the installation went along with one hiccup I encountered and how I solved it. If you have any questions after reading this post,  leave it in a comment below the post and I'm happy to answer those … [Continue Reading...]

A Wreath Switcheroo: Staying With a Natural Green Wreath From Now On

Christmas Porch, Lit Garland and Natural Christmas Wreath 4

Welcome to the 516th Metamorphosis Monday! A week or two ago I shared how the porch was decorated for Christmas. You may remember I wasn't thrilled with how this ornament wreath looked against my red door. I'm using it elsewhere, it looks great out on the screened porch.   So, here's how the porch looks now.   I was a little worried at first about the performance of battery-operated lighting on the lit garland I purchased this … [Continue Reading...]