8 Ways to Stay Warm and Cozy in the Fall-Winter Home

Tomorrow is the first official day of Autumn. Though the mid-day temps are still in the 70s and lower 80s here in the Atlanta area, you can sense that fall is just around the corner. Not sure why, but for once I’m not dreading the cooler weather as I normally would. Maybe I’m just relishing the return of all the hunkering-down coziness I associate with fall–like woolly, soft, throws, snuggly sweaters, crackling fires, and a reason (as if I needed one) to stay inside cozied up with a book, reading late into the night.

Decorating for Autumn, Fall Decor


Since we’re right on the cusp of autumn, I thought I’d share a few of my faves that always love for this time of year. Candles are definitely a must, especially the Woodwick candles with the long, fireplace-like crackling, flickering flame. My favorite scent by them is Fireside, but I really love any of their woodsy scents.  (Fireside Candle is available here: Fireside Candle. Their Vanilla Bean/Caramel/Biscotti candle sounds wonderful, too! You’ll find it available here: Trilogy Candle. (See all of their candles here: Woodwick Candles.)


A crackling fire is always a great way to cozy up the winter house.


If you don’t want to fool around with lighting a fire, do as my daughter-in-law, Nancy, loves to do and add faux-lit candles that come on automatically in the evening. I asked Nancy where she found the stand and candles for her fireplace and she found the candles here: Flameless Candles and the candle holder/stand here: Candle Holder for Fireplace.

Candles for Fireplace


Speaking of the winter house, I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s a great read for any fall/winter evening. You can read more about it here: Winter House.


You’ll find it available here: Winter House. Based on the prices at that link, it may be out of print, but it appears they have some “used” ones for a reasonable price.


In addition to candles, during the fall and winter months, I love turning on lamps throughout my home. Lamplight really warms up a room and adds to that sense of coziness.


I lose one of my lamps at Christmastime since I have to move the table that’s normally at the end of the room to make way for the tree, but of course, the lit tree more than makes up for the loss of the lamp. Another favorite during fall and winter and a must for every room in my home is a cozy throw. You may have noticed that I have them in almost all the chairs and on the sofa in my living room.


In addition to adding a touch of warmth, they can also be decorative. I love how they look casually tossed over an ottoman or across the arm of a chair.

Lamp for a Paneled Living Room


I keep a few in my bedroom…

Red, Green Plaid Tartan Bedding Duvet


And there’s always one on the ottoman in my office.


I even buy them when traveling because, like lamps, you can never have too many!

Wool Blanket from Stonehenge


I’ve heard great things about the Barefoot Dream throws although I don’t own one. They look super soft and always have amazing reviews. You can see a large selection of those here: Barefoot Dream Throws. I may buy one for this fall, I want to see what all the fuss is about.

Barefoot Dreams Throw


Another must-have for cold weather are my Ugg Boots. I love them so much! I first tried them after several BNOTP readers recommended them and they are amazing! Your feet never feel even a hint of cold when wearing Uggs!

Keep Ugg Boots from Falling Over in Closet


These are the two pairs I wear the most when running errands on those really cold days.


This past winter I purchased a pair in a practical black color since I live in them all winter inside, too. I actually ended up buying two black pairs, one for wearing outside and one for just wearing inside. You’ll find a nice selection of Ugg Boots here: Ugg Boots, and an even bigger selection here: Ugg Boots.


I think these are sooo cute! They come in a lot of different colors and are available here: Ugg Boots. Any other big Ugg fans out there?



My daughter-in-law and son swear by their L.L. Bean Wicked Good Moccasins! They get a new pair every year for Christmas, they love them that much. They are definitely warm and cozy and are even designed where they can be worn outside. My son loves that for when he slow-cooking a big pork roast on his Big Green Egg during the fall/winter and has to run out to check on it throughout the day.  Check out the slippers/moccasins they already have available for this fall here: Wicked Good Slippers. (Tip: They often sell out the closer it gets to Christmas and are usually on backorder, so don’t wait too late into fall to pick up a pair, especially if it’s going to be a Christmas gift.)


One more must for winter is cooking up a good, hearty, stick-to-your-ribs soup. This is my favorite for those chilly, fall-winter days! (Recipe is available here: Vegetable Beef Soup.)

Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe


Looking forward to autumn with you!

Sweater Weather Pumpkin, Fall Decor

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  1. You’ve got me thinking about cozy, but it is 90 degrees this whole week in California. I want to get out the decorations for fall it just doesn’t seem like it’s time yet. Love your inspiration!

  2. I love the colors of fall & the decorations that go with it but that’s where my love ends lol. I thrive in hot weather and even though the fall temps are bearable it doesn’t last long since winter always seems to edge it’s way in there way too fast and seems like it lasts a year to me. The only time I don’t mind cold weather is during Christmas, especially if we get snow but a week later I’m so over it. I guess it’s the southern blood rooted in me that never has quite adapted to living in the cooler climate even though it’s been over 40 yrs since I lived in FL.

    • Karen, I’m totally with you. I love hot weather best. I think I’m not dreading the winter as much this year because I don’t plan on being out in it very much. lol Winter is def hunker down time for me. If I spent more time out in it, I’d probably adapt to it a bit better. I saw a video on YouTube a while back, it was by someone who had moved to FL after having lived their whole life in the northeast. I watched it back when I was toying with idea of moving there one day. Anyway, she said that for the first 2-3 years, she thought she was going to die in the heat–it was terrible for her. She said it took about 3 years for her body to acclimate but after that, she was a lot better. I thought that was so interesting. Our bodies are so amazing so I guess they do change for adapt to the weather/climate we are living in.

  3. So happy to hear you are going to embrace the seasons. I think I remember one year you were visiting your family and delayed your scheduled departure because you didn’t want to wheel your suitcase through the snow! I hope you understand that as a New Englander I found that rather funny. Your home looks lovely, especially with the fire lit. There really is nothing to compare and worth the effort.

    • Yeah, I remember that. I have a huge, plaid fabric suitcase that I always use when I travel and there was 4-5 inches of snow on the front walkway. The suitcase is too large and weighs too much to carry, so I had to wait for my son to help me carry it to the car. That’s the worse part of winter to me, the snow. Others look out the window and say, “Oh, how pretty, it’s snowing.” I look out the window and see trouble and wonder how long it’s going to last. I can’t stand driving in snow. When it snows in Georgia, you can’t leave your home until it melts because no one (and I mean no one!) comes to plow the roads. You are completely on your own. That’s why everyone panics in GA and runs to the grocery store at the slightest hint of snow.
      Thanks, Natasha–I do love a fire in the winter! 🙂

  4. franki Parde says

    Here I thought I was the “queen of throws”…nay… I bow to you. franki

  5. Hi Susan! What a lovely cozy comfy blog post today. Your home always looks gorgeous for every season. I hope you’re having a good week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  6. nancy rokicki says

    Love reading your “emails” every morning. I see you have a leather wine colored wing back chair. May I ask where you got it, I’m looking for a replacement for my husband’s chair and this looks like what we were wanting. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Nancy! The burgundy leather wing back is by Bradington Young and I think I bought it from Thomasville Furniture. That was shortly after moving into this house around 28-30 years ago but I think Bradington Young is still around. I’d be shocked if they weren’t because they were a really good brand back in the day.
      Funny story: that chair is actually a recliner. Personally, I have never cared for how recliners look when decorating/furnishing a room, they are comfortable, but I just don’t like how they look. I had this crazy idea that it would be fun to lay back in a recliner to watch TV on occasion and I liked this particular chair because it didn’t scream recliner. But wouldn’t you know, it ended up going in the one spot in the room where you can’t see the TV. So none ever sat in it, we always sat in the other two chairs in the room. So the recliner is pretty much like brand new. It’s probably been sat in less than 25 times over the years. I wish now I had purchased a regular burgundy, wing chair and not a recliner, although it is very comfortable to sit/lay back in. I’m sure Bradington Young probably makes their chairs in both styles. Do you prefer a standard leather wingback or a recliner? Note to self: that would make a great post. I would love to hear other opinions on that!

      • Nancy Rokicki says

        Susan thank you so much for this information, I’m going to look it up. I’m not a fan of recliners either but haven’t found any wing backs that we like, so hoping Bradington Young is still making them. Should you decide you want to switch out your wing back, I’m only two hours away and would love to buy it!! Happy Fall Nancy

  7. I love the “sweater weather” pumpkin. Is it available now?
    Great post all around.
    Happy Solstice !!

    • I found that one in Marshalls either last year or the year before, I think the year before. If you havee a Marshalls or HomeGood or TJ Max near you, check there. This is when they normally have all their fall goodies out. Hope you can find one, June!

  8. Hi Susan, Love the coziness of all the fall ideas here! I LOVE cold weather, and cannot wait til the cool of autumn comes around again…September near Minneapolis has been gorgeous so far! Cooler, less humid weather….out come my Barefoot Dreams throws for sitting outside. They are so lightweight and warm…perfect! I have outdoor, timed, candles for being out in the evenings, and they add so much warmth to the coffee table. Now, I cannot wait til it gets REALLY cold, we are the nutty people who go out in -25 degrees to see a woodpecker (or any interesting/rare bird!) in January and February….but are glad to get back inside and cozy up with hot chocolate and a fire too! Happy Fall!!

  9. Love the Sweater Weather pumpkin….is it ceramic? Also, how do you keep your beige Uggs clean? Do you spray them with something? Thanks!

    • It is ceramic. I bought some of the Ugg protector spray and used that, although I can’t find it now. I didn’t use anything on the two pairs of black Uggs since I knew they wouldn’t show dirt/stains easily. You can see the protector they recommend here: https://bit.ly/2XHPBkD . They’ve changed the look of the bottle since I first bought mine.
      It’s also available on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3CzaRHW
      Just scroll down a little and you’ll see it. I think I bought it on Amazon when I bought mine.

  10. I definitely love fall, perfect day time temps, no humidity-mostly, crisp cool nights perfect for sleeping with the window open, hot spiced cider/hot chocolate, Indian summer, etc…Fall is perfect weather usually. It’s winter I don’t look forward to. Although I love snuggling down in the winter months, and don’t want to lose winter, I just wish it was shorter. lol I do love the burn candles, faux candles that come on automatically really cozy a space up. Wish I had a fireplace of some type, but I don’t, so the candles do it for me. Although real candles both my sinuses if I use them to long. So mainly faux candles. Lots of blankets for me too, always need a blanket to cozy up with! I have faux Ugg boots and I do love them. They are comfy and keep the feet warm, my problem is my feet get to hot, so I’m in flip flops in the house all winter long mostly. Once in a while, I will do the slippers or faux Ugg boots. Sweaty feet makes me hot all over. lol I had someone tell me that I would regret getting rid of my carpet, that my feet would be cold on a bare floor. I have not regretted it, there are times I leave wet foot prints on the floor! This was a fun post Susan, your home is so beautiful and I always love seeing what you are up to. Hugs, Brenda

  11. I am not a cold weather person either, but I do enjoy September, and October somewhat, with cooler temps and changes in colors–indoors (clothing/decor) as well as in nature.

  12. Cyndi Raines says

    Totally agree with your choices. I love throws as much for the comfy-ness (my word, hehe) as warmth. Love to hunker down with a good book and read till the wee hours, lol, along with a good cup of spiced tea, or hot cider with a yummy cookie or two or even hot chocolate and the aroma from wonderful scented candles. Now I can add doing a fun puzzle with a lovely crackling fire! Yup, that’s how to enjoy fall and beat old man winter!

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