Bracelet Storage Idea & A Wicker Bag Purchase

Tracking shows these chargers I ordered recently are arriving today…hope they are as beautiful in person as they are in this picture. Would love to set a table with them for this week’s Tablescape Thursday if they arrive in time.

I’m yearning for another set of blue and white dishes. I only have one set and would love another to mix and match. (Pssst: If you missed it, these chargers are still on sale here: Embossed Charger.)


Yummy Foods

I’ve had this on my mind to share with you forever. I love these Amy Organic low-salt soups! These two below are my favorites. I was shocked the first time I opened a can of the Lentil Vegetable because it is almost allll vegetables. I’m not normally a big soup fan because so many canned soups are watery with few veggies, and they are often too salty. Love these because they are wall-to-wall vegetables and low salt. They are great for a quick lunch.

Amy's Organic Soups, My Faves


I also love their chili, it’s the closest to homemade that I’ve found. I’ve only seen it available in Medium and Spicy, so I don’t think they make it in a mild. The medium is really mild though…not too spicy.

I just purchased the Quinoa, Kale and Red Lentil soup last night to try. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it in a low-salt version, but I really wanted to try it anyway. Just wanted to share these since they have become faves.

Amy's Organic Chili and Soup


Another two products I’m really enjoying these days are Stok’s iced coffee and their Peach tea. The coffee is so much more mellow and smoother than any of the other brand iced coffees I’ve tried. I’m not a hot coffee drinker, but I do enjoy a glass of iced coffee around 3:00 in the afternoon when my energy starts to slump.

I just purchased the Peach tea last night. I figured since I like their coffee so much, why not try the tea, especially since it only has 60 calories in a 12 oz glass. That’s a lot fewer calories than you find in Cokes, which I also so love…so figured it was worth a try. Had a glass this morning and really like it!

Stok Coffee & Peach Tea


A2 Milk…Always Sold Out!

You guys know how much I love A2 milk. Well, apparently it’s catching on. My local Publix used to only have two rows of A2 milk (2% and Whole) but it looks like they’ve increased from two to four. This is usually how the shelf looks when I shop for it in the evening, I always have to ask for it and they usually have it in back. I’m happy to see others are finding it and loving it as much as I do, so hopefully, they will keep carrying it.

If you have trouble with milk, you may want to give it a try. It’s all natural, just comes from cows who naturally have the A2 gene and not the A1 gene that gives us milk lovers so much grief. (Learn more about A2 milk here: A2 Milk.)

A2 Milk Always Sold Out


Bracelet Storage

I’ve been storing my bracelets on this little stand I found in Marshalls a couple of years ago. It has worked fairly well but has one big flaw. You often have to remove several bracelets to get to the one you wish to wear. Right now I’m just storing these three on it since I’ve found another storage system for my bangles.

Bracelet Holder-Stand


I saw something similar to this one below on Instagram recently. I searched and found it here: Bracelet Storage-Organizer.

Since some of my bangles are wider than others, I cut a few of the little dividers out to widen the space for those bigger bangles. The dividers easily pop loose on one side and I used scissors to cut it away from the other side.

I love wearing and collecting Hermes Clic H bangles, especially since my last name starts with an H which makes them feel more like a monogrammed bracelet. I usually look for them when traveling since they are about 2/3rds the cost when purchased abroad and in airports.

Bracelet Jewelry Storage


Necklace Spacer

Recently I shared this neat little necklace spacer that keeps necklaces from tangling up when you’re wearing more than one. It was inexpensive ($13.99) since it’s not real gold, so I knew it would eventually turn/change color.

Update: This necklace spacer is supposed to be gold-filled, also. Maybe mine turned so quickly because I have a tendency to spray perfume on the back of my neck. Also, I normally don’t take my necklaces off when showering, although I may start doing that since I read recently that chlorine is hard on gold, even real gold. (This necklace spacer is available here: Necklace Spacer.)

Wear Multiple Necklaces, Necklace Spacer Stops Necklaces From Tangling



I’ve tried several times to find a necklace spacer that is 14K gold. I searched again recently and found this one called StrandAlign. It’s 14K gold-filled and claims to not tarnish or fade. I ordered the 3-necklace style shown below, even though I only wear 2 necklaces. It was only a few dollars more and thought it might come in handy if I ever do want to wear three at the time.

It arrived quickly and so far, I’m loving it. I do love how easy these necklace spacers are to open–meaning you don’t have to unhook any of the necklaces when you wish to take them off.

So far this one is working great and hasn’t tarnished or faded–so I’m optimistic. It’s available here: StrandAlign. By the way, none of the items I’ve shared in this post are sponsored, just sharing what I like and am using in case you find it helpful.Strand Align Necklace Separator for Wearing Multiple Necklaces


A New Wicker Bag

So you know how much I love wicker bags…I’ve shared these two bags I’ve purchased in the past. I don’t know what it is about wicker, but I just love how it looks and feels, especially for summer. (Both wicker bags below were from here last summer: Wicker Bags.)


Recently I splurged and purchased a designer wicker bag I had been eyeing since last summer. I was surprised when they brought it back again this past spring, I thought I had missed it for good since it has been out of stock for weeks now. I love the soft pink color because it’s very neutral in person.

If you love wicker and were eyeing this bag earlier in the spring, it’s back in stock here: Wicker Bag. I removed the tassel from my bag, but kept the shoulder strap. I wore it shopping in Phipps Plaza in Atlanta on Saturday and I have never in my life gotten so many compliments on a handbag.


I stopped into the Prada store inside Saks and the sales associates there had a fit over it. Apparently, they had never stocked it in store, so they hadn’t had a chance to see it in person. Anyway, just sharing it in case you are a wicker bag fan and thought you had missed the chance to purchase this bag. I’m wearing it as much as I can before fall arrives. Still in the mid/upper 80’s here every day, so summer is still very much with us.

How are the temps in your part of the world? Hope you are staying cool!



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  1. Sandra D Joliet says

    I ordered the first necklace spacer so I’ll have to be extra careful with it. I haven’t used it yet. I may have to order the gold filled one but some of my chains are silver, some are gold and a couple are rose gold. I don’t think I’m ordering more than one of them though. I love the bamboo purses but I no longer carry a purse since getting mugged. I went from bag lady to whatever is necessary and fits in my pockets.

    • What! That’s terrible, Sandra. When did that happen? Where were you? I’m so sorry that happened.
      Yeah, don’t spray perfume on it and you’ll probably want to take it off before you shower. So far this 14K gold-filled one is doing great.

      • Sandra D Joliet says

        I was working in Chicago and it happened around midnight in the “tunnel” one has to walk through to get to the commuter trains. Thankfully most of my valuables were in my backpack. It was such a cute little bright orange purse with spaghetti straps which are super easy to snatch off someone. I missed my train and Metra police drove me 50 miles to my car at my hometown’s train station. Thankfully I wasn’t hurt. In bright daylight a seen a man grab a woman’s purse and he dragged her a good half a block until two men tackled him and held him down until the police arrived. Poor lady, her stockings were all ripped. That purse must of had a really strong handle. I’m so glad to be retired. It was such a long day, 8 hours working and 3 1/2 hours traveling. I put one necklace on my spacer and I do like how they slide into each other. The gold filled works the same? BTW, we’re still having a heatwave in the 90’s but real feel is in the low 100’s. We got one nice day last week. We’re supposed to get 4 days later this week but it’s supposed to rain. I need to do things in the garden and trim and mow but the weather is not cooperating.

        • Tunnels are scary enough to walk through without something like that happening. That was nice of the police to drive you to your car. It used to make me nervous years ago when I parked in a parking garage to take the train to the airport. Often when I returned home, it would be at night, so the garage was extra creepy that time of night. Now I just Uber it in and Uber it back.
          That’s horrible about that poor woman. I guess she couldn’t get her arm out of the strap. What a jerk, I hope they locked him in a dungeon and threw away the key.
          Yes, this one opens up the same way. I didn’t realize at first that the other one opened and was unclipping the necklaces when I wanted to take it off. It’s so much easier to remove it now that I understand how it opens.

          • Sandra D Joliet says

            I hate parking decks too! They didn’t catch my guy and the surveillance film was way too fuzzy (no surprise there). I didn’t understand how the separator worked at first either. I’m going to look for one of those “busts” that have black velvet on it to put my most worn necklaces on so I can just unslide it and slide it on the bust. I take necklaces off for the night or when I shower/bathe. So I was going to order the gold filled but it said I wasn’t eligible for the 15% off. It flashed on and off so fast I don’t know if I missed some requirement-I thought it said your first order. I’ll wait before I order.

            • I just saw that when I went there today…I think the purchase has to be over $50 or something like that. I didn’t a discount either when I purchased mine a few weeks ago.

  2. Donna Zoltanski says

    O that bag! It is gorgeous.

  3. 95-100 ALL week…then 80…today, 95, full sun and raining SO hard we couldn’t see the opposite shore…”What in the world..” Luv your “finds!!” franki

  4. An etsy shop Potion No.9 sells the necklace spacer for 13.99 plus shipping. They appear to have gold filled, rose gold and sterling silver. A friend of mine tried them and they seem to work beautifully.

    • Thanks, Nancy. That’s the other company I linked out to in this post and where I purchased my first necklace spacer for $13.99. Unfortunately, it did change color, perhaps because I showered with it on and may have gotten perfume on it. Hoping the new one I just bought recently will last a little better. I’m going to try to keep perfume off of it…just in case that damaged the other one.

      • Sandra D Joliet says

        I bought the gold filled and sterling silver from them. Wish they would make one in Stainless Steel. Sterling Silver is known to turn colors. Hopefully my cheaper gold filled one won’t change. Time will tell. I’m going to get off my computer for the night. Take care ladies.

  5. Thank you for sharing the bracelet/bangle organizer. I have so many bangles and I cannot wait to get them off that same Marshalls bracelet holder where they will be easier to pick up and put on in a hurry. Ordered one and it will be here by Friday. 🙂

    • I know, it drives ya nuts having to pull off 5 bracelets to get to the one you actually want. I like how this bracelet organizer holds them upright so you can see the design/color. 🙂

  6. Susan, I ordered over $100 from the StrandAlign site and saw the discount in passing but wasn’t able to read it and put it in the discount box when I ordered. Hmmm. Love all your goodies!

    • Daphne, why don’t you email them and tell them that you missed the discount and see if they will credit you back. I don’t know them…I’m just a customer, but it’s worth a try.

      • Thanks, sweet! That’s exactly what I did. We will see. I did it right after receiving the order confirmation. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. Marni Nixon says

    Loved the post! I am trying to organize for fall.

  8. Susan, I love all the products you find! When I’m looking for a gift, especially for hard to buy for, I come and look here.

    BTW, You can purchase the parts and make your own necklace spacer much cheaper from beading shops. You only need a multi strand clasp, spring rings, and split rings. The split rings wind on like a key chain.

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