Serving Ideas for Your Super Bowl Party

I’m often asked where I get ideas for the tables I create for Tablescape Thursday. The actual answer isn’t very helpful because it changes every week. The true answer is: everywhere. Sometimes it’s dishware I already have and that I’m itching to use, or it could be an upcoming holiday. Inspiration can really come from anywhere.

Today I was shopping in Publix and saw these. They reminded me that the Super Bowl was coming up soon. I stopped my grocery shopping long enough to Google “When is the Super Bowl?” on my phone and discovered it is scheduled for February 3rd.

Football Shaped Cookies for a Super Bowl Party


Umm, the cookies reminded me of some football-shaped glasses I bought in Dollar Tree several years ago, but had never used. That got the wheels turning and I thought I’d try a “football-themed” table setting and use those long-neglected glasses.

If you come across some of these glasses in Dollar Tree, one warning: they are hard to hold onto, even when not being washed. I dropped one in the sink while washing it today and amazingly, it didn’t break. I sat it over on the counter upside down to dry, making a mental note that I really needed to be careful as I washed all the others. I placed a large washcloth in the bottom of the sink just in case another one slipped out of my hands.

As I finished washing a second glass, I got the bright idea to place a paper towel on the counter and to move both glasses onto the paper towel to dry. I promptly dropped the second one onto the granite counter where it shattered. Drat!

What is wrong with me that I couldn’t hold onto these glasses??? I don’t know what it is about these glasses that makes them so hard to hold onto. I guess it’s the odd shape. I had 6, now I have 5. Oh well, I’ll make a run to Dollar Tree this week, just in case by some miracle they have any in stock. Not holding my breath on that!

Football Shaped Glasses, Great for Super Bowl Party


Update: Just discovered these glasses are also available here: Football Glasses. They look pretty cute with something in them, don’t they? lol I guess that’s a Coke float.

Football Shaped Glasses for Game Day


I also picked up these cupcakes up while in Publix. I thought they would make a cute centerpiece in my football/Super Bowl-themed tablescape.

Football Decorated Cupcakes for Super Bowl Party


The idea is to display them on this cake pedestal with a cute “football helmet” mini. I know the University of Georgia isn’t playing in the Super Bowl this year, but the helmet will have to do since I don’t have the “football” mini.

Nora Fleming, University of Georgia Mini


I bought a football mini when I was collecting these last year, but I gave that one to my son and dil, along with a UGA helmet mini (they both graduated from UGA) since they are avid UGA fans and often have friends over to watch the games.

Umm, I have time to order a football mini for myself since I won’t be putting this table together until around January 30th. I’m still waiting on one more item that I ordered today, and based on the shipping schedule, it should arrive before the 30th.

My Nora Fleming Mini Collection


Update: I was able to order the football mini, it’s still available here: Football Mini. Yay! You’ll find all the serving platters for the minis here: Serving Platters.Nora Fleming Football Mini



Football-Shaped Plates

So, this is the item I ordered today, aren’t these adorable?! I thought the price was excellent at only $19.99 for 4 plates, and they are such a nice size at 8-inches across. They would be perfect as salad or appetizer plates on game day. If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party or just want them for next year’s game days, you’ll find these available here: Football Plates.

I ordered two sets for a total of 8. I think I’ll give the football plates, along with the football glasses, to my son and daughter-in-law next time I visit since they love having friends over to watch the games. Hopefully, they can hold onto the football glasses better than I can! Ha!

Football Plates for Game Day Dining or Super Bowl Party

I don’t normally share details of a table setting before I actually create it for Tablescape Thursday, hate to ruin the surprise, but since I can’t share this table/party idea for this week’s Tablescape Thursday since I only just ordered the plates today, I knew by the time I did share it, it would be too close to game day for you to get the plates in time for your Super Bowl party. So that’s why I’m sharing all the details now.

Shipping is showing my plates will arrive prior to January 30th. that’s 4 days before the Super Bowl. So, if you want these plates in time to use them this year, don’t wait too long to order them.Football Plates for Game Day Dining or Super Bowl Party


Before I close this post, if you were hoping to order something from L.L. Bean, I got a reminder email today saying that their sitewide sale ends today. I took advantage of the sale to order a few things. You’ll find the sale here: L.L. Bean Sale.



Talbots Spring Sale

If you’re itching to get started with your spring shopping, Talbots is giving 25% off any one item at their site with the code FEB25. I don’t think that sale is advertised at their website. I’m definitely going to do some shopping this evening. I love getting a jump on buying a few new things for spring! Check out all their new arrivals here: New Arrivals for Spring.

Have you noticed the daylight is staying with us a little longer each day now? I am so, so excited for spring!!! It won’t be long now! 🙂

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  1. Cyndi Raines says

    Cute plates! I am sure they will love them, once you are able to deliver them. Don’t you just love putting out your mini’s with each holiday or event? I get such a kick seeing those cute little ornaments on my Nora Fleming Salt and Pepper set. I guess it doesn’t take much to make me happy, ha. I would LOVE those L.L. Bean boots with the strap and no strings, but recent van repairs say not this time. Oh, well, the repair cost is still better than a car payment. Have you decided to hold off on purchasing or leasing a vehicle for awhile? I’m in the camp that says drive it until it dies, haha, I hate car payments, would much rather have the extra money for fun things like vacations and travel!

    • Yup, I don’t like the current interiors I’m seeing in the cars I’m looking at, so I’m just waiting and saving. I hate car payments, too. I just put a good bit of money into my current car with new tires, a timing chain and a brake job, so I should probably drive it awhile anyway. lol
      Cyndi, I was wondering how you were able to find this post. Something is messed up with caching of my blog, so currently, this post, even though it was published hours ago, isn’t showing up on the front of the blog and hasn’t been sent out to my email subscribers. I’m glad you found it, just amazed you did!

  2. Hi, Susan. Even though I’ve been a subscriber for many years, I’ve never commented but it’s time that I tell you how much I enjoy your posts. The subject matter is varied and you provide some important and interesting information about things. I appreciate all the work you put into making this one of the best blogs out there. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much, Val, for those kind words! You made my night with your comment. 🙂 Appreciate that so much and thanks for being a subscriber all these years!

  3. Hi Susan,
    I just wanted you to know Firefox and Google Chrome are not showing this post of yours. I read this and am writing to you via Microsoft Edge. I’ve cleaned both browsers’ cache already, but the issues still persist. Not sure, why this is happening or if your readers from the US are having the same problem, but I thought you should know. 🙁

    • Cecilia, trying clearing your cache in either browser. I think we figured out what was wrong with the caching…so I think it’s fixed, but you may need to clear the caching in your browser, as well. If you’re not sure how to do that, just Google: “How to clear cache in XXXX browser” filling in the XXXs with whatever browser you use. That seems to be working for others who are having trouble seeing the posts. Let me know if that works!

  4. I have you on my Bing favorites on my IPAD. That way, I can view your posts without typing a thing. Works for me.

  5. I use Safari and I view your posts often with no trouble.

  6. Thanks for all of your ideas. I have a real thing for collecting dinnerware, but I’m wondering how you store all of your tableware. I’m having to get rid of some. Sweet Hubby built shelves in the garage and attic, but they are all loaded.

  7. I get your posts via Facebook. It’s showing up fine there. I’m not into football (all girls high school and college) but for those like me maybe a puppy bowl party! Love the plates and glasses though.

    I drive a car until it causes more problems than it’s worth. Just not that into cars and only care about reliability, luckily for my bank account.

    • That’s usually what I do, drive them forever. lol I have had car fever some this past year, but so far I’ve resisted. When my hybrid battery goes, that will be it…I will def need to replace the car then because I’m not going to spend thousands on a new battery for an 11 (going on 12) year old car.

  8. I have you bookmarked, so I didn’t have a problem with finding the post. The notification didn’t come until 8:22 PST. I have I.E. 11, which is starting to die, so I blamed that for the late notice.

  9. Susan, The football plates are also available at, also $19.99 for four, plus there is a 20% discount on your order if you sign up for their emails. Just thought I would pass that along. They also have a football serving tray (for sandwiches) on clearance for $16.99.

  10. Brenda Lawrence says

    I have seen these glasses at the Dollar Tree, didn’t think about them being hard to hold on to. Sorry you broke one. Those football plates are fun and so cute, especially for a Super Bowl party as so many love to host them in their homes. Can’t wait to see your table setting! Hugs, Brenda

  11. Who knew you could make a Super Bowl party cute?!!

  12. I’ve always loved your blog, Susan. I’ve been away and here you are still giving us the best ideas ever. Your football party plates, glass and plans are just so cute! I’m going to now think about a tablescape too!

  13. This is such a cute table you will be putting together. Adore those football plates and the glasses. I am going to drop by Dollar Tree to see what they have. I looked on Amazon and they have a ton of stuff although it appears most of it is disposable. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I have been a fan of your blog for about three years now. You have introduced me to many many good things and saved me money.

    With you dropping glasses three times now, have you considered having your wrists checked for carpal tunnel? Your thumb and first finger tend to lose their strength and you find yourself dropping things. Perhaps you are fine. (I am a retired RN and can’t stop medically thinking about symptoms!). But think about your day and how often you drop things.

    Anyway, I love your posts and I have bought bunny’s and bunny plates, among other things, because of your posts.

    • Thanks, Lynn! I don’t think it was that since I don’t have any other symptoms and haven’t been dropping anything else. These glasses are just so slippery, they have areas on them that are perfectly smooth and are just so slippery when wet. Plus, the shape is so wide that I can hardly get my hand around it. I love how they look but they are tricky to hold onto.
      Thanks for suggesting that, though…appreciate you!

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