Handbag Storage Idea: Protect Your Bags, But Keep Them Visible

Welcome to the 521st Metamorphosis Monday!

Do you collect anything? Is there something that you truly love and are always on the lookout for when you’re out shopping or antiquing–like rare stamps or first-editions of your favorite books?

I know someone who used to collect cute pig figurines until everyone in her family caught on and she became inundated with them. lol My mother-in-law used to collect butterfly jewelry, frog figurines and decorative apples–like those made of marble, ceramic or glass.

I’ve always been a little wary of starting any collection because I tend to have an “all-in” personality. If I do something, I usually go all out. If I started a collection today, I would most likely collect handbags because I really do love them. I think that passion has grown over the past couple of years as I’ve watched fashion videos on YouTube while working or sorting through photos I’ve taken for blog posts.

I have a small handbag collection. I try to be very selective about adding to it since I don’t want to accumulate more handbags than I’ll actually use throughout the year. No matter what you collect, there’s one thing that all collections have in common: Once you start one, you’re going to need a place to store it.

Recently, I came across a photo on Instagram that stopped me dead in my tracks. I’ve mentioned in previous posts how much I love organizing. Anything that has to do with making our homes and the things we use and love more accessible and organized, I love it!

The photo that caught my eye had originally been posted by luxurylver on Instagram  and was being reshared byDustyLuxeBags, which is where I saw it.

If you’re a handbag lover, this will definitely grab your attention! Not only is it an amazing collection of beautiful handbags, just look at those storage bags! I’ve watched a lot of YouTube “handbag” videos and I’ve never seen a collection of handbags stored this way. Designer handbags often come with their own dust bag, but a lot of the YouTubers I follow do not store their bags in their dustbags because they enjoy seeing them as you would anything you collect and love.

Personally, I don’t store the few handbags I own inside their dust bags because if a bag isn’t visible, it’s probably not going to get much use. It’s very much like the silver jewelry problem I posted about in this post: Keep Silver Jewelry Visible, Yet Tarnish-free while Stored.

Storage Bags for Designer Handbags


I followed the link I found at DustyLuxeBags on Instagram and discovered they make their storage bags to order. This is apparently a growing business because under their frequently asked questions tab, they state:

Our products are made to order, thus requiring some time to custom make your dustbag. We will provide you with an email once your order is placed and when the order is shipped. From the time your order is placed to the time your order is shipped, we like to estimate 10-14 business days – please understand that production time can vary depending on demand!

I’m so intrigued by this storage method because even though my handbags are stored inside closets, I worry about not keeping them inside their dustbags. I worry that being exposed to light could possibly cause them to fade with time.

Boot and Shoe Storage


This seems like a good way to have your cake and eat it, too. You can see your bags, yet they are protected from dust and light. That would be especially important if a closet has windows. The closet where I store my winter bags has no windows, but the closet where I store my summer bags opens up facing right into a window, so I have to remember to keep those closet doors closed.

I think I’m going to order one of their bags just to see how I like it, then I may order a couple more. If I do order one, I’ll let you know how I like it in a future post, in case you’re interested.

From what I’ve read on the Dusty Luxe Bags website, they have the images to create the dustbags for many of the most popular designer handbags. If you have a bag that they haven’t already created a dust bag for in the past, they can custom make it. They don’t use photos from online due to copyright issues (I like that!) but they are normally able to access a bag and take their own photo. I think they sometimes use photos supplied by their customers, too.

I’m sure their database of handbag photos is growing every day as they get new requests. I have several bags that they don’t list on their website (like the Burberry bag in the photo above) so those dust bags would probably need to be custom made.

Photo from Dusty Luxe . com


If you’re a lover of designer/luxury handbags, how do you store them? Do you keep them in their original dustbags, or do you keep them on shelves where they are visible?

Here’s another exciting method I came across recently for storing handbags. Check out how Elaine stores her handbags in this previous post: Great Storage Idea for Handbags or Collectibles & All the Details to Create It.

Handbag Storage


Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Thanks, Susan. One of my clients is a luxury goods retailer. These would make great gifts for their higher end clients! What a fabulous idea.

  2. Love, love, love your vintage Diana Chanel and the WOC. I’d love a red WOC. I got my black one in Paris. If I ever go back to Paris maybe… I store my handbags in our vintage armoire. They are not on display. I never store them in the boxes. Some are stored in the dust bag.
    Great post. Thanks for hosting.

    • I would love to see Paris one day and buy a handbag there. I found the vintage Chanel bag on eBay many years ago and when I realized it was the same style/bag Diana carried, I loved that. It was the only Chanel bag I had until I purchased the WOC a few years ago.
      Love the idea of storing them in a vintage armoire!

  3. Yes, I started collecting a certain item, finding one that went with a particular memory. I now have a big box full of probably 50+ waiting to go to Goodwill.

  4. This is a great idea. I store my shoes in plastic boxes and I’ve attached a picture of the shoes inside to each box. I’ve found this keeps the closet neat and the shoes organized and easy to find. You could do the same with the dust bags that came with your purses. I love all your bags, you have great taste.

  5. WOW!!!!!!! I’m all over this. Will definitely look into it. Mine are not in dustbags for the reason you mentioned. I have a large collection of alligator bags from Argentina and seldom use them. Everything from evening bags to weekenders. Then there is the rest of bags as well. No Chanel though. Nothing Chanel. Perfume, hats, bags or whatever. She was a collaborator during WWII. About to be arrested when her SS lover whisked her away to Switzerland. I can’t stop wondering how many she was directly responsible for being sent to the gas chamber.
    I will however seriously look into “your”dust bag recommendation.
    You find some of the best sites. Some I follow up on. Always buy if in my size.
    You rock girl.

  6. I should get busy on the shelves in the closet but in the meantime, there is a school run by volunteers training kids to become carpenters. I had them build me a sort of hat rack with a wood column in the middle with approximately 3” spokes stuck randomly from the column where I hang my less valuable bags like Vera Bradley, a Dooney & Burke I found new in a resale shop in Santa Monica for $25.00 and other random totes, etc. I was amazed at how many I actually had! The real good ones I keep in their dust bags. Now you guilted me into tackling my closet.

  7. Thank you, Susan, for giving me a wonderful idea for my sister’s birthday present. She would love a few of those storage bags for her designer purses. I may have to pick up a couple myself. Thanks for hosting another wonderful party.

  8. What a simple but yet great idea this is, Susan!
    I knew of people who take polaroid pictures to label their shoe boxes, but never thought of dust bags! I store my handbags in a closet with no glass doors where they are protected from dust and light. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the gazillion of knickknacks I’ve collected over the years! Oops… I meant the gazillion of cute cherubs and beautiful ceramic and/or glass decoration items and books I can’t live without… 😉
    PS: Susan, when exactly did you mention you love organizing?
    I never knew! LOL 😉
    Hugs to you, you Queen of Tablescapes and Organization!

  9. Bobbi Duncan says

    This post came just in time as I have spent considerable mental energy contemplating just how our closets should be designed to best serve our needs. Our master bedroom has a 9 foot long wall closet and a 10 foot walk-in. I thought it would be great to have a carpenter build us glassed cabinets, such as the ones you’ve shown, in a portion of the walk-in. Elaine’s idea will cost us far less, so thank you for providing yet another great and cost effective solution to everyday living–you’re the best! However, reading Kem’s comment gave me food for thought and I have decided not to use the Chanel bags I own. My mother was from Germany (a Lutheran), but had Jewish friends, some of which went to the gas chambers. My mother’s parents hid some of their Jewish friends at their country farm and got them to Holland just in time to save them, so I can’t feel good about having anything that helps someone involved in such atrocities, nor their ongoing companies. Such a very sad and deplorable time in history and, unfortunately, a continuation for any family member and one’s to come after. Sorry for the down note but, sometimes, one must stand on their soap box. Hugs!

    • I do love how Elaine has stored her bags. As long as they aren’t where light can hit them, I think the cabinets would work great. Would keep them dust free. I’m torn between purchasing the bags with the pictures on them and displaying them as Elaine has, although I don’t have the collection that she does.

  10. Wanda Bradey says

    What a great suggestion with the pictures. I am into organization. I have been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix and now into organization of my house. I started yesterday with my closet. That was an awakening experience. I should be embarrassed by this but I have put 162 pieces of clothing into bags for Miracle Hill. I still have my shoes and purses to go…then jewelry. I’m THEN going to tackle my garage. Marie says only keep things that “spark joy” so that’s what I am doing. After the closets and garage it’s on to the bonus room to cull through holiday decorations. That’s most likely my most “challenging” area. So, I am going to use the above method tonight when I work on purses. Good luck with your organization!

  11. Great looking ideas. I too have my bags on two big and deep shelves on the girls big walking closet we redid two years ago and it’s all mine now.
    I’m posting here my “new” Coffee Station I just did at another counter at our kitchen, as I got a great new coffee machine for Christmas, lol..
    Thank you for hosting for us this week.
    Have a great week Susan.

  12. Peggy W Nodine says

    I love the glass front cabinets for hand bags, and the dust bags are great too, but I think you could use the dust bags that come with your purses, and take a close up picture of the purse, print it off on a good quality kodak paper or glossy print and stitch it or pin it to your original dust bag that comes with the purse and it would serve the same purpose as the ones you can order. That way with the picture of the purse attached to its original dust bag you could see which purse was in which bag. Just an idea, might not be practical for some folks. Thanks for all the great ideas you give us. Peggy

  13. Hello, I am a new viewer to your blog. Regarding this handbag issue… ‘back in the day’ [I’m older 😉 ] we used to take Polaroids of our purses & affix the photo to the dust bags. Seems now you can take a photo with the cell phone & print them at the local CVS (or at home) & pin the photo to the end of the bag in order to store more of them on the shelves. Sort by color…or whatever method suits your style.

  14. Haven’t seen a blog post from you in awhile. Hope all is well….

    • Mamey, I’ve been posting regularly. Try clearing your cache and you should be able to see all my post the last couple of weeks. If you’re not sure how to clear your cache, let me know what browser you use and I can tell you how to clear it. It’s pretty easy to do.
      Thanks for letting me know you’re having trouble seeing posts.

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