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Welcome to the 172nd Metamorphosis Monday!

Greetings this fine springtime day!  Hope your Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby weekend was fabulous!  Last week for Metamorphosis Monday, I shared a wee Before and After in my office/craft room.  I removed the TV I never watched from behind the lamp and added a great little file organizer.

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Renovation

Here’s a close up of the organizer.  You know how sometimes you buy something to better organize your life, but then you find you don’t use it?  Well, this isn’t one of those things.  I’m using it daily and it has really helped keep paper clutter off of my desk.  If I make a phone call and I’m on hold, I grab the “to file” folder and file while I wait.

Pottery Barn Home Office, Craft and Sewing Room

A day or two after buying this organizer, I stopped by another Marshalls.  Guess what I found!

Pottery Barn Bedford Office Renovation

A taller version of the same organizer.  In addition to the “to do” and “to file” sections, the lower section is an “inbox.”  Of course, the 3 slots can be used however one wishes to use them.  I brought the taller one home and placed it here on the desk to see how it would look.

Pottery Barn Bedford Home Office Addition

I’m having the hardest time deciding which one I like.  Can you help?  Here’s a side by side comparison below or just scroll up and down between the two pics above for a larger view.

Pottery Barn Bedford Home Office Addition

So what do you think?  Keep the shorter one or the taller one?  I’m sure if I keep the taller one, I’ll find a use for the third slot.  The taller one is only $5 more so cost doesn’t need to be a factor in the decision.

Please vote in the poll below and help me decide.  Which file organizer do you like and think looks best here on the desk?

Which desk-top, file organizer do you think looks best on the office desk?
Shorter, 2 file organizer
Taller, 3 file organizer

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Pssst:  If you’re new to reading BNOTP, you’ll find the full makeover of this room from bedroom to home office in this post:  Pottery Barn Bedford Home Office Addition.

Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. Susan, I’m late arriving, but I’d go with the tall organizer. It looks good in the space and offers you more storage. Love your office space. Wish mine were this organized!

  2. Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista says

    I love how spring always leads to organizing! Thanks for hosting.

  3. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    Hi darling, Your office is just the happiest spot to work in. The taller version gives more of a since of balance to the area. However, if you keep the smaller one you can always add small pictures above it. Hmmmm decisions decisions, guess it depends on which one you’re going to use the most. Thsnks for hosting darling. hugs ~lynne~

  4. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    I voted! : ) I actually like both, Susan, but if you can use the third slot for sure, I would go with the taller one. I know I have a two slot Ballard’s organizer and I use both slots. I’m sure if I had a third slot I’d find a use for that too. Right now mine hold the different papers I use for printing {i.e. cardstock, picture paper, transfer paper, etc.}.

  5. I can’t vote! I like both of them and I would use both in your office! See…I’m no help at all. Your office is just adorable…just like you Susan!

  6. laxsupermom says

    I like the way the taller one looks, but if you’re filing while on hold, having the filing folder up higher would make me use it less when on the phone. I realize that’s a sad commentary on my laziness that I wouldn’t hop out of my chair to grab it, but it’s probably the truth. YMMV. Thanks for hosting this party each week!

  7. allisamazing says

    I voted! And thanks for hosting!

  8. Denise Waghorn says

    The taller one fits with the height of the lamp.

  9. Tombstone Livestock says

    I like them both, LOL, maybe use the 2 file for projects and wish lists .

  10. thistlewoodfarm says

    I like the taller one (but I have a lot of files)! I just wanted to say thank you so much for hosting and inviting us all to your wonderful party! blessing, karianne

  11. SavannahGranny says

    Now, I voted for the taller because you wanted to know which looked best. The only other thing to consider is…can you reach the taller slot while sitting or does that matter? From what you said, you reach for the folders while on the phone. If you use the top one for items you won’t need while on the phone, I would still go for the tall one. This advice is worth exactly what you paid for it. Hugs, have a great week. xo Ginger

  12. karen@somewhatquirky says

    Susan, I did vote. The taller version provides a little better rhythm along the wall as it is, although the ribbons stacked a little higher would be better. The only thing wrong with the shorter version, should you decide to use that one, is that it matches the height of the lamp and bogs down the flow. I would adjust the location of the lamp if you keep the shorter one.

  13. Erin~Just*Grand says

    I voted! Thanks for hosting another inspiring Party!

  14. Ami Allison says

    I love the taller version too! That one got my vote! Thanks for hosting. 🙂

  15. Susan, Thank you for hosting! I appreciate it. And I vote for the taller one. Laura

  16. Thanks for the party! I like the taller version, in fact, I’d even go for one more tier!! Have a happy week, xox

  17. Ergonomics would when out with me. Thanks for hosting! Sherry

  18. I mean win out!~ Gesh! I need some coffee! Sherry

  19. Roberta Lott says

    Shoot, I would use them both, side by side, and really increase your organizing space. Maybe put a small piece of art above the shorter one to give it some height so it won’t look odd next to the taller one, but definitely use both.

  20. Susan, I voted for the taller one.Seems more proportioned.Thank you for hosting. Anne

  21. AntiqueChase says

    Taller!! Not just for looking better but it’s vertical space and it’s great to use it!

  22. Lizabeth @ Infuse with Liz says

    The taller one looks better because of the lamp. The lamp is too tall next to the short one, but if it was mounted on the wall it could be positioned to be more appealing. I kind of would like to see either one mounted rather than on the desk. I think the little bun feet could be knocked off and no one would know. If the tall one looks better mounted but becomes too high you could put something in the top that would be more whimsical rather than functional. Just a thought!!

  23. Pattie @ Olla-Podrida says

    I can’t believe that someone with your decorating savvy would ask for help, but I say go for the taller one. I think it looks better, but you also have the bonus of that extra space. The office looks great! (I just added two of the floating Holman shelves to mine.)

  24. Theresa says

    Loving your site and the Party, thanks for Hosting!!

  25. Little Bit says

    Thank you for hosting! So much fun to come visit you! Little Bit from

  26. Laurel Stephens says

    Love your office and your fun survey! I went back and forth on the photos and finally went with my instincts. Taller! 🙂 Thanks for hosting your terrific party!

  27. Divine Theatre says

    Hi Susan, I have away a while. Lots of catching up to do! Your room is an inspiration! I vote for the tall one! Thanks for hosting! Andie

  28. I voted shorter, but that’s because I’m barely 5 ft tall and I’d never REACH the top of the other one!!!!! gena

  29. Susan, I went against the majority of votes and voted for the smaller one. The reason being, you already have two large items up high and I think it would make it look far too busy. Also, the reach is better with a two file folder. I guess it depends how much you would want to keep in there as you already have filing cabinets. In my humble opinion, the lamp should not be your guide. I am remembering how your room looked before and in spite of losing Chip’s mural, the after is fabulous. If I pay post and package, could you please send me Mr. Max? 🙂

  30. Hi Susan, I like the shorter one, it seems to flow better. However the taller one is probably more practical. Thanks for hosting! have a great week.

  31. I vote for the taller organizer. Three slots are more useful than two and the taller organizer fills in the space between your ribbon holder and bulletin board in a visually pleasing way. What fun to have this kind of decision to make!

  32. I like the shorter – and I’d put some artwork int he space above it – a picture or a nicely frame mirror or something.

  33. Budget Design Girl says

    I love the tall one! I think it’s an even better size for that wall. So cute! Thanks so much for hosting the fabulous party! xo-Lisa

  34. Fabby's Living says

    If anything, I really like the way the smaller looks for sure, smack in the middle of already existing tall items…but you will know exactly what’s better. I love your room, you did such a fabulous job with it, it is simply gorgeous! Thank you for having me at the great Met. Monday party. Hugs, FABBY

  35. Confessions of a Plate Addict says

    I like the taller one, Susan. I think it balances the space between the taller wrapping paper station and the bulletin board. Your office is looking lovely! Thanks for hosting!…hugs…Debbie

  36. Susan @ says

    Beautiful room and I vote for tall! Susan Homeroad

  37. inner_child says

    I definitely like the tall one! Paula ~ Mise en scène

  38. Chris@Cats On My Quilts says

    I like the tall one. Its scale is better with everything else.

  39. Scribbler says

    Keep both — if you are at all like me, I suspect you have far more than two categories to deal with! Maybe don’t place them side by side.

  40. Thanks so much for hosting I say the taller the better! Hugs, Suzan

  41. Debbie B says

    Didn’t take the poll, but being an only child (and grandchild on one side of the family) I would say “Keep both!”. You will probably find good uses for them anyway. 😉

  42. Stevie from Garden says

    I like the taller one. brings the eye up and makes the room look taller.

  43. Hi Susan. Thanks for hosting! I like the tall organizer–but either one will look great in your FABULOUS room. It really is beautiful. Happy day to you! ~april

  44. Wild Oak Designs says

    Ok, I think you should use BOTH…Hang one up on the wall above and keep the shorter on the desk….taller one is good for a future project file, or what have you….the short one is the “here and now” stuff….Can’t they both be used?? Love them either way…. Nancy

  45. Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) says

    Hi Susan, I guess I’m going against the general sentiment here, but I definitely like the shorter one better. I creates a nice up/down eye flow with the organizer and bulletin board on either side of it and it definitely looks less cluttered in the area. Also, that side of the room/desk stars to look too heavy compared with the other arm of the desk when you put the taller one in the space. The lamp is a little bit of a problem being the same height, but that may not be as obvious in real life. The lamp could also be lifted onto a book or other object to adjust its height. Well, actually both look very nice, and I’m curious to see what you decide! Linda

  46. I like the taller one for aesthetics, even though I’d never be able to reach the top file!! Thanks for hosting the linky party!

  47. Candace says

    I like the looks of the shorter one a little bit more, but I vote for the taller one. It is an office after all, and storage is good. I’m sure it’ll come in handy.

  48. I am jealous of all the acreage you have to craft and be creative! I need this! Love the 3 because visually it just looks right. Thanks for hosting! [email protected]

  49. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the mat under your chair?

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