Valentine’s Day, Easter & Spring Dinnerware Shopping, Plus a Sneak Preview for Next Christmas

Welcome to the 594th Tablescape Thursday!

In yesterday’s post, I shared this photo of some adorable Grinch salad plates I missed when they were available in store but was luckily able to find a few on eBay. After missing those, I decided to stop into some of my fave dish stores to see what they currently have in for Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Update on November 2020: These plates are available again this year, you’ll find them here: Grinch Salad/Dessert Plate.

Grinch Stole Christmas Plates


But before we go shopping for Valentine’s Day and Easter/Spring, I couldn’t resist sharing some ideas I have for the grinch plates next Christmas. I’m loving how they are working with my tartan dinner plates and these recently purchased berry chargers! You may be seeing this table next Christmas…thinking ahead. You know you’re a dish lover when you’re thinking a year out! lol

I just checked and surprisingly, the berry Chargers are still available (and on sale) here: Berry Chargers.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Plates with Tartan Plaid Chargers


These two glasses would work with the Grinch plates. The snowy glasses remind me of the Grinch’s madcap ride down the mountain to the village, while the Spode Christmas Tree stems make me think of all the Christmas tree scenes throughout the movie.

Okay, enough of my planning for next year…let’s see what’s out there for Valentine’s Day, Easter and spring!

Winter, Christmas Glassware Stemware


I was really, really surprised by my visit to my local Pottery Barn. This was all that I saw left for Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure they got in a lot for V-Day this year.


These plates were cute, love the soft pink. These would be beautiful in a very understated Valentine’s Day table setting. That was all I saw for V-Day.


The bunny bowls are back for Easter. I see the one I purchased a few years back there in the back of this photo.


Here’s a photo of it from the Pottery Barn website the year I purchased it. I’m amazed they keep bringing it back, it must be a great seller for them since it’s back again this year. I can understand why, it’s adorable and makes a wonderful centerpiece or display for spring. I can’t wait to get mine out again this year. I use it on my counter to hold fruit throughout the spring season.

If you’ve missed getting this bowl the last couple of years, you’ll find it available on sale here: Bunny Bowl.

Bunnys climbing out of bowl


All the tables I saw in Pottery Barn were dressed very simply in shades of white.




This table included light blue salad plates. Other than that, it was also dressed in creams and whites.


After visiting PB, I headed down a few doors to Williams Sonoma. This cute display was just inside the front door. I love the simplicity of the single red heart. I didn’t photograph it but the red heart is in the center of every single plate. Love that! So sweet!

This cute pattern is currently on sale here: Valentine’s Day Dinnerware.


Ahhh, here’s the kind of table I wanted to see! I can never resist the bunnies!


Such a sweet pattern for spring! Doesn’t this put you in the mood for spring? You’ll find this pattern and several other Easter/spring patterns here: Easter-spring Dinnerware. I especially love the Blue and White Bunny plates at that link.


A bunny server…


This super tempted me, I love tiered servers! This one would be beautiful on display throughout the spring/summer season. It’s a Williams Sonoma exclusive and is available here: 3 Tiered Server.


Christmas dishes are on clearance now.


I was super tempted by this serving piece!


It appears to coordinate with the chargers I bought this past winter.

Woodland Berry Charger in Tartan Table Setting


They had the coordinating napkins, too! Sooo tempted to get those!


If you celebrate Chinese New Year each year, check out all the dinnerware WS has in stock.


It’s all currently available online here: Chinese New Year Dinnerware. I bet it will go on sale very soon since the Chinese New Year just ends soon.


The colors are so saturated and dramatic…very pretty!


I love this platter showing the Chinese Zodiac. This is the year of the Rat. I think I’m a rooster in the Chinese Zodiac. Which one are you?


They even had Dragon chopstick rests!


Did you see anything that tempted you on this trip?

I’m working on a Valentine’s Day table and looking forward to sharing it with you next week. In the meantime, if you would like a bit of inspiration for your V-Day table, check out all the Valentine’s Day tablescapes from previous years here: Valentine’s Day Table Settings.


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Thank you Susan, your Grinch plates are adorable, and I love the Chinese New Year table, such fun!

  2. I just saw Peter Rabbit dinnerware online at Pottery Barn. So cute! I’m tempted, since I have alway loved Beatrix Potter!

  3. Love all the pretty dishes! Thanks for taking us on a stroll thru Pottery Barn too. I haven’t been in the store in awhile…I’m having withdrawal! Thanks for hosting again this week!

    • I hadn’t been in a long while, either…def was overdue for a stop in. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Shelley! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

  4. Elinda Turner says

    I purchased the mixed salad plates 2-3 years ago on clearance floral meadow bunny plates. I will be using those this Easter. I also purchased the same bunny bowl you have and 2-3 of the smaller ones shown right front of photo.That year I purchased around 5 different Easter plates on clearance. I showed them to my mother she smiled, I said I can not help it they just seem to follow me home. Spring was her favorite time of the year. Easter 2018 I had already planned using her favorite colors that year. Her favorite colors for Easter were pinks, purples and lavender. She loved my tablescape that year. Two months before Easter 2018 she was diagnosed with glioblastoma and passed away October 2018.

  5. Snowflake281 says

    Oh my goodness, I can’t stand how cute all the bunny-themed dishes & accessories are! And yes, you definitely should have gotten the berry-themed napkins! Great tablescapes!

  6. I am so definitely in the mood for spring tables, but I sure wish I had a WS close to me (3hrs, darn it). I saw so many sale priced items that were ONLY available with store pickup….but, all the Asian inspired dinnerware is really attractive to me! I was born in the year of the rooster also…traits are said to be observant, hard-working, courageous. 🙂

    • I know, I don’t know why that is. I guess they just have a few scattered out there. Some stores will let you order things online and if they aren’t in stock at their warehouse, they will have the items shipped from a store location. I guess PB doesn’t do that. So annoying! I also read somewhere that Rooster supposedly love things organized. That is def me. lol I bet you’re the same way, Rita!

  7. Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one planning ahead! 😉 So fun to play with Christmas dishes no matter what time of year!

    And thanks for the shopping trip – I’m excited to move into spring decorating here very soon. ❤️

    • Yes! I can’t wait! Have a wonderful weekend, Barbara. It’s been raining cats and dogs here for two days but I think we’re about to get a little break.

  8. Jill from Southern NH says

    That’s sad about the lack of Valentine’s stuff at PB, but I’m not surprised, unfortunately. We have several lovely items from Pottery Barn in our home that are timeless and traditional, which we prefer over their more rustic stuff. I recently stopped in while I was in the mall for Talbots, and couldn’t believe my eyes. Almost everything on the PB salesfloor was white or offwhite, but in a rumpled way, like that very casual bedding that always looks messy and wrinkled – no greenery to set it off, etc. The monochromatic look can be so pretty, but everything looked dull and uninspired. I took a walk around the store as it’s often a quick lunch break pick-me-up. The only thing that perked up my spirits were the faux peonies. The associates did not greet me and there was only one other customer in the store. Just not a good experience, although I still see items online and in the catalog that I ooh and ahh over. I will have to check out Williams Sonoma, which is next door to Talbots, for inspiration and things to smile about when I’m next in the mall – thanks for sharing their pretty settings!

    • Everything was all white and cream in this store too…oh and some gray. It was very, very blah. I was the only person shopping in the store. Some of the pieces were beautiful, but I do love color so could never go all cream, gray and white.

  9. Dawne Marie says

    Thanks for sharing! I love the bunny theme dishes. I have the large bowl, and two other bunny holders, thanks to you! Love!
    The Chinese New Year stuff is tempting. Bright happy colors.
    I was born in the year of the pig.
    I love all your postings. Eagerly await them. Thanks for all you do Susan.

    • Thanks so much, Dawne Marie! Appreciate that so much! I think my son is born in the year of the pig. I need to check that again.
      Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  10. I like several of the items you featured today. The grinch plates bring back good memories of us taking our grands to see the second movie. I wanted to visit Whoville! I have the standing rabbit with the basket on his back and enjoy using it.

    • Nancy, do you think someone has created a Whoville somewhere? I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has done that…for fans to visit. I need to Google and see if someone has. lol
      Oh, I love the standing bunny with the basket!

  11. Selma Kessler says

    Susan, I was running errands a few weeks ago, and I thought I’d run through WS, because I thought to myself, “Susan is always finding some bargains…maybe I’ll check the Christmas sales.” OMG, I bought 6 tartan chargers for $12 each! (If they would have had more, I would have bought them all!) I might have just gone on my way if not for you and your fun, inspirational blog! Thanks for being a bright spot!

    • That is an amazing price! Wow! Yes, after Christmas and especially into January, the prices get really good…that is if anything is left. So glad you went in and found those chargers, Selma! There are some of my absolute favorites, I use them constantly at Christmastime!

  12. That grinch-tartan-berry combo is so perfect; all you need is the grinch’s dog. I guess it is time for spring decor but my usual haunt, Pier 1, just closed. It was so close to me. So many closings coming up. So sad. Not a 100% online shopper yet. Still need to see and touch.

    • Makes me so sad that some of their stores are closing. I bet the one closest to me is closing since it’s not in a great location/shopping center. I will probably have to drive a lot further now which means I’ll just order online most likely.

  13. Love all the different holiday decor. Those rabbits are precious. Thank You for sharing.

  14. Susan, glad you found the Grinch plates. They are adorable! I stopped in to WS this week to pick up some of the zodiac napkins. Left with some of the dragon napkin rings and a set of the dragon chop stick holders. I’m a Rat, so I plan to do a Chinese New Year table. Chinese New Year actually ends on the 8th. I may or may not get a table set, but I’ll celebrate late if needed. I also had some of the chargers in my hand, but I have so many sets of chargers already that I put them back. They sure are pretty! Thanks for hosting us!

    • Oh, I can’t wait to see your Chinese New Year table! I was thinking it just ended, thanks for letting me know the date it actually ends. Sarah, when you left your comment, what did it do? Did it appear that it didn’t work? I moderate comments to keep any spam from posting. I hope my comment plugin is working okay. It just an update a couple of days ago.

  15. Susan, will tray again with my original comment. Susan, glad you found the Grinch plates. They are adorable! I stopped in to WS this week to pick up some of the zodiac napkins. Left with some of the dragon napkin rings and a set of the dragon chop stick holders. I’m a Rat, so I plan to do a Chinese New Year table. Chinese New Year actually ends on the 8th. I may or may not get a table set, but I’ll celebrate late if needed. I also had some of the chargers in my hand, but I have so many sets of chargers already that I put them back. They sure are pretty! Thanks for hosting us!

  16. Thank you so much for hosting. This week I am excited to share my tips for styling a bookshelf! Hope you have a great rest of your week!

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    So many cute dishes, especially the bunnies. I am really shocked that you didn’t snag those berry napkins, Susan, that’s not like you.

  18. Lauren Schmidt says

    Susan, I was very underwhelmed on my last visit to PB. I’m wondering if they are cutting back on their dinnerware line. They usually have such lovely, inspiring dishes for spring and holidays but I didn’t see anything other than white dishes. Very disappointing. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful tables at WS. My daughter is getting married this year and she LOVES bunnies. I may have to treat her to the adorable bunny plates.

  19. Shout out to a fellow Rooster! No wonder I love your blog so much. We must be exactly 12 years apart. My family has three Dragons so we definitely get together for Lunar New Year. I would buy those WS dishes in a heartbeat. The detail is gorgeous and dramatic. Sadly everyone is too tired and wants to go to a restaurant these days.

  20. Elaine in Toronto says

    Hi Susan, a couple of posts back you told us about the credit card holders from Amazon that came in a rainbow of colours. I ordered a red one and a green one, both with bees. They arrived today and I’m so pleased with rhem. One is for my girlfriend for her birthday and I’m going to add some gift cards from her favourite stores. Thanks for telling us about them. Hugs, Elaine

  21. Susan, I love the Alice in Wonderland theme, hearts and tarts! So fun!
    Do you think the stores are carrying less for the “shorter” holiday seasons, like Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, etc? We’re seeing the same thing here. And our local Pier 1 is closing — sad!

  22. I only do a small touch for St. Valentine’s Day, because I can’t stand it in January, and by February 1st, you only have two weeks to enjoy it. February 15th?? Stale! But I do enjoy my centerpiece on the dining room table over my pink French street scene tablecloth and some hearts and angels hanging from the arms of the chandelier above it. That’s all I need to perk things up mid-winter!

  23. How did you pass on those napkins! They matched the chargers perfectly. I love bunnies too and the small server interests me, but at this stage in life can’t add more. I did buy the bunny bowl last year though and not sorry I did! I’m thinking of Christmas decorations for next year!!!

  24. Susan, please, would you consider doing a post on how? where? you store all your table ware? I am a dish fanatic too, but I have disciplined myself to try to “just enjoy it in the store” and refrain from purchasing anymore. I have inherited some and purchased some and received some as gifts. I have a Christmas set, a strawberry set, my beautiful Della Robbia set ( Adams Titian ware ) , a rose motif set, my beautiful every day set ( Mikasa English Countryside ) , even a gold leaves set for Thanksgiving…but they must be stored, maintained…how do YOU do it?

  25. Sandra @ Dinner at Eight says

    There really weren’t many Valentine’s options this year, and I started looking in early January. Fingers crossed for next year!

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