A Small Upgrade That Functions Better & Looks More Professional

I made a very small change recently here in the upstairs family room and thought I’d share it in case you have a need for something similar. A while back I shared a new lamp I had just purchased for this room.


You can see the new lamp there on the left atop the old, book-bound Macon Telegraph newspapers my sister, Glenda, gave me many, many years ago. To read more about the new lamp and how Glenda came to collect these very old, bound newspapers, check out this previous post: A New Lamp for the Upstairs Living Room.

Coming up back Staircase, Upstairs Living Room


I saved all these book-bound newspapers for many years underneath my bed, never knowing quite what or how I would use them. They were just too fascinating and intriguing to not keep! One day, I got the idea to turn them into an end table. I was furnishing this room and needed an end table, and for some reason, these large books popped into my head.

Blue and White Lamp, Denim Sofa


Amazingly, I had just enough books that when stacked up, they turned out to be the perfect height for an end table. This was many years ago that I created this DIY end table and at that time, I also had a piece of glass cut for the top. (Side note: The glass is around the same thickness as the glass that’s atop all my Pottery Barn Bedford modular office furniture in my home office.) Recently I was looking at the glass and thinking that I wish it was more substantial, a bit thicker, and more “table-top-like.”

Recycled Newspapers in Book Form


I checked online and found a glass shop that makes tempered glass tops and I ordered one that was slightly longer and slightly wider than my existing glass top. The new one is 20 inches wide and 26 inches long–from front to back. That’s about an inch wider and two inches longer (front to back) than the old glass top.

DIY End Table from Old Bound Newspapers with Glass Table Top


It’s also about double the thickness of the old one. Being slightly larger and thicker, I think it looks much nicer and way more professional as a tabletop. I’m also enjoying the few additional inches of tabletop space I have now from going a bit bigger.

End Table Made from Old Bound Newspapers and Tempered Glass Table Top


Here’s a view of how it looks along the edge. For reference, it’s 3/8 inch thick. This is the one I purchased here: Tempered Glass Table Top–3/8″ Thick with Polished Edge and Touch Corners. You can see all the standard sizes the company offers here: Tempered Glass Table Tops.

Tempered Glass Table Top for DIY End Table


I’m guessing they could probably cut something made-to-order if you don’t see a size that works for your needs at that link above, but I’m not sure since I’ve had no personal contact with the company that makes/ships these out.

End Table Made from Old Bound Newspapers and Tempered Glass Table Top


Did you notice it’s a bit dark on the other end of the sofa? I stole that floor lamp to use in my bedroom. I finished hanging the new drapes that I purchased for that room and I’m looking forward to sharing how they look with you for tomorrow’s Metamorphosis Monday!

DIY End Table from Old Bound Newspapers with Glass Table Top


Now I need a new floor lamp for the bonus room! I thought I was done buying lamps for a while, but I guess not. 🙂

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Jean from Georgia says

    I have glass tops to most of my end tables, night stands or any other good surface that I do not want to get scratched, although I have mine cut to size and like that look better. I never thought about a professional look in my home.

    • Oh, I know what you mean, Jean. I’ve seen that on tables and it looks great!
      By professional in this case, I meant the thickness of the glass. The glass top is now a bit more like the glass top that came with my breakfast table. For this application atop these really old, somewhat delicate books that I need to protect, I like it being a bit longer and wider in size than the books since it helps protect them and gives me more surface for the lamp and other items.

  2. The thickness gives it a nice, substantial look. In fact, I would have guessed it was more than 3/8th of an inch. I know it’s probably just reflections, but the new glass appears to have a dark blue tint to it. Very pretty. Can’t wait to see the drapes reveal! I hope you love them.

  3. Mandy Williams says

    I adore the books and would be thrilled looking through them!

  4. Another lamp hunt. Fun! I bought glass tops measured to fit the top of my dressers (the glass does not go over the edge of the dresser tops). It was expensive and two of the desks (mostly made of MDF) cost as much as the glass! The only thing I do not like is the fact that dust gets caught just inside the glass edge and the top of the dresser. No way can I lift that heavy glass off to clean just the edges. I do love, though, that my tops are fully protected from scratches and water damage. Patiently waiting for the drape reveal!

  5. Maybe a can of compressed air, used to clean keyboards, would work on that area. They come with a tiny “straw” for precision.

  6. The glass top looks so much “meatier” than the other one Susan, I really love it. But of course I’ve been in love with this “table” since I first saw it years ago. lol Have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs, Brenda

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