Wonder If Goldilocks Ever Shopped for a Handbag Organizer

Welcome to the 495th Metamorphosis Monday!

Back around Christmastime, I purchased this bag when my SA called to let me know they had gotten one in the color I wanted. It took three tries, but I have finally found an organizer that works beautifully with this bag.

Hermes Evelyne III Handbag, Etoupe


I really like a little organization in my bags, so I went in pursuit of a handbag insert/organizer as soon as I purchased this Hermes Evelyne III in size 29. This was the first organizer I purchased, you may remember when I shared it in this previous post: Handbag Organizer for the Hermes Evelyne Bag or Other Narrow Bags.

Organizer for Hermes Evelyne Bag


I liked the feel of the fabric and loved that it had a zipper pocket, something you don’t often see in a handbag organizer.

Organizer for an Hermes Evelyne III


But it just wasn’t working out well inside my bag. Because the Evelyne is a fairly narrow bag, placing items in the outer pockets of the organizer, pushed in and narrowed down the larger interior pocket of the organizer. My skinny Brahmin wallet and sunglasses case wouldn’t even fit into the center pocket very well. I even tried turning the organizer inside out which placed the smaller pockets on the inside, but that didn’t work well since the organizer wasn’t designed that way.

I came to realize that outer pockets were not a good idea for this bag and what I really needed was two smaller interior pockets. The long interior pockets designed inside this organizer were too big and wouldn’t work for lipstick and smaller items. Smaller items placed inside the zipper pocket only added more bulk pushing out into the interior of the bag.

At one point I tried placing my lipstick and perfume atomizer in a small accessory bag inside the center of the organizer, but that just used up the space I needed for my wallet.

I also needed an organizer that was stiffer and firmer. The Evelyne bag is rather supple, so a supple organizer just wasn’t going to work for this bag. I needed something with more structure and possibly more interior pockets.

Hermes Evelyne III, 29 Bag & Organizer


Next, I tried the Mai Tai organizer that is supposedly designed for the Evelyne bag. This organizer was a big disappointment because it’s one of the organizers I had so often seen hyped on YouTube. It was also by far the most expensive of the three organizers I tried, costing 94.20 Euros which is approximately $110.25 US dollars!

Bag Insert Organizer, Hermes Evelyne III 29


This first thing I noticed when I placed it inside the bag was how it didn’t even fill out the bag completely, though it claimed to be designed for the Evelyne III 29 bag. Notice the large gap at the end of the organizer. That empty space was almost large enough to hold my sunglasses case, but not quite. So this organizer actually took away space, leaving me less room for organizing my things. Arggg!

Notice the four interior pockets: all are way too small to hold many of today’s phones. My phone would not fit in any of those four pockets. If the organizer had been made the proper width/length, the interior pockets could have been made wider. You can fit lipstick into the small interior pockets, but the fabric from which they are made is fairly thin and flimsy. It feels like the kind of fabric you would use to sew a dress or shirt, not what I expected inside a bag organizer.

I really expected a better fitting insert and better quality materials for such a hefty price. I should have returned it, but I tried to make it work for a few weeks before finally giving up and going in search of another organizer.

Hermes Evelyne III 29 Organizer Insert, Mai Tai Collection


This was the one I ordered next. The price was very reasonable at $37.20. After using it for the past 3-4 months, I can say I LOVE this organizer!

Best Bag Insert for Hermes Evelyne III 29


When it first arrived, it had a large round pocket that stuck out from the left end of the organizer. My sunglasses fit perfectly into that pocket which is what I’m pretty sure the pocket was designed to hold. I wish I had thought to take a photo of it before I removed it, but just envision a large, round pocket on the left end curving out into the bag.

I used the bag with that pocket in place for about a week before deciding to remove it. It was very easy to remove with a seam ripper, and if you looked now you would never even know it was ever there.

The organizer also had a large pocket down the other side of the organizer. If the Evelyne was a wider bag, I would probably have left that pocket in place, but it wasn’t necessary for my needs and took up too much space inside the organizer. So I removed it, as well.

That left me with what you see below: two exterior pockets for holding narrow items like receipts or papers, two sturdy interior pockets on one interior wall of the organizer, and a small round pocket at the very end. This combination is perfect for my needs! I LOVE it!

Best Bag Organizer for Hermes Evelyne III 29


The smaller interior pockets are large enough to hold a cell phone if needed, unlike the two small pockets inside the Mai Tai organizer. There’s plenty of space for my wallet, and the little round pocket on the end that was probably designed to hold lipstick, beautifully holds my perfume atomizer.

I use the two smaller pockets on the side wall for holding lipstick and other little items I like to carry like a cleaning cloth for glasses and a little Shout Wipe & Go for unexpected stains. When I walk inside a store or shop, I place my sunglasses right on top and that works great. I’m in love with this organizer and love how it was designed where pockets not needed can easily be removed.

Best Bag Organizer for Hermes Evelyne III 29


And best of all, it completely fills out the interior of the bag, leaving not an inch of wasted space at either end. Yes! It’s as if it were actually designed for this bag. Oh wait, it was! 🙂

It’s also very sturdy so it doesn’t collapse in on itself like the first two organizers I tried. It gives the Evelyne bag the perfect amount of structure. In a word, it’s AWESOME!

If you need an organizer for any of your handbags, I can definitely recommend the company that made mine. They make them for a bunch of different brands/styles of bags and I really liked how easy it was to remove the pockets I didn’t need. You’ll find all her organizers here: Handbag Organizer/Insert. I will definitely buy from this seller again the next time I need a bag organizer!

Great Bag Insert Organizer for Hermes Evelyne III 29 Bag


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. That looks like exactly what I need! I hate digging around in my bag for things!

  2. Thank you for the tips on handbag organizers. It is hard to find one that is really useful, but I think you did.

  3. Susan, these are absolutely wonderful in keeping things organized in your purse. I have used handbag organizers for years. I have several sizes and even an extra large one for my tote bag where I carry my stitching. They are marvelous and now if I see a bag without one it looks incomplete. Thanks for the tips on the specific bags.

  4. Thanks for the info Susan, and the party~

  5. Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party each week!!

  6. I didn’t know they made organizers for handbags. I try to find a purse with areas that I can stuff things but it’s not always easy to do. I will keep this idea in mind!

    • I know, I have the same problem. Liz, there are a lot of folks who make custom organizers, so if you don’t see one you like when shopping for them, they will often make one to your specifications.

  7. I could sure use one of those, especially in some of my floppy purses to give them structure! Thanks for the tip, Susan. Have a great week, and thank you for hosting us!

  8. Cindy Ramirez says

    Hello Susan, I’ve been following your blog for several years and I thought I’d let you know how I’ve been influenced by several of your posts:
    I’ve been renovating my master bathroom for several years and last week we hung the wrought iron and crystal chandelier over the tub. Before I did, however, I changed out the candle light holders to ones I found through your blog. It looks stunning.
    Last year when my son moved out, I wasted no time turning that room into an office. I had a heck of a time finding the right color until I went back to your blog that had the formula for “sugar cookie” and it turned out to be the perfect choice.
    My son recently bought a home and had to remove wallpaper. It was incredibly difficult to remove and I remembered your blog. I ordered the product and we got it off. We were very happy for all the tips In your post.
    A while ago you did a post on a hotel– Land’s Inn in Provincetown, MA. I shared that post with my sister because we are descendents of Peregrine White from the Mayflower who once owned the land where the inn was built. For my 60th birthday she took me there for a surprise. It was incredible and there were several guests from other counties that we enjoyed meeting. The inn was as magical as your post made it sound.
    I shared the post you did with bee flatware with my sister as well. You had mentioned that it was on sale and that was all it took for her to buy a couple of sets–she’s big on entertaining.
    I gifted myself throw of classic book quotes you featured a few years ago too. I also ordered and loved the Fish Foam window cleaning product you posted about several years ago.
    I noticed when you were packing for a trip your read for the journey was a book titled “An Irish Country Doctor”. It looked interesting so I downloaded it which led to reading all twelve books in the series. I’m now waiting for the latest book to be released in October.
    I’m finding your blog so helpful and I wanted to thank you for all of the hours you put into your posts. Keep up the great work.

    • Cindy, it makes my day to hear that something I shared in a post was helpful in some way. Thanks so much for letting me know! I love that wallpaper remover. I hope they never quit making it because it’s the only thing I’ve found that works without destroying the wall. I can see why the professionals use it.
      I hope I get to visit Land’s Inn one day, it sounds wonderful and what an incredible tie you and your family have to the location! I hope you shared that with them, that is so amazing! 🙂

    • Aww, Cindy, it’s wonderful that you shared this. 🙂

  9. Hi Susan, since I’ve had a busy couple of weeks, I just realized tonight that I hadn’t received any of your blogs lately! I went back and checked to see which one I had last read and it was July 11th…so I re-subscribed again,lol! Now I have a little catching up to do! I don’t know if somehow my settings got changed, but I’ll be glad to be back on the list again. I love sharing my morning coffee with you & all the useful tips you pass on! Thanx, Julie

    • Julie, were you by any chance subscribed using a Hotmail address? Apparently, there are a lot of issues with emails not getting through to Hotmail addresses. They filter out a lot of perfectly good emails so they never make it through. If you googled about it, you’ll find a lot of info online about it. If you don’t start getting the posts in your Inbox, I would really encourage you to consider using a different email service. Another BNOTP reader was having that same issue with emails not getting through to her Inbox. She switched to a different email service and that fixed the problem. I really like Gmail a lot and can definitely recommend it.

  10. Cyndi Raines says

    Love purse organizers, they are so helpful for “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” type of a purse. Will keep this one in mind. Thanks Susan!

  11. “I really like a little organization in my bags…”
    Hmm… why doesn’t that really surprise me, Susan? lol
    You are the most organized girl I know and normally I am like you, but I have to admit that while I love an organized home, too, do my bags look a little bit… messy! Oops… I said it! lol But, hey, I usually carry a lot more “stuff” with me than you do, as I preferably use larger/bigger bags! (At least, this is my excuse!) LOL
    But, seriuosly, I’d love it, too, if it wouldn’t take “hours” every time I have to fish something out of my bags, so thank you, for the tip, Susan! 🙂

  12. thanks for hosting another great party. xo- maryjo

  13. I love your bag. What brand and where did you get it? Thanks

  14. Hi, Susan, may I know if the organizer can fit for the bottom curves of Evelyne III 29 since mine is too straight and stiff and no curves at the bottom. I also find it difficult to buy a perfect organizer for Evelyne III 29.

  15. Hi,what color organizer did you get for the etoupe? Thanks

    • The one I purchased from Sooni was in the color, “beige.” I just looked it up under my account. And I used the code CHARIS to get 10% off. Charis was the name of the YouTuber I first talking about these organizers. Not sure if that code is still valid, though.

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