The Sale Is On, So Many Beautiful Designs for Spring & Summer!

Update: It’s Sunday and I just noticed the sale has gotten even better today. Through midnight, it’s now 40% off any one item and 30% off everything else. Love the spring sales that are going on right now! Talbots is at it again and after checking out the sale, these are all my favorites. I love, love, love blue and white together, no matter if it’s dishes or clothes. This shirt caught my eye. Notice the contrasting/coordinating collar and cuff…love that so much!


I would buy that one, but I already have one that’s very similar (also from Talbots) that I purchased a few years back. I love this top and wear it often during the spring and summer months, especially when  I wear my white Talbots jeans. This shirt looks great with white jeans! You’ll notice my top also has the coordinating cuffs and collar in a different fabric.

Blue and White Top with Cordinating Polka Dot Collar and Cuffs


Talbots often does this the coordinating/contrasting fabrics in their shirts and I hope they never stop. It’s one of my favorite designs that they offer. I just noticed that the “O” in CO. on my dress form is colored in, in blue. How funny is that! I’ve had this vintage/antique dress form for around 25+ years, and I have never noticed that before. Ha! Too funny!

Blue & White Shirt, Coordinating Polka Dot Cuffs and Collar


Anyway, back to this pretty blue and white top, he’s a closer view of the contrasting fabric. I’m sure the blue in this top is darker than it looks in the photos. Colors seem to always be a bit lighter in the photos than the item is in real life. If I had to guess, I bet the blue is the same color as my shirt. You’ll find this beautiful blue and white top on sale here: Blue and White Garden Floral Top with Contrasting Cuff.


Another item that caught my eye is this cute cropped linen jacket. I love this bright Augusta green color! You’ll find it on sale here: Cropped Linen Jacket in Green.


It also comes in a neutral taupe color. Looks so sophisticated with white slacks! You’ll find it on sale here: Cropped Linen Jacket in Taupe.


Such a cute cotton top for spring! It looks so soft and comfortable and I love the flowers/bees design. Again, it looks great with white pants or white jeans, but I think it would go with so many shorts/pants since there are so many pretty colors in the design.


Here’s a closer view of the pretty spring design. Don’t you love all those bees?! You’ll find this top on sale here: Pink and White Striped Top with Floral Bee Design.


Another pretty summer tee, perfect with white pants or white shorts. It’s on sale: Teal Blue Flower Bouquet Tee.


If you like wearing a sleeveless top from time to time, this one is gorgeous! I love the colors so much! You’ll find it on sale here: Sleeveless Floral Shirt.

You know I’m always singing the praises of Talbots linen shirts! They are so cool and comfortable for summer. I love that I can wear them with the sleeves down when I’m out in the sun to protect my arms and still stay completely cool since linen is so breathable. Linen truly is perfect for summer! When inside, the sleeves can easily be rolled/buttoned up. Love that look! The linen shirts I have still look as great as the day they were purchased. They do need a little ironing after being washed, but I usually get several wears out of them before I have to wash/iron them again. They are totally worth the effort for how cool and comfortable they keep me during the summer months.

Best Linen Shirts, the perfect linen shirt for summer


Talbots linen tops must be popular since they thankfully, keep bringing them back every spring. You’ll find this one currently on sale here: Linen Popover Top.


I love the colors in this cotton shirt. Vertical strips are always so flattering, too! I need this shirt in my wardrobe! You’ll find it on sale here: Cotton Striped Shirt in Spring Flowers.


Such a beautiful shade of blue! Normally I would not wear this color since I’m so pale, but I’m very tempted because it’s such a stunning color! You’ll find it on sale here: Zip Cardigan in Beautiful Spring Blue.


Another cute, cute jacket! I love tweed, and normally only see it available for fall/winter. I love that they’ve done the tweed in spring/summer colors! This jacket has denim-like accents, which really gives it a more casual feel. It should look great with jeans. You’ll find it on sale here: Tweed Jacket with Denim Style Trim.


You may have noticed that I rarely share clothing that’s made with synthetic fabrics. I’m just not a fan. I like natural fibers that breath and I hate the way so many synthetic fabrics, especially the ones that are part spandex, cling to the body. They can feel so suffocating in warm weather. I really like this beautiful poplin dress in the shirt dress style! It looks like it could easily be hemmed to a shorter length, if desired. This one is definitely going on my wish list for summer. You’ll find it on sale here: Poplin Shirt-Dress, Beautiful Floral Summer Design.


Another pretty dress for summer that’s on sale right now. You’ll find it available here: Floral Fit and Flare Dress, Flattering Style.


I know this pattern is a bit wild, but over the years I’ve discovered that busy patterns like this can be very flattering on, especially in pants. I don’t know why, but they just give you a slimmer look and hide those bumps/bulges that we may not like. This summer design is on sale here: Ankle Pants, Garden Design.


You know I love these! Again, it’s that all-over pattern that I always find so flattering in pants! These were already on sale, so they are a sale on sale! You’ll find them on double sale here: Blue and White Ankle Pants.


Happy weekend shopping!

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  1. Rebecca Dexter says

    I have the same blue and white shirt that you do…keep it in Florida since palm leaves are not plentiful in NE Wisconsin! I agree I love the contrasting collar and cuffs. Actually I am kind of disappointed in the spring line which is unusual because I always find something I can’t live without…although there is a white tee with 3/4 sleeves that I will probably order. Talbot’s is about the only store with blouses and tees that have elbow or 3/4 sleeves that really is a must for women over 70!

  2. Franceil Parde says

    “TEMPTATION”….I’ve never been closer
    I tried to understand
    That certain feeling
    Carved by another’s hand, no
    But it’s too late to hesitate…. I may have to have…that short linen jacket…in green, plez…franki

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