I Bought A Forever Dress Last Night + A Great Double Sale!

This is a bold statement since it hasn’t even arrived yet, but I think I purchased a “forever” dress last night. I’ve been searching for a long time for an all-cotton or cotton/linen blend maxi dress for summer. I didn’t want a sundress style, wanted it to have sleeves since I sunburn so easily.

It was love at first sight when I came across this dress last night. I love that it’s a blend of cotton and linen, which means it should have a nice weight/feel to the fabric. From reading the reviews last night, I gather this dress sold out last summer. Thankfully they brought it back this year which made a lot of people very happy. The reviews are great!

The Perfect Summer Maxi Dress


This dress is 55% linen and 45% cotton, so super breathable and perfect for our muggy, hot summers. I love the button detail down the front–so pretty!

Pretty Pink Dress


They’ve paired it with this raffia/rattan belt that is currently sold out. They still show the belt available in several other colors, so I’m hoping they’ll get it back in stock in the pink color. Even if they don’t, I saw quite a few belts online in this color. Last night I bought this white/neutral belt HERE to wear until I find a bright pink one that I really like–or until this one comes back in stock.

Pink Belt for Pink Cunningham Linen Maxi Dress


The reason I am describing this dress as a “forever” dress is that it’s such a classic design that I don’t ever see going out of style. Also, in reading the reviews, it sounds like the quality is such that it should last for many years. I signed up for their emails which gave me a code for 15% off, plus the shipping is free. If you love this dress as much as I do, you’ll find it available here: Cotton/Linen Maxi Dress.

The Perfect Summer Maxi Dress


I have also been shopping the Talbots sale today and thought this eyelet dress was really pretty. I love eyelet for tops and dresses, especially for summer! It’s currently on sale 30% off, here: Eyelet Dress.

White Eyelet Dress


I love this adorable lemon/orange shirt. It’s seriously giving me Isle of Capri/resort vibes! It’s on sale 30% off here: Summer Citrus Shirt.


I wear a lot of white jeans and jeggings during the spring/summer months, and this denim jacket would be so cute with those! It’s available in 5 delicious summer colors, here: Denim Jacket in 5 Fun Summer Colors. The purple-lavender one is calling my name!


They are also having a sale on sale right now–love it when they do that! All their sale items are marked down another 40%, including this pretty sweater. This would be so perfect to take along on a beach trip for those chilly, ocean breeze, seaside evenings. This sweater is on double sale here: Aqua Blue Sweater.


Another great summer dress that’s on double sale (was already on sale and now it’s another 40% off!) is this adorable aqua, linen striped dress. Vertical stripes are usually super flattering on all body types. I love the color of this dress, too! You’ll find it on sale here: Linen Shirt Dress.


This cute summer top is on double sale, too. I love that it’s not synthetic but is made of natural fibers, so it should be breathable and cool. You’ll find it on sale 40% off its sale price, here: Floral Top.


I’ve been eyeing this top all spring and now it’s on double sale. Would be so cute with the white shorts and white jeggings I love to wear during the summer months! You’ll find it on sale here: Watercolor Striped Top.


Do you have any beach trips planned? I would love to take a beach trip this summer, I need some sand and sun in my life in a big way!

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  1. Mary Anne says

    The Talbot’s sale is a winner but the J. McLaughlin dress is magnificent. I have a gift card and that dress was calling my name! But I opted for a different one because I worried the pink was too much fabric. I haven’t seen it in person so I’m anxious to see what you think. It’s hard to see but it looks like the bottom third or so is a separate piece of fabric – like a big ruffle – and I worried it would be too full for me. With that belt it is to die for. I hope you love it!

    • I’ll let you know after it arrives. I’ve noticed a lot of maxi dresses are usually designed that way, in tiers. I thought maybe they were designed that way due to the width fabric comes in, but not sure. The reviews are so awesome, hoping I love it, too!

  2. Lisa Polinsky says

    Oh Susan! All so you! Happiest Spring to you!

  3. Rebecca Dexter says

    Absolutely love the pink and white dress and imagine that it will look great on you. McLaughlin has beautiful clothes unfortunately a bit pricey. I did buy a linen sapphire tunic of theirs when I was in Florida and if this dress came in that color I think I would be tempted. Enjoy looking fantastic in your forever dress!

  4. You sure know how to separate a girl from her money ! LOL Does it come in petite, a shorter version? I am beginning to look like a toadstool; especially if I wear a hat.
    You are going to have to start modeling these clothes for us so we see what they look like on real people.

    • lol This dress stole my heart! I’m hoping the Small I ordered fits!
      I’m not sure. It says the model is 5’9 so I’m guess it will come all the way down to my ankels since I’m 5’4. I’m hoping it will because I don’t like the midi style, prefer the maxi. I guess it could be hemmed, if needed.

  5. The jean jacket is gorgeous, you and I have the same style! I checked on it, but it’s not being offered online tonight for 30% off – trying to decide if I still want it.

    • I wonder if that was just a flash sale that I caught earlier. I’ll keep an eye out to see if it goes on sale. I’m sure it will at some point. I love the colors they have it in. I’m not normally a lover of the color orange, but I even like it in the orange.

      • Couldn’t resist~ I got it in the pink~ I so enjoy your recommendations and have bought many of your suggestions (the Tiffany Blue makeup bag; the Bee small wallet and small zip clutch; Talbots Etta tops; Talbots stretch cord Jeggings; Talbots Jeggings and so many more! Thanks! Follow your blog all of the time~

        • Thanks so much, Cindy! I try to only recommend things I really love. Let me know how the jacket is when it arrives, I’m seriously eyeing the lavender one. I love the pink one, too!

  6. Juanita in Ohio says

    I LOVE your taste and style. The wonderful thing about Talbot’s is that they offer many of their items in PLUS and PLUS PETITE sizes.

  7. franki parde says

    I can certainly see how that frock caught your fancy!!! Really a neat looking dress…fingers crossed it is all you hoped for! Go for that lavendar jacket, too!!! franki

  8. Tina W Reynolds says

    SO pretty!

  9. I ordered the pink dress and already sent it back. I am 5’1”, and the dress came to my feet. Hemming is an issue because the bottom tier is already at my knees. I no longer wear belts but was hoping to wear it without a belt like one of the pictures. It just hangs like a shapeless sack. Unless you are tall, thin, and can wear a belt, I wouldn’t bother.

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