The Ultimate Christmas Ornament Storage

Looking for the ultimate Christmas ornament storage? Over ten years ago, I purchased these two, fabric-covered, ornament storage boxes.

I was impressed with their good looks, their sturdy construction and that they come with acid-free archival paper.

Here’s a view of the inside…

I really like how the interior panels adjust to fit the size of the ornament.

Their website states: “The ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT STORAGE box is the only Acid Free archival quality decorative box on the market, making it suitable for archival storage of family heirlooms and collectibles.” I was impressed when I “googled” their name tonight, to find they are still in business all these years later. I think that says a lot about the product and the company itself.

My boxes have held up beautifully…they still look virtually brand new. But the best part…the ornaments I’ve stored inside are perfect. So, if you have some very special ornaments for which you’d like very special storage, the Ultimate Christmas Storage just might be your answer. For more information, you can visit their website HERE. (Not an affiliate link.)
(Above photo from Ultimate Christmas Storage website)

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  1. Looks like the perfect place to store ornaments — ours, alas, are in plastic tubs wrapped in tissue!

  2. Six in One Hand says

    I really like that concept!!!

    I will have to look into it..thanks for the great tip!

  3. That's a great tip and leave it to you to find the perfect storage that's also beautiful! Thanks Susan!

  4. Looks like a lovely way to store.
    Wish I have one this morning…I am taking my tree down for another year.
    xo bj

  5. What a great system. I still use rubbermaid boxes but store my ornament collections in different sized Christmas treasure boxes.

  6. ClassiclyAmber says

    Cool! That's nice storage and impressive to last so long.

    I don't have anything too special for our ornaments…but then again, we also don't have anything too fancy in the way of ornaments. Our stuff is either plastic…or rustic cool country stuff made from wood and metal. I would still like to upgrade our Christmas storage shtuffs and have something more organized. – – Think I'll go check out their site that you recommended and see what all they provide. Thanks!! And hope you had a merry Christmas, too!

  7. What great storage for all of our pretty baubles! I may not have the budget for the boxes right now, but I do have fabric remnants laying around and I just may 'embelish' a few of my regular boxes! As usual, you are quite the inspiration.

  8. Susan, I did the same thing several years ago. I purchased my storage system at The Container Store, and it has certainly simplified putting up and taking down our Christmas ornaments.
    I'll leave our trees up till New Year's. I want to enjoy them for a few more days. When do you take the Christmas decorations down? Where do you store all of your decorations? We have a closet in one of our guest rooms devoted to nothing but Christmas. Unfortunately it is now full, and I need to find an annex. LOL ~ Sarah

  9. I'm going right there, sweetpea! We bought some boxes at Home Depot this week for storage but I'd like something different for the tree ornaments and that looks wonderful.

  10. Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio says

    Your storage boxes are pretty and functional too. Great find, I will have to look into that. Mine, like so many others are in plastic tubs.

  11. Those are cool, Susan! Hope you and your family had a nice Christmas.

  12. Miss Janice says

    You are MORE organized than moi! Twelve trees…countless ornaments…misc Christmas decos–all stuffed in plastic boxes in the gararge. Oh my, not good:)

  13. fiberdoodles says

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Kristi Maloney says

    Great blog! I am a new follower. Just visiting from Moms Own Words. Please stop by! Happy holidays!

  15. Brenda @Cozy Little House says

    Why, these are really beautiful and how useful! Now can you help me find a place in which to store my boxes? I didn't think so… Garden homes don't always have adequate storage.

  16. Great idea! I picked up a carton that was divided to hold ornaments, years ago…I have outgrown it. This looks like a great idea.

  17. Mary Ellen (megardengal) says

    Susan, My Lisa Leonard ornament that I won from you arrived the other day. Thank you so much for such a lovely keepsake! God gave me a verse when we were in the midst of our moving to Colorado and a new ministry after being in auto parts for almost 17 years. Isaiah 29:17-19. I had this embossed on the leaf along with "in that day" to remind me of His promise-

    It is just lovely and I am thinking it would make a lovely necklace piece when it is not hanging on the tree!

    I will be doing a post soon about your lovely gift and would have loved to sent you a written thank you but could not find an address.

    Please know I will treasure this piece and always think of you when I see it!


  18. Country Wings in Phoenix says

    Oh Susan sweetie…
    What a wonderful idea, and I so love the look of the beautiful boxes. They look like they are a perfect size to stack on a closet shelf or under the spare bed. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing with me today.

    Country hugs sweetie…Sherry

  19. Melissa Miller says

    Oooohhhh! Thanks Susan. I love this idea and your box is beautiful. πŸ™‚

  20. Great idea, Susan! Thanks!…Christine

  21. Oh! Would love to get something like this for old, precious ornaments. I have read that acid-free paper is great for saving/wrapping clothing also. May I ask that next time you give us an approx. price? I'd like to know whether it is worth it for me to look at the website – i.e., if it is too expensive, I wouldn't even go there! πŸ™‚
    Best regards,

  22. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    Susan, this looks like such a great way to store ornaments, and the boxes are also pretty. What a combination. Thanks for the hint. laurie

  23. Just beautiful but not sure I can justify spending $152 on a box. LOL. I guess I will have to wait on this one!

  24. Susan, Thanks for the tip! I have been looking for these types of boxes forEVER! So glad I saw this on your blog today!!

  25. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    Please tell me that you are not already taking down your tree? πŸ™‚
    The epiphany doesn't occur until Jan. 6th. Enjoy your 3rd day of Christmas.

  26. Richie's 2ts Inspires says

    I am your avid reader and a follower since I started blogging a year ago. But I don't leave any footprints coz I am just a simple blogger who enjoy.

    But reading this ornament storage really catches my eyes coz I been doing my own a week ago when I was bored blogging for 2 weeks.

    Do you think Ultimate Storage can ship my purchase to Stockholm, Sweden? Well, didn't open the link yet. Hopefully they will so, I skip doing my poor knowledge of DIY.

    TY for sharing.

    Greeting from a very chilly Stockholm…

  27. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Chie,
    Great to meet you! πŸ™‚ I just found this on their website, so it does look like they ship out to other countries.
    "Shipping Policy: If you live in the United States we will ship your items RPS. You can expect to receive your order 5-7 working days later. If you reside outside of the US we will contact you directly to discuss the best possible way to handle your order. All international orders must be prepaid in full with U.S. funds, by a cashier's check drawn on a U.S. bank, by wire transfer or by credit card. You may choose to place your order via our online service, by telephone at 1-800-397-7566 or by facsimile at 310-323-3624.

  28. personalized christmas ornaments says

    Oh! Would love to get something like this for old, precious ornaments. I have read that acid-free paper is great for saving/wrapping clothing also. May I ask that next time you give us an approx. price? I'd like to know whether it is worth it for me to look at the website – i.e., if it is too expensive, I wouldn't even go there!

  29. It is now 2017, and I was on the internet looking for better storage solutions for our many ornate and cherished ornaments. I came across these boxes and was looking for reviews and I found yours from many years ago. Thank you for sharing then. I wanted to share with you now that the company seems to be still going strong and their product looks better then anything i’ve seen. Just ordered cant wait to get them so I can take my tree down.

    • That’s great! Glad they are still around. I still love my boxes, they are just so beautiful. It’s always a special moment when I take them out each year.

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