Transform and Update a Lamp with a New Shade

Marty is one of the best bargain hunters I know and after reading today’s post, I think I need to start visiting the thrift stores more often. There are definitely some awesome deals to be found.

I’m excited to share this guest post from my friend and fellow blogger Marty, from the blog A Stroll Thru Life.  At the end of the post you’ll find a link to Marty’s blog where you’ll find lots of inspiring posts sharing fabulous ways to update your home.

Take it away, Marty!

I love a good before and after and it’s amazing to me what a difference finding just the right lampshade can make to dress up a lamp. I needed a small lamp for a table in the family room.

BEFORE : I found this one at goodwill for $4.99. I tried several shades I already had and finally settled on this one.

Update a Lamp and Give It a New Look with a New Lamp Shade


Perfect size and height.

Update a Lamp and Give It a New Look with a New Lamp Shade


Then on another trip to Goodwill, I found a gorgeous metal tole lampshade with brass inside. Stunning.

Update a Lamp and Give It a New Look with a New Lamp Shade


AFTER: I really couldn’t believe the price. $2.99 I think the dirt scared everyone off. After a little soap and water, I had a fabulous treasure.

Update a Lamp and Give It a New Look with a New Lamp Shade


This shade totally changes the look and character of the lamp. Great find.

Update a Lamp and Give It a New Look with a New Lamp Shade


A really nice accent to the table and the other lamps in the room.

Update a Lamp and Give It a New Look with a New Lamp Shade


You can see how the perfect shade transformed other lamps here and here.

Thanks so much for having me today Susan, this has been so much fun.

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  1. The “Thrift Store” is so much more. I generally stop by the local shops here on a regular basis. It’s true that trash does become a treasure. If you’re a crafter great places to find things you can’t find anywhere else. Many times I buy clothing, wash the item and use the fabric for my projects. Thrifting is fun and exciting since you never know just what you’ll find. Love those lampshades!!!

  2. What a huge difference the right lamp shade makes and Marty got that one at a steal! She is so good at finding those deals!

  3. Stunning! Marty is the queen of thrift store shopping! I got to go with her one time and she was so helpful and fun. She has a perfect eye for color! I love how you can change a lamp’s look completely with a shade!

  4. debbiedoos says

    Love it Marty, and so nice to see you here.

  5. I have been following Marty’s blog for a couple of years now and am always amazed at what great stuff she finds in her local thrift stores. Wished we had thrift stores like that here ; most of them have nothing but junk that nobody wanted and donated. I did find a pretty decorative box the last visit to Goodwill. The Humane society nearby has a great thrift store that we visited, plus donate stuff to. It is always very clean, very organized and the ladies that volunteer or run it are so nice and always pleasant. We donate at the back docks then drive around front of the shopping mall and go into the store to look to see if there’s something we can’t resist! We usually find something that attracts our attention. I have been cleaning out books from our bookcases and other items we no longer use that are taking up valuable storage space. I clean out my cookbook collection about a month ago; need to go through my gardening books next. I’ve been looking for a nice lamp for our sunroom but haven’t found it yet but keep looking.

  6. Hi Susan, I love the black and gold shade, what a difference; I will have to be on the lookout!

    2013 Designer Series

  7. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    You did well, Marty! This really hits home because I have been looking for a particular shade and not had much luck. I got a sort-of-substitute, but then I had to move some other shades around to get it to fit in just right. It was like musical shades around here! Still not 100% pleased, so I’ll trudge on. Yours look great though. 🙂

    Thanks, Susan.

  8. Rosemary Armesto says

    That Marty!! She must have some sort of internal radar for ‘deals’. 😀 Love that shade.

  9. Love the shades. All of them….

  10. Ahhh, now that’s the perfect shade for your lamp Marty. You’d never guess these were thrift store finds – beautiful!

  11. Marty has such a lovely home. The “new” lampshade is perfect for the lamp and perfect for her family room. I believe in thrifting (especially at Goodwill) whenever possible. You not only get great bargains but you are also making it possible for many people to have jobs that may not be able to find employment elsewhere. You are also keeping your money in your community! I would call that a Win/Win!! …. Candy

  12. Marty is an inspiration to us all! She is a wonderful decorator and a thrifty shopper too! Hugs, Penny

  13. Great finds Marty! I haven’t been thrifting in about three weeks and I’m having withdrawal symptoms. After seeing your haul I know it’s time to go back.

  14. Love it! I would say that is a great deal.. I am amazed at some of my finds from thrifting over the years. Your shade inspires me want to start my hunts up again.

  15. Next to a 90 minute massage, few things are as satisfying as a great deal, and Marty can write a book on that subject. That black shade was a true steal. It’s elegant and sophisticated and works so nicely in this space.

  16. Wow, Marty great find! I haven’t had any good luck lately at the thrift stores. It was great to see you here.


  17. Marty is great and thrifting is definitely the best. xo Laura

  18. Marty’s house is super cozy!

  19. I so love the creativity that Marty has! and yes, I think the thrift stores need a visit! Lovely home…..

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