Designing a Bedroom for Two Dinosaur-Loving Boys

Welcome to the 548th Metamorphosis Monday!

If you’ve been following BNOTP for a while, you may remember when I turned my son’s old bedroom into my home office. This collage below shows the various parts of the room prior to taking the beds apart and moving everything out of the room. (See how the office turned out in this previous post: Designing and Creating a Home Office.)

My son was in undergraduate school at the University of Georgia when I undertook this project. I saved all the furniture for several reasons: 1. I knew it wouldn’t fetch much on the resale market and I hated to let it go for a song AND 2. I thought it might come in handy one day if I ever purchased a mountain cottage or beach house. I didn’t have any plans to do that but since I had the space to store it, I decided to hold onto it.

Child's Bedroom Renovation to a Home Office


I’m glad I did now since there are two little boys, ages 3 and 5, who are ready for big-boy beds. My grandsons have outgrown their convertible crib-to-toddler beds and are super excited to graduate into the beds their dad had in his room when he was growing up.


I don’t currently have a photo of their room, but here’s an ancient photo I found of the room before my son and daughter-in-law purchased the home. This is probably the same configuration we’ll be placing the beds since the room has slanted ceilings everywhere, making the ceiling too low for bunk beds.

See those indentions on the right and left of the room? Those are good-sized dormer windows…large enough to hold a piece of furniture like a rocking chair or a chest. Each of the upstairs bedrooms has adorable dormer windows on both sides of the rooms. I love dormer windows and the quirky ceilings, but they do make furniture placement a bit of a challenge.

The boys would love to have their dad’s old beds set up in the bunk bed configuration, but I’m about 99% sure that will not work due to the design of the room. On the other side of the room (not visible in the photo below) are two closet doors set back into another alcove in the room, as well as the doorway where you enter into the room. So there’s a lot going on in this room with all the windows, dormers, doors and alcoves.


I’m going to load up my SUV with the beds, and if possible the chest-of-drawers although I doubt the chest will fit for this trip up. My daughter-in-law and I have been plotting and scheming and after running some bedding ideas by the boys, we think we’ve come up with a plan. This plan isn’t in concrete, though. Designing/decorating a room from 500 miles away is a bit tricky. lol Fortunately, everything I’ve purchased for this makeover is returnable.

Enough talking, let’s look at the fun stuff!


Both my grandsons love dinosaurs, as did their dad. I guess little boys will still love dinosaurs another 30 years from now! So this is the bedding we’re going with for their new big-boy room. See those little, white-label looking things on the quilts? Those are actually the names of the dinosaurs. I love how this set is designed!

I went whole-hog and decided to replicate the entire look/feel of this bed. So I purchased everything visible in the photo below (except the two smallest pillows) times two. (Find this bedding available here: Dinosaur Bedding.)

Dinosaur Bedding


One thing I noticed that kinda bugs me is the sheets no longer have orange dinosaurs on them, they are all blue, green, gray etc… So they’ve lost that punch of color that tied them to the orange in the quilt.

That’s a minor issue but I’m thinking of possibly using an orange lamp in the room, so I would have preferred the sheets still have a few orange dinosaurs on them. I’m going to call Pottery Barn today and ask about that, but I’m sure they’ll say the photo was taken a long time ago and those exact sheets are no longer available. Dinosaur sheets are available here: Dinosaur Sheets.

Update: Called PB and they said exactly what I expected: it’s an older photo and they don’t carry the dino sheets with the orange dinosaurs anymore. Drat!

Pottery Barn Dinosaur Bedding


Here’s the haul from yesterday: 2 Dinosaur Quilts, 2 Blue and White Check Duvets, 2 Euro pillows, 2 Euro pillow Inserts, 2 Standard Sham Inserts, 2 Waterproof Mattress Covers and 4 Sets of Dinosaur Sheets–missing the bright orange dinosaur. The two “Standard-size” Dinosaur Shams are on order since they are being “personalized” with the boy’s names.

Last night I ordered two inserts for the blue and white, check duvet covers. I purchased those HERE. It will be another packing miracle if I can get the beds and all this stuff into my SUV for the trek north.

I was able to purchase all the bedding from Pottery Barn Kids here: Dinosaur Bedding, at 25% off with the code LEARN at check out. The sale was set to end yesterday, but wouldn’t you know, they extended the sale and added on free shipping today. Arggg! If they had offered free shipping yesterday, I would have had all bedding shipped to Ohio instead of bringing it home with me.

If it wasn’t so much trouble, I’d return it all and reorder it online with free shipping, but it’s a 30-minute drive back to Pottery Barn Kids and I really don’t feel like hauling all of the bedding back to the store. Somehow I’ll squirrel it all away inside the car. (Remember this Christmas post: The Big Present Puzzle & Making It All Fit?)

Pottery Barn Dinosaur Bedding for Twin Beds


More Plans

Please keep an open mind as I share what I’m planning. I’m following my typical M.O. for how I decorate, meaning everything I’ve purchased thus far is returnable. So if it doesn’t work out or we don’t like how it looks, no problem, it can all be returned.

So, here’s the plan right now: I wanted some kind of table or chest to go between the beds, assuming they can not be assembled in bunk-bed form which is what my grandson would prefer. I’m guessing the beds will need to fit into the room in the same configuration as the beds were in this vintage photo of the room. I wanted the table I chose to do double-duty for storage, so I decided to go with a chest.


I knew it would be difficult to find a chest that coordinated well with my son’s existing rustic-style beds/furniture. Plus, I really wanted something to lighten up the look and add a bit of whimsy/fun to the room. So, I decided to look for a painted piece.


Immediately, I came across this chest at The height looked perfect but the reviews were very confusing. Some of the reviews stated the color shown in the photos at Overstock is accurate.

Blue Painted Chest


Other reviews stated the chest they received was a darker, teal color.

Ummm…what to do? I liked both colors and thought the blue would possibly work with the lighter blue in the dinosaur quilt.

Blue Painted Chest, Distressed Wood


I also thought the blue color of the chest would be pretty contrasting with the warm brown color of the beds. But what if I didn’t like how it looked once it arrived? What if it didn’t work out?

I wasn’t sure how easy returns would be with Overstock, so I decided to see if the same chest was available on Amazon where returns are usually hassle-free. And, it was! You’ll find the blue chest below available here: Blue Chest.

Pottery Barn Dinosaur Bedding


Interestingly, the photos and reviews at Amazon are very similar! Some reviews say the color of the chest is just as depicted in the photos, while others say the chest is dark teal in color. In any case, when the chest arrives if the color is all wrong, I’ll call for a pickup and have it returned. I’m hoping once the beds are in place and the chest is placed between them, we’ll love it!

Blue Painted Chest


More thoughts/scheming 🙂

I’m toying with the idea of adding an orange lamp to the top of the chest–thought it would look great against the blue of the chest and bring out some of the orange colors from the dinosaur quilts. There are quite a few lamps on Amazon that I’m eyeing, but I think I’ll wait and see how the chest looks between the beds first.

Update: I ended up buying several lamps in the store, At Home, taking them all with me to Ohio to see how they worked.

Lamp's for a Boy's Bedroom


This is the way I prefer to decorate, bit by bit. Every room has a starting place. For this room, it’s my son’s old bedroom furniture and this dinosaur-themed bedding. Those are our jumping-off points for pulling this room together.

Pottery Barn Dinosaur Bedding


If all goes well, I may have some photos to share by next Metamorphosis Monday. I’ll be heading up to Ohio this Friday, beds and dinosaur bedding in tow. Wish me luck! Hope there are no 18-wheelers with exploding tire tread on this trip!

Update: See how the bedding, table and lamps looked in the bedroom makeover in this post: Bedroom Makeover: Dinosaur Themed Bedroom for Two Dinosaur Loving Boys.


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Oh the dinosaur theme is going to be so cute!! Yikes it must be hard to decorate from afar, but once again I am so impressed with how organized you are Susan, saving your son’s furniture was so smart! Have fun!

  2. In reading about your grandsons’ bedroom I saw the link about the retread tires. When we all went to Ireland a lovely couple was with us with the gentleman having recently sold a retread tire business. He explained quality can vary widely and it all goes back to cost keeping in mind a truck requires 18 tires. Having ridden a motorcycle in 49 states I am very afraid of “flying gators” which is a term for retread tire pieces. Safe travels!

    • I would be terrified on a motorcycle. I’m dreading the drive to Ohio in a few days and passing the big trucks on the way. I wonder how many cyclists have been killed by flying gators?

  3. BamaCarol says

    Love your ideas so far Susan! Can’t wait to see it all decorated up for the two sweet boys. Love that you saved your sons furniture so it can be used by the next generation. Good luck getting it all in the suv!

  4. Susan, do you ever stop to catch your breath? You are a marvel. I wish I had half your energy! Anyway, sounds like a great (and fun) plan. I too love the little pop of color the orange dinosaurs lend – and I must say I am so impressed with your sidling up to orange – I know it’s not been one of your favorites (to say the least, lol). But I have always loved it and thought of it as so sunny and cheery. It would be wonderful if PB had a couple of those sets ‘in the warehouse.’ If not, they’re still very cute.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see pictures. The room has so many interesting architectural details, it will be fun to put the finishing touches on it. Chip and Nancy, not to mention the little guys, are so lucky to have you. Can’t wait to be able to spoil some grand-kids like that. 😀 Thanks for including us in this fun project. And safe travels this time!

    • lol I do, but when I get excited/motivated about something, then I can’t wait to see it happen in reality.
      You’re so right, orange is not normally a color I love unless it’s a Hermes box. Ha! I checked, but PB said it was an old picture and they don’t have those sheets anymore. I’m going to check on eBay from time to time in case some turn up there. Thanks, Pam!

  5. Mary from Virginia says

    Looks adorable and perfect for two boys!

    Enjoy your trip!

  6. If you haven’t already tried it, don’t be afraid to pull a small U-Haul trailer with your SUV. I had a tow thing installed on my SUV and I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to transport all the stuff I wanted! Driving with the trailer behind is really easy also. My sons thought I was crazy for having the thing put on my SUV, but I wish I had done it long ago. I miss having a truck! (Be sure to remove the ball adapter when you are not using it. It really hurts when you run into it with your shin!)

    • I agree. Pulling a small trailer is a breeze. I pull hubbys boat when we go camping. I also agree with removing the hitch from the receiver. I smacked my shin once while unloading a box from the back of my minivan and the bruise and the swelling lasted for weeks!!! Oweee! Can’t wait to see your progress. Safe travels!

    • I thought about that but I’ve never done that. My SUV is so old, I wonder how it would do pulling something, especially since its hybrid battery could croak at any time. Thanks for that suggestion, though!

  7. Brenda Lawrence says

    I hope it works out and I can’t wait to see the room done Susan! You are such a wonderful grandma!! I love the colors in this bedding and agree with you in that they should have kept that pop of orange in the sheets. Why do they change things?! lol

    • Awww, thanks, Brenda! I purchased something in a Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago…can’t remember what it was right now. Anyway, when I saw all the super cute bedding and furniture, I was so sad that none of that was around when my son was little. The choices were so limited. I am loving the opportunity to do a boys room again and this time I can use the really cute stuff! I know, irks me that they changed the sheets. I like the old ones with the pop of orange much better!

  8. My boys had Cargo furniture for their bedroom and we saved all their pieces, too. We worked up quite a collection because when we moved to a larger house and they could each have their own bedroom we got an additional nightstand, desk, chair, and chest of drawers so each boy could have a complete set. It has lasted well and is now at home in their sons’ rooms. Looking forward to seeing how your dinosaur den turns out. I’m sure the boys will LOVE it! Be safe on that drive!

    • Susan, what a fun, fabulous grandma project! You are so lucky your dil is letting you also do the creative, interior decorating too. Love the Dino theme. Just today at luck my husband was complaining about all the stuff we have stored, stashed from our boys for grandkids we don’t have. I can’t wait to show him this post that it’s worth the wait! Some items I have you might want to add (or if you saved from your son): old plastic dinosaur toys, a pith helmet, mosquito netting over beds or in a corner as a play area, etc. two items my son adored (and weren’t saved) was a 4 foot tall inflatable dinosaur and a giant pterodactyl skeleton that hung from his ceiling. Think these are still available at museum stores online.

      PS we still have one of the four twin bed headboards/footboards sets that was my husbands and his three brothers. And, I refininished the baby chest for my son’s wild thing bedroom growing up.

    • It indestructible, isn’t it? Perfect for rambunctious boys! lol So wonderful that you saved it all Debbie, including your husband’s. Lots of memories! I can’t wait to see my son’s face when he see his son’s sleeping in his old beds.

  9. Dawne Marie says

    This is so exciting! The boys are gonna love it!
    I’m driving to Hilton Head from FL Sunday. The onto MI after two day family visit. Hoping for no flying gators! Been hit once. Safe travels to you u Susan.

  10. Hi susan, I think that the boys bedroom will be just adorable and you are a wonderful Grandmother and MIL! I think that you should call PotteryBarn Kids and explain what happened with your purchase and that they now have free shipping. Even though you will still have to drive them to Ohio you might get your shipping cost refunded. All they can say is no!

    • Thanks, Linda! I didn’t have any shipping cost…I drove over the PB Kids store at Avalon yesterday to buy everything to avoid $84 in shipping cost. If I had known they were going to offer free shipping today, I would have waited until today and purchased it all online and had it shipped to their house. Ugh, just bad timing on my part.

  11. Not to be a mama bear……..u’ve gotten this far and well without me, but i’ve made that voyage up I-75 or I-40 more times than I want 2 remember in an SUV stuffed to the gills with household furniture and it is TREACHEROUS n2 Chattanooga and back 2 Knoxville OR down the mountain from Asheville, on a FRIDAY, at any hour of the day. It’s just about empty on the weekend, and if it’s raining or the highways are damp, even a little, well………. we all look 4ward to your messages, tutorials and links. Can’t u be one day late?

    • So you think it’s better to go on a Saturday? I could do that, I guess. I didn’t realize it matter what day I drove. I will definitely think about that. Thanks, Susan!

      • Susan Cauttrell says

        One day will make a HUGE difference unless there’s a football game in Knoxville, then even Sunday is doable. We used to have to plan our voyages between CHAS and STL around the SEC schedule depending on where Tech was playing and also UT, but that won’t be a problem this time of year. If both were home games, then we stayed home until the next day rather than be mired in the accompanying traffic or competing in it. U’ll do fine on Saturday and your grands will adore what u’re Bringing 4 them.

  12. Oh, Susan this brings back such happy memories of my sons’ room & recently passing their furniture on to our grandsons! The Young Hinkle furniture featured in the movie, E.T. is made to resemble ship’s furnishings—solid, cross-cut wood with heavy brass pulls & toggle latches. I decorated with hand-made sailboat quilts & nautical bedding/accents. Our boys loved it! When they outgrew the “theme” in Jr high, I switched to the EXACT SAME reversible Green/red plaid bedding (ordered from Spiegel’s) that is pictured in your son’s room. Fast forward to both our sons having 2 sons…we handed down a bed, dresser, nightstand, desk/hutch, chair & “pirate’s chest” to firstborn grandson in each family. It is so special to see them enjoying what my husband & I purchased for their daddies!
    The dino bedding is adorable & the light blue chest looks like it will be perfect! Enjoy every delightful moment of creating the fun, new big boy space for your grandsons!!

    • That is so wonderful, Merri Jo! I can’t wait to see my son’s face when he tucks in his two boys into his childhood beds. He’s such a great father and I know it will be a special moment for him. Thanks, Merri Jo! Looking forward to sharing photos of it all together. I purchased new dinosaur pjs for the boys to wear the first night in their new beds. 🙂

  13. Barb Shoemaker says

    Susan, not sure you are aware but there is a Pottery Barn/ Kids outlet in Jeffersonville Ohio very close, not more than an hour from Dayton. They carry close outs & discontinued patterns from the store & catalog. You might give them a call to see if they have any of the dinosaur sheets you are looking for. I have seen them there before. Good luck here is their phone # 740-948-2004. They have always been very kind to work with.

  14. Michele M. says

    It all sounds awesome. Be sure to check that returns are FREE – often they accept returns but one must pay for return shipping.

    I like the idea of the darker teal to be honest – but it’s just paint – you can save yourself a ton of trouble and just repaint it the right blue – heck even paint some bits orange for that matter.

    Would love to see you when you come up if you’re up for it. I am 2.5 hours north and east of Dayton – in north Columbus – you are certainly welcomed here for tea and cake and a visit – or overnight to go back home refreshed- though I am almost certain you’d prefer to be with family.

    The boys room is going to look amazing.

    • Michelle, I think it is the darker teal. I had my son peep in the box and take a photo for me today since it arrived at his home today, and the photo he sent looked pretty dark. I hope it’s not too dark. It’s so weird because so many of the reviews say it a light blue and others say it’s a dark blue. Why can’t companies be consistent?!

      If I get a chance, I will email you. It’s alway so busy when I’m there…I’m always working on a project. I hope to help with some painting this time while I’m there.

      Thanks! Looking forward to sharing pictures real soon!

  15. How fun for you, your dil, and the boys! Have a safe trip

  16. Barb Shoemaker says

    Susan, I’m not sure you are aware but Pottery Barn/Kids has an outlet very close to Dayton in Jeffersonville Ohio off I-71. They carry overstock & discontinued styles & patterns. Previously I have seen the dinosaur pattern you are looking for. The merchandise is packaged & new. Here is their phone # 740-948-2004. They are very helpful & accept phone calls. Good Luck. If they don’t have what you’re looking for a trip to the store always has treasures.

  17. Oh Susan, this is a beautiful project you’re undertaking, together with your dil! I’m sure your grandsons will love their new beds and that dinosaur bedding! I doubt my son will ever take his former room’s furniture when he becomes a dad because his current home is all white furnished, so I know when I move I’ll have to sell or to donate almost everything that’s still in the room that used to be his room. When he visits he loves to see that nothing changed since he left… sadly, I couldn’t even change the bedspread (I want a “feminine” one very badly! sigh) but it wouldn’t work, since in his former room “live” Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li and other action stars he “loves”, as lifesize cardboard standups! Arghhh!

    • It was so hard when I took my son’s room apart…so hard. I remember it well. 🙁 You may be surprised, maybe your son will want to to use it.

  18. Suggestion: For bedding, go to WalMart or other store (Dollar Stores also carry these bags, but they don’t seem to hold their vacuum as well)and purchase VACUUM BAGS. Will suck the bedding to nothing and fluffs right back up instantly when removed. I store all my various bedding in this manner.

  19. Very cute. Just a thought, if your blue chest turns out to be the wrong color maybe you could paint it orange to bring in your pop of orange and not have to return it.

    • Good idea, Lorri. That would be a good solution.

    • It arrived today and my son sent a quick photo he took of it in the box. I think it’s going to be okay, although it is darker in color than I had originally hoped. I’ll know real soon when I’m there in a few days. Thanks, Pam!

  20. FYI.. it would be pretty easy to applique some orange on those comforters.

  21. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  22. These are nice pieces of furniture; the kids will enjoy them, etc. BUT, what will they sleep in when they visit you? They will soon be at the age where they want to come to your house.

    • What fun that would be! I keep telling my son/dil that it won’t be long before they will be old enough to visit White Water and Six Flags here. Don’t worry, I have a guest room and the sofa in my upstairs family room makes into a comfortable queen size bed.

  23. Becky O'Brien says

    ooo, love the look. Love the idea of “shrinking” with the vacumn for packing also. Wanted to add: I’ve purchased from overstock before, and the delivery time is a problem, always. Glad you went with Amazon!

    • Yeah, I’ve had issues with them before, so don’t quite trust them. Trust Amazon a whole lot more. I’m glad they had the table/chest, too. Thanks, Becky!

  24. This will be so much fun working with your dil for the kids. I think having the beds side-by-side is better; then no fighting over who gets the upper. One day the youngest is going to want an upper too! I really dislike orange–except on that dino bedding! It really adds to the print. Hope you find it as suggested above at outlet nearby, or maybe ebay. This project calls for lots of in progress IG photos, as well as a detail blog post. Can’t wait!

  25. Kathleen says

    Oh my you are going to have so much FUN this trip to Ohio! So glad you and your DIL are on the same page. The room is going to be so much fun for the boys. Can’t wait to see the window treatment (those vintage curtains, hmmm). I love the chest and I think either tone of the blue is going to work perfectly…also depends on the light in the room. I did the very same thing you did with my sons’ bunk beds and my middle son refinished the beds and my two grandsons are using them! Does the heart good to see a grandchild using something their father had. Also, absolutely killing me too about the free shipping!!!

  26. I bet the boys will LOVE their new room! My son (now 35) had dinosaur bedding in his room for a while, too, and I think you are right – they all love dinos. Safe travels!

  27. Thank you so much for hosting the party. I hope you are enjoying your Monday!

  28. What fun ideas you have. Boys can have style too! As far as that chest – it is just right, but orange knobs might be just the thing. Aren’t grandkids just the best thing ever??

  29. Wow I love the dinosaur theme. Too bad about the orange dino’s on the sheets. I suspect they aren’t available or they may find some at other stores that were part of the original merchandise? I guess you could center the bunk beds in the room? Unless it’s too small and would create a strange look. Oh well at least they can be in their Dad’s old bed!

  30. YOU can DO it!! franki

  31. Linda S Page says

    That will be one cute dino room!! I think the orange lamp will be perfect! I know both boys will be excited! You are a good grandmother!

  32. Karen Schwaderer says

    I made the drive from Indian Lake,(a little further north) Ohio to GA yesterday and thought of you every time I would pass a semi. We need to coordinate our schedule sometime and at least follow each other up and back. It’s a brutal 10 hour drive by myself.

  33. Rebecca Dineen says

    Check out dinosaur drawer knobs for chests / dressers on Etsy.
    Safe travels & happy decorating.

  34. That bedding is great! How fun and I can picture their rubber animal collection working beautifully into the room.
    If you are ever unable to haul yourself, check out One of several online companies who move stuff across state lines. You load up description of items, approx. weight, photos and Drivers bid on the pickup and delivery. I’ve used them twice and it was a terrific reasonable service. The guy came both times in one of those big box trailers attached to a pickup. Worked very well and you don’t pay until its delivered.
    Have a great trip!

    • Thanks for reminding me about that. I may contact them about the chest of drawers since I couldn’t get in and the beds into the SUV this trip. I’ll be going back up in October and again in December, so I may just take some of the furniture each time I go.

  35. Hello Susan!
    This is the second Blog Post of yours that I have received! Yaay! Checks always showcase a design print.
    I hope I can use my Son’s beds like this one day.
    Happy Hauling,


  36. Pass those 18 wheelers quickly!

  37. Cyndi Raines says

    Yippee, you are coming north again! My hope is that when you are touring the lovely older neighborhoods by your sons house, you will find a darling, must have stone cottage with a “fairy-tale” look and you will be smitten. Hehe. Then you can visit the South in the hard cold winter, but be close to your family the rest of the time. This may sound a bit crazy, but would the high ceiling in the middle of the room accommodate the bunk beds and then they could each have a side of the room for their own? It may take up too much space, ….or maybe you could put the headboards together, making an L shape which would leave a big open area in the center of the room. We’ll, I’m sure whatever you do,it will turn out terrific and the boys will love it.
    Hope you find the sheets with the orange dinosaurs. Praying for a safe road trip.

    • Thanks so much, Cyndi! I kinda wondered about that, too…but I don’t think there’s enough space and afraid we’ll end up blocking the window. I was thinking today, it’s probably just as well that they don’t work as bunk beds right now since I’m not sure I want either of them on that top bunk until they are a good bit older. I think my dil feels the same way. Pottery Barn told me today that the photo with the orange dinosaur if a very old photo and those sheets are no longer available. I’ll have to keep a watch on eBay in case a brand new set turns up there. That happens from time to time with PB items.
      I wish I could find that fairytale cottage! It certainly would be a lot easier than driving back and forth! lol

  38. Dear Super Grandma, I am still up for adoption. LOL Those kids are so lucky.
    What a treat to have their father’s beds.
    Maybe you should rent a passenger van for the trip.

  39. Hi Susan. You might be able to find the original PB sheets on ebay. I am always amazed at what people are selling on there. Worth a look, but knowing you I am willing to bet you have already given that a try!!! I too am amazed by your energy and I look forward to retirement when I can get up and go go go. Have an amazing time. My grand is almost two and I try to see him once a month. He is five hours away and I love my time with him.

    • Yup, I was hoping for that, too. I looked eBay and didn’t see any. I think I’ll keep checking, though…would still love to find two twin sets.
      Aww, thanks! I get so excited to see my grandsons, would do anything for them. That’s wonderful that you get to see yours every month! They change so much at this age. I can’t believe how much my youngest one is talking now in full 5-6 word sentences. He wasn’t talking in such long sentences just a few months ago! That’s wonderful that you’re only 5 hours away. That’s a long drive, but better than 9. 🙂

  40. OH how fun!!! It will be adorable, no matter what you decide on, that is for sure. Pops of orange can come from a lot of places too….maybe picture frames, or the mattings, stuffed toys…things that can be changed out as they grow and prefer something else. (NEVER!!! :)) Also, letting you know that those LED lanterns you suggested really helped us out in the last power outage….perfect for keeping our way lit in the house! Thanks!

    • Thanks, Rosie! That’s awesome, so glad you had them! I had to use mine recently when the power was out for about an hour. It actually happened while I was loading up my SUV with furniture. I just kept loading via the light from the lantern.

  41. Susan, what about setting the beds up in the very center of the room, where the ceiling is highest? Might the bunk beds work that way? Just a thought.

    • The room isn’t very big so not sure how would that work, but I’m going to measure and check that possibility out while I’m there. So many windows and doors in that room! Thanks for the suggestion, Marlene!

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