Valentine’s Day Craft: Make a Valentine’s Day Garland or Banner for Your Home

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A few weeks ago I shared Jackie’s beautiful Valentine’s Day table along with her dining room all decorated for Valentine’s Day. I loved the darling Valentine’s Day garland/banner she had hanging in front of the window in her dining room.


You may remember these two close-up photos that I shared of her V-Day banner.


I wondered if I could make a similar banner to hang here in my home office for Valentine’s Day, only I wanted to find a way to make it without punching holes in the envelopes so they could actually be used to mail out the valentines later if I decided to do that.


I looked online and found a set of 24 beautiful vintage-style Valentine’s Day cards. They appeared to be a great size for my banner project. Unfortunately, the beauty of these cards really doesn’t really translate in photos. They are made of sturdy card stock and the images are done in rich, saturated colors. They are also beautifully glossy. I wish the glossiness would show in the photos because it really makes them feel high-end, though they were quite inexpensive.

Beautiful Valentine's Day Cards for Valentine's Day Garland Banner


Even the envelopes that come with the cards are beautiful! (Cards with envelopes are available here: Vintage Style Valentine’s Day Cards.)


In the photos of Jackie’s Valentine’s Cards garland, it appeared they used little grommets for the string. Hoping to not have to punch holes in my envelopes since I’d love to actually mail or give them to friends, I decided to see if I could come up with another way to attach my envelopes.


To make my V-Day garland, I used this red/white yarn I’ve had for years. I’ve had it so long, I don’t remember now where I purchased it. I’m guessing it may have been in Marshalls since I used to shop there a lot for gift wrapping supplies. I also used this tacky wax shown below. I wasn’t sure how it would work for what I had in mind, but it worked beautifully! (Tacky Wax is available here: Tacky Wax.)


I made my garland across my kitchen counter, laying each of the envelopes face down with the yarn laying across them…kinda assembly-line style. lol

DIY Valentine's Day Garland


I placed a little tacky wax in the top corner of each envelope as shown below.

DIY Valentine's Day Garland


Then I just pressed the yarn down into the wax, making sure to squish some of the wax over the top of the yarn.

DIY Valentine's Day Banner


The next day I made a quick trip to Dollar Tree and picked up some hearts. The glitter ones on the left are not stickers, the felt ones on the right are stickers.

Felt Hearts, Valentine's Day DIY Project


My garland held up well overnight without any cards falling off, so the tacky wax worked great! The cards are all still well-stuck to the yarn.

Valentine's Day Garland


I tried to capture a few close-ups of these gorgeous cards for you. Again my photos do not capture their glossy finish.

Beautiful Valentine's Day Card, Vintage Style


I used a tiny touch of the tacky wax to hold each card in place inside the envelope. I almost hated to put any of the cards down inside the envelopes because the images are so beautiful and end up partially hidden once they are inside. But the cards do create a charming look peaking outside the pretty envelopes.

Beautiful Valentine's Day Card, Vintage Style Cards


I attached a red, felt-sticker heart to each envelope to somewhat duplicate the heart we saw on the envelopes in Jackie’s garland.

Beautiful Valentine's Day Card, Vintage Style Cards


The inside of each card is blank so you can write your own Valentine’s Day message.

Beautiful Valentine's Day Card, Vintage Style 6


I wish I could show all 24 cards from this set because every card is beautiful! I had a hard time choosing which ones to use in the banner because they are all so pretty!

Beautiful Valentine's Day Card, Vintage Style 5


Again, you can’t really see the beautiful gloss finish of each card, just have to take my word for it. They look and feel very high-end.

Beautiful Valentine's Day Card, Vintage Style 4


What could be more Valentine’s Day than a sweet cherub watering a rose topiary as robins fly around overhead! ♥ There are other flowers around the base of the rose topiary. These cards are just soooo pretty!

Beautiful Valentine's Day Card, Vintage Style 3


The only thing I would change if I were making this garland again is I would probably use 9 cards instead of 7 so that the cards would be a little bit closer together. I’m really happy with how it turned out, though. (Cards with envelopes are available here: Vintage Style Valentine’s Day Cards.)

If you make this garland and do not plan to take it apart later to actually use the cards, you could glue or hot glue the envelopes to the yarn. I may do that if I decide to keep it in garland form. The cards are so beautiful, I was thinking about mailing them out to friends and family. Or, I may just hoard them for myself since I don’t really want to part with them! Ha!

Valentine's Day Garland


Update: Meant to mention this–if you are giving these Valentine’s Day cards to friends, neighbors, or co-workers in person, I think it would be really cute to attach (either with glue or tacky wax) a candy heart to the front or back of each envelope. It could take the place of the red felt heart. I saw these chocolate heart candies below in Dollar Tree while I was there shopping for heart stickers. If you pick up some of the glitter hearts at Dollar Tree, mabye drop a few of those in each envelope, too. ♥


Hope you enjoyed this little Valentine’s Day Garland DIY project! Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. This garland is ADORABLE! Pre-Covid we usually hosted what we called a Sweetheart Brunch – inviting our friends and having a lovely time. I look forward to making this garland next year, when hopefully we can again entertain friends…I can just see it strung across our dining room hutch/china closet! Thank you for the great idea!

  2. You are so creative Susan! This is beautiful and the cards are gorgeous. I would keep the garland for next year! The cards are to nice to mail!

  3. I love the garland and the beautiful valentines. Last year I bought the red hearts at Michaels that were like Christmas ornaments. It threaded red satin ribbon through the top and tied them to my chandelier. My ladies group thought they were beautiful.
    I love all your lovely ideas, as well as others who send them in.

    • Oh, I love the sound of that…sounds beautiful! I think I have some red hearts, too. That would be beautiful to alternate with the cards. Love the idea of hanging them from a chandelier!
      Thanks so much, Jacqueline!

  4. Jackie Allen says

    Great crafting!!! I love the Garland – it came out terrific! The cards are so beautiful too! – Jackie

  5. Your card garland is just adorable. Using the wax is a great idea to keep the envelope intact. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan, have a great week!

    • It did work and the wax came right off without much work, although I did have one card fall off. I’m going to hot glue them all on next year, though. Thanks, Debra!

  6. Those cards look like Punch Studio cards. I have them and they are gorgeous. Some are available on Amazon.

  7. Franki Parde says

    Those are “the cutest” valentine ideas!!! I bought “old timey” postcards & $2 frames @ $ store …luv the “candy gummy” idea too…franki

  8. I love the envelope garland idea, yours turned out so cute!! Thank you Susan!

  9. Susan, I love this garland! and how fun to make! It’s almost like an Advent calendar as you could open one card a day until Valentines Day. So sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a great garland Susan – you and Jackie are both so talented! I’ve never used Tacky Wax, and I’m wondering about it staining the paper … But I assume you wouldn’t use it if it did? I’d definitely use the Valentines – they’re just lovely! Happy Monday and thanks as always for hosting!

    • Thanks, Barbara! I lifted it up right after I put it on to see if it would come off and it did, but the real test will be trying that after it’s been on there a while. I think I’m going to use my hot glue gun and permanently stick the envelopes to the yarn since I think I’ll keep the banner to use again. I still have 17 more cards I can mail/give out, so I think I’ll make the banner permanent. I’ll let you know how the envelopes look if I do decide to remove them and hot glue the envelopes down.

  11. I was wondering if the wax would stain so will be interested if it does after sitting awhile. What about florist tape? Wonder if that would bond with the string and paper. Love what you came up with and the cards are gorgeous and would be hard to part with. I did see the red and white string (not as thick) at Dollar Store in the craft area. Using candy hearts instead of stickers is a great idea when personally handing out valentines!

    • When I took it down, it did come right off without staining, but I’m going to go ahead and hot glue them on and use a few more cards to make it a bit fuller for next year.
      Thanks, Kathleen! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  12. Jane Perry says

    I love your garland! Thought I would mention Barnes and Noble often offers Punch Studio boxes of vintage cards by theme. They are offered at significantly lower price than Amazon. Thank you for sharing this lovely garland.

  13. Oh my goodness, that is wonderful. Makes me wish I still had all those valentines from elementary school. That was always such a big deal getting a card, I don’t think they had envelopes then but I could be wrong.
    You just sort of handed them to your classmates and of course there were the red hot candies and those little heart candies with words on them. Do kids still do that?
    Going further down that memory lane, Moms aka homeroom monitors would bring Kool-aid and cupcakes to school on Valentine’s as treats for the kids. Are homemade baked items even allowed now?
    As always, you are super creative and detailed. Thanks for sharing.

    • I remember those days, it was sooo exciting to get Valentines from everyone! I think kids do still give out Valentines now but with the current state of things, not sure they did it this year. I hope they did.
      Thanks, Teresa!

  14. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    I love how your garland came out Susan! It looks great and festive! Those cards indeed look beautiful as do the envelopes. I think you should keep the garland and just get another box to give out. lol It just looks to cute hanging in your office and the images are just to sweet not to have them to look at in the month of February. Hugs, Brenda

  15. Bobbi Duncan says

    I love your sweet Valentine’s Day garland–thanks for the tutorial and a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you. It’s our granddaughter’s birthday (Evelyn will be 5), so it’s an extra-special day for us. Hugs!

  16. Thanks for the inspiration! I just ordered vintage Easter cards to make a Spring Garland for me and one for my daughter.

  17. This Valentine’s garland is so cute! Thank you so much for the step by step and for giving us a place to share. It’s always fun to see what you’re up to! Hugs and Happy Valentine’s week, CoCo

  18. I love the valentines. I collect old valentines and just love them. So I had to order these won’t get them until after valenines day but that’s ok because they are just for me anyway. I would not be able to part with them. I really do like your garland.

  19. Thanks, Debbie! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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