A Much Wanted Shirt Is Found & Spring Wardrobe Updates

Welcome to 420th Metamorphosis Monday!

Did you hear a crazy woman screaming on February 5th? If you did, that was me having a happy fit when Elaine, a reader of BNOTP, e-mailed to say she had seen the birding shirt I’ve been trying to find forever for sale on Etsy. I leapt over to Etsy and couldn’t believe my eyes!  The ad stated that it was brand new and had never been worn. I think it will fit based on the sizing listed and the photo the seller provided of her trying it on. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will.


Here’s a little close up of a small section of the shirt. I read a bit more about it this evening and learned that it’s called the “Liberty Print” and was designed from the drawings of Edwyn Collins. Mr. Collins had two strokes back in 2005 and they were so severe, he lost the ability to walk, talk, read and write. He had to learn all those things again and it didn’t come quickly or easily. In the article I read, he said he was still struggling with writing. Can you imagine having to learn all those things again from scratch!


The strokes left him unable to use his right hand, and since he was right handed, he had to learn to write and draw all over again with his left hand. He drew a bird each day and gradually his birds got better and better. So this shirt represents a true triumph! I’m not sure I’d have the will to start all over as he did, such an impressive feat! You can read more about his amazing recovery here: Edwyn Collins.

His bird designs have also been used to create wallpaper.


The shirt hasn’t arrived yet since it’s coming all the way from the United Kingdom, hopefully it will arrive this week. Thanks so much to Elaine for spotting it! I had searched eBay many, many times, but never thought to look for it on Etsy. That’s a great lesson for all of us: if there’s something you’ve been hoping to find, check Etsy, too.


Some Spring Wardrobe Updates


Since I purchased a Peloton Spin Cycle two months ago, I’ve dropped a clothing size. I have a feeling I will probably drop another size over the next two months, so I kept that in mind today while I was shopping. I don’t expect the top half to change that much in size, but I imagine the bottom part will. I’ve never been a huge fan of the jeans that are made from that stretchy type jean fabric, but those do come in handy when you’re in the process of losing a few pounds since they can sort of size down with you.

Today I’m sharing some updates/additions I’ve made to my summer wardrobe, as well as something I purchased on clearance at the end of last summer. Unfortunately, one of the items I couldn’t wait to share with you has already sold out.


By the way, Talbots has a 30% off one item sale going on right now, with the code FEB30. You can print out the certificate online to shop in the store, or use the code FEB30 online. I did both yesterday to purchase a few more things.

The blue and white “washed” plaid shirt is one I picked up in Marshalls today. The colors come across so much softer and prettier in person. It was only $19.99 and is a soft, almost gauze like fabric. It’s double layered and feels really nice on. It looks great with jeans, a great casual look for spring and summer.


A couple of weeks ago I purchased this adorable white tee picturing a red scooter. I knew it would be great for Valentine’s Day, but would also work for all spring and summer. It was sold out in both of the Talbots I visited today, but it is still available online, at least it was when I wrote this.

It makes me think of a love-struck guy who is on his way to see his sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. In my mind, he’s Italian, hence the scooter and the wine in the basket up front. For Valentine’s Day, he’s taking her a bottle of wine and three, heart-shaped balloons. I’m sure there’s a beautiful piece of jewelry tucked down inside his shirt pocket, too. 😉


Here’s a better view where you can see the wine bottle. So cute! This shirt is available here: Heart Balloons Shirt.


One of the items I was shopping for today was a pair of jeggings. In case you’re not familiar with that term, (I wasn’t) jeggings are jean leggings. I’ve never owned a pair of jeggings or leggings, except for the plaid pair I purchased this Christmas, but I’ve been wanting a pair of jean leggings that could be worn year around with my Hunter boots. The ones I purchased today are a dark blue, I know they look black in the photo below. They fit great inside the Hunter boots.

Talbots “Slim Ankle” pants fit inside boots, too…but leggings/jegging are just a little less bulky.


When I shared the Hunter floral garden boots I purchased recently, a few folks wanted to know what most people wear with their Hunter boots.

Hunter Royal Holticultural Society Floral Boots


Jeggings or leggings are great because they are narrow enough that they will easily fit down inside a boot. Some people wear Hunter boots on rainy days with casual dresses and tights, or in the summer with just a casual dress and no tights. And of course, they are great for gardening in mud or areas where it has rained.

You’ll find the jeggings I purchased today here: Jeggings. Some styles are available online and some are only available in the store.


In case you’re wondering about the different leg-widths that jeans and pants come in at Talbots  (I was after today!) here are three of their sizes. The top one is the dark blue jeggings that I purchased today. The jeans with the embroidered umbrella design are their “Slim Ankle” and the bottom pair of jeans are their “Straight-Leg” size. You can see why jeggings fit so much better down inside boots, less fabric to get in the way.


Today while shopping, I wore a pair of jeans, my Scooter Heart tee, since it’s so close to Valentine’s Day, and these Sperry Top-Siders. I found these cute, open-mesh boat shoes here: Sperry Top-Siders. They were only $35 when I purchased them about two weeks ago, but they appear to have gone up a bit.


I love Sperry Top-Siders because they are so comfortable. I often look to see what’s available on Amazon because the pricing is usually better than in other stores. You’ll find different styles of the floral design, Sperry Top-Siders here: Sperry Top-Sider.


I couldn’t wait to share this “Embroidered Cape Cod Tee” with you, but sadly when I tried to find a link to it on the Talbot’s website this evening, I discovered that it’s sold out. It sure went fast!


I hope they’ll get some more in stock, since it’s not even spring yet.


The two striped shirts (navy/white and blue/white) are called  “funnelneck” shirts. They are nice and hefty, not light weight. I purchased those a few weeks ago on clearance in my local J. Crew. They looked perfect for the cool temps of spring.


Here’s a photo from J. Crew to give you an idea of how the neck looks, not your typical turtleneck. They are still available online here: Striped Sailor Funnelneck. Great transition shirt for going into spring.

You may remember this aqua seahorse shirt I purchased for a great price on clearance at the end of last summer.


In the center of the photo below, you’ll see two pairs of straight-leg jeans in white and yellow. The yellow is nowhere near that deep a color, it’s a soft/pale yellow. I guess the lighting in my bedroom made it look that way. Anyway, I purchased those two pairs of jeans about a week ago. You’ll find them here: Straight Legged Pants.


I think the seahorse shirt will work well with the white jeans and this aqua pair of Hunter boots I purchased a few months back on eBay. I hope Talbots comes out with white jeggings this spring, that would be even better.


I really got on an aqua kick last summer–notice the little cardigan in the bottom, right corner.


It was drastically reduced at the end of last summer, I think it ended up being $12. The scenes on it reminded me of Italy.


Another purchase last summer was this Gucci Flora handbag. I found it on eBay. The seller had purchased it from the Gucci store in New York a few years back and still had the receipt. It looked like she had never used it. I totally missed this handbag when it was available in the stores.


The other side looks like this. I love the butterflies and grasshopper. I was able to buy it for around half of what it sold for in the stores originally. I carried it some last summer and hope to carry it more this year. Anyone have a bag or scarf in the Flora fabric? I believe they made several styles of bags in this fabric.


Each time Gucci brings back their “Flora” design, they change the pattern just a bit to make it fresh and new.

From the Gucci website, here’s the story of how the “Flora” design first began:

A symbol of a delicate and poetic imagination and now that more than forty years have passed since its creation, the theme of Flora remains suspended between a fascination with the past and the future of a story which continues to be sketched over time. In 1966, Princess Grace, accompanied by her husband Rainier, Prince of Monaco, visited the Gucci’s Milan Via Montenapoleone store. Rodolfo Gucci decided to commission the most beautiful floral scarf imaginable for the Princess and asked the famous illustrator Vittorio Accornero to create an original design for her. This was how Flora was created: nine bouquets of flowers from the four seasons, with berries, butterflies, dragonflies and insects in a beautifully poetic, richly colorful and truly enchanting illustration. Among the classics, Flora is an icon of continuity from the precious historical archives, which revives every season with its evocative and timeless graphic power. An image inspired by fairy-tales and real life, which continues to be reinvented with passion in a myriad of variations, sometimes combined with other Gucci symbols like bamboo and the horsebit, it appears on suits, bags, accessories, jewelry and chinaware, and even gave rise to the name of one of the most famous perfumes created by the House.


So, those are a few updates to my spring-summer wardrobe, combined with some from last summer.

It’s been in the 70’s again here lately and look what I saw while driving to Whole Foods today! The trees are in bloom! I saw these and several Tulip Magnolia trees in full bloom. The trees and plants are all so confused. I hope we don’t get a hard freeze anytime soon.

I thought these were Redbud trees at first since those are usually what I see blooming at the first of spring, but when I posted this photo on the Between Naps On The Porch Instagram, someone identified them as being Ocame Cherry Trees. I’d never heard of those, have you? I’ve only heard of Kwanzan and Yoshino Cherry trees. Has spring sprung where you live? Even my daffodils are up and starting to bloom.


Looking forward to all the fabulous Before and Afters for this Met Monday!

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  1. Simple Updates!? Beautiful! You updated with more than I will buy in 3 years! Go Girl!

  2. Nice collection of boots and spring wear. The trees here have also bloomed. I hope we don’t get a freeze and everything dies. I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. You will be traveling in style this spring, Susan! You’ve got a great, classic preppy wardrobe going there! You must either have numerous closets and drawers filled, or you must be one of those who can ruthlessly purge their wardrobes annually, like one of my sisters does. I’m getting better at purging, but I’m one of those who have been lucky, I suppose, that my clothes from 20 years ago still fit, so I feel totally guilty letting clothes go. I’ve always bought the skinniest Levi’s leg (like the 501) I could find, otherwise I look like I’m wearing wide leg. I love all your t-shirts. I like button downs too, but I feel like they just hang on me because my upper half is so thin. Shoes & purses are another story, lol. My closet shelf is stacked (in their boxes) to the ceiling with shoes that cascade down and knock me in the head when I reach for them, lol.
    Yes, my daffs were budding last week, now blooming. Sad. :'( Even though it’s mild, we still have winter days to come here.
    Have a great week, and Happy Valentine’s Day, friend!

    • I did a big purge last year, giving a lot of my dressier clothes away, I just never wear those now that I’m not working away from home. It was painful, but they needed to go to someone who would wear them. Actually, the hardest thing for me is using the pretty wooden hangers I purchased at Ikea. I love those hangers but they do take up space…which is good I guess, keeps the clothes from being squished too tightly together. lol
      I know what you mean, some thing I just can’t part with if they are classic style that still work even today. You really do get your money’s worth out of classic styles. I bet leggings will be a thing of the past in another few years. Do you remember the pants we wore back in the day that were called “pencil” or “pencil post” jeans? Leggings are not new and they will go the way of pencil post jeans one day. lol
      I know, this seems to happen every few years…we just have to hope we don’t get a freezing cold. Enjoy those flowers now!

  4. Cute stuff Susan! Congrats on the Pelaton results- Thanks for the fun today

  5. I love Chicos jeggings. I’m so used to a really slim leg that when I tried on a pair of Talbots straight leg jeans last fall I felt like I was drowning in fabric. Even my husband commented that the legs were way too wide. LOL. Some Talbots things fit me, and some don’t. The Cherry trees are blooming like crazy. About a month early I’m thinking, but I’m loving the warm weather.

    • Pam, I’m not sure how old you are, but do you remember “pencil jeans” or “pencil post” jeans? Those were the “leggings” of my day. Went they went out of style, no one would be caught dead wearing them. Same thing for faded/white wash/stone wash. I’ve seen that style come and go about 3 times now. So don’t be surprised if that happens to leggings one day. I guess we just need change or we get tired of the same old thing, that and the clothing manufactures want to make us go shopping! lol
      Me, too…love this weather! I hope we don’t have more mosquitoes/bugs this summer, though. Hope that one ice/snow we got was enough.

  6. Thanks so much for hosting each week. You’ve found some terrific pieces! Enjoy wearing them!

  7. Oh, Susan I love everything! Especially your new Gucci handbag. You will look sensational all Spring and Summer. 🙂

  8. Is it just me or does the model wearing the Cape Cod Yacht Club shirt look like a blond Raquel Welch??? Love the Gucci Flora purse! So beautiful. Love the bird shirt!! I am so jealous!! I need a new pair of Sperry shoes. Love yours! Are these some of the outfits going with you to Morocco??

    • She does! It’s the smile, I think. 🙂 I’m not sure yet. I’m definitely taking a couple pairs of lighter weight jeans and some casual shirts. It will be tricking packing since it will be fairly warm during the day, but very chilly in the Sahara dessert the nights we are camping there. I need to start traveling in the summer and winter instead of the spring and fall. I always feel like I’m trying to pack for two seasons when I go anywhere in spring and fall. lol

  9. So many cute things but I am head over heels for that Gucci bag!!!!!

  10. Congrats on finding your adorable birding shirt Susan! I would have never thought to look on Etsy since it’s for vintage or handmade items only 🙂

    • I know, me neither. The seller had it listed as a vintage shirt that had never been worn. I guess the “vintage design” of the shirt made her think it was actually vintage when it was really produced about 3-4 years ago.

  11. Elaine in Laguna says

    Awwww, Susan, thank you for the shout out! And for the back story about the print on the birdy shirt. That’s very interesting! Love all your spring shirt/slack/shoe purchases…You’ll be styling’! I don’t have that floral bag but I do have a jean bag in a similar shape and with the same handles. Found it at a local fundraiser. It’s a fun casual summer bag. Have a great week, and enjoy the birdy shirt when it arrives. 🙂

    • Thanks, Elaine! I love the bamboo handles…such a cool idea to use it that way! I can’t wait until it gets here, thank you again for finding it! I never would have thought to look on Etsy. Will definitely check there more often now! 🙂

  12. You must be feeling soooo healthy and strong now. All that work deserves a new wardrobe. Aqua is one of my favorite colors, so especially loving all those items. Envious of your spring sightings; hope they last and more follow.

  13. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  14. Sherry Darlington says

    Thank you for the cute casual wardrobe updates. I retired abou t a year ago & struggle with my casual wardrobe. I always ” dressed” for work so my casual wardrobe needs help.This gives me inspiration!

  15. I love your clothes, everything you buy is simply beautiful and exactly the kind of clothes I like to wear too. Thanks for sharing with us and enjoy wearing them.

    • Thanks so much, Kathy! Talbots just keeps topping themselves. I was so excited when I saw their spring catalog, so many colorful, cute outfits for spring and summer! They definitely have my number down. lol

  16. It’s so cold and icy here that I can’t even think about spring yet, but the colors are awesome and I bet you can’t wait to wear them! 🙂

  17. You’ve found some great clothing. How fun to find the shirt you’ve been wanting, and what an amazing story about it. Love the jeggings with the umbrellas on them. I wear a LOT of jeggings and leggings, even though I probably shouldn’t. They are just so comfortable and so easy for travel (which you’ve been doing a lot of lately). That scooter shirt is just way too cute, and I agree, it’s an Italian taking Valentines to his sweetheart. Gorgeous bag. Thanks for hosting.

    • I thought that was so inspiring, truly admire someone who can face that kind of adversity and not give up. I can’t even draw a stick figure. I can’t imagine have two strokes and starting all over and learning to draw such detail bird images.
      Laurie, we must be romantics at heart…you can see him, too! 🙂

  18. What happened to the links at the bottom of the post? For the last two weeks, I haven’t been able to see or find any posts others are sharing of the projects. Is it just me, or are others having problems?

    • Brenda, make sure you’re using the latest version of your browser. I’m using the latest version of InLinkz for the party. Also, Internet Explorer is being phased out and I’m not sure it works very well with IE. What browser are you using? So far, there are around 68 links, so it sounds like it’s a browser issue. Do you have another browser on your computer that you can try, like Chrome or Safari or Firefox?

    • Brenda, I just emailed InLinkz to ask them if they have any suggestions for you. Hopefully we can figure this out.

  19. Wonderful fashion finds Susan! It’s nice to reward yourself! Thank you for hosting today!

  20. Thanks for hosting Susan. 🙂

  21. Thanks for hosting, sorry I had trouble with the different format and double posted. Your wardrobe is ready for anything, love the boots! and thanks for hosting, Susan, Sandi

  22. Gorgeous post! The daffodils have been blooming for about two weeks here in Central California, and I’ve been bringing lots of bouquets inside. I just wish they would last a few months instead of their short blooming season.

  23. Hi Susan,
    Happy Monday! Love all the clothes you selected. Have you tried calling your local Talbots and ask them to do a store search for the Cape Cod tee? I do that often when I am desperate to find a particular item. Sometimes I have Talbots clothes shipped from a store located across the country :).
    Have a wonderful day and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  24. You are ready for spring! Love your selections and mix and matching. Since I do not work outside of the home these days…I usually go for casual. Kudos to you for dropping a size! Sheila

  25. Oops…I have an extra link. It took me an extra try to figure out the new inlinkz form. Sheila

  26. Love your new clothes!! That faded blue plaid shirt is so ME……I know I’ll never find it around here……… We have new snow fall and ice today……winter is far from over here!!! Great floral bag……and I love and wear leggings and jeggings ALL the time…….so comfy…..

    • Cleo, that shirt is so much prettier in person, it looks like a harsh blue in the photo in the post, but it’s really a soft, faded…washed look. It’s double layered and the inside layer is a pale blue stripe, so when you roll up the sleeves, you see the stripes. I hope your Marshalls has it. It would look great with jeans and boots (I’m thinking my Old Gringo boots) or even at the beach. I like so many different styles of clothes…I’m weird that way. lol
      Here’s a slightly better picture, but it still comes across softer in person. My camera just really emphasizes the color.
      Washed Blue Shirt

  27. Cute clothes, thanks for the links

  28. Love your Spring wardrobe..the Gucci purse is amazing..and I love the Hunter boots…bought my first pair this past Fall, but since it was my first I chose the matte black…Thanks for hosting Susan…Happy Valentine’s Day!

  29. Cyndi Raines says

    Great picks Susan. I’m eager for Spring to come also. This weekend is it supposed to get to the 50’s and that is terrific for MI in mid Feb. I did see a tiny head of a hyacinth yesterday in my bed in front of the garage, but like you I don’t want them to come up until it really is spring. I hate it when the frost gets the spring flowers. Our winter’s are usually so long, I feel cheated when Mr. Frost takes the flowers out before we really can enjoy them. So happy for you that you found the bird shirt and I found the story behind it very touching. I can’t imagine not being able to walk, talk read, or write. What a brave man Mr. Collins was. I know what my hubby has dealt with in having his speech taken from his stroke and it is HARD WORK trying to make new pathways for the speech center. Besides going to speech 3x a week, the days he doesn’t have speech, I work with him everyday at our kitchen table for 45 minutes reviewing his words, the alphabet, the days of the week, mouth exercises, just to keep it going and we are seeing improvements daily. PTL! Love the T with the red scooter and your story about it. ha ha. It reminds me of the movie “Return to Me” with Minnie Driver. Have you seen it? It is a really good one, rent it from your local library – it won’t disappoint.

  30. Hi Susan, What a fantastic closet…can we switch?! Love all the options. See you on Instagram!

  31. Vicki Durham says

    Is that Nikki Taylor in theCape Cod? What is the best water purification system ? We want to get away from all the empty plastic water bottles.

  32. I still cannot see the links on Met Monday and Tablescape Thursday. I did check that my browser is the most recent version. Have you had any other feedback? I very much look forward to these days, and I’m missing the parties! My office mates even refer to Thursdays now as “Tablescape Thursday”. Every Wednesday night when we lock up, someone says, “You know what tomorrow is?” I need back in the loop. Thanks

    • Cheryl, when I get home, I’ll email inlinkz and see what they suggest. Sorry you can’t see it.:(

    • Hi Cherly, I just emailed InLinkz so you should hear from him sometime soon. Let me know what you discover or figure out because maybe it will help me with others who are having a similar problem. That’s sooo cute about your office mates! Love it! Thanks for sharing that. 🙂 We will get this figured out!

  33. Your Spring wardrobe is uplifting Susan … and such great bargains to boot. No pun intended with all the styles of foot wear you have … . Here where I live for the past two weeks we have been bombarded with snow and lots of it, however the past few days its been warmer hovering around 32° F which is a treat since our Winter Season this year arrived in mid November (ugh!). -Brenda-

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