Beautiful Antiques and Wonderful, One-of-a-Kind Lamps

Recently I noticed one of the lamps on my desk had become a bit wobbly. The next day I dropped it by my favorite lamp shop, Flourish Antiques, to have it repaired. David Puffer, the owner of Flourish, has his lamp shop inside the Marietta Antique Mall. To fill the time while David was repairing my lamp, I took a stroll up and down the aisles inside the mall, snapping photos of some of the beautiful antiques that caught my eye that day. There were several that I found super tempting, but I managed to leave without buying anything.

The first thing I spotted in one of the booths just inside the front door was this wonderful old hall tree.

English Hall Tree with Marble Top, $1,025


I especially loved this area for holding umbrellas. As I recall, there was one on both sides of this piece. I just love that design!


Beautiful curios!

Lane Curios $750


Love this piece! Not sure if it’s old or a reproduction. It looked in such great shape, I tend to think it may be a reproduction.

Pine Welsh Dresser, $1,050


This piece was really lovely! It was on sale, too!

1800s Welsh Dresser with Spice Drawers, Original Hardware, Was $4,200, Now $3,200


I thought this sideboard was priced really well.

1890 English Sideboard with Carved Doors, $449


This table was the piece that tempted me the most during my visit. It can be displayed open as shown below or it folds closed to create a demilune console. In its former life, it must have mostly been used in console form because there were definitely some signs of use when it was folded closed. If I had a spot to use it in the open position, I would have been super tempted to bring it home.

Hekman Banded Mahogany Table with Satinwood, $375


This table was really pretty in person! The description says: Theodore Alexander Mahagony Dining Table, Althorp Living History Collection, $2,195. Flame mahogany extending dining table, rectangular reeded edge top with rounded corners, crossbanded in Chestnut burl and Morado with two additional self-storing leaves, above a mahogany apron on two baluster turned pedestals, each issuing four downswept legs terminating in finely leaf cast brass cappings.



There was a whole aisle of chandeliers!


I really liked this one! $1,199


Plenty of dishware to see throughout the antique mall.


Victoria Austria Covered Dish, $12


Love all the cubby holes in this beautiful, roll-top desk.

Solid Oak Roll Top Desk, $695


This piece brought back sooo many memories! I was working as a Media Parapro in my son’s elementary school when technology took over and we added a barcode to the inside of every book, then scanned each book into the new computer system making our card catalog obsolete. The librarian thankfully kept the card file as a backup, at least for a while. If I visited the library today, I sure it’s gone now since it would require extra work and time creating cards for all the books that are added or removed from the library each year. It’s definitely faster looking in the computer to see if a book is is available. I hope all the old card catalogs found a loving home where they could be repurposed. How would you repurpose this piece if you had it in your home?

30-Drawer Century Index Card File, $675


Gorgeous antique Tray, Hand-painted Porcelain, $39


I’m always drawn to secretaries…love everything about them including the wonderful storage they offer.

French Country Secretary, Was $849, Now $695


Love the pretty detail on this secretary.


In addition to repairing lamps, David also designs and creates really unique, one-of-a-kind lamps. This was one of my faves of those he had available to purchase. I didn’t see a price on this one.


This one is so unique! The tag stated it was one of a kind.

19th Century Wood Carved Dragon Lamp with Art Glass Shade, $600


David designed/created this one himself. Wouldn’t it be fabulous in a beach house?!

Coral and Shell Table Lamp, $325


Here’s a close up of the coral and shell base.


I wish I had a spot in my home for this one! I’ve never seen a shade like this before…so unique!

1940s Japanese Porcelain Table Lamp with New Pagoda Shade, $215


So beautiful when lit! Love, love, love that shade!


Hope you enjoyed this visit to the Marietta Antique Mall. I’ll try to take us antiquing more often because I really do miss it!

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  1. How fun to go shopping with you!

  2. Linda Page Gurganus says

    I loved going to The Classy Flea and Marietta Antique Mall with you. I still shop the antique stores around here once in a while but not as much as before Covid!!

  3. Lovely collection of items. Did you take those shots with your cellphone? How was your lamp repair?

  4. Ohhhh, I love to go antiquing. Thanks for the ride! I am a sucker for cut glass/crystal and I have the little long dish on the first table. I keep potpourri in it in the guest bath. Scandalous, perhaps, but it’s just the right size and adds a little class!

  5. Loved strolling down the aisles with you. I’m taking a lamp to be repaired soon but I’m sure my visit won’t be as much fun as yours! Loved several items but the Quimper sign caught my eye since I love my Quimper collection. Do I need a sign? Absolutely not but it’s fun to know such a sign exists!

  6. you know you have to wonder what the kids of today will call an antique when they get older. I would think that young couples today would be better off to buy some of this furniture instead of going to HL or Home goods to buy tables and things but then maybe they don’t intend on keeping them for long period of time and change out their furnishings often. Just sitting here thinking and loving the store. thanks for the pictures. rls

  7. Tina W Reynolds says

    Dear Susan, What a treat to peek into the Marietta Antique Mall! My mother-and father-in-law lived in Roswell for a number of years and it was our vacation destination several times per year. My mother-in-law usually took us on outings to the many, and beautiful antiques stores each time we visited. It was a wonderland! So many lovely and finely crafted pieces of furniture and silver…things from a finer time! I have many linen napkins (a very affordable, useful collectible) and a cake stand from those visits. Thanks for the fun photos.

  8. BNOTP field trips are always a treat. Those David-designed lamps were amazing; hope they find a good home.

  9. Jean from Georgia says

    Wow. Love these photos. Beautiful lamps, too. I have never shopped there but live only an hour away so will add this to my list of places to visit.

  10. I wish I lived near this store. I love love the pagoda lamp. It would be a perfect fit for my bedroom. And I agree the console table is exquisite. Hugs.

  11. Thanks for the visit to the antique market. I enjoyed looking with you.

  12. Susan please do more virtual antiquing! I miss doing in person antiquing during this pandemic. Your post was wonderful to see the beautiful items.

  13. Lady Graystone says

    I miss going to antique malls so this was a pleasant vicarious experience. Thanks!

  14. KathieMcMahon says

    Thanks for the the Antiquing trip!! I sooo miss it. The only good thing about not going, is saving money HaHa!

  15. Biodynamic Barb says

    That card catalogue would be the perfect place to store flatware!! I wish I had one….

    If you love that lampshade, buy the lamp and put the shade on a different base!

  16. Biodynamic Barb says

    That mall is amazing. I wish we had something like it here. You’re lucky.

  17. I loved this tour of the Antique Mall! I was there one time, but I live in Texas so it’s a long way away for me! I especially loved a booth that was packed with Transferware. Love all these lamps too! Thanks so much for doing this!

  18. Please do. I miss that so much!!

  19. I was so lucky to get a card catalog with 72 drawers and use it to hold all my craft supplies, well some of my supplies!

  20. I sold my Antique Store in Pineville 20 years ago (NC). Seeing all this beauty takes me back, thanks for the beautiful memories. Every piece is so lovely!

  21. Michele / Finch Rest says

    WOW! What a place! Thanks so much for taking me on this tour, Susan. I am still not getting out yet so these kinds of posts are very much appreciated.

    If I had a nice looking finished craft area I’d love to put a card file there to house all the bits and pieces of craft making in them.

    You sure have a talented eye to spot awesome finds. And David is so talented.

  22. Franki Parde says

    Oh, what fun it IS to shop……*sigh* franki

  23. Thanks for taking us along on your window shopping trip! I’d have been tempted by that lovely folding table as well. And the china of course, and maybe a chandelier … !

    Happy Wednesday!

  24. I also thank you for thanking us virtually to the wonderful antique mall. I enjoyed the visit so much.

  25. Thanks for the virtual antiquing trip! I miss going to auctions where you can find some great pieces. One thing that always makes me sad is seeing aged patina on a piece be covered with paint. I really dislike all the white and gray look the younger generation seems to admire. Thank goodness for designers like James Farmer 😉

  26. Mary Conway says

    More! More please. Looking forward when you go again. I especially liked the prices. Miss going to our local auctions. Good furniture is going fairly inexpensive as young people don’t want it. And, with the open concept craze, there is no place for most big pieces.

  27. Those lamps are beautiful, Susan. Shades are not cheap when of quality, and I can easily tell those are. I have shopped in the Marietta Antique Mall when I went to a family wedding there in 2016. At that time, they had only been open a couple years they told me, but it was nice. The aisle of chandeliers is what I remember most. I actually have a set of Hekman tables that I scored at a local estate sale for a fabulous price – a demilune sofa console table with drawer, 2 nesting side tables and an oval occasional. Very versatile throughout our current loft, but I had them in our dining room in our previous home.

  28. Wow, you found some beautiful pieces. I love both the Welsh dressers. And I’ve always wanted an old card catalog. So many cozy little things you could store in there. I have similar (painted) drawers under one of my cabinets and I store my teas and accoutrements in them. That one would bother me because of the metal legs though.

    I do hope they weren’t trying to pass that Theodore Alexander table off as an antique. I have some TA pieces from the Castle Bromwich collection, which I absolutely love. But the company hasn’t been around long enough for their furniture to qualify as antiques. Great price though. I wonder what Lovejoy would make of all these. 😀

  29. I love it when you take us shopping with you. That 1800’s Welsh dresser is awesome. It has legs while the one above had a closed bottom. I think I like the closed bottom because of dust bunnies. The round table with the inlay is a thing of beauty. I get so upset when somebody paints an antique piece and destroys the value. Love the dragon lamp.
    BTW What did he do to repair your lamp ? Did it just need a missing pad on the bottom ?

    • Thanks, Myrna! That’s a good point about dust bunnies!
      It was the Belleek castle lamp I brought back from Ireland, the one that David helped me pick a shade for way back when. I don’t know why but the top half that includes a brass thingy, the harp/socket etc.. had gotten kinda wobbly like it was trying to loosen up from the base, which is the castle part. I had tried to tighten it by twisting the brass thingy down, but apparently, I turned it the wrong direction because it actually made it worse. lol Of course, I turned it back the other way but I just couldn’t get it to tighten up fully as it should have been.
      I’m not sure what David did, I think he said he tightened up a nut or something like that…I guess whatever holds the top half to the porcelain castle part of the lamp. I’m sure he had to take the green felt piece off the bottom of the lamp to reach up inside and do that. Of course, it’s back in place now. I asked David why it had become wobbly and he said it’s because the top of the castle is domed shape so the brass thing doesn’t fit exactly flush against the porcelain. It looks flush to the naked eye but I think it’s just hard to tighten brass to porcelain, I guess. He thinks it will last this time though. I hope so. That was probably more than you wanted to know. Ha!

  30. Joyce Smallwood says

    I love, love antiques. My house is full of them and I still want another one every time I see something pretty. I like antiques that look like new but are old… so they don’t come cheap for me. I don’t get out since Covid-19, so I really enjoyed the trip with you. I’m in Ky. so going to your store would be a pretty long trip. There are several good places in Lexington if this virus hasn’t put them out of business. Again thanks for the great shopping trip.

  31. Kay Goodman says

    Thanks for sharing. I love to go to antique stores, but haven’t been since the
    virus. The card catalog would be great in a craft room. Have a great day.

  32. Susie Van Horn says

    Enjoyed the virtual shopping! Yes, Amazon (as well as ebay) both have Pagoda lamps and shades in different colors.
    If I had that index card file, I would put it in my craft room and label all the drawers with my trusty label maker.

  33. Is this the old Dupree’s? I love David’s lamps, and he always has the best lamp shades. I wonder where he gets them? We have a lamp that he made from an old car hood ornament. So cool. We have three lamps and one chandelier from him, and he did work on an old gone with the wind lamp that belonged to my husband’s mother.

    • No, I guess Duprees is still there although it’s called something else now. This shop is located in the shopping center behind the Town Country Shopping Center where A Classy Flea used to be. I had heard that some of the Classy Flea antique dealers were moving here but not sure if that’s true. David really has an eye for putting together beautiful lamps. I love his work!

  34. Bobbi Duncan says

    What a fun arm chair trip–thanks for sharing. Love the 1800’s Welsh dresser, and the Theodore Alexander dining table is a great price at only 1/4 of the original price!!! Have several nice pieces by T. A.: an English walnut wall cabinet and a beautiful flame mahogany plant stand w/ snail feet. They make some really beautiful and unique pieces at T. A. Hugs!

  35. Judith McCoy says

    Love to go to antique or resale shops! Recommendation for the library card catalogue – maybe one row for index recipe cards separated alphabetically. Other drawers for storing sewing supplies – needles, scissors, threads, etc. Perhaps other drawers to store packaged seeds in – vegetables, flowers, etc.

  36. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, that sure was fun! I think that lovely lamp with the special pagoda shade would look terrific on your porch. It speaks of lovely Japanese gardens, tea houses and August moons, (*sigh*).

  37. Love Antique pieces. I have my great great grandmother’s Limoge China from 1910, my beautiful Walnut hutch that I bought for 30 dollars at the Salvation Army, the old family clock from the 1840s that has been cared for many generations, and my great great grandfather’s oak desk. I also have some lovely oak chairs and and an oak table that was the first piece of furniture I bought in the 1990s along with a set of Henredon bedside tables from Marshall fields. I love being surrounded by the people I love and memories of those I have lost.

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