Whimsical Valentine’s Day Tablescape, Alice in Wonderland Style

Welcome to the 283rd Tablescape Thursday!

Happy “day-before” Valentine’s Day! I love creating whimsical table settings and I love creating themed tablescapes. This table setting is a combination of both, a Valentine’s Day setting with an extra-large helping of whimsy on the side.

Valentine's Day Table Setting with an Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Theme_wm


It all started when I stopped by the dollar store about a week ago to check out their gift wrap. While there I caught sight of some playing cards and an idea hit for a Valentine’s Day table. A deck of cards has lots of pretty red hearts, including a Queen of Hearts. Where else have we seen the Queen of Hearts? Ummm, hold that thought! πŸ™‚

Valentine's Day Table Setting with Heart Napkin Fold


This Valentine’s Day table setting is definitely all about hearts, even the napkins are folded in a heart shape. You’ll find an easy tutorial for making this heart-shaped napkin fold here: Heart Napkin Fold for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Tablscape with Heart Napkin Fold


A Queen of Hearts playing card makes a great place card for this setting. The name can be written across the top or up the side of the card. I like the idea of writing it up the side and tucking the card into the heart napkin where it’s just peeking out.

Valentine's Day Table Setting with Alice in Wonderland Theme


The rest of the heart cards from the deck can be used to create a fun “charger” for your place setting.  (Pssst: Playing cards are only .50 cents per pack (2 packs for $1.00 at Dollar Tree.)

Valentine's Day Table Setting with Alice in Wonderland Dishware


I forgot to take a photo of the dishware so I snagged the next two pics from a previous tablescape. This Alice in Wonderland dishware seemed perfect for a Valentine’s Day “heart” themed table setting with the Queen of Hearts pictured on the right and lots of cute red hearts decorating the rim of the plate.

Alice in Wonderland Dishware Dinner Plate_wm


The salad plates each feature a character from Alice in Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat is my fave. πŸ™‚

Alice in Wonderland Dishware Salad 2_wm


Our dessert for this whimsical Valentine’s Day dinner are home-made heart cakes bearing a message. Did you notice the glasses had a little message, too? You may remember those from THIS previous table setting.

Valentine's Day Table Setting with Alice in Wonderland Theme


There are extras just begging to be eaten here in our centerpiece. We wouldn’t want to disappoint them!

Valentine's Day Table Setting with Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Theme

You’ll find the recipe for making these heart-shaped cakes here: Make Heart Shaped Cakes for Valentine’s Day. In the past I’ve filled them with Raspberry Preserves OR pink icing.  I went with red for our Valentine’s Day setting. You’ll find the recipe for the icing in this previous post:  Confectioners Icing Recipe

Valentine's Day Table Setting with Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Theme

Have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day? Will you be eating out or staying in?

Valentine's Day Table Setting with an Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Theme_wm


Here are two previous table settings using this same Alice in Wonderland dishware. Click on the picture or title to view that table setting.

Alice in Wonderland Table Setting Featuring the White Rabbit

Alice in Wonderland Table Setting Tablescape


You’re Invited to an Un-Birthday Party!

Alice in Wonderland Table Setting Tablescape


Looking forward to the beautiful tablescapes linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Super cute, Susan! I love the idea of an Alice in Wonderland Valentine’s Day table! And what fun you had, getting to use those darling dishes again! Thanks for hosting. We are having a family Valentine’s Day dinner this year — fun!

  2. Susan-
    You have the nicest dinnerware and all the little things that go with it.
    I always enjoy looking at your posts. You give me such great ideas..
    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

  3. Hi Susan, Love the clever use of cards as a chargers, how fun along with your heart napkin fold! Thanks for the reminder for the Dollar Tree decks πŸ™‚ My mom & sister live in Marietta and said thousands were without power, hope your’e staying warm & cozy!

    • I hope everyone has power again. It’s finally passed and the snow/ice is melting now. Hope that’s the last of this nonsense for this winter! That’s so neat that your Mom and Sister live in Marietta…what area of Marietta? They may be practically neighbors! πŸ™‚

  4. How cute is this! Love the cards laid out underneath the plates and the heart shaped napkins! The little cakes with Eat Me are so cute and the Alice In Wonderland plates are a perfect tie in with the whimsical theme. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Love this dinnerware, just too cute! What a perfect setting for Valentine’s Day, and I love your attention to detail in carrying out the theme.

  6. Susan,
    How adorable!!!
    Perfect “Queen Of Hearts” Valentine’s Day Tablescape!!!
    Thank you for hosting Tablescape Thursday each week, dear friend!
    AND. . .from my~heart~to~yours. . .Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. I really love your idea of placing the cards all the way around the plates, so cute! Great table and the dessert looks delicious. Happy Valentines Day Susan!

  8. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Sooo … now we now how you spent your time stuck inside; making delicious Valentine hearts that look so yummy and tempting I just want to eat them through the computer! πŸ˜€ Cute tablescape. I especially like the cakes, (yum) the cute little, “Eat me,” signs and the whimsical Alice in Wonderland plates. (You know, I’ve never read that story.)

    Can you believe this is your 283rd Tablescape Thursday? That’s amazing! Have you ever had a post of your top 10 or 12? It would be hard to pick, I know.

    Well, it got sunny here so I’m going to blow some more hot air your way and hopefully you’ll be back to normal down in Georgia by lunch. πŸ˜€ Have a great day, Susan.

    • Yep, making yummy heart cakes. I was hoping the electricity didn’t go out before they finished cooking! πŸ™‚ I’ve never read the story, just seen the movie. I think the actual name of the book is titled, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It’s kind of strange book from what I’ve heard.
      283 Tablescape Thursdays have gone by fast! Scary, how fast it goes.
      The hot air is working Pam…the snow and ice are finally melting! YAY!

  9. Great table Susan! Love the card “chargers”! Your Alice in wonderland table is one of my all time favorites, using those plates for Valentines is brilliant! Hope you thaw out soon!

    • Thanks, Jenna! πŸ™‚ Yes, we are finally beginning to see some thawing…I hear cars outside so life may be returning to normal. I bet the roads will be packed today from all the cases of cabin fever.

  10. I remember your first tablescape with those adorable plates. Shortly after that I saw them at Home Goods. And I didn’t pick them up. Regrets, regrets, regrets. Each time you use them – the table is more unique and special. You are so creative! Thanks for allowing me to participate again.

  11. Susan, I love all of the details of your beautiful Valentine’s Day table! I own several pieces of the Alice in Wonderland china, but I have never used it in a tablescape. I would never have thought of using for Valentine’s Day – brilliant. Love the cards and all of the red and white. Hope your Valentine’s Day is fabulous!

  12. Hi Susan,
    Sweet Valentine’s Day table and love the one on the porch too.
    Thank you for hosting,

  13. Susan, you did it again! Oh, I just love your hearts tablescape, it’s fabulous!! You are so clever and creative, just one bit of yours would be great!

  14. It’s all so cute. My favorite part is the heart napkin fold with the queen of hearts tucked in.

  15. Susan, this is such a fun table. I’ve always coveted your Alice in Wonderland dishes. Love the way the playing cards circle the plate like a charger, and what a great idea to use one as a place card tucked into the heart-shaped napkin. The “Eat Me” and “Drink Me” signs are so cute, but you wouldn’t have to demand that I eat one of those delicious-looking heart cakes. Happy Valentine’s Day! laurie

  16. Dear Susan, this is an awesome creation, wow…what an imagination!!! Thank you so much for sharing and for hosting such great party

  17. Thank you for hosting dear Susan. I’m reposting my very first Valentine’s when I was first blogging in 2011. Thanks for having me.


  18. Oh, the table is adorable! I love using the cards and the little signs “Eat Me” are too cute! Thanks for hosting my favorite party!

  19. This is such a great table. What a great idea with the cards! I am going to see if you have any details about the bunny on his back holding up the plate — love!! Hope you’re surviving the weather there! And thank you for hosting.

    • Thanks, Deborah! The bunnies were a splurge buy for me…purchased from Pottery Barn about 2-3 years ago. They were a bit pricey, had to think hard about buying them, but I have enjoyed them. If they have them again this year, they normally start showing up online and in the stores about 2 months or so before Easter. So it’s almost time to start looking for them.

  20. Very cute, Susan. Good use of those AW plates!
    We have a new coating of about 8 inches and it is supposed to keep going till tomorrow. I’ll be mad as a hatter! πŸ™‚
    As long as the power stays on, I won’t complain.

  21. Susan,
    Love your queen of hearts table. I tried the heart napkin fold but I like yours better. Happy Valentines Day!

  22. Valentine’s Day and the Queen of Hearts…..a perfect combination! Great use for the playing cards and at the right price. I love Dollar Tree for decorations and serving pieces. I do a lunch several times a year for my mom’s Sunday School class and I always take a holiday month….usually Christmas and 4th of July. I get all of my table decorations from Dollar Tree so I can really decorate on the cheap. Since storage is an issue at my house, I don’t hang onto the decorations but since they are so inexpensive, I don’t mind tossing them and buying new the next time. I love your hear shaped cakes. Too cute! Your little banners and such look like stuff that I do with my stamping stuff.

    • Linda, I bet you could easily make these. I purchased them from an Etsy shop online. They do look like something made with stamps/crafty things. πŸ™‚ In case your curious to see what she’s made, the name of the shop is: Jacquelyn Vaccaro Designs…actually that’s what’s on her card. I think the Etsy shop may be called Mother and Daughter Creations.
      I know what you mean about dollar store holiday decorations. Sometimes I’m amazed at how nice some of their products are for the price!

  23. I am so glad you stayed safe and warm inside! What a cute Valentine’s Day table, I must get me one of those heart shaped pans. I love dishes too and have “everyday” dishes, “good” china and “Christmas” china, now I am looking for dishes to mix and match with what I have to make different tablescapes. The hunt is almost as fun as decorating the table! Thank you for inspiring me!

    • Charlotte, you can find them on Amazon but they are a little tricky to find. They are made by Wilton. The cakes coming out so easily…great pan. So true about the hunt! πŸ™‚

  24. What a cute table Susan. I love your “chargers”.

    – Alma, The Tablescaper

  25. Hi Susan Hope you are keeping warm in all this snow. I presume you go it too. Your tablescapes are always so beautiful It must be fun to be invited to your house for a meal or even for tea πŸ™‚

  26. So sorry I can’t believe the first I linked up was the comment section…so I added it again correctly, I don’t see the little x to get rid of the one I posted incorrectly, anyway just so you know I goofed up…lol…love the cards and love the cute littlel heart cakes for such a fun setting, loved it all and love the little signs and the pretty tall cake plate…

  27. Honest to Pete, Susan…I don’t think you and I could have been more on the same page if we tried!!! Although I didn’t go with the Alicd in Wonderland part of the theme, I did a Queen of Hearts card party, too, this week!!! Isn’t that wild??!?!?! We’re having the luncheon this afternoon!!! My inspiration came from plates with that whole “Queen of Hearts…made some tarts…” thing on them. We were both playing in the same ball park for sure!!!

    I LOVE those plates you have! They are really fun, and I like that they feature various characters. The cakes look magnificent!!! I really like the extra touch of whimsy attached to the top of the centerpiece cloche. It totally brings to mind the books from childhood. You did a great job with the heart napkin, too. It really brings the theme home!

  28. Hi Susan, thank you to host my blog at your link party. I always read your newsletter and I think your blog is great!:) I love Alice in Wonderland too!
    Happy Valentine’s day!:)

  29. What a wonderful combination of elements!!! Very fun, whimsical and light!!! Love the last pic…..is that greenery on the trees out there??? I forgot what it can look like!!!!

  30. So cute and whimsical! It makes me want to play black jack, lol. Happy Valentine’s Day, Susan!…Christine

  31. Absolutely stunning! I’m a big Alice in Wonderland fan. You’ve created a lovely table.

  32. Susan…your “Alice” tablescape is terrific!…fromt the cute signs to the adorable “playing cards placemat”…this table can make any one smile!!…

  33. How delightful, you are so creative Susan. Love how your mind works!!! πŸ™‚ I am envying your Alice in Wonderland china. I nearly bought some from England last time we there, but had no room to carry it!!
    The cakes look so yummy!!

  34. Susan, thought you may like the Alice in Wonderland site url. It is the original shop.


    • Thanks Megan…I can’t wait to check that out! I was just writing a question for you when suddenly my blog froze up so it didn’t post. I was just wondering how the AIW china in England look? Was it the same pattern or a different one? I’ll go check out the link…that may answer my question. Thanks again!

  35. Hi Susan, I posted my ‘scape this morning, then my computer crashed. Sorry for the delay of my comment. I love your whimsical AIW party! Those cards with hearts are adorable! You always come up with unique ideas! You should write a book about all the tablescapes you have done, with lots of photos of course!

    Thanks for hosting!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  36. Susan, your whimsy is adorable! Love the ideas with the playing cards. You are very clever!
    I saw the cutest Alice in Wonderland table setting on a Christmas home tour. I tried to snap some photos, but was rudely told photos were not allowed. Strange because in the previous room I took photos without anyone commenting. I think it was a cranky docent. ‘-)
    Thanks for sharing the fun. Happy Valentine’s Day. Guess it will be a snowy one for you.

  37. Hi, Susan. Thanks for hosting! Darling table! Happy Valentine’s Day!! ~Zuni

  38. As always, I’m up early on Thursday to see your post on TT, and I’m never disappointed! The day got away from me and I couldn’t comment until now, but your tablescape absolutely put a smile on my face! What fun. I loved your “charger of cards” and could almost taste those yummy heart cakes! So very clever…..I’m glad you made it through the ice storm safe and sound. The reports out here in the west made it sound pretty formidable. Take care, enjoy your Valentine’s Day and thank you for hosting TT each week. Rosie

  39. Dear Susan since it is past midnight I wish and pray for you to have a blessed St. Valentine’s Day.
    Your table is truly delightful. Love the chargers and what a unique way to use the playing cards. Your use of different ways to fold napkins brings a smile to my face everytime I see new ones. What eye appealing and brings moisture to my taste buds are you heart shaped cakes and in an eleaved holder to boot. May you have joy untold this day and know you have brought joy to us with this post.

  40. Dear Susan,
    Your table is so creatively cute!
    I hosted a kindergarten Mothers’ Day Tea about seven years ago, and I used my Alice in Wonderland
    cookie jar, purchased from the Disney store to serve up the ice tea. I would love to buy some of those dishes….

  41. Such a cute tablescape, Susan! I love the Alice in Wonderland dishes — they’re fun and whimsical. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for hosting and have a great weekend!


  42. Thanks for the gorgeous, jaw-dropping tablescapes, Susan. You inspire me to take my ideas to a whole new level! My husband celebrates a signature birthday next weekend and I’m going to use your heart napkin folds for this one! Instead of cards, I’m going to place some starfish and shells in the center of each heart!!

    Thanks for all that you do and share with us! Stay warm, cozy and dry!
    Amanda xo

  43. I love this tablescape! I was reading about your new pot that you picked up from the thrift store in another post and thought of this cute magnifying glass in Pier one

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