5 Ideas, Crafts and Recipes for Your Memorial Day Weekend

The 4th of July is just over a month away. I was thinking today, this would be a great time to work on some patriotic crafts because they could be used for Memorial Day this upcoming weekend and you would be all set for our 4th of July celebrations a month from now.

One of the most fun projects I’ve ever completed was this wood flag. It was easy to make and actually a lot of fun!


You’ll find step-by-step instructions for making this flag for your Memorial Day remembrances and 4th of July celebrations here: Craft a Wood Flag for Patriotic Holidays.

Craft a Wood Flag For the 4th of July


This Pottery Barn inspired banner was crafted from old jeans that were on their way to the donation bin. It was another super-easy project that would be great for your patriotic holidays.


You’ll find the tutorial for crafting this banner here: Make a Patriotic Banner from Old Jeans.


The year I made this red, white, and blue punch for the 4th of July, it literally felt like I had learned a magic trick! I’m still amazed at how this works!  (View this table setting here: Red, White, and Blue Table Setting for Patriotic Holidays.)

Red, White and Blue Punch for Memorial Day and 4th of July


You can learn the trick behind this patriotic beverage magic in this post: Patriotic Punch for the 4th of July.

4th of July Patriotic Punch Recipe


Dress up your Memorial Day table or 4th of July celebration with these red, white, and blue, bunting-style napkin rings. You’ll find the tutorial for making these here: Patriotic Napkin Rings.

4th of July Napkin Rings DIY Craft Tut


How about one more recipe that’s fast and delicious? This Key Lime Pie is easy to make and pretty much fail-proof.


You’ll find the recipe for this yummy Key Lime Pie here: Key Lime Pie Recipe.

Key Lime Pie Recipe, Easy and Fast to Make


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  1. Time seems to be flying in spite of a major slowdown
    I love the green house under the banner. Closer look ?

  2. Cyndi Raines says

    Nothing beats our awesome red, white and blue! Great post Susan ! You need to add your sweet bunting ribbon napkin rings with the star in the middle! I had such a good time making them! Thanks! Hope you have a great Memorial Day holiday!

  3. Cyndi Raines says

    Great post Susan! Nothing beats our awesome red, white, and blue! You need to add your darling bunting/ribbon napkin rings with the star in the center. I had a good time making those! Hope you have a great Memorial Day holiday!

  4. These are great, and pinned two of them. Glad you mentioned the sugar in the drinks because I might’ve been inclined to buy sugar free. Sounds like the drink needs to have the sugar. I still love those blue jean crafts!

    • Thanks, Rita! Year, the sugar definitely plays an important part in making the magic. 🙂
      Thanks! Those were so much fun to do!

  5. Dina Bacco says

    I love seeing your decor and beautiful tablescapes! I noticed you use lamps on your porch. I love the look but wondered how you plug them in without tripping over the cord and do they blow over in the wind?

    • Thanks so much, Dina! I have a lot of outlets on the porch. There’s one right over by the table near the screened windows and there are two more outlets on the porch, one near one of the chairs and one behind the hutch. Oh, and there’s one over near another door, so there are 4 outlets on the porch. I should do a post about that, that would be interesting to show all those and how they are used here on the porch. When I added on the porch in 2008, there was already one outlet on the porch, I think the one behind the hutch. I had three more “outdoor” outlets added so I’d have plenty of outlets for lamps.

      I’ve never had a lamp blow over here on the porch. When I first added the porch, I had an inexpensive vintage wicker lamp on the table near the screens and even it never blew over. The lamp that’s on the table under the banner (seen in this post) is now in the upstairs family room. I moved it up there since the shade was not weathering well on the porch. I replaced it with a lamp that is actually designed to go on porches. I have the coordinating floor lamp and it’s also designed for porches. Both of those lamps are super heavy and can be seen in this previous post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/outdoor-waterproof-floor-lamp-for-the-porch/
      Here’s another post showing the outdoor lamp I now use on the table near the screens: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/waterproof-outdoor-wicker-lamp-for-porches-or-outdoor-spaces/

  6. Just getting out all my patriotic decor and getting great ideas from you !

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