Visit Marie’s Victorian Home Decorated and Lit for Halloween

It’s almost that time! Do you have your candy ready for all the ghosts and goblins who’ll soon be visiting your home? My friend, Marie has decorated her home for Halloween and it’s over-the-top awesome! I’ve featured her home in the past decorated for Halloween and this year she’s added a lot of new things to her exterior decorations.

If you want to trick or treat here, you must first get past the big, scary, fire-breathing dragons. Their wings flap as if they might fly up into the air at any moment.



I just purchased my first wide-angle lens and I had fun seeing how much it could capture.



Ooooh, don’t mean to scare you but I don’t think we’re alone. Is that a green ghost I see on the left just below the upstairs window? Do you see it? Time to call Ghostbusters!



Since it’s still daylight, we’ll be brave and move a bit closer.



Three witches danced around a black cauldron, does this make you think of William Shakespeare’s, Macbeth?



Six ghosts danced merrily around pumpkins on the other side.



The porch on Marie’s Victorian home was decorated with garland and Halloween banners.



Dare we go a bit closer? Eeek! Whatever you do, don’t look up!



How badly do you want some candy?



We’ll have to pass by a scary witch who cackles and talks while stirring her cauldron. I know, let’s wait and come back tonight!



Marie took fabric and draped it over lit trees to create these whimsical creatures. They look really cool when lit at night.



Everything is truly magical come night time.



We got back a bit late so it was already pitch black dark. Would love to have caught the blue hour!



Can you imagine what the trick or treaters will think on Halloween night?





Notice the shadow the scary tree casts on the house. It’s almost scarier than the tree itself!



The shadow cast by the tree and the ghosts on the lawn are my favorites this year.





You go first. No, I insist!



You really should go first since I’ve been here before. Watch out for the spiders!



Happy Halloween! Are you ready for the big night?



Bonus Pics:

Since we got back too late for me to photograph the glowing globes hanging from the trees, here’s a photo from a previous year. They look amazing from the the road!

House Aglow on Halloween Night



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  1. where did she find her decorations such as the witches and the ghosts in the yard? They are all adorable!! I would love to know where she found these.

  2. Oh, I love it! It’s all so fabulous. Wish I could see it in person. My favorite holiday of the year.

  3. Maggie Amis says

    Uh…. WOW…. wonder what the INSIDE of the house looks like….. Thank You – Love it…

    • It was decorated for Halloween but Marie has begun her Christmas decorating, now. She hosts a lot of parties/events each Christmas so she has to start it early.

  4. Marie’s house is great. No doubt she has a team to do all this work. I can’t get over how nice and clean the corbels are on the upper roofline edge of her home! I agree – the ghosts in circle and the tree shadow on the how are the best.

  5. Now that’s “Tricked Out”….best decorated house I have ever seen!!!!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

  6. Oh wow!!! How amazing! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  7. Anne Shaheen says

    How much fun this house is for all the neighbors and trickortreaters. Thank you for sharing these awesome photos.

  8. Wow! She went all out!

  9. Wow! Awesome job! Thanks for sharing!

  10. So glad I didn’t miss these pics. I love the Game of Throne dragons and her whimsical tree people standing by the front entrance. No doubt- best house on the street!

  11. Diane Minto says

    This is a beautiful house to begin with and all the decorations are fantastic!!! Love it !

  12. LOOOVE Marie’s house, decorated for every season! I hope you are going to share her inside too! This was fabulous!

  13. Amazing!!! I did see a tree in the window, is that a Halloween tree?
    I would love to see this in person, great ideas
    Thanks for sharing, always look forward to your blog daily.
    You never disappoint.

  14. Thanks for the eye candy, Susan. You fill our imaginations with artful wonders! Xox Mo

  15. LOVE IT!! I always enjoy seeing photos of Marie’s home all decked out for the Holidays!! Did you take any pics of the inside which is always such a treat to see???

  16. This is just fabulous, I love everything Marie does. Thanks for sharing, Susan.

  17. Vicki Entze says

    Thank you for sharing.. So well done. Wish I was a child again and could trick or treat there.


    You are right. This is definitely over the top! Really stunning!
    Also, looks like tons of work. I hope your friend has a team to do this.

  19. Wow, clearly Marie’s motto is, “More is More”. She’s something else.

  20. Wow she really went all out! Love the dancing ghosts and the scary tree! Those fabric covered trees by the door are a really neat idea. The dragons out front are so cool- if I were a kid I’d be begging my parents to to visit this house daily!

  21. The Children and Adults will love this! I think your new camera is a keeper.

  22. This is really impressive. What a wonderful gift to give others the enjoyment of this decor. It must have been a bit of work to get it all hung and arranged. The style of her home lends itself perfectly to halloween….now please let us see what she does for christmas!

  23. Holy Halloween! Wow!

  24. Marie, obviously has fun with the holidays. She is a girl after my own heart. Her displays are adorable. My favorite are the ghosts dancing around the fire. Thanks for sharing, Susan.

  25. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble–Marie is really “cooking” with her decorations. The children will be thrilled!

  26. Marie, that is just fabulous. Better than ever. Especially love the dancing ghosts, You definitely are in touch with your inner child. 😉

  27. Marie certainly has gone over the top for Halloween. Her decorations are amazing! I love the dancing ghosts around the fire. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I too decorate inside and out. A few years ago, I made five dancing ghosts around a live oak tree. One of them wore a witches hat. They are still dancing! The trick or treaters love visiting our house, and ofcourse it’s about the candy! Happy Halloween!

  28. Linda Page says

    Marie always does such a wonderful presentation of her house for each special holiday. I love the dragons!! They are my fave! So glad that I got to see it for real. Your wide angle lens did good!!!

  29. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I had so hoped to see the inside again, as Marie does such a wonderful job of decorating every room for every holiday. Sorry we missed out on her indoor Halloween decorations this year, but can’t wait to see her Christmas decor!

  30. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering about the inside too.
    Have you ever introduced Marie to us ? We want to meet the creative lady.
    I love that home.

  31. Incredible and AWESOME! Yes, please share her Christmas Decorating with us too.

  32. I always love seeing Marie’s home! Those dancing ghosts are my favorite – but the “creatures” on either side of the door are great fun, too!

  33. I think the dragons are my favourite however as it has been so windy where I live the past few days, I would have needed them to be well tethered to prevent them from becoming airborne … . (Our weather has been so crazy, that we actually had a few light flurries today.) That said; thank you Marie for sharing the spirit of Halloween with me as your decorating is delightful in so many ways. -Brenda-

  34. Oh, I love Marie’s decorating for Halloween. Her house must be the hit of the neighborhood! Everything is so tastefully done too, with cute/scary decor, none of the gruesomeness I’ve sometimes seen. I love the dancing ghosts and witches the best, but I think that huge spider on the roof is what would give me pause! Thanks for posting the pictures and thanks to Marie for sharing them.

  35. bobbi duncan says

    Beautiful, spooky home! I love that Marie goes all out for the holidays–we do that as well. The NJ towns where I grew up are big on decorating to the nines, and it makes for such lovely holidays driving around looking at all the unique ways folks decorate. Awesome, Marie!!!!!

  36. AWESOME and makes me wish we still resided in Macon so I could take a drive to see this in person.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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