Ralph Lauren, Seashore Dinnerware & A Shirt I Liked So Much, I Bought It Twice

A few weeks ago I drove into Buckhead (Atlanta) to shop at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta. I was in search of Dior’s Tribale earrings. (Read more about that trip here: The Shops Buckhead Atlanta.)

Well, I must be a glutton for punishment because I did it again, only this time I headed to Lenox Square to try on some shoes. I had ordered them a 1/2 size up like all the reviews online at Nordstrom had recommended, but they turned out to be a bit too big and were slipping on my heel. I reluctantly decided to drive in to Neiman Marcus, the only place I could find them in stock, so I could try them on in a smaller size for comparison.

Of all the times I could choose to start shopping in Atlanta, this is definitely not the ideal time. Traffic is never great in Atlanta, but right now it is especially heavy on what the radio traffic guys called the “alternate routes” or “surface streets.” It took forever to get down West Paces Ferry and Peachtree Road over to Lenox Square. Everyone is staying off the surrounding interstates due to the I-85 bridge collapse, so the regular roads are packed.

Once I reached Lenox Square and got my shoe situation sorted, there was no way I was heading back out into the mayhem, especially since it was almost 4:30–going-home time. The craziness fun was just starting to get underway on the Atlanta streets with everyone heading home from work. So I decided to just enjoy and make an evening of it. I’d rather walk around Lenox Square and look at pretty things than sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic for two hours.

I visited a ton of stores, including Ralph Lauren.


Look what I saw inside! I was so surprised to see a beautiful setting in plaid this time of year.


I would have expected this display closer to fall, but isn’t it fabulous! Oh, how I love plaid dinnerware, and no one does plaid better than Ralph!


This Ralph Lauren store has a bit of everything, including furniture and linens.


I love this spool bed!


I shopped a ton of stores, stores I didn’t even know existed in Atlanta. Eventually, I worked up an appetite and grabbed a bite to eat in the Corner Bakery Cafe. I ordered one of their “half & half” meals where you get 1/2 a sandwich and a side. The sandwich I chose was their turkey, avocado and bacon. I took a little bite off the end before I thought to take a photo. lol

I chose their pasta/chicken dish as my side. The sandwich was so filling, I only ate a couple of bites of the pasta/chicken dish and ended up taking it home to have for lunch the following day.


One of the stores I visited while walking around Lenox Square was Pottery Barn. I have a PB two miles from my home, but this location is huge so I always love checking it out when I’m in Lenox Square.


They had some great summer tables on display!


I love Pottery Barn’s Seashore collection for this spring-summer. I found the shell napkin rings online, but unfortunately they appear to be sold out. You can see them here: Shell Napkin Rings. I think I’ll call the PB near me to see if they have any because I really like them!

The little bottles filled with sand are actually place card holders. They are so cute and are available here: Message in a Bottle Place Card Holders.


These adorable seashore plates are available here: Seashore Plates. I would love a set of those!

Photo from Pottery Barn


They had it displayed with starfish napkin rings, too. The starfish napkin rings are available here: Starfish Napkin Rings. A while back I posted a tutorial for making some that look very similar. You’ll find that tutorial here: Starfish Napkin Rings.


The shell chargers used in this setting are available here: Shell Chargers. I think the pricing on those is very good.


Or, if you like, make your own following this tutorial: DIY Shell Chargers . Also, check out this follow-up tutorial where I incorporated sea glass: Shell & Sea Glass Chargers. They are a tremendous amount of work, but a good project to do while watching TV or listening to a book.


Around 7:30 PM I decided it was time to brave the traffic. This was the line leaving the parking lot onto Peachtree Road. Can you see the traffic light waaaay up there?

The reason it’s so awful getting out of Lenox Square is because Peachtree Road is pretty much a parking lot these days due to the I-85 bridge debacle. So even when the light turns green, there’s nowhere to go. It took about 20 minutes to just get out of the parking lot. Thank goodness for Audible, that’s how I keep my sanity when stuck in traffic.

The only good thing about the traffic mess in Atlanta right now is when you go shopping in any of the stores in the Buckhead area, the sales people are really happy to see you! The stores are pretty empty, so you get fast service and little to no waiting to check out. That’s why there were so few people around when I shared photos recently of The Shops Buckhead Atlanta. I’ve read that the bridge is supposed to be repaired by sometime in June. So things should get better soon.


Update: The bridge was repaired way ahead of schedule and traffic has returned to normal, well–normal for Atlanta!


The Shirt I Had To Buy Twice 🙂

Two quick stories: A couple of weeks ago when I shopped in Dior for my Tribale earrings, the lovely sales associate who helped me had a fit over this shirt. I was wearing it that day with this orange sweater and she wanted to know where I had found it.

I told her it was currently my fave shirt and I had bought it at Talbots. She immediately Googled Talbots on her phone, saw there was one nearby and said she was going to go buy one as soon as she got off work. It’s amazing how many compliments I get on this shirt every time I wear it!

Fast forward a week later and I wore it with different sweater for this Lenox Square shopping trip. When I was upstairs in the home/linen/dishware section of Ralph Lauren, another sales associate commented on how nice I looked. We had been standing talking about the traffic situation around Atlanta when out of the blue he commented how stylish and put together I looked. I’m telling ya, it’s this shirt!!! I’ve never gotten as many compliments in my life on anything as I have on this white and black polka-dot shirt! lol


So, guess what I did! Just as I said I was going to in a previous post, I bought a second one! I love this shirt so much, I knew I’d be sad when it wears out one day, so I wanted to have a second one in reserve.

I caught the recent Talbots sale and used some of my reward points to buy it and the green sweater below. I love Talbots cardigans because they reinforce the button placket down the front so it lays properly and doesn’t flop all around like you see on some cheaply-made cardigans. I just donated a cardigan purchased a few years back at Coldwater Creek that did that. It never laid properly and always looked a mess. I love the quality of Talbots clothing!


If you want this shirt, Talbots just recently restocked it after it sold out. You’ll find it available once again here: Shirt. Update: It says it’s out-of-stock online, but I know they have gotten more in. They just may not have them online, yet.

The cardigan is available here in a lot of different colors: Cardigan. I think I’ll order another one in the Indigo Blue-navy color. I do love their cardigans!


The other item I purchased was this sweater. It was hanging on a sales rack at the back of the store. I had eyed it earlier in the season but was buying too many other things to get it then.


I love the stitching on the front. When I used to crochet, I made a throw with a similar stitch called a popcorn stitch.


I also ordered this shirt since they didn’t have my size in the store. Love the colors! It’s available on sale here: Shirt.


I think my spring clothing wardrobe is pretty much done. Maybe. I still need some white jeggings. Talbots didn’t get any in this spring. I love their jeggings so I really wish they had!

Happy Spring Shopping, Friends!


I just ordered this “leather lotion” to clean and protect my leather handbags. It came highly recommended by someone who says this is what Chanel told her to use on her Chanel bags. Anyone else ever use this? It has excellent reviews so I’m looking forward to trying it on a few of my bags. I purchased it here: Cadillac Select Premium Leather Lotion.


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  1. OMG!! You did the “Shop Till You Drop!!” Isn’t that fun…*sigh* I luv to shop and just window shop…*sigh* franki ps You done good on that polka dot!!

    • lol Yes, I did! I wished I had been wearing a tracker to keep up with my walking because I basically walked for over 2 hours! Thanks, Franki!

  2. Lisa polinsky says

    Loved this post and your style girl! I buy a lot of things based on your posts. How do you wear your Hermes scarves and what you tube fashion people do you follow! Hugz

    • Thanks, Lisa! Well, the Africa is the first one I’ve ever had and I haven’t worn it yet since I discovered the stain. I’ll probably wear it this fall since the colors are so fall-like.

      Check out this YouTube channel though for some great ideas for how to wear Hermes scares: https://www.youtube.com/user/MaiTaiCollection/videos

      Also, check out this post with 21 different ways to wear an Hermes scarf:

      Someone else asked which YouTubers I follow in another post, so I’ll just copy/paste the answer below since it was kinda long. 🙂 Also, the YouTubers I mention below can be found by searching for their name on YouTube or by Googling their names.

      Here ya go: The YouTubers I enjoy the most are Lydia Elise Millen, Rachiella and Kristina Braly.

      Lydia has the cutest personality and she’s a delight to watch. She’s a lot younger than me so some of the clothes she wears are a bit too young for me, but I love seeing her handbag unboxings. She’s the first one I saw wearing the Dior Tribales earrings, they look really good on her. (See her mention/show the earrings in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvpoqEjRG38&t=134s) Couldn’t find the video where she unboxed them for the first time.

      Just Jennifer is another great one to watch, also. She’s got a really cute personality and creates some really interesting and informative videos! She’s currently doing a complete closet makeover, so it’s interesting watching her go through the process.

      And the last one that I just discovered recently is: Justine Leconte Officiel. Justine is super knowledgeable about fashion and the history behind it. I think she works in fashion, but I just discovered her channel so I’m not sure. I love her videos, though. Very educational and she has a great personality.

      Once you watch a video, YouTube will suggest others that are similar down the right hand side of the screen, so that’s a great way to find others to check out.

  3. I will always take shopping over sitting in traffic. Sounds like you had a good afternoon and evening, Susan. I like Talbot’s because they carry petite and their clothes are classic!

    • Definitely! I love Talbots, too! They definitely have my number, I love almost everything they’ve carried the last couple of years. The quality is there, too…so important!

  4. I love to go looking, not necessarily to buy but to see what’s new and to get ideas that might come in handy down the road.

  5. Susan,
    We had a beautiful Ralph Lauren store here in Austin in the mid 80s. I loved going to that store because it was quintessential RL with the most amazing room vignettes of various living spaces – bedrooms, living rooms, office, etc. It was a mix of vintage and antique pieces along with the brand. There was also both men’s and women’s clothing and shoes. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous store. Now we have a small boutique, nice, but not nearly as enticing.
    I’ll stop by Talbots tomorrow. Nothing online. I want to try the shirt. 😉
    Love the white container on the table that has the rabbits hanging off the sides. I don’t see that on the web site. Did you notice a name?
    Thanks for sharing the shopping trip.

    • Wow, that sounds like a dream R.L. store! I’ve seen photos online of a Ralph Lauren store that looks very much like that, but not sure where it’s located. It’s too bad they downsized it.
      Yeah, I don’t know why it’s not online. It’s in the two Talbots stores I recently shopped in. It sold out the first time and I was told when they brought it back, it has a different SKU number or stock number.
      Sarah, if you need me to take a picture of the tag and email it to you, just let me know. You might need the numbers on the tag to track it down in your area.
      I didn’t think to look at it up close when I was in the store. I looked just now and I couldn’t find it at the PB website. I may not be looking in the right place, though. I’m not sure if it’s a gardening container or a cache pot or what is classified under. It’s beautiful, though. I love the bunnies all around it. 🙂

  6. Annamay Adams says

    You sold me on the shirt! Does it run true to size?

  7. You are so cute!!

    No one does plaid like Ralph……love the feathered coffee cups!!

    What a good time you had……also love the spool bed…….one can dream…

  8. Mina Flor Teatime & Garten says

    I loved to go shopping with you, dear Susan! I admire your style and your posts are always a fountain of inspiration for me. You are a lucky Girl, living in a shopping paradise named USA. Many greetings from Germany!

    • Awww, thanks Mina! I’m fortunate to live close to a big city with a lot of quality stores, bad for the pocketbook, though! lol
      I would love to one day visit Germany, especially around Christmastime!

  9. Susan, your current traffic situation sounds like our normal everyday traffic situation here in the Charlotte/Huntersvill/Cornelius/Mooresville area made even worse now due to the new toll lane construction on 77. Too many people, not enough space and greedy town planners.

    • Oh, no…sorry to hear that Donna. You know, it’s been so long since I drove into Atlanta to shop, maybe some of this is normal for Atlanta now. I’m sure the I-85 is making it worse. Will be interesting to see how it is once the bridge is back in place. It may be super crowded for a while from folks flooding back into ATL to shop after staying away for so long.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day (minus the traffic)! The last RL store I was in was in Chicago. Those dishes are beautiful. I just got the dishes from PB with the seashells along the border and I love them. Your meal at the Corner Bakery looks like it was delicious. I can just imagine how cute you are with the polka dot shirt and sweater combo!

    • Oh, I love those Liz! I’m going to be kicking myself that I didn’t get those. With them being white, you’re going to be create endless beachy table with them! Love the pattern!
      Awww, thanks! That shirt is amazing, it seems to elevate every outfit. It has sort of a sophisticated look about it, if you know what I mean. It makes you feel stylish wearing it. lol Maybe that’s in my head! 😉

  11. I got quite a chuckle out of your purchasing a second shirt! I just did the same thing a few weeks ago. I bought a white eyelet tee from Talbots and decided I loved it so much that I would buy another one in case something happened (like a permanent stain) to the original one. By the way, I love the polka dot shirt – very classic!

    • Thanks, Susan!
      Oh, now I want to see which eyelet tee you bought! I might need that one! 🙂
      I just purchased a white, short-sleeve shirt from them that has an eyelet/cutwork/open design across the top…wonder if it’s the same one that your bought. I’m tempted to go back for a second one because it goes with everything. I did pick up a navy cardigan yesterday…love their cardigans!

  12. I love your shopping trips, and love the idea of getting a 2nd shirt of the same. Capsule wardrobe, baby! (well, not exactly, but you catch my drift). Those RL dishes! Nothing like RL quality and his iconic Americana style. It saddens me that they’re having to close more and more storefronts (NYC the latest) to maintain profitability and compete with e-commerce.

  13. You and I could be shopping buddies, because I love all those same stores! It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Lenox, but it is a treat since I now live in a small town. Every now and then, I have a big-mall-attack and am drawn back in . . . and remember all the traffic and why I moved to a small town! Ahhh . . . the trade offs of life! Glad you had fun!

  14. I’m mad for plaid–may be my Scottish ancestors whispering in my ear. Perhaps RL is getting a jump on Father’s Day with their plaid setting. Looks like it belongs in a fabulous hunting lodge–with Errol Flynn sipping something in a crystal glass, leaning on a huge fireplace.

  15. P.S. from Shelia:
    Susan, shopping may get better as far as traffic is concerned. I receive the AJC online, and they just sent out an update–I quote:
    “Gov. Nathan Deal announced today construction has gone so smoothly the highway will reopen a full month ahead of the original June 15 deadline. . .”

    • Wow, that’s awesome! They offered the company they hired a huge $$$ incentive to finish as quickly as possible. The faster they completed the repair, the more they made. So, maybe that’s why they are finishing so quickly. Sure would be nice if all our road building/repairs went that quickly!

  16. Kddomingue says

    The bedroom set you’ve shown with the spool bed gave me an “ahha!” moment ! I love the mirrors over the nightstands…..the effect, not necessarily those particular mirrors. And I suddenly remembered that I have the two side mirrors that came off of an antique triple mirror dressing table that I’ve stored for years. FINALLY! Here’s an idea for the perfect place to use them!

  17. Sounds like you have a fun day, Susan. It makes me so sad to realize that “brick-and-mortar” stores may be a thing of the past in the not so distant future. Apparently, e-commerce is taking over, and more and more stores are having to close. I absolutely love a day like the one you just experienced. I can’t imagine losing the opportunity to browse and TRY THINGS ON!! I’ve never been good with change. But, anyway, I love your purchases and your spring wardrobe is sure to bring comfort and compliments! Thanks for sharing so much info in one post.

    • I know, I don’t do well with change sometimes either. I’ve seen several articles recently saying that less folks are shopping in the brick and mortar stores. I can see why with so many online stores offering free shipping. It’s such a gas and time saver to buy online, as opposed to driving all around. Plus, you can compare pricing and styles so easily sitting right at your computer.
      I remember the old days when if I wanted to buy a new purse or a refrigerator or whatever, I’d have to get in my car and drive to a bunch different stores all over Atlanta to compare pricing and see all the choices available. Sometimes it would take me days to see everything and make a decision.
      Now I can do that sitting at my desk in a matter of moments, and often save a lot of money. But I don’t think folks will ever completely give up shopping in person because it can be a lot of fun…as long as you have the time.

  18. I have an identical shirt that I’ve had for years and it still looks great. Polka dots is timeless imo…why I never discarded it when cleaning out my closet. I’m big on black/white anything because it’s so easy to pair up other colors with. Love seeing your shopping excursions!

  19. Thanks for the heads up about the polka dot blouse being back in stock. I called my local Talbots as soon as they were open and found out they had gotten some in. A half hour later, I had my new blouse and absolutely love it. Perfect timing, too. We’re leaving on a trip this week and will bring it along.

  20. You are a true power shopper! Every week I look forward to seeing the beautiful new things you have purchased. You have a disposable income, you travel, your home is well-appointed and perfectly organized, your wardrobe and accessories are high quality and lovely, you have beautiful, fashionable jewelry, you set wonderful tables (the china! the flatware! the glassware!) and you abound with energy and creativity. You are one blessed woman. What a life you lead! Thank you for giving us a peek.

    • Aww, thanks Yolie! You are too kind. Trust me, I have trials and tribulations like everyone, I just spare the BNOTP readers the boring, dull parts of life since there’s no fun reading about that. I want BNOTP to be a place where you can come and just enjoy and forget about any worries you might have. I am happier right now than I’ve ever been at any point in my life. These retirement years are fun and I’m trying to make the most of them while I’m in good health. That’s the most important thing…your health and the health of your love ones. ♥
      P.S. Glad you can’t see the left side of my desk right now, you would recant the “perfectly organized” part of your comment. Ha! 🙂

  21. What a great post. I love Pottery Barn, but I don’t have one close by. I have to drive about 45min to an hour so I don’t get there too often. I have ordered online, though. I liked your tutorials for the starfish napkin rings and the shell chargers. They look terrific.

  22. I got those message in a bottle place card holder when I picked up the lemon napkin rings. They are very very fragile.
    And that green sweater with the polka dot shirt would match my lemon pants I got from Talbots.

  23. Love hearing about your shopping day and dinner…just the kind of day out I love once in awhile. I have the ‘charming cardigan’ in many colors, wear all the time. The other thing I like about talbots is they co-ordinate colors for years so that things match from year to year and they have shoes that match too. I have things from years ago that all still go together. Also love Ralph Lauren,here is funny story…We were in NYC years ago and went into a store to buy hubby a tie. Older gentleman helped us and as we were looking at RL he mentioned that RL had started out working in their store. Then he commented “smart kid”. Ha Ha.

    • That is so true, I hadn’t thought about it but you’re are right! I love that they do that, no wonder I’m able to wear their clothes for so many years! I went back and purchased a navy cardigan, too…caught their 40% off sale. I may go buy another one in another color tomorrow since the sale is going on tomorrow, too. You can never have too many cardigans!
      What a great story! How cool that Ralph started out working in their store. I wonder if he has ever gone back for a visit.

  24. Dawne Anderson says

    Loving this shopping trip! Except the traffic! I have a similar black polka dot shirt from RL. I should spring for a Talbots Cardi.
    So happy you are having the time of your life. Well deserved. I’m in the same situation….recently retired, do what makes me happy after two full time careers equaling 52 years and raising one son. I’m deserving of this great life! I try and eat right, take supplements, exercise, stay as healthy as possible. Thanks again Susan. You’re a bright spot in my life!

    • Thanks so much, Dawne! Appreciate that so much! I love that you’re enjoying this time and yes, you definitely deserve every moment after all those years of work and dedication! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day! ♥

  25. Susan, thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip. I love those plaid dishes. Not a fan of the spool bed, but that bench is awesome.
    I wish there was a place to find plain plastic napkin rings to glue whatever on them to match the table setting. Don’t like the unfinished wood ones. I have used the silver plastic ones from Dollar Tree.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  26. Cynthia Raines says

    Happy Mother’s Day Susan. Love the clothes. 🙂

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