April Favorites, Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day and Some New Purchases

Get ready to have your heart melted just a little. lol Okay, maybe it’s just my heart that melted over a few of the lovelies I’m sharing in today’s post. I started out with plans to share gift ideas for Mother’s Day, but I couldn’t resist mixing in a few of the favorites I used and enjoyed during the month of April. Many of those would make great gifts, too!

I have been drooling recently over the Laduree bag/key charms I’ve been seeing all over Instagram. I’m not normally a bag charm person but there’s just something about the adorable Laduree macaroon bag charms that got to me.

After doing a bit of research, I read that all the Lauree charms are made by a company called Mark’s. I would love to buy one in Paris one day but I’m not sure when I’ll make it there. While checking out the various styles online, I came across this one that’s a Limited Edition for 2018 and fell in love.

Laduree Fall-Winter Limited Edition Charm or Key Ring


Here’s a better photo of it in natural lighting. It’s different from the regular style that Laduree sells during the year because the Eiffel Tower is embellished with sparkly stones, the ribbon is velvet (normally it’s not) and it includes an adorable white, furry pom-pom. I knew it would look great on 3-4 of the bags I often carry so purchased it here where I found the best price: Laduree Limited Edition Bag Charm.

It would look great on almost any color bag since the colors are all so neutral. I absolutely love it!

Laduree Fall-Winter Charm, Key Ring, Limited Edition Charm


The regular ones that aren’t the limited edition are available in a bunch of different colors. I would love one with the aqua macaroons for my aqua and white bag. Sooo cute! You can see them in a bunch of different colors here: Laduree Bag Charm or Key Charm.

When purchasing, make sure you only buy the ones made by Mark’s to avoid getting a knock-off. I’ve read some of the reviews on the knock-off versions and they weren’t good…very cheaply made.

Laduree Bag Charm with Macaroons

I’m very happy with the one I purchased and the packaging it comes in is beautiful! Definitely gift-worthy packaging!

Laduree Macaroon Bag Charm


If you purchase one of the Laduree handbag charms as a gift, consider combining it with this book to give as a gift. I just purchased it and I’m looking forward to reading it. I think the book combined with a Laduree Macaroon bag charm/key chain would be such a cute idea for a Mother’s Day gift. The book is available here: Laduree Savoir Vivre.

The Art of Fine Living by Laduree


Summer Sandals

Last summer I looked and looked for a good pair of white sandals and never found any. I love wearing white sandals with my summer dresses, shorts and pants, but I have a hard time finding good quality sandals that fit all the requirements I have. I want them to be made of real leather, have a back strap (no slides) and to have a smallish heel, preferably around 1/2 to 1 inch. Picky, picky, picky!

For wearing all day, I don’t like sandals without a back strap because I find them tiresome to keep on and I swear I think they encourage bunions. I’ve noticed when I wear sandals without a back strap, I tend to squinch up my big toe to keep them on and I think that makes a bunion grow and get worse. And that’s not just my theory, Google the topic, “Wearing flip flops causes bunions” and you’ll find articles on that topic.

After searching and searching, I ordered these and they are perfect! They are real leather and super comfortable. I’m very tempted to order a second pair as a back up since I have such a hard time finding white sandals that I love.

White leather sandals for summer


I love the gold-bead detailing! Reminds me a little of Louboutin and Valentino. 🙂 If you’re looking for comfortable white sandals with a little bit of a heel, you’ll find these here: Sandals.

White sandals for summer, leather


I also finally got around to ordering these adorable pink sneakers I shared a while back after a BNOTP reader told me about them. I LOVE them! At first, I ordered a 7 (my normal size) and they were sliding on my heel but stayed on with low (no-see) socks. I don’t think I want to wear them with socks though, so I reordered and the 6.5 fit perfectly without socks.

So that’s the size I stayed with. So if you want to wear them with low socks, buy your normal size. If you want to wear them without socks, consider buying 1/2 size smaller. You’ll find these cute sneakers here: Pink Sneakers.

Pink Converse Sneakers, Adorable


I also love how they look with my new summer hat. 🙂 Hee, hee.

Pink Sneakers, Pink Sunhat


This sun hat is available in 5 different color bows here: Sunhat. They even have a new striped bow now! (Psst: Use the code TNUCKab416 for 10% off.)

Pink Bow Sun Hat


If you would like a cute bag to go with your hat, one of my favorite bags is back again this summer. I always get so many compliments and questions about where I got it whenever I carry this bag!

Wicker Bag with Bamboo Handle, Summer Fashion


It looks great paired with pants or dresses, even shorts. You’ll find it available here: Wicker Bag.

Perfect Wicker Bag for Summer


On the Hunt for Maxi Dresses

I’ve been trying to add more maxi dresses to my wardrobe because they look so effortless to wear. I love it when I’m out shopping and a woman breezes by in a beautiful, casual, summer maxi dress. I want to be that woman! lol

I came across this one and it’s mostly cotton, which I really like. I do not like dresses that are all polyester/acrylic/whatever they are making dresses out of these days. I hate how those conform to the body and show every bump or bulge. I find dresses with a mix of cotton don’t normally do that.

So I ordered this one today and got 40% off with the code Mom40. I can’t wait for it to arrive! I think it will be beautiful paired with my new white sandals. This dress is available here: Maxi Dress.

Beautiful Maxi Dress on Sale


I also ordered these, my favorite white jeans for summer. The sale gave me 30% off. You’ll find them here: White Jeans. Unfortunately, the sizes left now are quite limited. They are always popular so tend to go quickly.

White Jeans that fit beautifully


The final item I ordered at 30% off was this adorable tee. Who can resist Audrey on her scooter in Roman Holiday! 🙂 I normally wear a small in tops but I bought this one in a size medium since I like my tees on the loose side. You’ll find this cute top here: Roman Holiday Tee.

Ordering the top also pushed me over the limit for free shipping…love that!

T-shirt Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday


For the Cooks

Another gift idea for the cooks in the family is this new cookbook out by Lara Lyn Carter. I saw James Farmer talking about in this book in his Instagram stories. If he recommends it, that’s good enough for me! I like the idea…southern cooking without the guilt. 🙂 You’ll find it available here: Skinny Southern.

Skinny Southern Cookbook


Changed My Life! 

I can’t do an April favorites post without mentioning the product that changed my life past month…this awesome handbag holder for the car. I’ve heard from so many of you who purchased it and are loving it, so it has to make this favorites post.

Handbag Holder for Driving in Car, Keeps Handbag Safe, No Falling Into Floor


I know a lot of you have purchased it to give to friends, as well. I think it’s an awesome gift for Mother’s Day or for any occasion. You’ll find it available here: Handbag Holder for Car.

I just bought a second one to keep as a backup, just in case something ever happens to my original one. I would be broken-hearted if I couldn’t find it again.

Handbag Tote Holder for Car


One last gift idea: If you’re looking for a gift for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space or is really hard to buy for, Louis Sherry Chocolates are a delightful gift to receive. They come in a lovely tin that can be kept for storage once the chocolates are gone.

Louis Sherry Tin with Beach Theme


I’ve purchased them twice as gifts and had them shipped straight to the recipient. They were a big hit! I’ve also purchased them for myself. Twice. Did I just admit that out loud?!

You’ll find them available here: Louis Cherry Chocolates.


Hope you find these gift idea helpful, whether you’re shopping for someone else or picking up some summer goodies for yourself.

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  1. You’ve been a busy little bee! I envy those who can wear sandals. My feet are my worst feature. I also bought some accessories for my LV Iena purse, two narrow scarves in different colors to tie to the handle in a bow and a bag charm that’s a crown. Love yours with the macarons. Perfect with your beautiful bag.

    • I hate that I have mini bunions! I’m trying to keep them from getting worse because I love wearing sandals.
      That sounds so cute, Ginger! I love seeing bags with those! I hope I get to Paris for real one day and visit Laduree in person! I was watching a YouTube video a while back where the YouTuber visited a Laduree in the area of France where Mont Blanc is located. I’ve forgotten the name of the town. Anyway, she was drinking their hot chocolate and it looked like pure melted chocolate! It was insane! lol

      • My brother used to say I could hang from tree branches by my toes, if that gives you an idea. Lol

  2. I’m the BNOTP reader who suggested those cute pink shoes! It really touches me that you liked them!

    • Thanks Wendy, I’m so glad you did! I love them! I can’t believe how comfortable they are. I was worried about the elastic area at the back when I ordered them, but it is completely comfortable. Do you wear your sneakers with socks or without?

      • Truth be told, my feet were a tad too wide, so I returned them and bought a really great pair of Keds. It’s ridiculous how cute I think my Keds are.

        Like you I’d love to be able to wear them w/o socks b/c Atlanta is too hot for socks, right? Or I’ll just wear them in the spring and fall.


        • I love Keds, too. I have two pairs in my closet now. They have come out with some of the cutest styles in recent years.

  3. Lisa D. says

    The Laderee bag charms are adorable, but I absolutely LOVE your pink Converse tennies!!! Pink is one of my favorite colors, which sounds a bit unsophisticated for a woman of my age, but one of my favorites, nonetheless. Thank you for all the Mothers’ Day ideas, Susan, and you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

    • Thanks, Lisa! You are in good company, I really love pink too! I don’t think it’s unsophisticated, I’ve seen some stunning blush pink bags, shoes, etc… 🙂
      Happy Mother’s Day to you, Lisa!

  4. I ordered the bag holder and at first I couldn’t understand why you liked it so much because my bags would barely fit IN it! Yup, I didn’t realize the bag was supposed to rest ON it lol. I kept thinking that your bags are not always small and couldn’t find figure out why that wasn’t an issue for you too until you posted a couple of weeks ago about it and a lightbulb went off. I tried to comment on that post but couldn’t, and wanted to let you know for some reason for quite some time your site doesn’t load on my iPad. I don’t think the issue is at my end because it doesn’t happen with any other site, just thought I’d mention it in case it happens to anyone else.

    • Doreen, thanks for letting me know. I wonder why that’s happening? Is it still happening now? If so, I need to get someone to look at my site.

    • Doreen, it loads okay on my old iPad that’s about 5 years old. Is the browser on your iPad up to date? Make sure you don’t have an update pending for it in case that’s the problem.

  5. Sandra D in Joliet says

    So lovely but ……I did order the auto purse sling/holder today and the organizer. My grocery bags slid all over coming home so I was ready to make an Amazon order. Stuff has been lingering in my cart. I ordered the complete set of Poirot with David Suchet-I was back and forth on that one. Some said it was great and some said a couple had scratches. That set has been so expensive for so long and now it’s 68.00 for 33 discs so I decided to take a gamble. I’ll just call Amazon if I have an issue. They’ve always been great as long as it’s fulfilled by them. This is my birthday month and that’s one of the gifts to myself. Love the purse charm but I don’t carry a purse and the pink sneakers-ooh la la. I have Morton’s neuroma in both feet so I can feel them hurt now plus I found out I have a fracture in one and found out I have flat feet-no one ever told me that before so maybe it’s a getting older development. Thanks for sharing

    • I know, I really like ordering via Amazon. Even if it’s not something they fulfilled, I’ve found they will back you and often give you a credit or refund it a seller is trying to pull a fast one. I try to only order “Prime” items though since those are always easy to resolve if there’s an issue.
      Ha! I know, pink is definitely an acquired taste, right? lol I love it and seem to love it more the older I get.
      Happy Birthday, Sandra! I hope you have a great one and that it is pain free! ♥♥♥

  6. What creative mind thought to put a sparkly Eiffel Tower with a pompom? I loved that! All cute shoes, and that maxi would look good with a touch of pink accessory, no? 🙂

    • Have you been to Paris, Mia? I would love to go and see the Eiffel Tower in person. I read somewhere they had put a fence around it and that a lot of people were unhappy about that.

  7. Susan, I would definitely encourage you to get at least one pair of back up sandals if you like them that much. I believe in back-ups, because it’s so disappointing to find something you love only to learn later it has been discontinued. If you don’t need them this year, you’ll have them for next. 🙂

  8. Great ideas! Wish my mom was still around..she would have gone crazy over the bag charm!!
    Can you plz tell me where you found your white/aqua tote bag?? I love it everso!!!

    • I love that color, too…gets me every time! ♥ I purchased that tote either last summer or the summer before (forgot which now) from Tiffany & Co. They have the most beautiful leather pieces. They are all made in Italy and are buttery soft.
      I purchased an organizer for it from Amazon. I found one that is almost an exact match in color to the bag. I did have to have the seamstress around the corner from me resize the organizer in width (it was a little too wide) but the length was perfect. Recently, I saw the bag for sale on eBay and it was a great buy.

  9. I love the white sandals. I am very picky with my shoes. I also prefer a small heel as I find them much more comfy than a flat heel. Also love the pink sneakers. May have to order both! Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. Cyndi Raines says

    Well, I can join in on the chorus about sore feet, Morton’s neuroma and bunions ! Comfy sandals are a must now, but I still love darling sandals for special events or church as they are on for only a few hours so I splurge, lol. Those white ones are darling and yes, get a second pair for next year! The dress is too cute also. I like the glitzy Eifel tower. Great ideas Susan. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day a bit early, but hope you have a great one!

  11. Just want to let you know that the pink tennis shoes are available at Marshalls and TJMAXX in many colors. They are very cute!

  12. Teresa M says

    I like your “summary” posts like a best of everything…
    Most of the time, I will binge read a bunch to catch up. Thanks for sharing Susan!

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