Inspired By Our Cooler Weather, But Not Quite Ready to Say Goodbye to Summer

Welcome to the 467th Tablescape Thursday!

Yesterday: Awoke at 5:00 am–body still on Ireland time. Decided to make the most of it and headed down to the garage to start replacing the bowed shelves.

Dish Storage, Replacing bowing shelves


Took a while to unload and reload all the shelves since several had to be removed at once to get them out. Afterwards: much better—no more bowed shelves!


Ditto for all the shelves in the charger plate cabinet…replaced those, too!

Charger Plate Storage


Just one cabinet left to go, the one on the far end near the garage door. Been replacing all the shelves in stages so the guys at Home Depot won’t run and hide when they see me coming: “Hi, I’d like these 485 shelves cut down to size, please!” 😉

Cabinets for Storage, Garage, Basement, Laundry Room, Home


Next: Showered and headed into Atlanta for a doctor’s appointment. Appointment over, rushed back home to meet the door guy who had arrived early to measure the basement door for replacement.



Door guy leaves, getting a late start but it’s time to get busy creating a table for this week’s Tablescape Thursday.

Fall-Autumn Tablescape on the Porch, Between Naps On The Porch Blog


With the table set, photos taken, I turn off the lights on the porch and head back inside. Look down and see this on the breakfast room table. Uh, oh!

Leaf Napkins for Fall-Autumn


Walk back out on to the porch, look at table and yup, forgot to place a napkin at one place setting. Argggg! Too late now to take more photos, almost dark.

Autumn Table with Asheville Leaves Dinnerware


Hope you enjoy anyway…we can play the “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” game. 🙂

Fall Table with White Pumpkin Tureens, Between Naps On The Porch Blog


I’m still in summer mode, but the temps were so cool yesterday, it put me in a fall-ish mood.

Fall Table Setting in Reds, Greens and Browns d


Designer, James Farmer was talking about layering yesterday on his Instagram page. I guess it’s contagious because I was in a layering mood for this table.

Dining on the Porch in Autumn-Fall


From my now-easily-accessible napkin storage… 🙂

Store Napkins on their edge


…I pulled green, velvet-edged, linen napkins and layered them atop rust-colored, leaf-embroidered napkins. Linen napkins are from Pier 1 several years ago…leaf napkins are probably from Tuesday Morning, Marshalls or Home Goods, forgotten where now. Couldn’t decide on napkin rings so used a couple of different ones: leaf napkin rings…

A Fall Table with Pumpkin Soup Tureens and Autumn Leaf Dinnerware


…and acorns wrapped with a red ribbon. They aren’t actually tied, just wrapped around for easy removal.

White pumpkin soup tureens are gently easing me into fall…not ready to go orange, just yet. Found the white tureens in Pier 1 a few years ago. They have white ones again this year here: White pumpkin tureen.

Fall Table Setting, Layer on the Autumn Colors


Not quite ready for fall, either? Consider decorating with white “fall” accents for an easier transition from summer to autumn. (See more of this summer-fall transition hutch here: Decorate Your Home in White for Fall.


Never dreamed I get so much use out of these deer plates when I first purchased them at Pottery Barn–really thought they would be mostly for Christmas. I love using them in other ways like this safari tablescape here: On Safari.

Had fun layering them with fall leaf plates for this autumn table. Leaf glasses are from Dollar Tree several years ago. Wine glasses were a find at A Classy Flea antique shop several years back.

Red and White Deer Plates for Fall Dining


This leaf pattern must have been popular because it’s being offered again. You’ll find it available and on sale here: Autumn Leaf Dinnerware. This autumn leaf dinnerware and Spode Woodland are my favorite for this time of year. Can’t get enough of either!

Leaf Plates for Fall-Autumn Dining


Here are two other tables where I’ve used the  leaf dinnerware…click on title to view that table.

Autumn Table with Woodland Friends


Used both the salad and dinner plates for this tablescape: Autumn Table Setting with Roasted Pumpkin Soup.

Fall Table Setting with Pier 1 Ashevile Dishware & Martha Stewart Cast Iron Pumpkin Casserole


Can’t stop watching the Weather Channel. Hope everyone who should have evacuated, has evacuated.  Irma means business!

Looking forward to all the tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Dining on the Porch in Autumn-Fall


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  1. Susan, I love your autumn Tablescape and layering also is my personal style! You have certainly been busy since you returned!

  2. So glad you were able to fix up the shelves. Wouldn’t it be nice if the company that makes them would just do it right in the first place. Love the fall tablescape. The white pumpkins are so cute!

  3. Elizabeth Roderick says

    Beautiful tablescape. The perfect mix of dishes.There’s nothing ‘wrong with that picture’. I completely understand being swayed by the cooler weather. It was 57 in my part of Texas today, a nice change from last months 102, but it will be in the high 90’s by Monday. You’ve done a fantastic job with your cabinets. I feel more organized just looking at them! Lol!

  4. I love reading about Ireland. I’m going on a overnight trip to Salem, Ma in October and I brought the Treva boots you recommended. Did you spray them with Camp Dry or something? My rubber winter boots are 20& years old so I will still wear them for shoveling snow. Yes, I live in the foothills of the Adirondack Mtns. in New York.

  5. I live in FL and the lack of change of seasons is the one thing I miss. Fall was my favorite. I have been so happy to find a lot of white, gray, lt green and bluish tones in pumpkins and fall accessories this year. I can mix in my coastal fall tones with some of the traditional Fall colors and blend it all together. Love the ideas you share and the new cabinets are wonderful.

  6. You sounded like you were in a hurry this entire post, lol! Glad you’re getting so much done! I’m still reading about inspiration, and that’s about as motivated as I’ve been. For some reason, I’m wanting to focus on the garden and take care of doing transplanting right now with the cooler temps….battling voles with sonic devices, contemplating traps. >:^|

  7. Your table is really pretty. It’s different…in a wonderful way. I just love how you mix and match and it all turns out gorgeous!
    Your cabinets are looking great. That’s so funny about the Home Depot guys making a run for the back door when they see you coming!! 🙂

  8. Oh Susan, how could you? My day is now trashed. Forgetting a NAPKIN?
    That will cost you. A day to stay away from Home Depot. I’m being lenient, could have been two.
    The all white cupboard is a winner. Very chic indeed.
    You do know you are using my utensils?
    Covet the velvet napkins.

  9. Susan, your table is lovely! I think many of us southerners are thinking fall. When have we had 2 weeks in a row in late August with temps in the 80s? I am surrounded as we speak by my fall bins my sweet husband lugged out of the attic for me yesterday. All the gold and orange peeking out at me will soon be on the mantel, tables and hutch. I do love the fall season. Decorating for it lasts 3 months and allows me to use some colors I don’t usually have in my home, such as orange. Fall is in the air, for sure! I can’t wait to see the tablescapes you have in store for us in the coming weeks. I’m so glad you got all those melamine shelves and can now really enjoy your new cabinets.

  10. Layer away–you are really good at it. Love the white pumpkin soup set. Mmmmm, roasted pumpkin soup; my mouth is still watering from that.

  11. Beautiful table, I am dreaming of Fall too.

  12. Slow down, you move too fast.
    You got to make the morning last.
    Just kicking down the cobble stones.
    Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy. xxx

    LUV the table vignette!! franki

  13. I’m crazy about those velvet-edged napkins. I’ve seen them in a number of your posts. Enjoy our taste of fall this week!
    Thanks for hosting such a fun party each week.

  14. ha, I do that all the time, we probably would have never noticed the missing napkin, too much to drool over! Hope you aren’t impacted by Irma~

  15. Really pretty…I usually dont have the energy for this on a regular basis. Question….do you entertain a lot? Does anyone actually get to enjoy/use at least some of these tablescapes in person? If I lived closer, you could invite me over for lunch, or tea, or a glass of wine, and forget the table. Cheers!

  16. What a beautiful fall table! I especially love the red toile deer plates. It’s still between 105 and 110 here during the Phoenix afternoons. By the end of September it should be cool enough to start thinking about fall tablescapes. Thanks for another great Tablescape Thursday.

  17. Susan, we are having cooler temps here as well. Makes me want to pull out some of the fall decor, and just might do that this weekend. Love the layering! I would never notice the missing napkin. ‘-)

  18. So Susan, we r suppose to fly from Pittsburgh to Atlanta to Spain on Monday….! If Irma strands us in Atlanta, can we stay with u and talk Favorite Things?! LOL. I’m actually hoping they allow us to reroute in the next day or so. Hope Irma turns east way before then to spare Florida…

    • Debbie, hubby and I are leaving (from Phoenix) for Venice early tomorrow morning. At first they routed us through Houston–Gaaaaaa!!!!–now we’re being routed through Newark. Crossing fingers. May you have safe travels to Spain, hope you have no problems in Atlanta. We went to Spain about five years ago, went to Seville, Ronda, Majorca, Granada, Madrid and Barcelona–loved all of these places!

  19. Cyndi Raines says

    Very pretty table Susan. Just finished my fall table yesterday, but it was a little hard to put away my lighthouse dishes and shell chargers. Always hard for me to let summer go, even though fall is my favorite season. Now on to decorating the mantle. Saying prayers for all our southern friends.

  20. Does each diner get their own squirrel salt and pepper holder? So cute! I actually started to put away my red, white and blue summer decorations. Glad your shelves are all sturdy and you got your door measured.

  21. I love the leaf napkin rings and dinner ware!

  22. Bobbi Duncan says

    Hello queen of tablescaping lol! Another lovely setting, Susan…love those layered napkins. Fall has arrived here and I am so excited. Just purchased a new wreath and some floral pieces for our floor vase to add to all the other decor I’ll start putting out this weekend. I just love how festive the house looks from fall through Christmas. Great job on those cabinet shelves. It’s wonderful to find things so easily. Keeping my fingers crossed that this latest hurricane doesn’t cause damage. Hugs!

  23. Happy to hear that you are in the home-stretch of replacing your cabinet shelving but sorry to hear you are still on Ireland time. Maybe we will have to flip you upside down or turn you around a few times … . That said; gorgeous table scape but I have to admit that I am still clinging to summer as it was very short where I live and the thought of Autumn being just two weeks away with old man winter inevitably following, disheartens me. Maybe its just maturity but the latter I now particularly dread so maybe I will have to move to Georgia … or California …. or _____. Do you think? All said, sincerely wishing you a beautiful day, Susan! -Brenda-

  24. Love this fall table setting! And I’m totally in love with those deer plates! My favourite thing about fall saeson is decorating and all the heartwarming gatheringsand wine parties I organize for my friends. I often try to set such gorgeous tablescapes. Well I’m not that good at all those accents, but I’m good at flower decoorations, and I often use some fresh flower to finish my tabelscapes. Greets!

  25. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Keeping fingers, toes, eyes, and ears crossed that you are not affected by Irma.

  26. Thinking of you as I watch the weather reports on Irma. Praying for you and your home to be safe. You’ve worked so hard on it. I love the layers on your table this week. It’s a nice way to introduce fall.
    I have a granddaughter at UF in Gainesville, Fl. Praying she will be safe! Her parents live in Houston along with another one of my daughters. We just went through the stress of Harvey and now Irma. My heart goes out to those that suffered great loss. My girls were fine. So grateful! Hope your outcome is the same.

  27. I bought the same fall leaf glasses for the last 2 year. But this year they changed it up. I love their new plates!!

  28. I have a wonderful set of Lenox Westwind that I’ve collected via eBay and start using it this time of year. It’s a beautiful set for fall and I use it on Thanksgiving when hosting the dinner. It is also featured in the current issue of Tea Time magazine on pages 19-20. Lovely china for fall.

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