Valentine’s Day Decorations: Decorate the Porch, Front Door and a Valentine’s Day Tree

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope your day was absolutely grand! The weather here continues to be amazingly beautiful. I’m sure Mother Nature is going to wake up at any moment and realize that while she was napping, spring snuck in. Until she does, we will continue to enjoy these 60 and 70 degree, sun-filled days. Even the birds in my backyard were chirping up a storm today. They seem as excited about these spring-like days as we are.

Today I had a luncheon and shopping date with my friend, Marie. While visiting her home, I took some pictures of her Valentine’s Day decor.

Valentine's Day Decor for Porch and Exterior


It will all be taken down tomorrow as she’ll be decorating for St. Patrick’s Day next.

Valentine Decorations for Front Porch and Exterior


All the garland and heart wreaths are lit and all the decorations create an amazing display come nightfall. Folks come from far away to enjoy the decorations she creates for each holiday and season. This is just one of the many ways that Marie and her family give back to their community.


One of these days I’m going to have to take some “after dark” pics of her Valentine’s Day decor, like I have for Christmas and Halloween.



The front door was decorated with a pretty heart-shaped wreath. Another lit sign was just above.

Valentine's Day Front Door Decorations_wm


Let’s go inside and see how Marie has decorated in her kitchen.

Valentine's Heart Wreath


The white tree Marie leaves up year around in the corner of her kitchen-breakfast area was decorated for the Valentine’s Day, too.

Valentine's Day Tree with Valentine's Day Ornaments and Decorations


I walked around the tree and took several close-up photos so you could see all the decorations.






Marie always decorates her kitchen island for the holidays and seasons.

Beautiful Kitchen, White Cabinets, Black Island


So festive and pretty!


The St. Patrick’s Day decorations are waiting to go up tomorrow as soon as the Valentine’s decorations come down.


Marie gave me a sneak peek of some beautiful Easter garland she recently found in Pier 1. I think it will be adorning her main staircase. Can’t wait to share it with you later this spring!


Big hugs to you sweet Friends on this Valentine’s Day! Sending lots of love your way!

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  1. Wow! Looks great! So much decor!

  2. Susan, we all want to be Marie. I love her home. How fun it must be for her grandchildren. The green frogs and chocolate covered strawberry ornaments are my favorites. That kitchen with black countertops and the red bar stools are very striking.
    Thanks for visiting Marie and sharing her lovely home with us again.

  3. She is an amazing friend, anxious to see the other special holidays. It was lovely to see green grass, here in southern Ontario,Canada we are up to our knees in snow and it is coming down again. Uggggggh.

  4. Happy Valentine’s day to you, Susan. It has turned cold here again, so perhaps this weather is headed your way. Trees are budding out, so these dips in temps must have them confused. 80s one week, then 50s the next. It’s definitely a roller coaster this winter!
    Thanks for sharing Marie’s valentine decor. It’s always fun to see what she does.

  5. Patti Watkins says

    Marie has a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing. I work at Pier One in Myrtle Beach and we have so much Easter decor this year. She will love that garland. Looking forward to seeing how she decorates for Easter. We also have some bunnies that go with it. I enjoy reading your Blog’s. Have a wonderful day.

  6. How fun Susan!! I love the tree! Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day!!❤️❤️❤️

  7. Wow. Just wow. What a woman. Love that front door wreath and those choc covered strawberry heart ornaments on the tree!

  8. Hearts and cupcakes and frogs, Oh My! How cute is that tree! Marie does such a beautiful job decorating her house (along with her helpers). The Easter garland looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love the tours of Marie’s house that you share with us! I sometimes find it hard to focus on the holiday decor because I am looking past it at the beautiful bones of her home — her kitchen is stunning! One more “winter” holiday down — here comes spring!

  10. Lots of beautiful decorations in her home. I don’t decorate much for Valentine’s Day, we gave each other a card, I made a nice salad, baked two potatoes and my husband grilled steak. For dessert I made each of us a brownie heart ❤️ shaped little cake. Just a quiet evening, watched some TV and went to bed. Going enough for us!❤

  11. Anne Shaheen says

    Also love seeing Marie’s home all decked out for the holidays. She is a great inspiration for me to decorate for my grandkids…..they love to run from room to room to see all the “pretties”!

  12. It was rewarding to see Marie’s jumble or as I have, crap room.
    How many on staff to get all this up? Please don’t tell me she is a solo act.
    I have a date with Pier 1 today. Expecting a big box via UPS, then after this post, hurtling myself to the nearest store, because the child in me says loud and clear “I want what she has”.
    In the background I hear the arabic music playing as you are spinning.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing Marie’s house with all the different holiday decorations. They are beautiful and make you smile. I can’t wait for the next holiday to see what she does. I love to decorate for every holiday too. Please show as many of them as you can.

  14. Shirley Milne says

    Please show her St. Patrick’s Day decorations early. so we can get ideas.

  15. Marie’s Valentine decorations are so fun. I love those green frogs! 🙂
    The outside decor in red looks great on her white house with black shutters.
    She is an expert when it comes to holiday decorating. You are so lucky to be able to see it in person. What a fun lady she must be. Looking forward to more of Marie’s holiday decorations. Thanks for sharing~

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    Loved the stand up hearts at her doorway. Do you know where she purchased those? Also loved the chocolate hearts on her tree. I leave a narrow tree up all year in the corner of my dining room and it is decorated with birds as it is next to the bump out window that looks on my south flower garden. I would like to put a few Valentine hearts on it next year. For Easter I have scattered about “chicks popping out of eggs” and for Summer, I place small American flags all over it. In the fall, I decorate it with leaves and peasant feathers. It’s fun to do. Thanks for sharing Marie’s beautiful home.

  17. I love to decorate my home, and these pictures are great! I have a question, though…where in the world does she store all her decorations? Since she decorates for every holiday, she must have a ton of boxes to store.

  18. I love her get up and go, and the cute decor she does every holiday. It must be a full time job , but so lovely to do for her neighbors. I feel the same way but can’t summon up the energy to get as much done.

  19. What a beautiful display… so pretty…love all of it.
    I wish I had Marie’s energy.
    All I can manage is Xmas and Halloween and I’m usually grumbling as I have to pack it all away! 🙂
    Such a treat to see her displays… thanks again Susan!

  20. I wish I had the energy to even think of decorating like that! (and the budget and staff to do it, LOL). I always enjoy seeing Marie’s beautiful home decorated for the various holidays.

  21. Wow! Her house is amazing, even without the decorations. Would love to see it at night. I can’t imagine the time and effort that goes into all the décor. If sure gives a lot of joy to people passing by. Thanks for sharing Marie’s home with us. 🙂

  22. Marie’s decorating of her house is amazing no matter what the holiday! I’ve never seen so much Valentine’s day decorating, and I can see how it is a real treat for her neighbors to see. Her beautiful white house is a good backdrop for any color scheme the holiday calls for, and I love the large white tree inside. Where does she get all those decorations I wonder, because the craft stores around here only have so much decor, especially for Valentines day. The red and white spiral striped tree like things on either side of her big tree look like something out of Dr. Suess. I have a little pink tree I put up for Valentines Day but I made most of my ornaments. I also like to decorate my mantel above the fireplace for holidays, especially now because it brightens up the still longer nights to have mini lights up too. Can’t wait to see her Saint Patrick’s Day decor. Be sure and let her know how much we enjoy seeing it.

  23. Wow. That’s a lot of decorations to put up and take down and we all benefit. Thanks for taking pictures and sharing. Do take one at night next time as it would be fun to see the signs lit. St. Patrick’s looks like it will be fun to view as well. Easter is late this year so we will be able to enjoy those decorations longer (for those who do decorate). I like to put decorations on my mailbox and gate….though nothing can compare with Marie’s decorating!

  24. That looks wonderful! I like celebrating & decorating for Valentine’s Day. Everything looks so blah when the Christmas stuff comes down. It’s too soon for summery, flowery stuff so I like to decorate for all the holidays. I would love to see how it all looks at night! It has been unseasonably warm here in Illinois. I just heard that we have had 60 days without at least an inch of snow. The record is 64 days & we will surely surpass that. It’s supposed to be in the 50s & 60s for the next week. I just hope we won’t be paying for this nice weather come March. There’s still time. We got close to a record number of cloudy, gloomy days in January so we are enjoying the warm & sunny days now! I am counting my blessings every day that we get nice weather. Some people weren’t so lucky this winter.

  25. I did my first Valentine’s day tree this year and love it …so much fun! ❤

  26. Linda Louise S. says

    Well this my second comment. Not sure if I posted the first one or not so forgive me if I’m repeating myself. I love the decorations but wonder who puts them up? Also, where does Marie store them all? I loved seeing the St. Patty’s Day decorations waiting to go up since it looked messy. That’s how my stuff always looks. The Easter garland is beautiful. Hoping you will post some pictures of it when it’s up. Belated Happy Valentine’s Day.

    • Marie stores everything in her large basement. She has help with putting up her trees and then she does much of the decorating herself. She just let’s someone else help with the heavy lifting and the outside decorations that require tall ladders.

  27. Thank you for sharing Marie’s beautiful Valentine’s decorations. I saw someone else ask and I am interested to know as well where she found the hearts on the stands placed on each side of the front door? Would love to add those to my décor. Can’t wait to see what she does with all those St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

  28. A belated Happy Valentine’s Day to both you and Marie and with St. Patty’s Day around the corner; an early ‘top of the morning’ to you …
    °Û°. With warm hugs in appreciation of you sharing Marie’s decorations and a thank you to her for opening the doors to her home so a reader like myself can enjoy it. Wishing you both a beautiful day! -Brenda-

  29. Absolutely LOVEly. So glad Marie let you share her home with us.

  30. Helen Cox says

    Does Marie have a blog or Facebook page? I’d love to see her home decorated for the other holidays throughout the year.

    • No, she doesn’t have a blog and I think she only shares family stuff on her personal Facebook page. Helen, click on the category “Holiday Home” at the top of the blog, then choose a holiday you’re interested in, scroll over that holiday and click on the subcategory “Decor.” You’ll find some posts on Marie’s decorations for each of the holidays there.

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