Hitting the Labor Day Sales & Starting My Christmas Shopping Now

With all the Labor Day Sales going on, I thought I’d share what caught my eye and what I’ve been buying this weekend.

I love these shorts with the scalloped edge. Normally when I find them, they are so expensive, but these are not. They are marked down from $48 to $36 and an additional 20% off that with the code FINALSALE. You’ll find them available here: Shorts with Scalloped Edge

Scalloped Leg Shorts


I have this pair of Jack Rogers sandals in white. I purchased them a few years ago at the Jack Rogers store in Atlanta and paid full price because you almost never see Jack Rogers sandals on sale.Jack Rogers Sandals on Sale

You can see my pair in this photo (bottom left) when I shared what I was thinking of packing for my trip to Africa last September. (See that post here: A Dry Run)

Packing for Safari_wm


If you’re not familiar with Jack Rogers sandals, they became really popular back during the Kennedy days because Jackie Kennedy wore them a lot.



She was a true fashion icon back in the day. I love this dress! You could wear this dress today and it would still be in style. I especially love the asymmetrical neckline.



These cute Jack Rogers sandals are surprisingly on sale and you get another 20% off the sale price with the code FINALSALE here: Jack Rogers SandalsJack Rogers Sandals on Sale


Loved this cross back summer dress! It’s on sale and again, you get another 20% with the code FINALSALE. You’ll find it here: Summer Open-Back Dress

Summer Dress


I get a lot of emails asking where I found my tartan bedding. I’m happy to say it’s back again this year and is currently on sale for 20% off. If you were one of the folks who emailed asking about it, don’t wait too long because it sells out every year.

Tartan Plaid Bedding For Winter


You’ll find it available here: Tartan Bedding.  Don’t forget to use the code LABORDAY to get 20% off. (See previous post about decorating with Christmas pillows here: Christmas Pillows)

Road Trip Santa Pillow and Tartan Bedding


They are also offering it in the Stewart tartan here: Tartan Bedding, also on sale with the code.

Stewart Tartan Bedding


Outdoor furniture is on sale 50% off here: Outdoor Furniture This is the best time of the year to buy outdoor furniture because it’s all on sale.Outdoor Furniture


Every Christmas, our family watches the movie, Christmas Vacation together. It’s become a tradition and I’m not sure why, but it seems to get funnier every year! If you missed the home tour I did of the Griswold’s house in the movie, you’ll find it here: Tour the Home in Christmas Vacation

House in the Movie, A Christmas Vacation 3


Do you remember this scene, the one where Cousin Eddie is having some eggnog with Clark? They are drinking from these absolutely hilarious looking moose mugs?

Moose Mugs Scene in Movie, Christmas Vacation


I have always wanted to buy a set of those. I almost did when I toured the real house in the movie, A Christmas Story. (You’ll find all the tours I shared of that movie house linked under here: A Christmas Story. Just scroll down on that page and you’ll see all the posts. It took several posts to share the house, the museum and the gift shop.)

Under the sink


While I was shopping in the “A Christmas Story” movie gift store, I came across the Moose Mugs there. I think the same company that owns the rights to A Christmas Story also owns the rights to Christmas Vacation. I passed up buying the Moose Mugs that day, but I knew I’d have to have them some day.

Last night I came across them for a really good price and bought 6 for me and a set for my son and daughter-in-law. I thought it would be so much fun if we had them to drink from while watching the movie each year. Also, there just might be a A Christmas Vacation tablescape coming your way as we get a little closer to Christmas. 🙂

If you would love a set of these hilarious mugs, you’ll find them available here: Moose Mugs Or, they come in a set with a punch bowl here: Moose Mug Punch Bowl and Mugs

The ones I purchased are glass, but they also come in acrylic. Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs


I think I’ll buy a couple of the acrylic ones, too. One of my grandsons is big enough to drink from one now and my newest grandson will be in just another couple of years. They are probably going to want their own Moose Mugs when they see all the grown-ups drinking from them. The acrylic Moose Mugs are available here: Acrylic Moose Mugs

Moose Mugs non-breakable


I came sooo close to buying these two shirts last night when I was buying the mugs. If I thought my son and dil would wear them, I would so buy them. My dil could wear this one. 🙂

Christmas Vacation Tshirt


And my son could wear this one! lol Do you remember that scene in the movie?

If you think these are as hilarious as I do, you’ll find them here: Margo and here: Todd. Think I should buy a set for my unsuspecting son and dil?  🙂


Christmas Vacation T-Shirts


Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, Friends!

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  1. OMG, I just got a set of the Moose Mugs, thank you so much! My husband is going to be thrilled!

    Have you ever seen Clark’s Santa hat anywhere? I absolutely love it and have yet to find one. May have to check out that gift shop some day!

  2. Is there a bed skirt for the Tartan Plaid bedding. I would want a bedskirt

    • Unfortunately, no. I purchased a bunch of the matching tablecloths on eBay and had one custom made. I always have to do that anyway because my bed has 25 inch drop and the ready-made ones are never long enough. I don’t know why they haven’t made a bedskirt to go with this set. Recently, a reader emailed to tell me she had done the same thing, bought tablecloths and made her own bedskirt. The tablecloths are nice and heavy and as you can see in the photo, they are an exact match for the bedding. They are the exact same cotton/linen blend as the bedding, too.

    • Pat, you can see where I shared about the tablecloths in this older post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/ralph-lauren-inspired-tartan-plaid-bedroom/ I bought way more tablecloths than I probably needed but I didn’t want to not have enough. A normal bedskirt with a normal drop could probably be made from 3 tablecloths, depending on the size tablecloth you purchase.

  3. God, those shorts are just adorable. And love that color blue jacket and striped shirt. Such a June blue and not so dark as navy. Hope you bought those too. Christmas is going to be the best yet, this year–moose mugs and all!

    • I almost bought those shorts last night, had them in my cart. I think I waited too late now, though. Stuff goes so fast when it goes on sale. You snooze, you lose…I should know that by now!

  4. Love all your shopping finds! My daughter and I watch Christmas Vacation together every year. My husband doesnt get how we can laugh till we cry at the same parts over and over. My daughter and her husband have those shirts (and why is the carpet wet Todd, I dont know Margo) and wore them last year for Christmas. It’s a great movie! We have Moose punch cup ornaments

    • Bernie, every year it seems funnier than the year before. Does that mean I’m becoming my child-like the older I get? lol Or, maybe it’s that glass of wine I usually have while we watch it. 😉
      That’s so awesome that they wore them…I need to buy some! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the Moose Mug…Dirty Santa gift bought!

  6. Marlene Stephenson says

    These are great posts and i love them, you always share so much with us. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  7. Dorinda Selke says

    Oh I absolutely love the Margo and Todd shirts, Susan, and yes, you should buy them for your son and dil especially bc your family enjoys and watches the movie as a tradition every year as our family does (reciting all the words as we go). In fact, our kids will quote this movie during the whole year from time to time. It is definitely one of our all time favorites for sure. Gotta love the Griswold family

  8. You know what’s funny, we watch Christmas Vacation every year too! Except we watch it on Thanksgiving Day after we’ve stuffed ourselves with food… We then all move to the couch to kick off the Grissold Christmas Spirit… It’s funny, as we all get older we all end up falling asleep from food comas before the movie ends, I remember when I was a child it was “just the old adults”. Anyway, my cousin has the mugs, I’ll have to consider the shirts! Nice to know of another Christmas Vacation fan! Oh yeah, and totally bought the sheets and bedding last year from WS early per your suggestion!

  9. Just been reading your post. I think the red transferware in the ‘Christmas Vacation’ dining room hutch / dresser may be ‘Asiatic Pheasant’.
    Love yr blog !
    Caroline D from North Yorkshire.

  10. bobbi duncan says

    Always such great finds, Susan. I am cracking up over the moose mugs. I’m going to surprise Michael with a beverage in them just when that scene comes on. Knowing him, he’ll start laughing like crazy, asking where in the world did I find the mugs. I can’t wait for that moment…I’m laughing inside just thinking about it. Hope you have a fun Labor Day.

  11. Im going to finally buy the tartan comforter this year. I decided it will be my me to me christmas gift. If they keep having it I will buy little by little. Starting off with the California King size because I don’t think I could afford to make the bedskirt like you did. At least not right now. But maybe I’ll find something that would match.

  12. love the jackie O dress…and sandals too. I just love a sheath dress any time of the year! And tartan bedding…I am going to take a look. sheila

  13. Where did you find the cute Santa & reindeer pillow on the beautiful bed?
    Thanks for sharing all the photos and information.

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