Sailing With Mermaids

Welcome to the 414th Tablescape Thursday!

Before we dive into Tablescape Thursday, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the great information you shared in the comments on my last post. As I figure out more about what has been causing the reactions I’ve experienced when eating certain foods, I will do a follow-up post. The “latex” connection several folks mentioned really caught my attentionΒ for several reasons. I won’t go into all that now, it would take too long and today is about pretty tables, but I’ll be sure to do a follow-up post at some point to share anything I’ve learned in case it proves helpful for anyone else dealing with food sensitivities.

If you follow Between Naps On The Porch on Instagram, you know I managed to finish the shell and sea glass chargers. Oh, Happy Day! πŸ™‚ Pssst: Follow BNOTP on Instagram here for updates and fun finds: Between Naps On The Porch

Shell & Sea Glass Charger Craft


I’m so happy to have them done. I couldn’t have made these without Doris Day’s help. I went on a Doris Day movie watching marathon and that really helped make this project less tedious.

Shell & Sea Glass Chargers, DIY Shell Craft


It was cloudy out when I first started taking photos, a storm had just passed through.

Beach-Nautical Table Setting with Mermaid Centerpiece


I went with a beachy/nautical theme for this table, inspired by the shell and sea glass chargers.

Nautical Beach Themed Table on the Porch


If you’re interested in making your own set of shell chargers, you’ll find a detailed tutorial here: Shell Chargers. That tutorial was for just using shells, but you can mix in sea-glass or anything you wish with the shells.

Nautical Themed Table with DIY Shell-Sea Glass Chargers


For the napkin rings, I chose wood napkin rings (found in Kohls) that I embellished with shells back in 2008.

Nautical-Beach Themed Table Setting, Shell Chargers, Sailboat Flatware


For the centerpiece I went with one of my favorite lanterns for beach themed tables. Its shape always reminds me of a lighthouse. The starfish glasses are from the Shoreline Collection that was available in Kohl’s back in 2008.

Nautical Tablescape with Mermaid & Shell Centerpiece


A sassy mermaid has taken up residence inside. She’s sitting on a soft bed of sand, surrounded by shells. I found her wandering aimlessly around inside Marshall’s in early spring and brought her home so she wouldn’t have to sleep there. πŸ˜‰ I was afraid summer was going to end before I could share her with you in a table. Isn’t she a cutie?!

Mermaid & Shell Centerpiece for Nautical or Beach Table Setting


I see blue sea glass peeking out at us in this setting.

Beach-Nautical Themed Table Setting with Shell & Sea Glass Chargers


The flatware is a favorite with its nautical “sailboat” pattern.

Beach Themed Table with Sailboat Flatware & Shell Napkin Rings


Here’s a closer photo of it from a previous table setting. This sailboat flatware is currently available HERE for only $31 for four place settings! Such a better deal than what I paid several years ago!

Nautical Flatware With Sailboats and Rope Edging


The salad plates are Coastal Breeze by David Carter Brown. I found them on eBay a few years back. Do you think the sailors will see a mermaid today? It could happen, ya know! πŸ™‚

Coastal Breeze Salad Plates in Beachy Table Setting


Hope you enjoyed this summertime, nautical table. It thrills me to set another summer table because I know soon we’ll be thinking “Autumn.”

Summer Nautical Table Setting with Shell Chargers, Coastal Breeze Plates & Sailboat Flatware


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. Susan, your chargers are so perfect for your Tablescape! I am so glad you rescued the mermaid from Marshall’s. Thanks for hosting and Happy Thursday! Pam @ Everyday Living

  2. They turned out so pretty Susan, and being a professed lover of mermaids, I love the centerpiece! So perfect with your sea glass and shell chargers! I am a huge fan of Doris Day, were you watching on Netflix? Thanks for the tabletop fun

    • Thanks, Jenna! No, I had purchased some of her movies on Amazon a while back and just finally getting around to watching them all. I had a lot of time for movie watching while making these chargers. lol

  3. Pretty table, Susan. You did a good job on the chargers and I can tell it was tedious creating them……Christine

  4. What a great job you did on those chargers, Susan. I love the fact that you’re still relishing a summer tablescape – thank you, and thank you for having us in to share ours.

  5. Beautiful tablescape! Love the chargers and the centerpiece with the pretty lantern and mermaid! Thanks for hosting! ~Rhonda

  6. What beauties those chargers are! I try but just can’t imagine all the work they took. Love the mermaid; she’s so perfect for the table and so adorable in the lantern–which really does have that tall lighthouse shape. Very clever. Great transitional table from end of summer (sniff, sniff) into fall, with all the creams and tans and just hints of blue.

    • Mia, I’m so with you on hating to see summer end. I love the heat and dread the cold to come. I guess I’ll just try to see it as a good excuse to get out my flannel pj’s that I love and all my favorite throws. lol I’ll try to look at the good points. πŸ™‚

  7. So pretty, Susan. Your chargers are beautiful and the mermaid picks up th color of the sea glass perfectly. Thank you for hosting.

  8. Dorinda Selke says

    Susan I absolutely love your tablescape this week! Your new Chargers were well worth your time and effort as they are gorgeous! I would certainly be honored to be a guest at this table Hugs, Dorinda

    • Thanks so much, Dorinda! The last ones I made have held up (no shells popping off) so hopefully these will, too. Wish you lived close enough, we’d celebrate with a party on the porch. πŸ™‚

  9. I’d love to set sail with your mermaid at the table Susan! Your blue seaglass chargers provide the perfect accent of aqua and punch of color!

  10. Susan: Wow! What a wonderful idea placing your mermaid inside the lantern!! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

    • Thanks so much, Susan! I was so happy she fit along with a candle…wasn’t sure it would work initially. I think I should have raised her up a bit, you can’t see her tail very well in the photos. I’m sure she’ll be back in future summer tables next year. πŸ™‚

  11. Linda Page says

    I think I hear the ocean waves coming up on shore. Don’t you? This setting looks soft as sand with the beautiful ocean and beach colors. You out did yourself once again. Beautiful.

  12. How beautiful again, another table. Too pretty to put food and drink on. So peaceful and restful. I would love to make something like this, but on the plains of Ks. we don’t see a lot of shells. Wonder what we could find in the Flint Hills besides grass and cattle? Thanks so much for all you work.

    • Yeah, not too many shells around these parts, either. lol I collected a lot of my shells on Captiva Island many, many years ago. I think I’ve used almost all of them now between this set up chargers and the last set I made. Carol, you can shells very inexpensively in Marshall’s, HomeGoods and places like that.

  13. PERFECTION..Love the nautical/shell/mermaid tablescape. I might have to clone the idea. What are the very tiny pieces on the charger? Are they tiny shells? Must have taken a long time to create. You amaze me. I can hear the ocean waves and the ocean breeze right now even though I am in hot, humid Ohio!

    • Thanks so much, Cookie! Those are teeny, tiny shells I bought online. I’ve forgotten what they are called but click on that link to the tutorial and I’m pretty sure I give their name in that tutorial. In the Pottery Barn chargers that were my inspiration for these (you’ll see those in the tutorial) I couldn’t tell if they had used tiny pearls or tiny shells to fill in, inbetween the shells. I went with these tiny little shells for that.

  14. Great job on the charges, they’re beautiful. If I were to do this tablescape, I would raise the mermaid in the lantern, cover the “riser” with blue tulle (the color of the sea glass, then arrange some shells under her along with a candle in each corner under her. I would also cut some of the same square of the same tulle to tuck in with a white and beige napkin, to give a brighter pop of color. Just a thought…..!!!! Enjoy your blog very much.

  15. Susan, you have done it again; another incredibly beautiful project! You are such an inspiration to so many. Now, for the mad hunt for sea shells!

    • Thanks so much, Gina! Check Marshall’s, HomeGoods, Big Lots and places like that. I was in Marshall’s 2-3 weeks ago and they still had them in bags. I supplemented my stash of shells with a bag from Marshalls and I think it was priced at only $3. If you have trouble finding them, I know they’ll have them back in stock beginning of next summer, but I bet you’ll still find them in those stores. Get some good movies together! They are time consuming but worth it since you can use them over and over.

  16. Your mermaid’s new home is fabulous! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels sympathetic emotion for inanimate objects! Your table is so fresh and wonderful and perfectly showcases your charger project. Thank you for all of the inspiration you bring to the world.

  17. Beautiful!

  18. Your chargers are lovely! Truthfully, I wasn’t real keen on the sea glass until I saw them on your table with the other blue elements. I’m not good at looking ahead to see the whole picture but you certainly are. I especially like what you did with the lantern – the mermaid is terribly glad she doesn’t have to sleep at Marshall’s any longer, I’m sure. Thank you, Susan. What lovely table to say goodbye to summer.

    • Thanks, Leslie! I wasn’t real sure how they would work in a table, but I love that aqua blue color so much, I thought I’d have some pieces tucked away I could use. I need a beach house to decorate so I can go crazy with it. lol Yes, she definitely needed rescuing! πŸ˜‰

  19. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by mermaids! I have never thought to incorporate one into a table setting, but I LOVE that you did. Gorgeous!!

  20. I love, love, love everything about this table. It looks so fresh, airy and summery. You are the only person I’ve seen that likes dishes as well as I do. Bless my youngest daughter, I’ve passed that obsession onto her as well. There’s nothing I like better than pretty dishes. Did you purchase William Sonoma’s Twas the Night Before Christmas dishes? I had an absolute fit over those, but couldn’t see giving that much for them when I already have three sets of Christmas dishes. Maybe later, who knows? Never too many dishes, just too little storage space.

    • Phylis, it must be in the genes since your daughter caught the obsession, too. πŸ™‚ No, I didn’t buy those, but I did think they were wonderful! Like you, I have so many Christmas sets. It’s so hard each year when they come out with all these adorable Christmas patterns…pure torture! I sometimes come across much older patterns in table settings I see in magazines, but lucky for my pocketbook, they are no longer available. I’ve been thinking lately of a way to coral all my dishes into one location, may start working on that soon. It would make creating tables for dinner parties and for TT so much easier.

  21. What a pretty table Susan! Those chargers are beautiful, and the napkins look perfect with them! Everything on your table is so pretty — love the votive holders, the lantern with the mermaid, the dishes and the flatware. I just love coastal tables in the summertime. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for hosting today and have a wonderful week (what’s left of it)!



  22. LOVE THE MERMAID! What a great end-of-summer table. I’ve already changed my desktop photo to a beautiful mountainside covered in fall leaves. Trying to “woo” autumn’s arrival. Looking forward to your fall tablescapes!

    • No, no, no don’t rush it! lol I love summer and wish it would never end! πŸ™‚ Thanks, Paula! I need to start thinking about those, I guess.

  23. Absolutely beautiful! It makes me believe there is a cool breeze wafting by when it is still hot outside! Your hard work paid off! Thank you for sharing.

    • Sherry, so funny that you say that because the last week has been pretty nice here. We’ve had August type weather all summer so now we’re finally get some June weather. πŸ™‚

  24. Darlene Gardner says

    Your shell chargers are beautiful with the sea glass! And of course I adore you mermaid. What a gorgeous table! I would enjoy eating on your lovely porch as I am sure your friends do.

  25. What a lovely table. The chargers are adorable and I love the mermaid. A perfect combination. I’m happy Doris influenced you.

  26. Marlene Stephenson says

    Your chargers and mermaid really add to your table, love them.

  27. What a fun table! Love the chargers and the Mermaid pulls it altogether perfectly!

  28. Beautiful table! (no surprise, you always set beautiful tables) The colors of the seaglass and the mermaid are so pretty and those salad plates are perfect, too. (And I just read yesterday’s post, I agree with those who said to see an allergist.)

    • Thanks, Joy! I know, I should look into doing that again. I did it many years ago when I was first having the mango issues, but it didn’t show anything. I’ve since read that a lot of the tests they do where they prick you on your back give false negatives.

  29. Lovely table setting!

  30. Jane Briscoe says

    Another winning tablescape. I fell in love with some beach dishes you used several years ago and have been looking for something similar ever since. I finally found some I liked enough to buy earlier this summer at Cracker Barrel. I started out with the intention of buying 4 salad plates. After visiting 8 Cracker Barrels and watching the prices fall from 25% off to 40% to 50% to 60% today, I think I am going to stop at 12 dinner plates, 12 salad plates, 11 hors d’oeuvre plates, and 4 bowls!!

    • Cracker Barrel does have some awesome sales! So glad you were able to collect them all, Jane. You’re going to love using them each year!

  31. Bernadette says

    So I’ve collected mounds of seashells, found some beautiful sea glass, but I have searched high and low for white chargers. I can find so many of the metallic gold, silver, even other colors and at very reasonable prices, but I cannot find white anywhere. Ok, I did online but they were overpriced, definitely too much making it not worth the cost. Do you have any suggestions on other sources to find white chargers?

    • Bernadette, are you wanting the white chargers to use as the base to make the shell chargers? If so, just do what I did and buy inexpensive plastic ones at Big Lots of Walmart or somewhere and prime/paint them. That’s what I used for my shell chargers. I had purchased the shiny plastic type in red and gold for Christmas many, many years ago. I was no longer using them but hadn’t gotten rid of them, yet. So, there were a perfect base for the shell chargers.
      You can see where I spray painted the first set in the tutorial post for making the chargers here:

  32. Susan, this is my Bible study day and I had lunch out and errands to run, so I am just seeing your post now. Thunderstorms are rolling in, and seeing your beachy tablescape was just perfect. Your chargers turned out beautifully!! That Doris Day was certainly inspirational! Your table is so fresh and airy. Autumn may be on the way, but we have a heat alert out here today, so the beach was just what I needed to see. I look forward to Thursdays every week, and you never disappoint! Thanks again.

    • Thanks, Martha! I know what you mean. We’re having temps in the high 80’s right now so summer is still very much with us here in the south! Hard to think Autumn when everything is still so green and the temps are so warm. Love it!

  33. Donna Lummus says

    What an encouraging influence and example you are! So many projects accomplished this summer…am enjoying Susan Branch books as a result of your comments. Certainly hope you make that wonderful trip to England soon! Discovered your blog a couple of summers ago when old family linens needed cleaning: the advice from “Susan” in 2010 for Metamorphosis Monday was EXACTLY what was needed! Thanks for your creative blogging!

  34. I love getting your emails. Being here in Australia the shopping options are different but I figure it is all about ideas. We have shells so I can create napkin rings etc and of course try to copy the tablescapes..
    I also love it when you show homes and parts of America I will never see. Thank you for all your ideas and I feel like I have so many friends with similar likes to me in America.

    • Barbara, you said it beautifully! That’s what I love so much about blogs and blogging, how it spawns ideas that we can then make our own. You are definitely among friends! I’m so glad you’re here with us and love hearing your ideas, as well!

  35. Jill Brewster says

    I love love love your tablescape!!!! Love your chargers, Mermaid, lantern, flatware, seal shells, and I could go on and on. Would love to have a cottage on the beach and your lovely tablescape to go with it. Ah, a sunset and a good book……a cup of tea and it would be Heaven.

    • lol Me too, Jill! I would love one if only for the chance to decorate it. Is it wrong to want a beach cottage just so you can decorate it? πŸ˜‰

  36. I pinned your original sea shell chargers and also thought yours were much prettier than the PB chargers. But you have topped yourself with the sea glass. Love both sets!

  37. Simply marvellous!

  38. As soon as I hit your post I immediately loved your chargers the most and wow, they are DIYed by you!! You are so clever and talented Susan, they turned out awesome!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  39. Cyndi Raines says

    How very pretty Susan! I am really enjoying my shell chargers and my flatware has sea shells, but I’m also tempted to get the sailboats. The mermaid tops it all off. May have to look for one. I too am not eager for summer to end. I’ve missed out on much of August with my mom’s illness, but I did manage to get in a couple of beach visits and the waves were awesome! Once we get her apartment emptied, I hope to start the Fairy Tale Girl book by Susan Branch. I also bought the plastic candle sharpener and it works fine. (Bernadette: Hobby Lobby has inexpensive chargers that have burlap on it and I used those, thinking if any brown showed through it would look like beach sand ~ I’m pleased with how they turned out.) Love this blog! Brings a lot of joy. Thanks Susan!

    • So sorry about your Mom, Cyndi. I know you’ll enjoy the book, Susan really makes you feel like you are there with her. I’m so glad to here the plastic one works as well as the metal one I purchased. Wish I’d known about that little gadget like 20 years ago! I’ve been carving away with knives on candlesticks for way too many years! Thanks so much, Cyndi!

  40. I am so tickled to find another Doris Day fan !! I just love having marathon Doris Day movie days. She just makes me smile. My favorite is “Please Don’t Eat The Daisies”. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Wonderful photos ! Warm Regards Leigh

  41. What a beautiful, fresh beach table!! I can almost hear the ocean waves. :0)

    Although those gorgeous shell chargers look like an intimidating amount of pain-staking work, I’m tempted to try making some of my own. I tend to be happiest when I’m working on some kind of a DIY project. I will need to start shopping around for shells, thanks for mentioning the stores who sell them. I’m also going to try Pier One and Michael’s, they may not be the cheapest, but they do have nice little bags of different types of shells.

    Thanks for another terrific Tablescape Thursday, Susan. :0)

  42. bobbi duncan says

    Susan, I just love both styles of chargers….so much prettier than any I’ve spotted at any of nicer stores over the years. You are really creative. Great job!

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