Porch Dining: A Valentine’s Day Table on a Warm February Day + A Tree Update

Welcome to the 646th Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions!

It was sunny and 70 degrees out on the porch yesterday! Since I stay inside hunkered down this time of year, I discovered it purely by accident when I walked outside to refill all the bird feeders. I was astonished and couldn’t pass up the chance to set a table outside. It happens every year, the gift of warm weather in the dead of winter. When it happens, it’s fleeting, usually lasting only a day or two.

Meanwhile, in Ohio, my son and grandsons were having a blast sledding. Oh, the difference 500 miles can make!


How about a little Valentine’s Day table on this warm February day?

Warm Day in February, Porch Time


As I was taking pictures, I had to laugh when I noticed the Hot Cocoa sign in the background. In just a day or two, that sign will be totally appropriate for the porch again. (Find a step-by-step tutorial for making the Hot Cocoa sign here: DIY Hot Cocoa Sign.)

Warm February Day, Valentine's Day Table


If you love “Preppy” style, this table would fit right in since it’s a mix of two of my favorite colors: Pink and Green. Love them separately and love them together, too!

Pink for Valentine's Day, Table Setting


It was late in the day as I took these pictures and I loved how the winter light was dancing across the table.

Sunny Valentine's Tablescape on the Porch


Such a bleak background but very soon those trees will have little green buds all over them.

Holiday Table for Valentine's Day


I almost forget sometimes that I have this silverplate twig flatware since I keep it stored inside bags that protect it from tarnishing. (Bags are available here: Silver Storage Bags.) I think I purchased it from Wayfair, been so long, it’s hard to remember. Or, it may have been West Elm.

I  try to polish silverplate as little as possible, always worried I’ll polish right through to the metal underneath. So I like storing this flatware in protective bags to avoid having to polish it. Less work, too!

The green sheer napkin overlays are from The Magnolia Room in Marietta, Georgia several years ago. It’s an antique shop that carries both new and vintage.

Twig Flatware, Silverplate


This beautiful, pink rimmed china is by International, pattern is Glenwood. I found 27 pieces in an antique shop many years ago and filled in with additional pieces found on eBay. There’s almost always some available there.  Here’s what they currently have listed: International Glenwood.

Valentine's Day Table in Pink and Green, Preppy Valentine's Day Table


I love, love, love the sweet gardenia in the center of the plate. The sunlight beautifully lit up the center just as I took this photo. I almost lost my gardenia shrub a few years back during an ice storm, but it has finally bounced back. I’ll have to use some of the blooms in a table when it blooms this year. They smell soooo wonderful! One blossom will fill my entire home with its sweet scent. Love it so much!

The chargers are from Horchow online, bought back in 2008 before I ever knew what a blog was. lol They don’t have a hallmark and they came in plain brown boxes so have no idea who made them. I have a feeling they were made just for Horchow/Neiman Marcus since they came with no branding.

Vintage International Glenwood China, Lacy, Pierced Charger Plates


The floral pattern underneath may be a Homer Laughlin pattern called Georgian. I purchased six, 5-piece place settings of that pattern on e-Bay many, many years ago. The whole set was only $35 so I could not pass that up! I love pairing it with Glenwood in table settings.

International Glenwood with Homer Laughlin Georgian


Remember the sweet Valentine’s Day cards I shared a few days ago?

Beautiful Valentine's Day Cards for Valentine's Day Garland Banner


I used them to create a little Valentine’s Day garland. (See that post here: Valentine’s Day Craft: Make a Valentine’s Day Garland-Banner.)

Valentine's Day Garland


I had quite a few left over and thought they would be really cute as place cards in this Valentine’s Day table setting. Names could be written right across the top with a special note inside.

Valentine's Day Cards as Placecards in Table Setting


I kept my centerpiece simple–just a pillar candle surrounded by mercury glass hearts found many years ago, I think in Marshalls. Do you remember this “vase-within-a-vase” idea that I used years ago in a spring/Easter tablescape?

Pink Dragonfly Napkin Rings


Here’s how it looked/worked in a spring/Easter table setting.

Easter Spring Table, Tulips and Bunny Cupcake Stands


You’ll find all the details on how to create a double-vase centerpiece in this previous: Double Vase Hurricane Centerpiece. 


It’s really easy to create this type of centerpiece. If I’m remembering correctly, I found both vases in Marshalls.

Mercury Glass Hearts, Heart Ornaments in Valentine's Day Table


A birdseye view with the evening sun lighting up our centerpiece.

Valentine's Table Setting in Pink and Green


Valentine's Day Table, Pink and Green


As it began to get a little darker, I lit the candle in our centerpiece.

Dinner on the Porch, Valentine's Day Tablescape


Candlelit Valentine's Day Dinner
I love candlelight, especially for a Valentine’s Day table.

Candlelight on the Porch for Valentine's Day


I added a couple of more candles on either side.

Valentine's Day Candlight Centerpiece


The Blue Hour was just starting to make its appearance.

Valentine's Day Table by Candlelight


Getting even bluer out now.

Blue Hour Sky, Valentine's Day


The last photo I took before calling it a night…

Blue Hour Sky in February_wm


Leyland Cypress Update

On a separate note, remember those little Leyland Cypress trees I planted in October 2014? They grew a lot slower than the first ones I planted many years ago since they don’t get as much sun as the original trees did due to the trees in the backyard being so tall now.


But they are now doing what they were planted to do, providing a bit of privacy for my neighbors and for the porch that’s two stories up.

Leyland Cypress Trees


Happy Valentine’s Day to you and to all your special loved ones. ♥


A few more ideas for Valentine’s Day: Decorate a Valentine’s Day Feather Tree.

Valentine's Day Feather Tree


Heart Napkin Fold

Here’s a fun, easy-to-make heart napkin fold: Heart Napkin Fold. (Table below can be viewed here: Decorating for Valentine’s Day.)


Find all my Valentine’s Day tablescapes from years past here: Valentine’s Day Table Settings.

♥♥♥ Looking for romantic tables for two? You’ll find those here: Romantic Tables for Two! ♥♥♥

Romantic Dinner in the Garden


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Holly Bridwell says

    I love the second plate from the top in your stack!!! I have dishes with that exact same decal but they aren’t this fancy. Which ones are yours? I love this table!!

  2. Oh, how I love the gift of a warm day in winter! That’s so pretty, Susan. The Glenwood plates remind me a bit of the Dorothy Draper Greenbrier china. Love the setting on the porch! Enjoy your weekend and some self-love!

  3. So pretty! I love the chargers. Can you tell me who made them?

    • Thanks! I bought those from Horchow online in 2008 before I ever thought about blogging. Unfortunately, they do not have a hallmark on them and the boxes (when they came) didn’t show a brand name which I thought was really odd. It makes me think they were made especially for Horchow/Neiman Marcus. I’ve never seen them anywhere else.

  4. Yes, it is Homer Laughlin Georgian pattern. I have my Mom’s and it’s beautiful!

    • Holly Bridwell says

      Does yours look like Susan’s? (The shape I mean) I have never seen this shape of plate but I have my grandmother’s with these decals. Now I’m obsessed with finding these LOL.

  5. Thanks so much for hosting this lovely party each week! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Your table setting is gorgeous Susan, I love pink and green too and really love them together. I love the dishes you used and the chargers, so beautiful. I love Gardena’s too, they smell heavenly, my MIL got me a Gardena corsage when I got married. Love the smell and yes, one bloom will make the house smell amazing! Wish it was warm enough to grow one here in PA, I tried a house plant one, but killed it. lol Love the blue hour photo’s, they always make stunning photo’s. Love the romantic table, just stunning! Hugs, Brenda

  7. So much goodness in this post! Love the pink/gardenia combo pattern. I think I need a plate to keep out for spring, say from Valentines Day until late May. That late-day winter sunlight is so pretty; it’s definitely different than summer’s golden hues. So what does the naked eye see when the camera sees the blue hour? And if I lived in Ohio, with a welcoming relative down south, I would do all in my power to spend Easter or spring break there. Just saying.

  8. Beautiful table Susan – I love your gorgeous plate stack, and the green napkin overlays so much! And your evening photos are stunning! So glad you got a lovely warm day. I love when that happens! But your family looks like they’re having a great time too! Take care and thanks for all the beauty today!

  9. Surprise sunny days in mid winter is so welcomed. I love the dishes, the centerpiece and the use of the valentines. So romantic at night with the candle lighted!
    Many moons ago I bought at K-Mart four 1 gallon pots of cypress. I think they were left over from Christmas. They were planted along the road at the edge of a pasture and must be at least 35 ft. One had died and I cut it up for firewood! As I did so I thanked it for all its years of service as a screen and it was now going to warm my behind!

  10. So so pretty Susan, I just adore pink! Crazy Southern winter weather for sure!

  11. What a beautiful setting. Everything is so cheery and lovely.

  12. Bobbi Duncan says

    Susan, Your table setting is lovely! That one gardenia on the salad plate is just perfect. I love the smell and so miss mine from when I lived in the south. I haven’t tried growing them here because I was told they won’t thrive, but maybe I’ll try to grow one as I miss the aroma throughout the house. It’s like jasmine and honeysuckle; I just want to keep smelling it. We had snow again last night. Hubby & I love it–winter is at it’s best with snow. Luckily, we have a lot of sunny winter days here, so it doesn’t look too bleak like many other places I know of. Hugs!

  13. Your Valentine’s Day tablescape is gorgeous !
    Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful Love day.

  14. This really is so very pretty Susan – I’m with you in loving pink and green! Love the napkins and the plate stack – oh that they still had those beautiful Horchow chargers. So versatile. Love the Valentines tree too – I could see it easily carrying over to Easter. What fun! Happy Thursday to you!

  15. What a pleasant surprise to enjoy a 70 degree day. We have over 2 feet of snow here in IL. Your Valentine’s Day table is so lovely. And I have to tell you that I REALLY like your chairs without cushions! They are so pretty!!

  16. I love the chargers and the centerpiece. It has been in the 80’s in FL. While it’s nice, it’s also tornado time for us. It’s suppose to be a rainy weekend for the Daytona races.
    Happy Valentine’s Day

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