So About Those Pierced Chargers–Here’s The Skinny, Plus a Sale Update

I came across something recently that I thought those of you who enjoy following Tablescape Thursday, would enjoy seeing. It’s a receipt from January 2008. Over the years as I’ve created table settings for Tablescape Thursday, the most often asked about item that I use in many of the tables I set are these cream, pierced chargers. (Table setting below can be viewed here: Limelight Hydrangeas in a Summer Table Setting.)

Table Setting Ideas for Summer


These chargers were purchased back in January 2008 from Horchow online. Back then, I was entertaining a good bit and really enjoyed having friends over for dinner parties. I had not yet started blogging. I don’t think I even knew what a blog was at that time. I first learned about blogging from several, lovely ladies/friends I met at the HGTV website, Rate My Space. That was in the spring of 2008, if I’m remembering correctly. I remember it was right around the time the porch was completed and that was in April 2008.

After being prompted to start a blog by the dearhearts I was following at Rate My Space, I created Between Naps On The Porch in August of 2008 so I’d have a troll-free place to share decorating ideas and table settings. The trolls were really getting bad at RMS back then. (Table setting below can be viewed in detail here: Thanksgiving Tablescape.)


I’m not sure how charger plates came to be on my radar, it was probably something I saw on HGTV, if I had to guess. I used to watch HGTV a lot back in the day. Anyway, whatever the catalyst, after looking over the china/dish patterns I owned back then, I came to the conclusion that a set of chargers in a cream color and a set in white was what I needed for all my table setting needs. I figured between those two colors, I would have enough charger plates to work with all my current china and any future dishware sets I might purchase. (Table setting below can be viewed here: Valentine’s Day Table with Vintage Spode Copeland, Tower.)

Valentine's Table, Eyelet Napkins, Pierced Chargers, Copeland Spode Tower


This was the cream charger I purchased back then. This charger is THE item I am most often asked about in the tables I set for Tablescape Thursday. Usually, BNOTP readers will ask where I found them and the brand name.

Ceramic Lattice Open-Pierced Charger Plate


As you can see by this Horchow receipt, they came in sets of four and I purchased 3 sets for a total of 12 chargers. Back then, I always purchased tableware or table-related item (napkins, napkin rings, etc…) in sets of 12 since I normally bought 12-place-settings whenever I bought a new set of dishware/china.

These pierced chargers are not hallmarked/branded and I remember being surprised about that when they came packaged in plain, unmarked, brown boxes. I thought that was kinda odd considering how much they cost, and it made me wonder if they had been created just for Horchow. $269.70 for chargers seemed like a fortune back in 2008, but I really liked them and knew that they would see a lot of use since they would go with so many dish designs.

Pierced Cream and Swirl White Charger Plates, Horchow


This was the other charger I purchased at that time–it’s the white charger listed on that same receipt. Again, I purchased three (4-piece) sets for a total of 12 chargers.


I use these every bit as often, if not more, than the cream/pierced chargers. (Table setting below can be viewed here: Spring Table Setting.)

Green and White Spring Table Setting


They are perfect for when I need a pure white background behind dinnerware with a white base. (Table setting below can be viewed here: Tulips and Butterflies: Entertaining on the Porch with a Spring Tablescape.)

Butterfly Napkin, Spring Summer Table


As you can see from the receipt, they were $158.70 for 12. I don’t think they are ceramic (they aren’t heavy like ceramic) and feel like some type of porcelain or china. So that really was pretty reasonable back then for 12 charger plates. Wish we could find those prices today!

Pierced Cream and Swirl White Charger Plates, Horchow


Both Horchow and Neiman Marcus carry some of the most beautiful charger plates you will ever see. I love these nautical/crab chargers that are currently in stock and come in sets of two. Very tempted to get some for use in summer tables! (See those here: Charger Plates.)



I hope this answers your questions about these two chargers. Now when someone asks, I can just refer them to this post for the details. I keep hoping that Horchow will bring the pierced chargers back in stock, they would probably sell out pretty quickly, if they did. I was eyeing some gorgeous blue and white Spode chargers recently at Horchow and they are already gone when I checked today. Maybe everyone is just so happy to be gathering again, they are planning lots of dinner parties.

Summer is here–let’s party!

Update: Just discovered the big Talbots sale ends today! You’ll find everything that’s included in the sale here: Big Talbots Sale.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that info, Susan. I hope they bring them back, also. It may be a supply issue for them. I think just BNP readers would buy all they had.

  2. franki Parde says

    Oh, my…2008!!! You’ve been such a charger…I think…I may have “been stalking…nay, following” you most of those years!!! I had never heard the word “blog”…”charger” I had!! I do miss having those “dinner parties”…who knows…I do love a nice table setting… Keep up the good work!!! franki


    If you go to Maryland China website you will see many 14″ white porcelain plates (Chargers). Since these from N.M. & Horchow are no longer available the ones from MCCo. are the next best thing at a substantially lower price. The ones with pierced loops in particular are the next best things to the ones pictured.

  4. donna zoltanski says

    yes! I started following your blog as we built a screened in porch also. I have always enjoyed your tablescapes through the years. Love them all – can’t decide if bunnies or pumpkin theme is my fav! Love the chargers too! I know you put lots into setting your tables — thanks for sharing!

  5. Those are such borgeous chargers Susan! It’s too bad the things we love can’t stay available forever – I guess that’s what eBay is for! 🙂 Thanks for the info, and hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  6. Brenda Lawrence says

    Both of those charges are stunning Susan and I can see why you wanted them. They go with so many table settings for sure. You do have beautiful dishes, chargers, etc….That’s why you table settings are gorgeous! Hugs, Brenda

  7. Cyndi Raines says

    You did well Susan as both of the sets are lovely and compliment your table settings so nicely. Wow, blogging since 2008! I found you at the end of 2012, wish I would have know about you from the start. You bless us all with such great posts! Thank you for all your time and effort! Hugs!

  8. Your pierced chargers are exquisite!! I’ve always taken special note of them in your tablescapes. I agree with your reader who mentioned Maryland China. I purchased my open scrollwork chargers from them, and was quite happy with them. They offer additional choices as well. I’m so glad you opted to start a blog in 2008. I’ve enjoyed all your posts, learned a GREAT deal about many topics and feel I am part of a special, unique group of people who feel just as I do about the extraordinary joy of dishware and creating tablescapes. My family laughs at holidays when I mention “my friend, Susan” gave me the idea for a particular table addition! Thanks for all these years !

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