Celebrating Winter with Three Wintertime Tablescapes

Welcome to 279th Tablescape Thursday!

If you see me walking down street, you may want to cross over and walk on the other side. I have a case of technology flu this week and you definitely don’t want to catch it! It started on Saturday when I awoke, turned on my computer and a really LOUD, sounds-like-it’s-about-to-explode, whirling sound came out of the tower. Not Good!

My computer is about 4 years old now and I work it to death so I’m amazed there hasn’t been an issue before now. Three hours and $160 later, it had a new power supply and a new fan thanks to Vision Computers repairing it so quickly. The day was gone but at least I had a working computer again.

Then my case of techno flu took a turn for the worse. Yesterday afternoon as I began taking pics for a post, my camera indicated the card was full. I downloaded the photos and formatted the cards to clear them. When I turned it back on, I saw this–an ugly “Err” message that refused to go away no matter what setting I tried. My camera is spending the evening (hope it’s just one evening) at one of only seven authorized Nikon repair shops in the country, which lucky for me is 15 minutes from my house.

Err Message on Nikon D7000


So yeah, if you see me coming your way…RUN! You don’t want to catch my technology flu!

Needless to say, I didn’t get around to creating and photographing a new table setting this week.  So, for this week’s Tablescape Thursday, I’m sharing links to three previous wintertime table settings, something to warm you up and hopefully make you smile this chilly winter day.

Click on the titles or the pictures below to view that table setting.

Getting Cozy on a Winter’s Night

Lenox, Winter Greetings with Hot Tea and Chocolate-Covered Peppermint Sticks in Front of a Cozy Fire


Winter Tablescape with Snowman Follies

Winter Table Setting with Snowman Theme


Celebrating the Winter Blues

Blue and White Check Chair, Blue Willow Tea Set


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Tablescape Thursday

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  1. So sorry about all your technological illnesses Susan. Love your tea sets and your winter tablescape. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Susan, I think I’d rather have the real flu than the technology flu πŸ™‚ The same thing happened to my Nikon last year. I ended up having to get a new camera but mine was also older and worn out. Beautiful way to celebrate the winter blues!

  3. What a lovely recovery in spite of the flu!!! I am having my own issues here with my computer and my iphone so am afraid it must be con tagious!!! You get an A plus for the 3 winter warmers-thanks so much.

  4. I’ve learned that whenever I hear that whirring sound, it’s time to get the fan fixed. At least it’s a somewhat simple repair, even if they charge an arm and a leg for it. Good luck with the camera and thanks for hosting.

  5. I’m so sorry to learn of your technology flu Susan. I guess it’s good that your computer didn’t have a virus though. Broken appendages on computers get quick replacements. Yay! But…your camera…yikes!! On the up side. Wow are you blessed to live so close to a repair center!! The good part of having to constantly fight traffic in your neck of the woods is the availability of virtually everything you need. Hope your camera returns to you quickly and better than ever. [hugs]

    • Good point! Yes, no viruses, please! I am very lucky, they are literally located in my town. Normally all the techy repair places are on the other side of Atlanta, like an hours drive away in good traffic. Hope these guys stay around a while, they are fast and good with repairs!

  6. Peggy Thal says

    Sorry for all your tech trouble. Love your table setting for winter time. I like Winter Blue. Still trying to get my home back from all the Christmas decor. Just need a few days alone!

    • Peggy, takes a long time doesn’t it. My window wreaths are still stacked in the upstairs family room. For some reason, they aren’t putting themselves back up in the eve storage. Looks like I’m going to have to do it. πŸ˜‰

  7. Since the camera was fine before you reformatted the card I’m sure your camera is not the issue. Try telling the camera to reformat the card again. If that doesn’t work I would go get a new card and try that before considering taking the camera in for repair. I ran this across the hubs’s lap and he absolutely agrees it’s related to the card. He’s my techno man. I had to have one of those repairs on my computer once too…it happens. Good thing that’s all it was. πŸ™‚
    I love that tea set with the cardinal teapot by the fireplace- my fav!

    • I tried but it didn’t work. I googled and there were a number of folks talking about similar issues online. One guy took the battery out of his camera overnight and it cured itself. I took mine out for an hour or so and it had no effect. That camera holds two cards and I tried it with each one but it still wouldn’t clear. I wish I had thought to email you Liz, your hubby is so good with things. I know the guys at the shop will use their cards since they gave me mine back. What really annoys me is the cards I have in there cost a blooming fortune. They are SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro. I think I paid like $75+ for each one. I just checked and the prices appear to be a lot better now than when I bought mine. They were THE recommended card for the Nikon D7000 when I purchased it, supposedly designed by SanDisk to work specifically with that camera based on an article I read back then. I think I’ll call the SanDisk folks and see if they warranty their cards or will replace them, although I doubt they will since it’s been a while. Thanks, Liz.

  8. Sorry to hear about your “flu” but enjoyed seeing your past posts! Thanks for hosting!!

  9. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Awww, sorry to hear about all your problems, Susan. My prescription is; A cozy day by the fire with Mario Buatta and Susan Branch. Sip some hot peppermint cocoa while listening to classical music and munching on scones and biscotti. Doc Martin can be playing in the back ground. πŸ˜‰ Put your feet up, put your headphones on, and just forget your troubles. πŸ™‚

  10. What a frustrating flu! So sorry for all of your tech troubles, and I hope they get worked out quickly. Your past winter scapes are beautiful and worthy of seeing again. Thank you for hosting,. I hope all of your flu symptoms go away as quickly as they appeared. laurie

  11. Technology…can’t live with it and can’t live without it. Love/Hate! πŸ™‚ Good luck! franki

  12. Love all your tablescapes , but the snowmen …, oh my gosh …oh so cute ! You make such wonderful magic on your tables !

  13. Sorry about all your electronic problems. I hate that! On another note, all your teascapes looks so cozy. Love them all….Christine

  14. Carolyn Price says

    Sorry to hear about your “flu.” Hope you recover quickly, Susan!!
    It was your tablescapes that I first noticed on HGTV’s Rate My Space … when you were Moonlight and Magnolias. You are the best!!
    When I saw the last link above about the winter “blues,” I wondered what you decided to do about the two stool options you had for the room. Did you stay with the white one you purchased originally or go the bird-pattern garden stool instead? (The latter got my vote!)
    You may have posted about your final decision but I missed that.
    Hope you (and your camera) are feeling better soon!! : )

    • Thanks so much, Carolyn! I kept the stool and so far, it’s still beside the chair. I know it’s a bit busy for some folks but like you, I love it there. πŸ™‚ If I get tired of it being there, I can move it to the upstairs family room that’s done in blue and yellow and move one of the white garden stools back. Did you by any chance see the ADORABLE picture I posted on Facebook a few days ago? It showed a spring room with the cutest turtle garden seat. I looked up the cost of that turtle garden seat and it’s well over $200 so I’ll just admire it from afar, but it’s sooo cute!

      • Carolyn Price says

        Good for you … keeping the busier seat. That’s the look in the room and it is perfect there. Doesn’t clash, only complements.
        I must have missed the turtle seat. Will go back and check that out.
        Thanks for your note!

  15. I would much rather have the real flu than the technology flu!! I am so sorry! I can’t believe you are so close to an official Nikon dealer. My camera has been acting up lately [says lens error, but if I disconnect and then reattach it works, any ideas?] and when I googled for authorized dealer I realized I was going to have to ship the camera off somewhere and freaked! Right now I am getting it to work, so I’m limping along! Your cozy scapes are perfect, love the tray in front of the fire~Good luck!

    • Me, too Jenna and that’s saying a lot isn’t it? lol I have an idea for you on your camera problem. When I was googling up a storm trying to figure out what was wrong with mine, I read several places where folks said that the contacts get dirty…you know those little silver bumps where the lens and camera pair up. So they recommend cleaning those off. I took one of those little cloths designed for cleaning off glasses or screens and used that to wipe off the contacts. Just don’t touch anything down inside the camera. I bet those little contacts have just gotten a little dirty.

  16. Susan, you are so lucky to have good resources nearby! I’m sure as a successful blogger that’s a necessity, because we all know it’s not ‘if’ something will happen it’s ‘when’.

    I retired my PC on Saturday and bought a Mac. I have an Apple store nearby and unlike Windows they have great support. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but not bad at all. I’ve been a bit MIA because we just set it up last night but I’ll get back into the swing of things soon.

    I wouldn’t even know how to reformat my camera card! Give me your number so I can call you if I need to! lol

    • Doreen, I do feel very lucky to have those nearby, especially the Nikon repair. I couldn’t believe it the first time I needed a repair on my old Nikon and discovered they were about 4 miles from my house! The guy told me there are only 7 authorized repair facilities in the whole country and they are one of them. He said folks drive from states away to bring their cameras, I guess afraid to mail them. Maybe they turn it into a shopping trip and hit IKEA and some of the other stores around here. That’s what I’d do. πŸ™‚ To reformat it, you just stick it in the camera and go through the tools setting on my camera. You can also format it via your computer, which is I think the better way. I was told that it’s not a good idea to just delete photos from the card because it leaves traces somehow, so better to format when you need to clear the card.

  17. Hi lovely lady.
    I am so sorry you had the flu hope you get better soon. I also love your Blue Willow Tea Set, thanks so much for hosting your linky party for us today.!!

  18. I really get frustrated when my tech stuff doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, and always feel helpless b/c I know so little about it! I am looking forward to one day soon sitting down and looking through all your old posts — everything here is beautiful! Thanks for hosting.

  19. Susan, Sorry for your computer and camera problems. I have a similar issue with my Canon Rebel T1i. Can’t use several settings because the flash does not work anymore. Mine is not very old. I have put off having to mail it off to be fixed. You are blessed to be near a repair business. I was told it might take 6 weeks to send mine off. Naturally, I have procrastinated because I don’t want to be without it. Maybe it would be quicker if I drove to Atlanta and left my camera than going through a camera shop that will have to mail it off. Have a great day and hopefully you will be back to normal soon.

  20. When I come to live with you, will you set tables like these for me every day???? Please???? So sorry about your technology flu but at least you got your computer fixed and your camera is seeing the doctor. Hopefully all will be well by the end of today.

  21. Susan, so sorry about your technological issues! Not fun! Thanks so much for hosting. I am “playing” today, after a long hiatus.

  22. I feel your pain. Tech flu will make a grown person cry. The timing is always awful, and precautions never seem to be enough. Your photos make me smile. They show your humor.

    Prayers for a quick and speedy recovery.


  23. Susan, I love your tea sets and that fire looks so cozy. Thank you so much for hosting. xoGinger

  24. Susan, I left a comment earlier about needing my Canon T1i repaired because the flash would not work. After reading another blogger’s comments I googled Canon repair centers and found out so much information. Below is the number for assistance:
    We recommend that before you send your equipment in for repairs, you speak with a Customer Support Representative to be sure that your unit is in need of service. For assistance, please call 1 (800) 828-4040. It is not necessary to call the Factory Service Center prior to sending in your repair.”
    Thought this might be helpful to other readers.

    They answered right away and were very helpful. They emailed all the information needed to ship my camera body to them. I also found out about a Loyalty Program that allows you to buy a refurbished newer model at a reduced cost. An attractive feature of this program to me was that they will send the refurbished newer model to you to try out for 14 days. If you like it you can keep it and then mail your other camera body to them. You will receive a one year warranty on that camera body. I realized my camera came out in 2009. Funny, how quickly those years pasted. I have to make a decision which avenue to take. If you decide to have your camera repaired they will give you an estimate but you will be responsible for shipping and repair costs. All repairs are a fixed price which is around $190.00. I hope this is helpful to someone.

  25. Oh goodness, sweet lady, I have your same sick camera, lol! I bought mine last June in Flrida. Tech flu is the worst, I had it last August, first because I got my computer robbed in the airport, lol. Before that I lost my blog for two days…what a DRAG!!! Hope you get very well son, lol!
    Your images are gorgeous, you have so much to share with us, you can go for years without even taking a shot…hehehe
    Thank you for the awesome Tablescape party!

  26. Susan, I am so sorry about your techno flu – yikes. Hope it all passes quickly – at least it didn’t happen at holiday time. Guess that’s your silver lining.

    Always a pleasure to see your sweet past posts anyway, and a true joy to join you again for your linky party. Thanks so much for hosting a favorite each week. Hugs.

  27. I hate it when the technology I rely on doesn’t work! I am lost! Thank you for another opportunity to look at and share pretty tables!

  28. I hear your pain Susan, mine did the same just over a week ago, the power went. I called in my guru and he fixed it to the tune of $140, but also installed Windows 7 in here. I was on Vista before and am not sure I like this program. Luckily he transferred all my stuff over.
    Next came a new wireless keyboard, as the keys on my old one had worn out with all the typing! πŸ™‚
    So let us sit by your fire and have tea from the lovely teapot. Thank you for the inviting photos.

  29. Your gorgeous photos definitely warmed me up. I hope you’re over that pesky flu soon!

  30. Susan, so sorry about your computer problems. The three tablescapes are really very pretty and I like all of them. Hopefully you will have your camera back soon.
    Have a great weekend.

  31. Where do you purchase your plates,I love all of them ?

    • Thanks, Glenda! I find them everywhere…the snowman plates are from HomeGoods, I think they had them again this year briefly, although I found those a few years back. The Blue Willow is from Publix. They had a thing going about 12-14 years ago where if you purchase X amount of groceries, you got a place setting for $2.50. All the serving pieces were super cheap, too. The Lenox Winter Greetings in front of the fire…that came from Macy’s several years ago. It’s still being made today so you can probably still find it at any store that carries Lenox. I’ve seen it on eBay, too. The Churchill Blue Willow is normally available on eBay, also.

  32. I hate when that happens. We call it Mitchell’s Law…Murphy’s got nothing on us I tell ya! I am so not tech savvy, it’s kind of embarrassing. Don’t worry though, we are suffering this flu right along with you. It has been about 18 degrees here and our furnace went out. Yep, woke up to 56 degrees in the house. Luckily only had to wait a day…all the HVAC guys are really busy up here.

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