Christmas Home Tour by Candlelight

Saturday I went on a Christmas home tour with friends.  We did the “combination” tour which includes a daylight tour and a candlelight tour.  Each year when we go on the tour, it gives me an excuse to be a total goof ball (like I’m not the rest of the year) and decorate our Christmas chariot for the evening.

Decorate Car for Christmas with Garland and Lights

I always add some faux garland to the cargo/luggage rack thingies on the top of the car.  The lights I’ve use in the past were hard to turn on and off.  This year I found these fun round “ball-shaped” lights at Michaels on sale and they were perfect.

Decorate Car for Christmas with Garland and Lights

I taped the battery box under one of the cargo thingies.

Decorate Car for Christmas with Garland and Lights

The lights can be set for steady on, flashing or phasing, which is a pulsating effect.  I let my friends choose which way to go and they went for flashing. πŸ™‚

Decorate Car for Christmas with Garland and Lights

I didn’t take my camera with me this year, but  I did capture a  few shots with my cell phone for you.  I loved all the wreaths on the exterior windows of this home.

Wreaths hung on windows

Here’s a wonderful idea for decorating window-boxes for Christmas.  Just add greenery (real or faux) large ornaments and weave outdoor ribbon throughout.



What would you put in the windowbox after Christmas?

Christmas Windowbox Decorations

Loved the wreath snowman.  This would be so easy to make.  Be cute with a hat and lights, too.

Snowman Made of Wreaths

Great area for entertaining in this side yard.

Landscape Yard with Pond and Entertaining Dining Area

Saw a fun Dr. Seuss Christmas tree in one of the store windows on the square nearby…

Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree

Little closer view of the Dr. Seuss Christmas tree.

Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree

The combination tour includes three home by day and three homes after dark.  If we finish the day tour early, there are “public” houses to see which are all beautiful, as well.  We normally finish up the daytime portion of the tour between 4:30-5:00, then it’s time for a leisurely dinner in one of the restaurants nearby on the square.  The evening tour starts at 7 PM and is truly magical. (Following pics were taken during previous candlelight tours.)

Christmas Home Tour by Candlelight

There’s something very special about touring beautiful historic homes by candlelight.  The homes look different at night with the windows all aglow.  The air is crisp and smells of wood burning fires.  Sometimes the walkways are lit with luminaries.

Christmas Home Tour by Candlelight

Everywhere you look there are little surprises, things you would never see during the daytime.  How would you like to swing on a garland-adorned, lit swing?

Christmas Home Tour by Candlelight

Candlelight makes for fun shadows.

Christmas Home Tour by Candlelight

So much beauty and inspiration. (See the full tour of the home below in this post:  A Christmas Tour of Homes)

Christmas Home Tour by Candlelight

If you’ve never gone on a candlelight tour, you have to go sometime.  It’s a wonderful experience, especially when shared with good friends.  You’ll find additional Christmas home tours under the heading, The Holiday Home/Christmas/Home Tours at the top of BNOTP or click here:  Christmas Home Tours

Christmas Home Tour by Candlelight

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  1. mary palumbo collings says

    Sounds like fun …. and a beautiful home tour…
    Ciao for now…

  2. I love the c andlelight tour !

  3. A few years ago, Christmas with Southern Living showcased a snowman with the three wreaths. They put it a little closer to the ground and added boots at the bottom, arms, a broom (if I recall correctly), and a hat. It was darling.

    I love Christmas home tours. We have The Reynolda House in my town. It was home to the Reynolds family (RJ Reynolds) and is absolutely incredible. While it is large, it is still very warm and liveable. We’ve also been to The Biltmore House a few times. This year, we are actually going to the candlelight evenings. I can’t wait to see it with candles and fireplaces lit up.

    • Diane, that sounds really cute with the boots and broom. πŸ™‚ Would love to tour the Reynolds home. I have been through the Biltmore and loved it. It’s an amazing place. I bet it will be gorgeous by candlelight.

  4. So sorry to have missed the pilgrimage this year. It’s always such a fun outing. Love the decor on the car!

  5. I love that snowman wreath. I have so badly been wanting to make one. The’re just too cute!!!

  6. Love the light on your vehicle! You made people smile as you drove by.

  7. Anne Boykin says

    Hi Susan, I’ve been on the annual Christmas tour of homes in Newnan, Georgia and it is magical! I look forward to it every year. There’s nothing like it for getting a person into the Christmas spirit!

  8. I love that you use the word “thingie” That is my go to word for things I cannot name. Love it.
    I can see the magic in the candlelight tour. There is something so special about light in the winter dark…

  9. Dorinda Selke says

    Hi Susan – Looked like you had a lot of fun on your Christmas House Tour – I love how there are 3 during the day and then 3 at night and you can have dinner in between. This coming Saturday the 8th is our 5th annual House Tour Outing that I go on with my sister in law and my niece – we have made it a tradition and look forward to it every year – but I know they would agree that the candlelight tours would be awesome ! I love those cute window boxes and, by the way. I would make snowballs from styrofoam balls, modge podge and epsom salt/white glitter and put them where the ornaments are for the rest of the winter with maybe some pinecones and/or snowflakes – πŸ™‚ Dorinda

  10. Love the chariot never thought of doing that! The home tour sounds wonderful. Had one at my home a few years back and loved it, considering it again next year for our B&B. I’ll be using some of your fabulous decorating ideas for certain. Thank you for wonderful posts! Sandi

  11. Avondale Estates GA Christmas Home tour Sunday, December 9th – bring your decorated car!
    Tyler Perry is filming in the neighborhood too – at the Avondale Lake

  12. Hi, Susan!
    I wonder who “invented” home tours?
    Somebody should decorate her/him!
    And… YOU, for sharing your tours with us!
    Thank you very much, dear Susan! I love them all!
    And I love that you even decorate your car for Christmas! I have never seen that before!
    I will tell hubby I want that, too! πŸ™‚
    (I know, he will ask me if I’m going to have a new “good attack” of “Americanitis”… LOL)
    ~Hugs to you~

  13. Crazy cargo lights! I love them! Always wanted some…

  14. Barbara (WA) says

    You asked what we would plant in a window box after Christmas ~ here in Western WA we can plant primroses and that’s what I use in my window box. Well, usually, but we took it down when the house exterior was painted this past August. I repainted the box and the supports but we haven’t hung it back up yet. That’s how it goes!

  15. Love the elegant way the homes were decorated. Such a beautiful touch of class. More is not always better and they showed that very nicely. I too enjoyed you cute and fun faux garland with lights on your car. What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I too love that you decorate your car! Do you give Max reindeer ears also? πŸ˜‰

    Home tours are one of my favorite things to do, and the homes your featured are gorgeous!

  17. How beautiful. I’m sure the homes were even better viewed in person. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

  18. Thanks for a relaxing candlelight tour after a long day at school!! Love the window boxes!! So simple and smart, I might try these at my house! Thanks for this post!

  19. Lovely homes Susan and I love your flashing Santa vehicle!! πŸ™‚
    One home tour we went on a few years ago, had goldfish in the bathtub!!!

  20. That last house looks like Tara. What fun.

  21. Your car is hilarious! Love the window boxes too, I am just crazy over the big ornaments, so cute

  22. merle turner says

    Lots of great ideas.

  23. Your header has always been one of my favorites in blogland. Love the added Christmas touches.

  24. “Oh, Jingle bells, jingle bells,
    Jingle all the way,
    Oh, what fun it was to ride
    In Susan’s flashing car today”.
    Thanks for sharing the tour Susan, as it is nice to see what our neighbours to the South do.
    Warm hugs -Brenda-

  25. What gorgeous homes! I love the garland and lights your car -excellent idea! Hugs, Leena

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