Cozy Tops I’ve Purchased for Staying Comfortable and Warm This Fall and Winter

Partially as a joke, but mostly to memorialize a year that none of us will soon forget, I purchased this sweatshirt. It’s pretty much how I feel about this year, except for the “spending more time with family” part. That part has been great! But the rest–definitely a “1 Star, Would Not Recommend” kind of year! 😉

I purposely bought the hoodie above in a Large. I’ve never done that before–purchased a big oversized hoodie, but I really wanted something super big and cozy to wear at home. Oh my gosh, this hoodie has definitely started something! If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you know I’m cold-natured. When everyone else feels just right, I’m usually cold. If I feel just right, everyone else is roasting. lol

When the 2020 hoodie arrived and I put it on, I literally wore it the whole evening. I almost slept in it because I did not want to take it off. Buying it in size Large was definitely the right thing to do. It hangs down well below my bottom and though the sleeves are a bit long, they stay up and don’t cover my hands. I love the large pocket in front! Wearing this oversized hoodie is like wearing a blanket that never falls off. It’s wonderful!

I purchased it in the Navy color which is actually much darker than it appears in the photo below. It’s exactly the color I wanted. It also comes in Black and several other colors. You’ll find it here: 2020 Rating Hoodie.


This fun hoodie comes in quite a few styles. You’ll find a bunch of them (including this one) here: 2020 Hoodie.


Buying that hoodie definitely started something. I enjoyed wearing it so much the evening it arrived, I ordered several more. I figure I’ll be staying home a lot this winter and I’d like to be comfortable, warm and cozy throughout. Between my Uggs and oversized hoodies, I should be toasty warm this coming winter.

Below you’ll find the other hoodies I’ve ordered along with a couple of tunics that I ordered for both myself and my daughter-in-love, Nancy. Nancy wears a lot of leggings/yoga pants when kicking around the house in the winter, so I think she’ll really like the tunic.  The reviews looked great, too!

I’m a book nerd, so had to have this hoodie: Book Nerd Hoodie.

By the way, I’ve purchased all these hoodies in Size large because I want them nice and big. If you buy one and want it oversized for lounging around the house, I recommend going up one size as I did.


One of these days I’m going to make it to Paris. In the meantime, I’ll wear this hoodie to keep the dream alive. This one is available here in a variety of colors: Paris Hoodie.


I’m eyeing this one, though I haven’t purchased it, yet. It’s definitely me! lol You’ll find it here: Hoodie for the Books/Cat Lover.


This is the tunic I purchased for Nancy and for myself. I love how soft it looks and love the split up either side. Should be very flattering and comfortable.


The reviews look great so I’m looking forward to it arriving. You’ll find it available in several colors here: Tunic for Lounging.


Finally, this is the other hoodie I purchased. I had such a hard time deciding on a color because it comes in so many pretty colors, including bi-colors/color block. I ultimately went with this dark blue color. Again, wanting it oversized, I purchased a Large. You’ll find it in a lot of pretty colors here: Fuzzy, Warm Tunic.


See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. These looks great! I love big sweatshirts, especially the 2020 one.

    I just caught on my blogs and I read your Just Call Mimi. Fun! I thought I would weigh in. We are called Tiggy and Otter. Tiggy, for Mrs. Tiggywinkle who loves tea, ironing, and is prickly (sometimes :)) and Otter, my husbands’ favorite animal. They are playful, loving, and gently float through life on their backs, pretty much like him. Now we have a collection of hedgehogs and otters – Herend, Beswick, Baccarat and various others, even soap! – thank god for an upstairs vitrine!

    My parents are Grandmama and Grandpapa, accents on the last syllable and these suit them down to the ground.

    We had always thought we would be called Grandie, a combination of my name and grandmother, and Big Paw. My husband is a big man with huge hands. We thought we were clever. Things don’t always turn out the way we think they will, so a control freak like me has learned to take a lesson from my husband and the otters letting go of these little things that can’t be changed and float down the rivers of life on my back when I have to. And I actually like our names.

    • Yolie, that’s too cute about the names! I wish I felt like a Mimi but I don’t. Feels like an alter ego or a character in a play. 🙂

      • You know, your boys are still young. I don’t think it is too late for you to come up with a name that suits you. You would just have to tell them what you would like to me called and then have their parents reinforce it when they refer to you. I have a friend who changed her name 3 times! She has seven children and 20 grandkids! And they all adjusted just fine. BTW, her name is Claudia and she finally settled on “Dia”.

  2. Haha – those are great! 🙂 I can imagine you all snuggled up with your books this winter! Thanks for another round of wonderful ideas and easy shopping!

    • I kept wondering how I missed how amazing oversize hoddies can be. I especially like the hoodie part because it makes the neck section more cozy. I’m addicted. I told my son and dil this was going to be my “uniform” this winter…with a new wacky hoodie every day. lol

  3. Biodynamic Barb says

    I LOVE the 2020 hoodie! Thank you for that link!

  4. I’ve been looking for a great tunic that will cover my butt for ages!! Thank you Susan!


  5. I love hoodies with a message. Perhaps one star for 2020 because at least we, so far, have been blessed to live through the year and comment about unlike so many others that didn’t make it through the year.

  6. I love them. Years ago I bought an inexpensive name brand sweatshirt that was really long and I have never seen them since. Mine has about worn out. I can see why you buy multiples.
    What a year is right. Try to remember the sign: “Someone else would be happy to have what you have”

  7. Susan…..Yes, you HAVE to ‘buy the t-shirt’ for this year!!! If for nothing else than to remind us that we DID get thru it, and are truly thankful for that. I got a couple of cute tees for just that. I LOVE the reminder of ‘Someone would be happy to have what you have’…makes staying hopeful, grateful and looking for ways to help others so much ‘easier’. Stay warm this winter!!!

  8. The total crap one I didn’t understand what is in reference to. Love them though.

  9. This post put me in a happy mood this first day of September thinking of the Fall/Winter weather coming in the next couple of months. Loved the tunic and oversized hoodie on Amazon so I ordered myself one of each. Can’t wait to get them!! Thanks, Susan!

    • Hope you love them, Glinda! We are already having some cool mornings here so I’ve been wearing mine every day. Nancy, my daughter-in-law has been burning fall candles so we are getting in the mood for sure. 🙂

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