Touring Two Equestrian Homes and Dressing in Equestrian Style for Autumn

I’ve always had a love for equestrian style. I love it in home decor and I’m always drawn to it in fashion or clothing styles.

You may remember when I shared one of my favorite books that features equestrian decor, collectibles, fashion, etc… in this previous post:  In the BNOTP Library: Equestrian Style.  Book below is available here: Equestrian Style.


Over the years I’ve also taken you along on several home tours of beautiful equestrian estates like this one.


Take a tour of the home above in this post: Historic Equestrian Estate in Virginia


Here’s a tour of another gorgeous equestrian estate: Historic 1825 Home and Equestrian Farm. I love the warmth and understated beauty of an equestrian estate!


You can just imagine how excited I was to see that Talbots has gone equestrian for a lot of their autumn clothing, plus it’s all on sale! I fell in love with this entire ensemble the minute I saw it! I love, love, love ivory/cream paired with camel. It’s just the most elegant combination of colors!

For years I had a Ralph Lauren ad pinned to my bulletin board here in the office. I wish I still had it, I would share a photo of it in this post. It pictured a lovely model wearing an outfit that was all in cream and camel colors with the most gorgeous cognac-brown leather bag on the floor beside her. I wanted that entire outfit, it was stunning!

This outfit below reminds me very much of that RL ad that I had pinned to my board for so many years. I actually have an ivory vest from Talbots, an ivory sweater and some beautiful cognac-brown Frye boots. I think all I need are the pants and I’m all set!

Equestrian Style Clothes


This same outfit is also stunning with this equestrian motif/style vest below in a gorgeous “ginger” color. It looks so beautiful and so perfect for autumn with either vest. (Vest is available here: Vest.)

If you love these two outfits as much as I do, you’ll find links to all the pieces to create it linked below. Did I mention everything is currently on sale, 25% off! Yipee! Love it when I can catch the current season’s clothes in an early season sale!

Equestrian Style


This is the sweater pictured above and you’ll find it available here: Sweater. I love the longer length (so flattering!) and the cute buttons down the side!

Ivory Cream Sweater


These are the pants pictured in the ensemble. They are in the equestrian style and you’ll find them here: Equestrian Style Pants.

Equestrian Style Pants


If you’re not sure you want the pants in equestrian style, I think these cords would also work well to create the look. You’ll find these stretch style cords available in a bunch of different colors here: Corduroy Pants.

I definitely plan on buying some of these for fall.

Corduroy Pants, Stretch


They also have them available in Jeggings. Love those too! You’ll find those in several colors here: Corduroy Jeggings.
I love jeggings because they fit so well down inside boots.

Stretch Corduroy Jeggings


I adore these boots! These are the boots the model was wearing in our inspiration photo for this autumn equestrian look. You’ll find them here: Boots with Chain-Tassel Detail.

I already have boots in this color but I may have to break down and get these. I just love that chain/tassel detail and the heel height is perfect! That’s my ideal heel height…so comfortable!

Boots for Autumn


They are also available in black here: Boots.

Black Boots for Autumn


You’ll find the pretty ivory vest in our inspiration picture here: Ivory Vest.  It’s available in six different colors.


So excited to see Talbots now carries Barbour Coats! You can read more about Barbour coats in my previous post here: A Forever Coat.

This coat is available here: Barbour Coat.

Barbour Brisk Coat


I love all the pearl accessories they are carrying for fall. You’ll find them all there: Pearl Accessories.

Pearl Barrette


Here are few more pieces I’m loving for autumn and they are all on sale! If the images below don’t load, refresh the page and that should help.

Click any link below to check out that particular piece.




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  1. Susan, you temptress you.
    Just ordered the boots. They are such an “I want those”. Have several of your other choices, but there are always those pesky things I think are a must have. Don’t know why I don’t think more Talbot. I will now.

    • Oh Kem! I’m jealous…I want those boots! Talbots has been knocking it out of the park the last few years. I hope whoever they have buying for them continues because I love what they’ve been carrying for the last few years!

  2. Christy Keyton says

    I ordered from Talbots on Monday and just love all the fall stuff. Did you see the autumn charm bracelet and the matching hedgehog brooch? I ordered both of those along with the fall beagle sweater, corduroys, and a few other things! Now we just need some cooler weather here in lower Alabama!

    • That bracelet is adorable, Christy! I’ll add it to end of the post along with darling Beagle sweater. Thanks for telling me about those! Sooo cute! We are still hot here too, but I know the cold temps are coming!

  3. Hi Susan. I haven’t written you in awhile. But I love reading your blog.
    If you have a pair of riding boots, you can easily make the adornment
    with a trip to Michaels for materials. And while you are there, pick up
    some materials to make those cute purse attachments too. You can easily
    put these together by just looking at the pictures.

  4. Love all the outfits, but a little too picey for me. Even on sale.

  5. I spent over an hour yesterday looking at Talbots’ equestrian items. I love that ginger vest but anything on the orange spectrum is a no-go for me.

    Christy, I love the hedgehog broach, too! Too cute.

    I finally ordered the Links & Ribbons cotton shirt and the Equestrian Links two-tone earrings.

    I am tempted to order the riding pants.

    I love equestrian style for fall/winter and nautical for spring/summer.

  6. I love equestrian style. And I miss the home tours! I still remember the one that had a Ralph Lauren feel to it, the designer transformed a barn and added windows to the top of the roof. Do you remember the one I mean? That was gorgeous! I could have moved right in, exactly as it was and I don’t often say or feel that. There is just something so inviting and comfortable about equestrian style. Thanks for the great post!

    • Pam, anytime you want to see some of the tours I’ve posted in the past, just click on HOME TOURS category at the top of the blog. You’ll find a gazillion there, all categorized by the type of home they are. There are some really good ones under there.

  7. Oh, gees…these DO speak to me…I even added leather tassels to most of my boots with zippers…gees. . franki

  8. Oh my gosh, those boots — !!!

  9. I ordered the Equestrian hand bag. I was torn between it and the vest. I wanted everything!

  10. Cyndi Raines says

    What a classic look, very nice. Nautical is my favorite for summer and this is perfect for fall. Will remember the cream, tan and brown colors, pinned also. Excited about this as I’ve always liked brown/cream as it goes well with my coloring. Thanks Susan!

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