February Favorites & Beautiful Spring Pillows I’m Eyeing for the Porch

Happy spring! I realized earlier today that I haven’t shared my February Favorites, so wanted to do that before we got too much further into March. The weather here has been so beautiful! We’ve had some early spring rains, but we needed it so I’m not complaining. I hope you are seeing spring weather or at least hints of spring where you live.

A little less than a week ago I shared how I had decorated my screened porch for St. Patrick’s Day. If you missed that post, you’ll find it here: St. Patrick’s Day Porch. My favorite part of that decor post was the adorable (and super affordable) St. Patrick’s Day pillow covers I bought back in February for the porch.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Pillow on Porch Swing


I’ve since discovered even more adorable St. Patty’s Day pillows and I want them all! lol

St. Patrick's Day, Loads of Luck, Truck with Shamrocks


Here’s where I found my pillows in case you would like some for St. Patty’s Day next year. They are currently on sale for $9.99 for all 4 covers! You’ll find them here: St. Patrick’s Day Pillow Covers.


Those pillows made such a beautiful impact on my porch, I started looking to see if they had similar ones available for other holidays/seasons, and they do! I love this set sooo much! I think I’m going to order it today. If you need some adorable Easter pillows for your home or porch, you’ll find these here: Easter Pillow Covers


I’m also crazy about these! Arggg, I need these for summer! So fresh and so summery! You’ll find these here: Summer Pillow Covers.


Sooo many cute styles! I love the boots and of course the bike! These are available here: Spring Pillow Covers.



Another wonderful set of covers for spring! I was so impressed with the quality of my St. Patty’s Day pillows. These all look like they would be the same quality based on the reviews.




Look how beautiful they are in this room! Love! These pillow covers are available here: Spring Pillow Covers.


These colors would work well on my screened porch. These covers are available here: Spring Pillow Covers



If you’re a Mackenzie-Childs fan or a collector of Mackenzie-Childs pieces, I think these would fit in beautifully. They remind me so much of their Courtly Check pattern. These pillow covers are available here: Floral Pillow Covers for Spring


It’s never too early to think about Christmas! I found so many cute Christmas pillow covers here: Christmas Pillow Covers.





I will definitely be buying a set of these for Christmas! Love them all! The Christmas holiday pillows are all available here: Christmas Pillow Covers.

If you are in need of 18 inch pillow inserts for your covers, you’ll find them here: 18-inch Pillow Inserts for Pillow Covers.  I noticed that several of the inserts come in a set of four inserts which would be perfect for these covers since they come in a set of four, as well.



Another favorite purchase I made in February is another ViewSonic monitor. I purchased two of these monitors last year when I was visiting with my son, daughter-in-law, and grandsons for the mini-office I put together there.


I loved the bigger size and quality of these so much, I immediately purchased two more to take back home to use in my home office.

Desk for working at home


I’ve decided to add a third monitor to my computer setup here at home. I’m hoping to have a new computer built this year by the same company that built my current one ten years ago. I’ve updated my current computer a couple of times over the past ten years, but it’s time to have a new one built from scratch.

I LOVE these monitors and I was worried that by the time I had my new system built, they would be discontinued, although based on the amazing reviews, Panasonic may keep making it for a while.

Right now, it’s still in its box since my current system won’t support three monitors, but the new computer definitely will. If you are looking for a monitor with beautiful, true-to-life imagery, I can’t recommend this one enough! You’ll find it here: My Favorite Computer Monitor.

Home Office, Pottery Barn Bedford Furniture


You may remember a year or so back when I purchased a new sweater shaver for removing little fuzzies/pills off sweaters.

Sweater Shaver for Removing Fuzz and Pills


I love this shaver–it has been amazing all winter long and does a fabulous job removing the fuzzies from all my sweaters. I just purchased a second one last month so I’d have one in my dressing area (where I regularly spread out sweaters on the built-in cabinets/counter in that room to remove fuzzies) and the second one is kept in my walk-in closet where I usually put on the cashmere socks I am always raving about. I  use the closet shaver a few times a week to remove any little fuzzies/pills that I find on the heels of those socks. Of course, they aren’t visible since I’m wearing shoes, but I like to remove those anyway since it only takes a few seconds with this little sweater shaver. If you need a great lint remover before you put away your winter sweaters for next year, you’ll find this one here: Lint Remover/Sweater Shaver.



Sweater Depiller, Lint Remover



That’s pretty much it for my February Favorites! Hope you find this post helpful as you get your home ready for spring!

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  1. Cute pillows, Susan. I’m a pillow addict, so I’m not even going to click the links. I did click the link for the sweater shaver, but they are no longer available.
    Thanks for the suggestions, and happy spring!

    • They were in stock when I wrote the post, hopefully they will restock them. I know, you and share the love for beautiful pillows! 🙂

  2. Those are all darling Susan! I love the spring ones so much, especially the flower wreath! Thanks for always finding the best things – off to shop! 🙂

  3. franki Parde says

    I’m part of the “Pillow Fettish” (PF)…I don’t think I’ve met a pillow I don’t like… I also luv the ” Pill Shaver” (PS)… franki

  4. I was tempted!

  5. Thanks for the pillow link! I copied it into Amazon Canada and found them there too.

  6. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    I’m in love with the pillow covers, they are all so beautiful! That sweater shaver is nice, sold out now though. Everyone must have bought it out! lol I might have to try those socks, I’ve just gotten to were my feet are finally cold this past winter. Beautiful weather here, supposed to last from Saturday into all next week, with spring rains too. I think our months are changing too, with it being more April like in March. I will take it though! Enjoy your beautiful weather Susan! Hugs, Brenda

  7. Already got some of the spring pillow cases. The hardest part was having to decide which set to get!

  8. Cynd Raines says

    I agree, all of those pillow covers are amazing! Susan, has the shaver ever grabbed the clothing and made a little cut in the fabric? The one I had did and so now I don’t use it. I did purchase the fabric defuzzing combs you suggested which work well. However a shaver would go faster on larger clothing items or if there are a lot of pills. It is showing currently not available, but I will check back. Thanks.

    • So far, I haven’t had that happen, and I have used it a lot, but I remember someone mentioning that happening in a comment once when they used an electric or battery shaver, so I am really diligent about checking for any threads sticking up before I use it. I like using the combs, too–but this does go so much faster and gives an even “cleaner” look once I’m done.

  9. Jill from Southern n says

    Such pretty pillows and a wonderful find for the price! I love the lemons and see the bottom left and top right covers gracing your front porch benches – would pick up the black nicely, maybe with some realistic yellow tulips in black urns too!

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