I Think I Finally Found the Perfect Frame, What Do You Think?

Last November, now a full year ago, I was hot on the pursuit of a frame for this beautiful Chuck Pinson painting named, The Governor’s Party. The painting depicts the Governor’s Palace just as guests are arriving for a Christmas party. I remember touring the Governor’s Palace in Colonial Williamsburg many years ago. It was a wonderful experience and I would love to visit again and see it dressed this way for Christmas!

The Governor's Party by Chuck Pinson, Choosing a Frame


I tried a bunch of different frames at home last November and ultimately chose this one below.

Framing for The Governor's Party, Chuck Pinson


Here’s a better photo of it against the painting inside the frame shop. Unfortunately, when they checked in the back for stock, we discovered that the manufacturer had changed the frame and it didn’t look the same anymore. It was a drastic enough change that I decided to not go through with the framing. It was close to the holidays and I knew I would have to start the whole “shopping for a frame” process over again, so I just tabled the project at that point. I needed a moment to reboot. Do you ever do that, put a lot of energy into something that’s important to you, then when something goes awry, you stop and recharge your batteries before tackling it again?

Frame for The Governor's Party Painting


I don’t know why, maybe because Christmas is just around the corner, but my energy and desire to get it framed returned with a vengeance this week. I revisited the framery to see what they had available and in stock. While looking at frames, they had one frame available that they had already made for the paintings they sell in their shop. We tried it with my painting and I was surprised how much I liked it. I really like how it brings out the dark aspects and features in the painting.

The Governor's Party Painting, Choosing the Perfect Frame


It’s sometimes a challenge viewing a frame in a photo because the eye will play tricks on you. If the frame looks concave, like it’s curving inward, it’s not. It’s actually convex in shape, meaning the frame bows outward. Can you see that? One minute my eyes see it bowing inward, then it switches and I see it bowing outward. Update: Just picked up the painting and the frame is concave. Ha! See what I mean about viewing it in photos, I thought it was convex, but it’s actually concave in design.

The Governor's Party Painting, Choosing the Perfect Frame


Also, it’s not black, it’s a dark brown that has hints of gold here and there underneath. The gold is very subtle, but it gives it an old-world sheen, if that makes any sense. I love frames that feel old and ancient–they are my favorite. I must be an old soul at heart.

Frame for The Governor's Party by Chuck Pinson_wm


Here’s one more close-up.

The Governor's Party by Chuck Pinson, Frame Chosen

In the photo, it’s just sitting in the frame, that’s why you can see daylight between the top of the painting and the frame at the top. It should be ready by Saturday so I’ll be sure to share how it looks hanging for Metamorphosis Monday.

If you would love a copy of this painting, you’ll find it available at Chuck Pinson’s website, where I purchased mine: Chuck Pinson, The Governor’s Party. Just scroll down at that link and you’ll see The Governor’s Party. The website is beautiful, so a delight to visit. I love his paintings!

Update: I’ve had some questions about the size of the painting/giclee that I purchased. Here’s a direct link to the painting: The Governor’s Party. I purchased it in the 24 x 36 size on stretched wood bars, but it’s available in several sizes.

The Governor's Party Painting, Choosing the Perfect Frame


Okay, I’m off to finish my table for Tablescape Thursday. My green chargers arrived and I think I’m going to use them in tomorrow’s table. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love it so much more than the gold frame, although I am, admittedly, a little biased against gold frames, they usually seem too one dimensional and a bit tacky to me, but this one brings the painting to life and lets its beauty shine! Kind of in the same vein as wearing the dress instead of allowing the dress to wear you.

  2. Oh it looks beautiful Susan! I love the black/brown and gold frames – they’re so classic. Thanks for sharing, and I can’t wait to see what you do with your new chargers tomorrow!

  3. so glad you shared this artist…..

  4. It’s a pretty frame. Looks very nice for the painting. And, do you know I had that exact sky at sunset outside at my patio three nights ago. It was breathtaking.

  5. ZoeAnn Yussman says

    It’s gorgeous!

  6. Wonderful frame choice! And thank you for telling us about the artist!

  7. I think it’s absolutely perfect! And looks great over your bed. I love his paintings!

  8. Linda J Doyel says

    That is beautiful and love the frame! I think I am going to order the print! What size is the print please?

  9. Looks great! I do wonder if there was a tiny hint of the red from the painting in the frame to bring it all out more!?

  10. Linda I. Palmer says

    The painting is beautiful and the frame is, also. I’m thinking, though, that it is a bit too dark for the painting and for your room. I know it’s sometimes difficult to find the “perfect” frame and different people have their own opinions. The important thing is that you love it! Looking forward to seeing it hanging over your bed!

  11. Virginia Lehmann says

    Very pretty. And I like this frame better than the last one you picked. It must have been fate. I’m glad you found the perfect one.

  12. Linda Page Gurganus says

    I love the frame. Absolutely perfect! That is going to look fabulous on the wall over your bed! Got the thumb drive today.

  13. Darlene Gardner says

    Love your frame and painting! Beautiful!

  14. I do like that frame Susan, I like the hints of gold in the dark brown paint. It has a nice sheen to it. I think it enhances this painting very well. I toured the Governor’s Palace in 2015, was there for the Grand Illumination and that was in front of the Palace, it was so nice. A bunch of my teacher friends had talked me into going as my late husband had passed that October, so after much convincing, I decided to go that Dec. I was so glad that I did. So your painting reminds me of that trip. Hugs, Brenda

  15. Your print looks so lovely in the new frame! It relates perfectly to both the time period & colors of the painting!

  16. carol springsteen says

    the brown and gold is perfect

  17. cleo headley says

    Love this frame, just the right touch of ‘old gold’…….the style is perfect with your furniture.!!!

  18. You couldn’t have made a better choice, Susan. I can’t wait to see how that glorious painting looks over your bed!

  19. Sabrina Holmes says

    The frame is perfect!

  20. Looking forward to seeing the framed picture Monday! Susan, I have a question about a hair dryer brush you talked about some time ago. Do you still use this brush? Please tell me the brand as I’m looking for one for my granddaughter who has thick, long, curly hair. Thank you!

  21. Gorgeous choice! It’s beautiful.

  22. This is such a coincidence because I was just thinking about this painting and wishing it were hanging above your bed. I think you got very luck with the frame, Susan! And it looks great. Such a pretty scene. The dark frame picks up the trees and horses. The interior gold softens it just a bit and blends with the fire / flames in the scene. I’m so happy you’ll soon have it up! It’s so pretty, and it will add a lot to your bedroom. Can’t wait to see it.

  23. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I think it’s a perfect frame. I love the painting you chose because we have a lot of beautiful old limestone mansions on the east side of our town. I went to a murder mystery at the mansion party one Halloween just so I could see inside. What craftsmanship. So I jumped over to his site and love the country scenes. I’m a country girl at heart but could never afford a small farm now plus I’m getting old enough I just couldn’t start fixing a place up without hiring people. I want a barn so bad for my feral cats. Anyway I’ll be checking out those country scenes later. He does beautiful skies. Thanks for sharing

  24. Bobbi Duncan says

    Great choice for the frame. I didn’t care for the frame I chose for the room I display mine in, so now I need to start searching again. I know what you mean about rebooting lol! When I spend a good amount of time searching for something, it’s hard to get the same enthusiasm to do it all over again right away. Hugs!

  25. Love the painting and perfect frame!!!!

  26. Love the painting ( had a small one of the Governor’s Palace years ago in our living room, pre-downsizing) and the frame is perfect. The dark really makes it pop! We had a print of Starry Night by Van Gogh…always loved it, but purchased it in the 1980’s with a thin brass frame. When we moved we took it to be re-framed and did the same as you – went with a dark ( not brown, not black, but dark) frame and we were amazed at how it made the colors POP! Enjoy your wonderful new art!

  27. Hi Susan, I’m late on this, but I have to say the frame couldn’t be more perfect. The dark wood blends with your furniture and the gold scroll trim picks up the swirling branches. It’s just right!
    Good things come to those who wait!!

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