2 Tables That Are A Work In Progress & I’m A Little Distracted This Week

Welcome to the 764th Tablescape Thursday! I’ve been working on a table the last couple of weeks, but I’m having trouble finding the right salad plates. These adorable flamingo napkins are my inspiration, but when shopping for flamingo-themed salad plates in the right color, I’m only finding the melamine version. I may end up having to buy those since that seems to be all that’s available. Here’s a little preview of what I have in mind when I find the right plates. (Flamingo napkins are available here: Flamingo Napkins.)


If you come across any aqua/pink flamingo plates, preferably non-melamine, please let me know!


A tutorial for making these shell and sea glass charger plates can be found here: DIY Shell Charger Plates with Blue Sea Glass and here: Detailed Tutorial for Making Shell Charger Plates.


I’m a bit distracted this week because the painter is here working his magic down in the basement. He installed the baseboard/quarter round yesterday and will start the priming/painting today. I seem to have a one-track mind when I have work being done. I find it hard to be creative and focus on setting a table when work is being done elsewhere in the house. However, I did manage to find something I’ve been periodically looking for online, for a long time. Many years ago I found three of these blue, coral/net dinner plates while shopping in my local HomeGoods. I’ve been on the lookout for more ever since and it’s been a challenge!


You may remember when I used two plates in this cozy, beach-themed “table for two” here on the deck. See more of this table, including a silly, starstruck picture of me with one of the Property Brothers, here: Your Fruity Drink Awaits.

Summer Dining on the Deck


I finally lucked out and found two more plates on Etsy. Per the tracking, those should be arriving sometime today. Looking forward to using these in a table for 4 sometime soon! I still need one more to set a table for six. lol

DIY Starfish Napkin Rings


I hope to have a beachy-themed table for you next week! In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! (If you enjoyed this post, subscribe for free email updates when a new post is up here: Subscribe for post updates.)

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  1. I have the perfect mugs to go with your flamingo napkins. Actually, maybe I just need to get the napkins. 😉

    • Seems like I saw melamine plates some place that looked like they were meant to go with these napkins. I think they even had pineapples on them, just like the napkins. If I come across those again, I’ll let you know Pattie, in case they will work with your mugs.

  2. Hi Susan, I may have found some plates for you. Two aqua and two pink flamingo plates. They really are darling are very unique. They are on eBay. The listing is:
    “Set of 4 Arlington design Flamingo 8.25″Plates 2 Aqua/2 Pink with Gold Accents.” Hope this helps.

  3. Congrats on finding your plates! I can sympathize – I’ve been looking for several patterns for quite a while too. But it’s so exciting when you finally find them! Good luck with the painting, and thanks so much for hosting!

  4. Oh my gosh Susan. I have those napkins too and absolutely love them – they just make me smile! But when looking for some plates to go with them, I ran into the same trouble you are having. There was nothing in aqua with flamingos unless you went with melamine. I finally ended up with some white porcelain Fitz and Floyd plates with a pink flamingo and some green palm leaves on them from Bed Bath and Beyond. Sadly, this was several years ago now and they are no longer available (and it appears BB&B is closing too) but you might be able to find some on eBay if you are interested. Good luck and happy Thursday to you!

    • Those sound really cute! I love the napkins, they are so colorful and fun for summer! Seems like everything is closing lately. My local BB & B closed, too.

  5. I feel your pain when you have a vision in your head and unfortunately can’t find an item that will fulfill the vision. There is a table setting site I follow and many times when posters can’t find what they are looking for, they make them. You are so crafty. Are their napkins out their that fit your vision you coukd modpodge on the vack of a clear salad plate? Just a thought. Good luck.

    • I’ve done that once before, many years ago. I hope I can find some, but will def keep that in mind if I don’t. Thanks, Susan!

  6. Susan, the sneak peek of your flamingo themed table scape looks really good. Can’t wait til you’re able to finish it. I know what you mean when you can’t find what you want. I’ve had some alerts on ebay for years. But yay! for the painter being there. And I can not believe it’s been nearly seven years since you took that cruise! That smiling coconut aways make me laugh.

  7. Elena M. says

    There’s a 4 piece set on Amazon “Colias Wing 8″ Pink Flamingos Pattern Stylish Design Ceramic Salad” – hurry there’s only 8 left! They only use pink and green and no aqua, so you may have seen them. I went through the same search about 3 years ago, when I found a cute sugar and creamer with flamingos, and I was off to the races looking for flamingo items ; I found napkins, tablecloth, salt and pepper, mugs, glasses and even coasters, but the elusive plates were nowhere to be found. I dislike melamine, so I kept searching until I found a set of appetizer plates at Homegoods 1 or 2 years ago. It’s almost embarrasing how I get at the stores when I find something I’ve searched for a long time. I’m glad I’m not the only nut that goes on serious hunts for items (and I don’t have a blog, but I have enough stuff to set different tables for months). Good luck getting your setting together!!

    • Those are cute! I wish some aqua in them and a bit more of the hot pink color. Those are really cute, though! I know, I get so excited, too! Elena, you may want to consider starting a blog on Blogger where it’s totally free. Then you could join us tablescape-loving folks here each week for Tablescape Thursday. 🙂

  8. Because most of our outdoor dining is done poolside in Florida, the majority of any pretty colorful dinnerware is melamine. Cleaning up broken bits of glass and ceramic from around the pool is a nightmare.

    • Melamine is perfect for outdoors, especially around a pool! I like it for children, too. They have so many cute summer patterns for melamine for outdoor dining!

  9. Tina W Reynolds says

    I love the cute, printed napkins you’ve shown us recently! I confess, I bought some material with the intention of sewing some napkins, but, I’ve not accomplished that yet. I wish I had just bought the darned napkins already made! Those flamingo napkins are so colorful that you could pull any of the solid colors from those. I usually forget the names of Fiesta Ware colors but, wow, I think the Sunflower yellow would work, too. That is, if you can’t locate any flamingo plates, but I bet you will!

    • These are so reasonably priced, I’m not sure I could buy the fabric and make them for that. I hope they keep offering new patterns, they’ve had some really great ones over the past few years.
      Thanks, Tina! I need to get back looking for them–been distracted lately with the basement reno.

  10. franki parde says

    Isn’t it frustrating…and then…”WHY didn’t I get more the first time…” Gaaaa! I can see why you would want a full set…of dishes…GOOD LUCK!!! franki

  11. Deweysmom says

    Try looking on Pfaltzgraff’s website. They have pink flamingo dinnerware, subtle but cute!

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