I Went Antiquing and the Prices I Found Blew Me Away!

It has been ages since I’ve been antiquing. I used to go all the time. I miss it, it’s such a fun, relaxing way to spend a few hours.

Yesterday I stopped by Flourish Antiques which is located inside the Marietta Antique Mall. I had three lamps that needed small repairs. One lamp was kinda wobbly and needed tightening up and the other two were doing that weird thing where you have to turn the switch slightly pass where it normally needs to be in order to turn it on. David, the owner of Flourish, was able to make the repairs while I waited, so I spent that time browsing and taking photos of the many treasures I found inside the booths in the mall.

When my favorite haunt, A Classy Flea, closed a couple of years ago, I remember a lot of the dealers there said they were moving to the Marietta Antique Mall. Others moved to the Queen of Hearts, another local antique mall. This was my first time visiting so I was really interested to see what I’d find. I expected the booths to be kinda empty with everything that’s been happening the last few months. I’m sure the dealers have probably had a tough time finding pieces for their booths with everything being shut down and people keeping their homes closed to visitors.

David’s has a booth filled with some of the custom lamps he’s made. It was just outside the entrance to his lamp repair shop. If you live in Metro Atlanta and would love a custom lamp made from a vase, figurine or collectible, David is your guy! He is very creative and has a wonderful eye for putting together beautiful one-of-a-kind lamps.


The lamp above and those in the two photos below are just a few examples of some of the lamps he’s created.




The prices I saw on the antiques during my walk through all the booths were amazing. If I read the tag correctly, this table including a leaf and 6 chairs is $375!




This cabinet was marked on sale down to $250. I saw several Layaway signs throughout the antique mall so apparently some of the dealers will allow you to pay for pieces over time.


This antique chest was $325.


A beautiful chandelier: $450


These turquoise lamps wouldn’t work with the colors in my home but I thought they were really pretty! They were $25 each. Makes me wish I had a beach house!


This gorgeous walnut buffet was on sale for $325! I wish I had a place for it in my home!


This was the CorningWare pattern that was popular when I got married back in the late 70s. I still have all of mine, can’t bear to part with it.


I can tell that whoever owned this took care of it and didn’t stick in a dishwasher because the pattern is still nice and dark. If I cooked more, I would definitely want some of these beautiful vintage pieces.


Another beautiful sideboard. $695.


This cherry chest was marked down from $295 to $195.


I saw a lot of light fixtures and pretty chandeliers during my visit.


This beautiful mahogany china cabinet was on sale for $250. I hope whoever buys these beautiful pieces will not paint over them.


A beautiful, antique Victorian bed. A sign on the bed said, “Full size but with converter rails can be a Queen.”


You don’t find beautiful pieces like this being made today! It was priced at $595.


Pretty secretary! I think it was $450.


There was a clock section, too.


This chest has a tag on it saying, “Beautiful Walnut Georgian bracket foot, four-drawer chest made in 1791 for Ms. Baker, England. It was priced at $1,200.


I think this beautiful stepback cupboard would be stunning filled with books in a study or library. I couldn’t believe the amazing price: $330! I wish I had room for this piece!


Hope you enjoyed going antiquing with me. We need to do this again real soon, I’ve really missed it!

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  1. I don’t know why people buy new when the quality of these pieces are so much better and way less expensive.

  2. Oh, Susan, thank you for this post! Antiquing is one of my favorite activities, especially when we go out of town. It’s been soooo long since we’ve gone anywhere and your post gave me a chance to browse from afar!! I can’t believe the prices on the items you highlighted. Wow! I’d love to go through that mall. Made my day! Thanks.
    P.S. Did you see any pretty dishware?

    • Not a lot, but I think I was mostly focused on all the beautiful furniture I kept seeing. I just couldn’t get over the amazing prices. I wish I was still needing furniture like that, I would have bought several pieces.

    • Carmelee Thorpe says

      Agree with co mentioned from Rosie M.

  3. Mary Anna Cochran says

    Is the Marietta Antique Mall off the square in Marietta?

    • No, it’s behind Williams Brothers Barbecue on Roswell Road. It’s very, very close to where A Classy Flea used to be.

      • So has David moved from the mall off Marietta square? We have bought many things from him.

        • He was in Dupre’s Antique Market on the square, but now he’s in the very back of the Marietta Antique Market. I just found that out when I called him to see about taking my lamps in.

  4. Snowflake281 says

    Uh! I’m drooling over all those beautiful pieces of antique furniture, especially that sideboard! And I also got married in the 70’s & I still have & use my Country Festival Friendship Blue Bird pattern Corningware. I ache to go antiquing. Your lamp guy, David is truly very talented. His creativity is impressive & not tacky. Glad you had a good experience amid some not-so-good times.

  5. Karen Amatangelo says

    I too love beautiful quality pieces of furniture. Several things I have are some Virginia Gallery Hinkel Harris Mahogany back from the 1980’s that was my mom’s. I also have some Pennsylvania House cherry bedroom furniture that was my bedroom suite when I was a young girl from the 1960’s. Nothing today is made as well. I appreciate fine craftsmanship. Thank you for your tour through a lovely antique mall.

  6. That cherry chest is beautiful, and a steal, I think, at $195.00! If you think these are expensive, you should go and price new furniture. The quality and beauty of antique and vintage furniture far exceeds that of new furniture, and it’s made of real wood!

    • I don’t think they are expensive, I think the prices are amazingly good! New furniture can’t compare to the quality of antiques.

  7. Susan, I feel the same way. Going in and looking about an antique shop is most relaxing and interesting for me. Austin has few choices left, but one of my favorite stores is in a small town north of us about 30 minutes away. I met my sister there last week and we popped in after our alfresco lunch. I always find something and this visit yielded a beautiful English antique bread knife with a carved handle. A couple of strawberry pin cushions also followed me home. The hunt is always the fun part!

  8. It’s been so long since the last field trip, and this was a good one! Thanks for taking us along.

  9. Gayle Maestri says

    Wish I lived close to this place.

  10. That cherry chest for $195 is a real bargain. I wish I lived closer as I am looking for a piece like that. Wonderful bargains for beautiful furniture. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Beautiful furniture, especially the secretary. I am with you and hate to see antiques painted. Some of my lamps need repairs, but I don’t know if anyone nearby. A couple of years ago, I found a small frog lamp that needs work.
    Thanks for taking us along. BTW Did you furnish the basement yet ? LOL

  12. I read an article recently about the “GrandMillenial” decor trend. Young people are embracing the “dreaded brown furniture” of their parents/grandparents for its price, construction, and beauty. Sometimes they opt to paint their finds, but true GrandMillenial enthusiasts incorporate the whole shebang- brown furniture, wallpaper, brass, and heirloom china into their homes. I’m a firm believer that those elements never went out of style!

    I selected that same Corningware pattern when I married in 1974. (I’m not as sentimental as you; I swapped it out for an all-white set 20+ years ago!)

    • How interesting! I had not heard that term…GrandMillenial but I Googled it and it gives me hope! I always hoped the younger generations would eventually wake-up to the quality of real wood furniture and beautiful antiques. Sounds like some of them are finding a way to work it into their homes. Thanks for sharing that, Margaret. I so rarely read magazines or follow decor trends online since I don’t like so much of it, so I had not heard about the GrandMillenial.

  13. Michele M says

    Oh my gosh. I am in shock.

    I would so buy a few of those pieces!!!!! WOW!

    I absolutely adore David’s funky driftwood lamp, too.

    Thanks, Susan – haven’t been anywhere since February = this felt good. ♥

  14. I am in agreement with some of the other ladies. Thanks for taking us along with you. I love the places you take us to.:)

  15. Jane Bucklin says

    Susan, thank you for taking us with you! What a treat! Many antique shops in the Northeast are no longer in business. Some of the shop owners had commented, “Young people are not interested in owning antiques and our rent is too high for us to continue the business.” We do have lovely estate sales so that provides another venue to purchase “great stuff.” Have a lovely week. Jane

  16. Elizabeth says

    I think the prices are lower due to lack of demand. My daughter ( 30) just shed the house of lovely antique pieces from her father’s family (my ex). It broke my heart. Most of my friends are experiencing the same thing.Their children have no interest in the antique family pieces, the china or the silver. Then I remember hearing my mother say she didn’t want anything she grew up with! She was born in the late 1920’s. If it had not been for my Daddy we would not have had the pieces we had. My mother also told me that her aunts apparently went through a paint it all phase in the 20’s. most all of the antique pieces ( antique even then) were painted green! The pieces my Daddy saved my mother stripped that green paint off of. Everything is cyclical, even in interior design and furniture. I occasionally work for Sweet Georgia Brown, upscale antique and gift shop in West Point, Georgia. She can’t give pieces away…no one wants to buy them and she has some lovely pieces.

  17. Oh my!! I’m stunned by these prices. That table and chairs for #375.00!! And that walnut buffet with mirror on top for $325? Incredible. Just the mirror alone would cost that or more to make these days. And I don’t mean the mirror with frame, I mean just the mirror, with beveling. And that cherry chest for $195.00? And that bed! And the chest for Ms. Baker (except it wouldn’t have been for ‘Ms.’ in those days.) 🙂 Aww, how sweet. And to have something from 1791. Our revolution hadn’t been long over and George Washington was president! Incredible.

    I wonder if there are so many bargains because nobody has been out shopping, what with all the closings. Gosh, it’s times like this that I wish our houses were of infinite size, lol. Or it was customary to have ‘many’ houses. 😀 A beach house, a mountain retreat, a ‘regular’ house, a farm, a house by the lake, a couple of houses in other locations for visiting family, a few in foreign countries, etc. Haha. Maybe then we’d be able to fit all the styles and furnishings we love. 🙂 That was fun, Susan.

  18. Love this antique furniture. We have an antique alley in the northeast corner of Connecticut, and many other venues in backroad towns in the state. I have several pieces from my grandmother as accent pieces, but sadly, the younger generations are on the move and don’t want to haul around brown heavy furniture.

  19. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw the dining room table and chairs selling for under $700! Thoughts of downsizing crossed my mind and I offered my son a Pennsylvania House Cherry dining room table & chairs along with china cabinet and side board if we decided to move. I was thrilled when I purchased it and thought I was offering one of my treasures. You should have seen the expression on his face! I guess that type of furniture cant even be given away! Young people just don’t entertain that way today! Even my realtor friend said donate it or try to sell it but your kids don’t want it! Sign of the times!

  20. Linda Page Gurganus says

    I wish that I had with you! Great prices. I have that CorningWare pattern and still love it. I would have snatched up the ones you saw.

  21. Jackie Allen says

    So Fun – I just need an additional house to add more too!
    It is my favorite thing too!

  22. Roxanne Mabe says

    Loved this antiquing with Susan. I use to love the Shabby flea too. I always told my children (now 50yrs son) and daughter 43) You will never lose money buying antiques. They loved them and did buy them. But wow, was I ever wrong! I still love antiques ( especially furniture) , but never dreamed they would be so depreciated like now . All my favorite places are gone now. We do have a nice antique large store still open if you ever want to visit Barnesville Ga. Home of the largest buggy manufacturing in the U.S.A

  23. Wow! What lovely pieces. I am amazed at the prices too! I would rather have have an antique than today’s furniture any day! I also had the Spice of Life Corning Ware when I got married in the 78….. I think I sold them at a garage sale…..what was I Thinking?

  24. Could you recommend a few good antique malls or shop or consignment stores in Atlanta? I would love to come down with some girl friends and have a few days of this kind of shopping.

    • I don’t know of any in Atlanta but there are a few in the area of the Marietta Antique Market. There are several antique shoppes around the Marietta Square. Also, there’s a shop called the Queen of Hearts in Marietta. There may still be one in Alpharetta, GA…not sure. There used to be one in nearby Woodstock, GA, but not sure if it’s still there. Just Googled and it appears to still be there…called Woodstock Antiques and Consignments. The best thing to do is when you visit one of the antique malls, just ask those working there for others that are nearby. I haven’t been antiquing in so long, I’m just not sure how many are still open. Dupre’s on the Marietta Square is always a fun one to visit.

  25. Great Finds! I wish I had room for more. I got married in 1975 and still have my Spice of Life Corningware that I use all the time, and put in the dishwasher…no fading!

    • Really? That’s awesome! I was always afraid to put mine in the dishwasher, afraid it would fade. Maybe it’s dishwasher safe.

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