June Favorites: A Polish to Restore Old Bath Fixtures and an Adorable, Floral & Bee Bag

Since today is the final day (ends at midnight) of the Amazon Prime sale, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my June favorites in case any of these are included in the sale today.

At the top of my faves list for June, I have to include these sandals pictured below. I have enjoyed wearing them so much, I’ve ordered them in almost every color, including white. My daughter-in-law liked mine so much after trying them on, she ordered a pair in the “Light Natural” color, shown below. I think that color is my favorite of all.

Several pairs will go with me to England because I’ve found I can walk in these for hours in comfort. You’ll find this stylish sandal available in several colors here: Sandals.

Comfortable Sandals for Summer


Blackout Buddy

While visiting my dil and son during the month of June, my daughter in law, Nancy, thanked me several times for having ordered them two of the Blackout Buddy last year. A few days before I arrived, their neighbor’s tree fell across the power line that runs to their home in the early morning hours, leaving my son trying to dress for work in total darkness. Nancy said they unplugged both of the Blackout Buddys (they had one upstairs and one down) to see so they could find their emergency lanterns.

Two Blackout Buddys is just not enough for me. I have them all throughout my home so no matter what room I’m in when the lights go out, I won’t be left in the dark. I purchased additional ones for them while I was there. Nancy keeps all her Blackout Buddys in the “nightlight” mode so when the lights are off at night, they light up the hallways. The one outside the guest room is especially helpful for guiding guests to the guest bath. She placed one of the new ones I ordered in the kitchen. It’s so nice seeing the glow when you walk into the kitchen at night.


Floral Bird & Squirrel Clutch/Shoulder Bag

I have not ordered one of these but my friend, Susan, did and loves hers! It is adorable! Just had to share it in case you are in need of a small clutch or shoulder bag. Sooo cute!

Susan bought the white one (find it here: Clutch)Adorable Nature-themed Clutch and Shoulder Bag

There are so many cute colors, I’m having trouble choosing which one to get. I love them all!

Floral, Nature Clutch Bag


I especially love the bee clasp!

Bee Clasp for Clutch Bag


What color would you choose? They are all sooo cute!

Bee Clasp, Clutch Shoulder Bag


I noticed this evening, it appears to have a little pocket inside…great place to stash a credit card or valet ticket.

See all the colors it’s available in here: Floral Bird & Squirrel Clutch/Shoulder Bag

Clutch Bag with Floral Nature Theme


All Natural Mosquito Repellent

As mentioned in a previous post, this Mosquito repellent was a blessing during the time I was in Ohio. We spent a lot of time outdoors with the kids and this was our go-to for keeping the bugs at bay. I love that it’s all natural so you can use it as much as you like. You’ll find it here: All Natural Insect Repellent.



Best Child-Safe Mosquito Repellent


Of course, a fave for this past month was the workstation I set up in the guest room at my son and daughter-in-law’s home. So much better than sitting at the dining room table working on my small travel laptop! You can read more about this setup in this post: How I Set up a Compact, Comfortable Workstation in a Small Space.

Computer Station Setup for Small Space


A Reader Recommendation I Want to Try

Thanks so much to Carol for recommending Nevr Dull Wadding Polish. Carol wrote,

Just a tip to pass on.  Not sure if you have ever used Eagle One Never Dull wadding polish.  I thought I needed to replace a bathroom shower system due to hard water build up and it worked like a charm.  They look new and so glad I did not have to replace them.

I’m going to order some and try it out on my vintage tub faucets. Thanks for this recommendation, Carol!

You’ll find this polish available here: Nevr-Dull Wadding Metal Polish.

Nevr Dull Polish for Chrome



It’s getting late and I must turn in. Looking forward to sharing the Cotswolds with you over the next few days!

Reminder: While I’m in England, I’ll be posting photos frequently on Instagram. It’s the fastest way to share the beautiful cottages and gardens of England since WiFi may be iffy for posting. Follow Between Naps On The Porch on Instagram here: BetweenNapsOnThePorch.

If you haven’t joined Instagram, it doesn’t matter. Just bookmark that link above and check it out as often as you like to see what I’ve posted. Of course, I’ll post here on the blog as much as I can, I just never know what the WiFi will be like when traveling. Sometimes the speeds are so slow, I can’t upload a photo to a blog post, then other times, it’s great! Hoping we have some great WiFi in the places we’ll be staying.

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  1. I could sure use that wadding police so naturally they don’t ship it to Mexico. . I like those purses as well but just too small for me but you might want to get a couple depending on your clothing colors.

    Can’t wait to hear about your flight.

  2. Those clutch bags are adorable!

  3. Trish D. says

    I am designating you my online “stylist” when it comes to choosing clothes and accessories! I have purchased many of your suggestions and have been very pleased. I just ordered the black pair of the sandals from Nine West. I tried them on and they fit perfectly around the bottom and top straps but the two middle straps are very loose. Are they supposed to be that way. It’s not like I can put something under them but they are definitely looser that the other two straps. Is this how they’re supposed to fit?

  4. I carried the navy floral/bee clutch to my niece’s June evening wedding in a very upscale Montecito, CA venue–just to add something a little fun and unexpected with my otherwise fairly conservative navy gown.

    I really enjoyed it, so much so that I ordered it in black as well, but somehow that colorway was not quite as charming to me, and I returned it.

    Fun to see it in your post!

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